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phati-sari · 2 years ago
Hi ps. I’ve had the worst day today and it’s starting to get colder and I already feel ill but I just made myself a cup of warm chamomile tea and turned the fireplace on and am about to reread Moments. This really is my happy place. Thank u for helping me create it.
Hey :)
I am so sorry you had a bad day!! I hope the tea helped and you’re feeling better now. I am very flattered that you chose Moments as your happy place. It’s my happy place as well, I’m glad I got to share it with you :)
Take lots of care!
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phati-sari · 2 years ago
Hi. Reading secret romance. Aaaan khushi does not know what follows kissing on wedding night but she blushes and says "oh devi maiyya how do i explain?" when arnav asks her "why di gave me milk". Uhmm it makes no sense.
Uhmm maybe you want to try again, this time with a question? And with less attitude.
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phati-sari · 3 years ago
[Message] Hi PS! How are you? Just saw the post, you don't need to thank me at all, I love the secret romance quartet so much & I wish I had filled my comment with my love for it but I commented it during my exams and just dropped names and links without the 'why'. I do love it very much especially for the reason that it gave me the same joyful feeling reading it that I had watching IPKKND and it is through those stories I discovered you and so the quartet shall always be special to me.
Hi hi @acroakingbird :)
Sorry it took so long to reply … life got in the way!! I just think it’s incredible that you thought of me!! Thank you very very very much, I appreciate it so much
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