sreegs · 5 months ago
As the staff post about ad-free tumblr continues to get thousands of notes telling staff to fuck off in the tags, I wanna remind you that this website's days are numbered. Tumblr is still unprofitable and by some modern-day miracle none of its acquiring companies pulled the plug on this money pit. But it will happen if it continues its trajectory.
Whether you like it or not, Tumblr needs to make money off you somehow in order to stay up. It either serves ads or asks for money to use it. This has been a paradigm on the web longer than many of you have been alive. It's Tumblr's job to make money right now because it's well past its grace period of being a black hole for cash. This has actually always been Tumblr's job, since it is a corporation, but that's capitalism for ya.
If you want Tumblr to be here for free and you want to continue to use it, you do yourself a disservice by opposing any changes Tumblr makes in order to pay for its costs. When this site finally goes belly-up then you're gonna be Tumblr-less until whatever startup takes its place and the cycle repeats itself.
If you think it should just ask for donations Wikipedia-style, remember that if and when that happens, there will be users repeating the same tired bullshit about giving Tumblr any money.
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thenib · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sage Coffey in our SECRETS issue.
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secretsofblackthornhall · 6 months ago
Mark to Julian
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iftadwascool · 2 months ago
I didn't want to put my balls in Root Beer
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thatsbelievable · 14 days ago
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mountaincreektarot · a month ago
What Others Secretly Think About You
Tumblr media
This reading is how people in your general circle think of you and what they won’t tell you. Please be aware this reading is about the perceptions of others (whether true or false); it does not reflect who you truly are. Pick whichever image you can't stop staring at, or feel drawn to.
Group 1: Top Left
8 of Pentacles Reversed, 5 of Swords, 7 of Swords, Ace of Wands, 9 of Pentacles, 5 of Cups Reversed, Mother of Swords, 7 of Wands, 8 of Cups Reversed, Son of Swords Reversed
Secrets secrets are no fun…Some people around you think you are easily kept in the dark. They see you as too busy struggling with other dilemmas, especially your career/studies. They find your brilliant mind and joyful energy irritating, because they cannot find anything within themself to celebrate. They know you have been through some heartache and pain, but instead of wanting to help you…they want to see you suffer. These people are quite close to you (general friend group), and they put on a mask to confuse you. They will give you advice that makes things worse (especially for you to “stay” in a situation and that it will get better!!). They know you are perceptive and can be extremely astute when dealing with facts, but they also see how easily you forgive…
These people do not want you to “rise above” your station. They know you are capable of achieving great things, but will anchor you to your failures instead of uplifting your successes. 
Most of all, they see you have everything they want, especially self-confidence and self-reliance. Their jealousy is constantly multiplying. They will stab you in the back with a smile on your face. They put conflicting thoughts in your head and try to ensure you cannot find your bearings. Every time you grow or achieve something, they withdraw from you. They fear you slightly, because you can give a tongue lashing like nobody else. 
Turn your back on the people in your circle who mock and criticize others for things beyond their control. These are the same people who treat you with derision when you are not present. There is a sense you are watching them. They can feel you sense something about them, but because you have taken no action or have kept quiet…it is almost as if you are waiting to catch them in the act. They move with caution and try to leave no trace of their true feelings. Leave them behind; they will never be true. 
Group 2: Top Right
4 of Wands Reversed, Daughter of Swords Reversed, The Emperor, 3 of Swords Reversed, 4 of Swords, Judgement Reversed, Temperance, 3 of Wands, Ace of Swords Reversed, 9 of Wands
People in your circle think you are stuck. You may seem directionless to the people around you, and like you don’t know how to take action. You distance yourself from others. 
People think you have some precognitive abilities. You are far-seeing, but have a difficult time communicating your vision. You carry the weight of past trauma but have a calm and innocent demeanor. There is a definite sense that you will play dirty if someone tries to harm you, but you are otherwise very even-tempered. You have a mix of fire and water energy. People who know you very well think you are easily frustrated but are quick to calm yourself and subsequently flow with changing circumstances.  
People see you as very hopeful and think you have a bright inner world. They just don’t see you taking any action besides “thought”. You think and think and talk about your future…but nobody sees you taking the steps to build something. You may think you are planning things accordingly, but people don’t see you putting in the work. This doesn’t mean you *aren’t*! But this is what people around you perceive. Some people think you may not reach your goals because they seem too far-fetched and impossible. It’s not that they want to see you fail, but they don’t think they would be able to do what you’ve got in mind and thus project that sense of impossiblity unto you. 
Group 3: Bottom Left
The Empress Reversed, Father of Wands Reversed, Daughter of Pentacles, 2 of Pentacles, 2 of Swords Reversed, The Moon Reversed, The Hermit, 6 of Pentacles, The Chariot, Ace of Cups Reversed
Nobody in your circle thinks you are open or in touch with your emotions. You are very quiet and don’t seem to have a desire to speak your mind or “give” yourself away. Nobody is sure they really know you. Your dreams, passions, and thoughts are all kept close to your chest. 
You have an artistic side that seems to express tender sensitivity, but this is not present in your demeanor nor in your words. 
To some people, you always seem to be re-inventing yourself. You suddenly undergo major changes and shed your old self like how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. People don’t think you consider decisions before making them; and you seem to be constantly on the go. Always looking for the next best thing or the newest thrill. You are fearless and sometimes reckless. 
You are quite generous and willing to help others. People tend to think of you as a wild card or free spirit. There’s a sense that you feel ostracized or othered within a group. Even when you’re surrounded by people, you will quietly observe and not interact much. It is very hard to get you to come out of your shell, but when you do, you really let loose. 
Many people think you are unhappy. They think you have a secret or hidden sadness. Perhaps this is why you reinvent yourself so often…you want to escape yourself, or your situation and people think this is how you choose to deal with feelings of inadequacy. 
Group 4: Bottom Right
Mother of Swords Reversed, 7 of Wands, 7 of Swords, 10 of Cups, 3 of Wands, Father of Cups, 9 of Wands, The Tower Reversed, 8 of Swords
People think you are a spiritual warrior. You don’t stand for injustice of any kind and will take up “righteous causes” left and right. Sometimes people think you are merely doing this to virtue signal or aren’t well educated about both sides of the issue. A lot of times you’ll pick a side because someone told you that is the correct position to take. People think you follow the herd without realizing it. 
You have a very supportive and loving circle. You’re quite social and empathic. There is something you’re hiding but nobody can put a finger on it. Your circle is pretty concerned about you but aren’t sure how to approach you without offending you.
You are extremely artistic and dreamy…though you can be dramatic too. Some of you are really over the top with your words. Hyperboles are your favorite way to communicate. Because of this it is sometimes difficult for others to take you seriously. You may seem over confident and unwilling to examine anyone else’s perspective. For you the world is black and white; morally grey situations do not exist. 
People think your foundation is crumbling. Something recently happened to you that shook you to your core, and there is an undercurrent of anxiety in your interactions now. People think you don’t trust them, despite their full support of you. It is like you are waiting for them to turn on you…and they don’t know how to reassure you that it isn’t the case. Exercise your trust. Someone will catch you when you fall. 
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mysharona1987 · a month ago
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missusruin · 7 months ago
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witchsona commission for @petulantprocrastinator
shadow / secrets / stories witch
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zeldoodles · 19 days ago
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I was looking at some sprites of Super Mario 3 the other day so i decided to draw this today
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dick-nightwing-grayson · 9 months ago
Damning facts about the bat family
Dick: puts toilet paper on the roll the wrong way
Jason: writes other heroes "anonymous" fanmail to keep his dark persona in tact. Wonder Woman and Black Canary have received many fan letters from 'Juan Todo'
Cass: sleeps in jeans
Tim: claims he is allergic to seafood, but truthfully he just hates it
Stephanie: stands too close to people when waiting in line
Duke: judges people based on their zodiac signs. Refuses to associate with Aquarius's
Damian: incorrectly uses the oxford comma
Babs: is responsible for starting the minions meme trend used by middle age women on facebook
Bruce: bought a kindle to read his favorite genre: bad/cheesy romance novels in secret. Prefers enemies to lovers trope
Alfred: knows all of the above and will use it if needed
Part 2
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sreegs · 5 months ago
Years ago, when Tumblr was still owned by Yahoo, Yahoo wanted Tumblr to use their video player, rather than Tumblr's own video player. This was partially to unify analytics, but mostly because Yahoo planned to put pre-roll ads on Tumblr videos. You know those unskippable Youtube ads? That's what was going to happen to Tumblr videos.
The only reason it didn't happen out is because Tumblr staff pushed back on the idea, saying it was absolutely idiotic and would anger users beyond their breaking point.
The next time you're angry at staff for fucking up something a lil bit, or trying to make money in some optional way, keep this in mind.
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bebemoon · 11 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"what have you done, my love?” 
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Tumblr media
This doesn't look like much yet, but hoooo boy this is big
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kuromiyakun · 11 days ago
The Obscure Labyrinth
Oomi stood beside the airport with mildly readable anxiety on his face. Lucian called him the day before, finding a reliable clue which surely brought them all closer to the Box of Pandora. The idea tightened his throat and jerked his face into a reluctant grimace.
Bringing Nivian with himself was equally reassuring and towards the demon, cruel. He assisted him and the other lords closer to death which was of course, very much against his liking.
Oomi wore all dark clothes and had his katana across his back, hands covered in thin, leather gloves.
They were about to flew all the way to Greece, to find a labyrinth, seen by no one since 2000 years. Looking back over his shoulder he was looking for his partner with a sigh, through his nose.- I am coming only to see if they really find something. Otherwise, I am no longer interested in the box. The desperate I was to find it, the reluctant I am now.- he spoke silently.
"Me too."- Violence added inside his head, which made the angel to huff with a small smile he conveyed the popular option of his demon to Nivian.- Violence says, he feels the same. But his standpoint never changed.
Tumblr media
Looking ahead, he saw Amun and Reyes approaching them, their tall, strong form unfolding from the night fog.- I hope you'll be good...- Oomi muttered to Asylum, who stood well behind them, eyeing the lights of the airport buildings.
- Thanks for the trust, brother.- Asylum replied, turning towards the arriving lords, with a fleeting, disgusted grimace appearing on his flawless face. This time, instead of his fancy clothes he was wearing simple, tight black trousers, and a hoodie, hiding his silver hair. Under that, of course, he wore various stabbing weapons what he wielded with shocking agility, even if it was needless to fight in the last few decades.
Tumblr media
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jackyboo64 · 4 months ago
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fell-star-if · 19 days ago
I haven't posted anything in a while, have a bunch of sneak peeks-
Tumblr media
For instance, players who are heading to Mira will get to choose books to read. Some are interesting in their own right, which one catches your eye?
Tumblr media
Also, we haven't had an interaction with cutie Iina. This is specifically a scene with Spriggan!MCs. Iina reacts differently depending if MC chooses to reveal that they're a Harbinger or not to Iina, as Iina is able to sense that MC isn't 'normal' because she is a devote follower of Vall.
Tumblr media
Also, I'm Shian deprived. Let's have a nice scene with Shian. This scene is only accessible if MC buys Shian a picture book.
Tumblr media
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fuckyeahgoodomens · 6 months ago
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