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Bushcraft Trip - Secret 1700's British Ruins in the Woods | Self Reliance Part 2
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<div> —  Raul Gutierrez, Lies I’ve Told My 3 Year Old Recently </div><span>Trees talk to each other at night.<br> All fish are named either Lorna or Jack.<br> Before your eyeballs fall out from watching too much TV, they get very loose.<br> Tiny bears live in drain pipes.<br> If you are very very quiet you can hear the clouds rub against the sky.<br> The moon and the sun had a fight a long time ago.<br> Everyone knows at least one secret language.<br> When nobody is looking, I can fly.<br> We are all held together by invisible threads.<br> Books get lonely too.<br> Sadness can be eaten.<br> I will always be there.</span>
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The moment you start keeping secrets from your partner is the start of you ruining the relationship.

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He stares at me from the corners of the room

He’s blue ocean eyes and dark hair.

He’s body slender and short.

His smile something you just wake up yearning to see.

He in secret smiles and portrays a kindness I have yet to see when one is with company.

Alone you are this kind and caring man, alone you are one I see whom is extraordinary.

Whom has beauty in not only appearances, but in mind and soul.

Alone you are a perfect match.

In secret I see a different man.

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Joel Kinnaman and Victoria’s Secret Model Kelly Gale Are Engaged

Joel Kinnaman and Victoria’s Secret Model Kelly Gale Are Engaged

Joel Kinnaman and Kelly Gale are ready to spend the rest of their lives together.
On Monday, Jan. 18, the Altered Carbon actor and Victoria’s Secret model announced their engagement. 
The 41 year old shared a photo of the moment he proposed to Kelly on a hike, captioning it, “She said no. Jus kiddin…”
Kelly took a more romantic approach with her announcement, sharing a picture of themselves…

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A secret: instant coffee crystals over vanilla ice cream creates coffee ice cream

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Secret Sony San Diego Studio Working on Expanding ‘Existing Franchises’

Secret Sony San Diego Studio Working on Expanding ‘Existing Franchises’

Sony’s not-so-secret secret San Diego studio (no, not San Diego Studio) appears to be hard at work on “expand[ing]…existing franchises,” if a LinkedIn profile update for former studio head and senior director of Visual Arts at PlayStation World Wide Studios, Michael Mumbauer, is to be believed. His profile includes the following paragraph:
His latest achievement is having built a brand new,…


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8 years ago the family-owned restaurant, “My Buffet”, in Moreno Valley, California was one of the best kept secrets of the city. Mom and I spent many an afternoon and evening sharing conversations over all-u-can-eat crab. I miss those days. I miss the restaurant.

#allucaneat #buffet #crab #seafood #sushi #restaurant #familyowned #morenovalley #moval #california #ie #secret #mom #mother #conversation #nostalgia #asian

Celebration at My Buffet

#healthyeating #healthy #eating #foodpic #foodphoto #cancer #breastcancer #mindful #survivor #socal #inlandempire #southerncalifornia
@cancer_inform  (at Moreno Valley, California)

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Amendment Zero

Amendment 0: An independent order, not loyal to any current president nor government official, shall regulate and officiate exclusively over the United States constitution, and ensure such constitution is abided by for all time. 

“It is time. The hour is now. The weak will of inaction must be swept away in the dark current, which will do away with that wicked malice, craven for destruction. Unleash devils to save angels.” 

In darkest shade, the deep scourge of a world hidden coalesced. From the shade of stricken corridors emerged a frame, black lips, strung along hair. Kess etched her thoughts into form with forked tongue. 

“How ironic. These violators of their deepest held ideologies fail to recognize their hypocrisy.” 

“And here we are,” sneered a far more cynical tone. Silver emerged from the dark, little comfort in her burrowing eyes. “That deep state conspiracy they hope to eradicate, mobilized only because of their action.”

“Ha!” barked the leather studded figure of Kess. “These fools have awakened the very thing that hoped to destroy! They praise the Constitution, sight it as the justification of their crimes. And yet it is them who endanger that very thing they love. And it is us, those hidden, those dwelling the dark places, who fight for its security. These homegrown heroes, so arrogant in their ability, fail to consider that a criminal syndicate, as entrenched under the surface as the conspiracies they believe, would have never allowed them to act as they did. Such an order, beyond our power, beyond the grasp of the democracy of the United States, would have gunned them down in their approach of the capital, and never allowed their beloved tyrant to take the reins of this great nation, which he dirties by his touch.”

“Tell me then Kess.” Boomed Silver’s retort. “Why did we not keep them at bay, weaponry armed and ready as necessary, when they sieged our capital, killed our officers, impeded our leaders, and threatened our democracy.” 

“Because I ordered it!” a new voice called. Three sets of eyes honed in, Kess, Silver, and one pair lurking further in the blackened shade, watched as a new figure emerged into light. 

“Commander Ark.” Kess’s maw splintered in sound. The glimmering beacon of hope, clad in white suit, shimmering in poise and suave, stepped from shade into light. 

“I will not have a massacre on my hands. I will not be the instigator of violence. Of a showdown where we betray our own ideals, and where, win or lose, America suffers.”

“What’s the supposed to me Commander?” Shouted the order of Silver. “Are you seriously suggesting we stand idly by and let them dismantle our country?” 

“No, of course not.” Commanded the one called Ark. “I merely mean to suggest the repercussions. Imagine what the consequences are if we, a hidden order, fire upon a crowd of conspiracy theorists believing this election to be rigged. The election was fair, I know that, there is no doubt about that. And yet, could we ever hope to convince those people of that after our attack? Imagine the support they’ll receive. Imagine what martyrs we make of them when we act with violence and force? Need I remind you, as individuals not sanctioned by the government since the revolution, our actions would be considered illegal.”

“Why would we need to convince such brainwashed beings.” Kess hissed. “Why not write them off. Too far gone. If they stand in our way, we crush them and let them…”

“Die?” Ark demanded, a voice like thunder rippling through the air. “No! Never! Not to other Americans! Not to other humans! They may be lost, gone, brainwashed, and fools. But they have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We will not harm them.”

“Then what?” Silver shouted, a broken plea of emotion. “What are we supposed to do to stop them?”

“Nothing.” Ark responded. “This is not a matter for us. This is a matter for police, and for the United States government. We are to do nothing. Let them handle it themselves. We do nothing. Nothing except hope that the right side prevails.”

Silence befell them. Silence and darkness in America’s darkest hour. From the void, the hidden figure spoke.

“I know why you act as you do Ark. You hope, forsaken believer in the cosmic balance of the universe. You hope that by these words, this condemnation of your own men, that enemies will walk in parallel strides. You hope that if you oppose violence, others will oppose violence in other forms. You believe that by stopping this order, the coup of sickness and disorder that threatens this nation will be stopped. You genuinely believe the universe will find a way, to resolve the chaos of the moment in a peaceful solution. You believe if you stand down, the other side will be compelled by forces unseen of this cosmic utopia to join you in peaceful resolution.”

“Yes.” Commander Ark answered, pleading with the very universe itself. “By God yes. I hope. I pray for a peaceful solution. I pray that somehow, someway, if I stop my men now, that fool, that lunatic, will stop his. But rest assured, I am no fool myself. I hope for peace. But I am fully prepared to plunge deeper into chaos and dread.”

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Why can’t i hold in the street?

Why can’t i kiss on the dance floor?

I Wish that It could be like that

Why can’t It Be like that?

Cause i’m yours

Why can’t i Say that i’m in love

I wanna shout It fr the rooftops

-Secret Love Song; Little Mix

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Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout?

Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout?

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout is a fantastic game. It’s off the beaten track, even for those who enjoy Japanese anime RPGs that have been ported to the west. It’s an RPG, but mainly focuses on the act of alchemy and crafting, setting it far apart from most JRPGs. However, these games all take time, some more than most. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to tell you how…

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no she does not. its mostly an escape from the daily stress with my trucking job through the week😁🍆

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Bitcoin Secret: a new scam has surfaced on the web

Bitcoin Secret: a new scam has surfaced on the web

Bitcoin Secret is promoted as an automated cryptocurrency trading software.
Its website reads: 

“Bitcoin is making people rich and you can become the next millionaire”. 

Moreover, it is explicitly pitched as a tool that could change the lives of those who register to use it. 
By opening the Trustpilot tab of the service, which is advertised on the home page, one immediately notices something of…


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The day was brisk and bright! Songbirds sang as the fillies ran about the pastures, playing with friends and siblings. Not unlike the children of the Farmhouse.

Marlos sat at his table, looking out at his children and grandchildren playing. Not so long ago it seemed, there had only been two little scoundrels he had to watch after. Now there were at least seven, one more on the way, he wondered how on Arda the other families were able to house, feed and raise more than two!

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Healing For The Secret Scar… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day

Healing For The Secret Scar… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day

Healing For The Secret Scar…
Good morning beautiful people, good morning. Isn’t is great to know someone who can heal every part of our being? Sometimes we purchase an item and need to have it reset to the manufacture’s specs. Isn’t that like our lives at times? We need to go back to our Creator and ask to touch the hem of his garment, to make us whole once again. He denies no one. He loves us…


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