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maudiemoods · 2 days ago
I've re read chapter 10 three times now (I keep getting too busy to finish it and I have to restart or I'll be confused) and I just really like this scene! :D! This is from @inazumaneko 's fic!!!
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dipped-markerz · 6 months ago
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Hello LGBTQ+ community
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peachpopsstuff · 5 months ago
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The funky guys!! The skrunklies!! The dudes!!
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honeydragonstar · 6 months ago
𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐩/𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐩 𝐱 𝐭𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
pairing: sundrop/moondrop x reader summary: you ended up working late at night and failed to realize the exhaustion creeping up your back. reader: gender neutral warnings: none, pure fluff a/n: please send requests I am in desperate need :"))
you went to daycare very early in the morning to run a maintenance on him. It would be like 6am or so
sunnydrop was very excited to see you again. His first reaction was to hop around you happily.
it was very hard for him to sit still during maintenance, sunnydrop was practically buzzing with joy.
after the check-up, he was very much in tip top shape. You just needed to tighten up some loose screws here and there and he was good to go.
"Was I a good boy? Do I get a gold star??" He asked, getting close to you. You couldn't help but let out a hearty chuckle and hand him a gold star sticker. You placed it gently on his chest and sun was as energetic as a kid who took too much fizzy fazz.
when you tried to leave he would plead for you not to go, often giving excuses or ideas of what activities you could do together. "Wait- wait! Don't go yet, we could play hide and seek! or, or even catch up with what fun things we missed out on."
who are you to deny that sweet offer, it made it hard to disagree. Specially with those long arms of his wrapped around your waist. It wasn't required but then again it wasn't prohibited either. Fuck it.
You spent the rest of the day playing with sunnydrop. Of course, he was more than delighted to play with his favorite employee. When it was nearing 12pm however, sun noticed you were getting sleepy.
"Tired? It's alright, you can rest here with me!" You were about to protest till you yawned. God you felt like your legs were going to give out beneath you. They almost did.
Blacking out for a second, sun caught you in his arms. "Hehe, good thing I caught you there" he said in a hushed voice.
Immediately he set you down on the padded flooring of the tall play area. He went out to get a pillow for you to lay on.
When he returned he spooned you, his metal body surprisingly warm to your liking. Softly, he placed a kiss on your forehead.
He played a soft lullaby, which you did not expect but grateful it played. You relaxed as the tune lulled you to sleep.
you were asleep. Well that certainly surprised him when he switched with sunnydrop.
man, if only kids were like this too. With your obedience you'd practically need 0 punishment
moondrop cradled you for a while, just enjoying your soft snores as you hugged the animatronic tighter.
wait. why were you here again? Moon cocked his head to the side before inspecting you with his eyes.
it was maintenance day.
oh jeez, as much as he wanted to not disrupt your comfortable rest he knew you would get in trouble if you didn't run a diagnostic on him too.
well, you're lucky he likes you awake as much as you are sleeping.
he gently shook you awake. Would you look at that, for the first time you see moondrop wake someone up instead of putting them to sleep.
"No punishments today, you've been quite obedient haven't you?" Moondrop grinned, rubbing circles on the small of your back. You almost let out a loud bark of laughter, he sure liked making sure people were sleeping at this hour.
You let out a soft chuckle, thanking the robot for waking you up.
you lead him to a nearby bench so you could inspect him.
you were so gentle he couldn't help but blush. you asked him if anything felt off as you twist his arms from side to side.
“Stay a little longer?” He pleaded. It’s no fair that sun gets more time to hog you.
you stay and he’s elated. “Thank you starlight~”
eventually you did have to leave, but something inside you knew that you would come back for more things than just maintenance.
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srslysierraa · 5 months ago
Headcanons of what is like to date Sundrop, Moondrop, and Glamrock Freddy please?
Tumblr media
Hand In Hand.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Prompt ;; You finally confessed to him, or did he confess to you? Either way, congratulations!! Now, ever wonder what dating an animatronic is like?
Type ;; Headcanons, fluff :))
Chars. Involved ;; g. freddy, moondrop, sunnydrop [FNAF sb]
A/N ;; i absolutely LOVE that this is all of my fav characters in one place, Freddy has always been a favorite but recently sun and moon has been clinging on my heartstrings and i just hdbdusnis MOON!!!! moon my beloved. I love him sm. Anyhow, enjoy!!
Masterlist | Event
Tumblr media
Glamrock Freddy.
Tumblr media
First of all, YOU'RE DATING HIM????
Lucky mf.
I think we all get the gist now, he's well mannered, a gentleman, knows boundaries, always tries to help, and overall just a sweetheart.
He's literally husband material reincarnated as a robot, you better put a ring on it.
With that being said, the first one to actually confess was you!
It's not that he doesn't like you, or that he was too nervous, he just never experienced actually romantically liking someone before so it was kinda hard to differentiate between being fond of you the way friends do (just a bit more intense) or actual genuine new types of liking, loving.
When you confessed however, he was absolutely over the moon!!!
No he didn't jump over moondrop dw, that would be bad.
That aside, he's absolutely happy when you told him how you feel! Not only do you feel the same way as he is, but now he also has some clarity to what these feelings are!!
Still... He's a bit nervous.
If you're an animatronic, then he's nervous to what the higher-ups have to say about this.
Would it affect the shows?? Will the kids like it?? Will his bandmates support you two?
They absolutely support you two. Especially Chica, she's been shipping you both since day one!
Now, if you're a human? Then it's a different set of worries.
Is this even okay? Will you be happy with him? It's not like he can take you to dates or something.
In the end, you had to shush him and comfort him that whatever happens you're going to stay no matter what!
Please give him reassurance that you love him, it's not that he doesn't know his worth, he's just really nervous and don't want to mess anything up accidentally :((( he could use the affirmations.
Now the actual relationship!!
You guys are the cutest couple in town istg.
Freddy takes you to Fazerblast dates and you almost always win!!! (He lets you win because the expression on your face when you 'beat' freddy is "to die for" -Freddy)
If you're an animatronic, you guys spend most of your day after performing and greeting kids with eachother.
If you're human, he understood that you're here to work so he'll try not to bother you!! HOWEVER, you will absolutely feel the earth practically quaking as he ran towards you to spend time when you're on your break.
Very respectful, whether you're a cis female, male, trans, bi-gender, agender, genderfluid, etc. He makes it a POINT to remember to use the correct pronouns on you. <3
If you ever feel upset, you can always come to him!!! He'll do anything that you want him to, whether it's for advices (though be warned that he's not that good when it comes to human problems outside the pizzaplex), attention, or just someone to listen to.
He'll carry you around bridal style when the Pizza Plex is closed for the fun of it tbh.
Random i love yous, and i mean RANDOM.
If you're an animatronic, "we need to prepare soon, it's almost time for our performance again. By the way, i love you."
If you're a human, "Chica went to the kitchen. You need her to repair her voicebox, don't you? Also, i love you. Oh and, is your break about to end? :("
Bear hugs, pun intended, so many bear hugs.
Either way, he's an absolute darling and i would die for this bear.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He's an absolute Sunshine!!!
Pun definitely intended.
He's usually with kids a lot of the time so when you come visit him, he's just being crowded by little bébés and ugghhh-
It's the cutest thing you've seen tbh.
With Sunny, it's one of those situations where the confession was outta nowhere!
As in, he blurted out how much he loves you without thinking. So i guess it counts as him confessing?
While it was on accident, he really did mean it!!
He said it when you came to visit him while the kids are still around, and he immediately drags you to be next to him and introduced you to all of the kids.
Soon enough, even the little children are fond of you!! Smiling happily as Sun tells them about how much of a great person you are.
"Oooo mr.Sunny has a crush!!!" One of the kids exclaimed, and soon enough the whole room was filled with "ooo"s and "awwwe"s!
Heck, even the parents looking after the kids shook their heads while smiling, some even "ooo"'d at you too!
You are embarrassed, definitely, but you just swallowed that feeling and told everyone that you're just here to make sure the generators in the playplace were closed properly so that none of them gets hurt.
Sun being sun just tried to hushed everyone and explain how he just really really really, likes you as a friend!
"See kids! You just gotta gotta gotta, find a friend like (Y/n)!! One that you know has your back! Andyouhavetheirs, aaaand! One that is able to make happy, fuzzy and nice inside! Makes you feel like youre fLOATing just by looking at them!! So much so that your head hurts due to how dazzling they are!!"
He even go the extra mile by putting his hands by his head, dramatically falling to the ground.
"my mom said that's how she felt when looking at daddy! She said that feeling is love!!"
You blinked twice and the moment you looked at Sunny, he only looked at you back. Even he seems to be stunted. You however took this moment to tease.
"I feel that way when looking at Sunny too!"
When i told you that sent him FLYING-
He didn't really fly, but he immediately springed up and jumped AND cartwheeled his way to the wall next to him, before leaning back on it and releasing a dramatic gasp.
You're shipped by the kids now hooray!!
He'd be so happy and energetic that even the little kids are overwhelmed-
When the pizza plex closes, you better BELIEVE that sun is dragging you back to the daycare.
"(Y/NNNNN), did you mean it? Did you?? Pinky promise???"
A small celebration once you assured him that you do.
He'll be holding your hand and twirl you around, you'd need to yell his name to stop bc you feel like throwing up from spinning too much-
But he's just really happy alright!!!
Lots of arts and crafts dates!
He'll be making you a lot of random things to give to you, ranging from drawings, paper bracelets, and even a paper crown/tiara!
He'll pick you up at random too, all the while speaking so loudly he's practically yelling how much he loves you!
He's a bit wary when it comes to moon though, letting you know before hand about what to do in certain situations with Moon.
Definitely avoids the light switches like a plague, especially when you're around.
Tell him that you're okay even if moon is out! He'd be skeptical but soon enough he'll believe you.
Really adores you and wants you to be safe no matter what, it someone is being mean, he'll snatch you while yelling. "Stop being mean!! Bad, bad!!" At the person in question.
He might be all over the place but you still love him anyways.
And he loves you! Sosososososo much!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This guy... THIS GUYYYY!!!!
I love him sm hxnskxvuxk,suxbi-
HE'S SO ?????
Anyways, ahem. Back to the topic at hand.
You guys already seen eachother a lot of the time when you had to cover for a friend's shift, and you're one of the few people who's okay with him, considering even some of the workers are scared shitless when it comes to moon.
You can't say you guys are buddy buddy either, you guys are just okay in eachother's presence.
And that's exactly what got him so attached to you.
He absolutely knows how Sunny feels about you, and unlike Sunny, he's not as oblivious-
So he made it a point to himself to try and not be as "stupid" as he is (says moon) and catch feelings for you.
That backfired to say the least, and now he's on the ceiling keeping his eyes on you as you try to organize a few mechanical parts.
Romantic i know /j
He doesn't interact with you much, no matter how interested in you he is at the moment.
But he does appreciate the little "Hello, Moon!" Or "Goodnight, Moon." When you do catch him there.
Then he'll slowly warm up to you, even if you're close to Sunny already, it'll take some time before he finally opens up.
Once he does, he'll tease you every so often. Cleaning the kitchen and trying to secretly eat some of the leftover cupcakes even though you're supposed to throw them out? Or at least pay for them? Moon would suddenly calls you out as you're stuffing your own face LMAO.
"Naughty, naughty! Taking what is not yours!"
You almost choked, suddenly hearing the voice out of nowhere. You really thought you were caught.
"Oh, shush moon!" You said, though muffled with the amount of food in your face.
Soon enough he'll start actually landing on the ground, walking beside you when you're alone considering the other night guards isn't exactly fond of him.
Picking you up a lot!!! You're trying to go home? Too bad, he's picking you up and putting you in the daycare until you're basically dramatically crying for him to let you go.
He helps by trying to make things as organized as he can in the daycare at night time, that way you don't need to also clean it.
After you and Sunny dated, he'll get jealous and will try to avoid you. Thinking that you prefer Sunny over him.
Just go to the daycare and tell him that you need to do basic tests for a report, it'll take a few tries and a few threats that you'll get fired and won't be able to see him again but he'll show up.
As you're running your 'test's, talk to him about how you like him as much as you do to Sunny, reassure him will ya?
"...you prefer him."
"Nope. Wrong! I like the both of you just as much! So please stop avoiding me, alright?"
You know that you got through him once he tilts his head to the side just a bit.
He won't really nod or say yes, but he will slowly stalk be with you again!
If you're sad because of someone, he is so gonna do some war crimes to the poor person- and you can't lie saying that no one hurt you either because he was watching when it happened.
You kept yawning while on the job? He's kidnapping you and bringing you to the Daycare, telling you to rest. No he doesn't care if you're on night guard duty, you are going. to. rest.
He can guard the Pizza plex on his own don't worry.
Tell him you love him and he'll just stand there like a stunted deer in headlights.
"..fine, I'll take a small nap, but wake me up in like an hour okay? G'night Moon, love ya."
He's going to remember that for the next three weeks- or more!
Anyhow from that point on, he'll be absolutely scaring the shit out of your poor friend just so they can make you handle their night shifts, it's really mean, but it's his way of trying to spend more time with you <3.
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antkid · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
no one should be surprised they're my fave ToT
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craboobs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
mersun because I can, and a moontaur based on a comment by @shapeshiftinterest since they had a great idea about Moon having a harness...
Moontaur/Night-mare was originally drawn by @rainy-nomad, bless her and her awesome designs <333
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mytheoristavenue · 5 months ago
I’m IN LOVE with the sundrop 🍋 you wrote. If you’re still taking reqs (feel free to delete this if you aren’t!) could you do a continuation of it where moon wakes up the reader because he’s jealous that sun has the fun and he didn’t get to experience it too?
Of course! I was actually planning on making a part two, so here you go!
FNAF SB Moondrop x Reader 🍋 - Naughty, Naughty.
This is a sequal to FNAF SB Sunnydrop x Reader 🍋 - Trouble.
Moon decides to teach you a lesson after you gave Sun so much attention last night.
Warnings: This oneshot contains graphic scenes of sexual content involving Moondrop, from Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach.
“Oh, Starlight? Wake up, my dear.” A mechanical whisper peirced through the air in the small backstage pillow fort that Sunny had fallen asleep with you in. Your eyes flutter open slowly, adjusting to the change in lighting, caused by the little bit of unatural lighting from the main floor of the daycare that peaked through the crack in the curtains,
“Sunny...is that you?” You asked groggily, rubbing sleepiness from your eyes as you propped yourself, your palm burried into the pile of velvet pillows. 
“Not entirely.” A dark chuckle emminated from the darkness of the small room. “Not right now, at least.” Exhaustion clouded your brain as you tried to wrap your mind around the stranger that had replaced your new boyfriend. Suddenly, a glint from the corner caughter your eye. Upon further investigation, it revealed itself to be the shine of a black chord, which was connected to the wall, and lead further into the shadows. Suddenly, it clicked in your brain that whatever lurked before you was attached to the chord. With quick thinking, you rolled over, yanking the chord, thinking that it would propel the stranger toward you, and you’d be able to ideantify them.
In reality, your grand action resulted in a deep clicking sound, and the tention of your weight against the chord was released, sending you back into the cushions, holding the now unplugged end of the chord. This, you realized was the same chord that Sunny had plugged into his back just a bit ago. That could only mean...
“M-Moon?” you spoke, unnerved, and nervous for your safety. As if on que, a pair of red lights instantly illuminated themselves, blanketing you in a crimson filter. 
“That’s right, Starlight. Such a smart girl.” the voice coroborated your theory, inching closer, bells jingling with every step. After a few long seconds, you were aware that Moon had reached you and you heard the zoom of his telespopic neck bringing the plate of his face closer to yours. The way the red lights seemed to grow ever nearer seemed to prove that notion correct. 
“Moon, you’re scaring me a bit...” you whispered, trying your best to scoot away from him. 
“You and I have something discuss, Starlight.” He chuckled darkly, placing both of his hands on either of your knees.
“W-What is it...?” you asked hesitently.
“What is it that peaks your interest about Sun?” He asked, his face making a slow rotation with his query. “What about him makes you tick?”
You blinked a bit. His was Moon’s big question? “W-Well...He’s just nice and-”
“What gave you the idea to have sex with him?” He clearified. You honestly had no answer that you could come up with. You never understood how Sun and Moon were able to function with two seperate AIs in the same body, but you shouldv’e realized sooner that they’d share the same memories and experiences. “Let me rephrase, what do I lack?”
You were a bit taken aback, was Moon...jealous? Surely not. “W-Well...” You struggled to find a gentle way of explaining your actions. “I don’t think there’s anything specifically that you don’t have...I didn’t plan to have sex with him, it just happened. Actually, he kind of started it.”
Moon accepted your answer and thought the information over before coming to a conclusion. Almost instantly, he tore your knees away from eachother, forcing a cold gush of air against your bare bits, reminding you that you’d still been naken from your previous session with Sunny. “In that case,” he began. “I guess it’s my turn.”
Without warning, Moon slipped a digit into your core, tickling your sensitive cavern. You had no control over your reaction, crying out with a pleasured gasp. “M-Moon! Y-You can’t just-” you tried to protest, wanting him to understand that he needed your permission, but you falied to string a full sentence together. At this point, you’d have to convice yourself you wanted to stop before you could convince him. “Y-You need to ask before you just start fingering someone...”
A robotic chuckle lifted into the air as you began to feel a second digit pressing against your entrance while the first kept a steady ‘come here’ pattern. “My apologies, Starlight. Do I have your permission to continue? May I have my way with you, Darling?” The way his words rolled off the tongue and rang in your ear made it impossible to answer with words. Instead, a desperate moan poured into the atmosphere. Moon too this as permission granted, as he slowly worked his second finger into your core, stretching you further. “I’ll take that as a ‘Yes.’”
Slowly, as Moon put in work against your lower half, your hands crept up to hide your face, letting you peak out at him from a crack between your right ring and pinkie finger. He seemed to take amusment at this, chuckling darkly. “Shy, are we?” You nodded a bit. In response, simply to get a rise out of you, without warning, he slipped a third digit into you, pumping into you slowly, each finger crawling up to your g-spot, and tickling against it before fully pulling out and starting the cycle anew. In addition to his, his free hand began walking up your torso, his index and middle making for legs. When his hand finally found your cheek, he cupped it, before shoving his thumb between your jaws.
All the intense pleasure, in addition to the gag in your teeth was beginning to push you over the edge, forcing a gutteral scream to rise up out of your throat. “Do you even hear yourself?” Moon asked, a smirk in his voicebox. “Honestly, you sound pitiful.”
Just as you began to become accustomed to the overwhelming amount of pleasured Moon had upon you, you felt an intense, and wonderful pressure against your clit, making you scream out. Without giving you a chance to adjust, he began a pattern of rough circles against your most sensitive point.
“A-Ah, ah, ah! Ugh, Moon....” you cried, shoving your head back and pelvis up as you felt yourself beginning to become undone. “I-I’m gonna cum, I-I-”
“What are you waiting for, Starlight? Cum all over my hands, my dear.” With his words, you felt your knot of pleasure snap and untangle itself in the form of a blood curttling scream and the steady trickle of fluid spilling form your core. “My, my, Darling. You’ve made such a mess, very naughty.” Moon cuckled darkly, sliding his fingers out of you and trailing them up your torso and throat, before wiping them across your face, and finally shoving them into your agape mouth.
Moon wasted no time in letting you come down from your high, forcefully lifting you up before flipping you ontop your knees. You huffed, holding yourself up against the pillows by your palms. “M-Moon-” before you could even ask what he had planned, he took the back of your head into his left palm, forcing it down against the cusions. 
Almost immediately, you felt the tip of a fimiliarlly shaped object prod at your entrace, threatening to thrust into you without mercy. Your breath hitched as you patiently waiting to be filled up with whatever Moon had to offer. After nearly a minute of silence and waiting, you gathered the courage to ask what was keeping him. “M-Mooon? What are you waiting for?”
“Beg.” he commanded.
“What?” you asked 
“You heard me. Beg me to fuck your pretty little brains out, Starlight.”
Humiliation washed over you as all your built up confidence diminished. “Please...?” You mumbled, your voice subdued by the velvet pillows.
“You’re going to have to do better than that, dear.”
“P-Please fuck me, Moon...”
“I don’t think you want me to rail your cute little pussy, Darling. It sure doesn’t sound like it.”
Finally, you mustered enough gall to scream out with your need. “God, Moon, please just fuck me already!”
Moon chuckled darkly, gripping your hips as tightly as he could without actually hurting you. “That sounds more like it.” He took a good starting position before slamming into your dripping wet core, burrying himself as deep into your as possible. You let go of a bloody scream, pushing your sweet sounds straight into the crushed velvet fabric of the cushion your face was being held to. Moon began following his initial enetry with a string of rough, fast paced thrusts, forcing you further down as your back arches in submission.
Robotic groans spill into the air to collide with your muffled screams of pleasure, making for a wonderful orchestra of gratification. Occassionally, Moon would utter degrating words of praise, to go with your muffled begging for more.“Oh, Starlight, your sooo good at taking my cock. You love a brutal fucking, don’t you Darling?”
“Oh fuck...please. Give me more, give me more, give me more...”
After several minutes of a rutheless pounding, you once again begin to feel a firmilar knot begin for ball up in the pit of your stomach. Likewise, the circits within the motherboard at the heart of Moon’s artificial intelligence began to fire off in odd patterns he’d never eperienced before. As he continued to slam in to you with everything he could offer, the power providing him with the ability to carry out his actions increased, to almost an overwhelming degree. 
At the height of this power surge, his thrusts, you’d noticed, had become much sloppier, but much faster in speed. Finally, with a final thrust, a fantastic electrical shock shot from his ’brain’ to the tip of his appendage, and conducted directly into your g-spot, giving you both a breathtakingly wonderful electrocution. The elctric current of Moon’s orgasm was the perfect amount of pleasure you needed to fill your cup, and run it over with excess, bring your to a screaming end. 
Your hips faltered a bit, the growing sensitivity of your core needing to be rid of the irritation that his cock provided, before he finally pulled out of you, hovering over you with what little power he still had. You lazily rolled over to look up to him, smiling shyly.
“That was divine, Starlight.” He mumbled, low on energy. Falling to the pile next to oyu, he reached over to the power chord, pluggin himself in. “Now then, come here, Darling.” he smiled, pulling you close beofre going into sleep mode.
“Goodnight, Moon. I’m sorry I made you feel bad.” you whispered, nuzzled up to your new boyfriend.
“You’ve more than made up for it, love. Goodnight.”
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shine-boo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
The story was so cute i can’t help but draw it @bamsara
imma do more 
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maudiemoods · a month ago
Doodles I did during @vurelly 's stream jsjsjsj
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Go follow them now rarararrrrararar
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sickly-sweet-imagines · 6 months ago
Can you maybe make some Moondrop x reader SFW and NSFW headcanons please?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SO MUCH THIRST FOR MOON TOO But again I am also guilty of crushing on him so I cannot speak
Also, I’m sticking to calling them Sun and Moon in headcanons and fics (from what I can tell from the various signs and ads “sundrop” and “moondrop” are specifically the names of the candies branded after them + their names are Sun and Moon in the credits) but I’ll still tag them with Sundrop and Moondrop since that’s what it seems like people are adopting for them!
I hope you guys enjoy!
– – – – –
Moon is slower to trust than Sun is
When you first met him he was unwilling to talk to you at all, uncertain about if you were safe to talk to
Once he does start trusting you he’ll invite you to sit in the play structures with him a lot
Well, you sit in the play structures while he moves around with his spindly body, climbing in and out of the holes
He’s not as hyper as Sun, but he’s still got some restless energy
Whenever he wants to show affection he’ll grab your hand and hold it but pretend there isn’t anything happening
Expect your face to get grabbed a lot, he likes holding your face with both hands and staring at you
Sometimes his face will spin a little as he looks at you
It would be creepy if it weren’t for how affectionate he is with you
Affectionate the same way a cat is affectionate, that is
He is extremely possessive and clingy with you too, even though he pretends to be unbothered a lot
If you’re in the Pizzaplex after hours he’ll follow you around in the dark to make sure no one tries to flirt with you
Also Sun definitely helped him ask you out and make things official because he’s not as good at social stuff as Sun is
It comes with being quieter and less trusting
Sun still definitely teases him about it
Since he’s mostly only ever active in the daycare during nap time he doesn’t have as many activities as Sun does but he does try to get you to nap on him if you look tired
NSFW Under the cut!
Those low growls and noises he makes happen a lot when things are intimate
He’s more talkative and noisy when you’re getting him worked up, although it’s still all that low, quiet way he makes noise normally
You know you’ve got him worked up and horny when he grabs one of your hands and “Naughty naughty~”
If the lights go out while you’re cuddling with Sun, Moon will immediately have his hands on you feeling you up
His thrusts are a lot less messy than Sun’s because he’s much lower energy and has extremely good precision
He works you up just as much as you work him up- he loves seeing you get needy under him while he teases you
All of his grabbing doesn’t stop when you’re intimate, he just starts grabbing your ass and thighs instead of your face
He really enjoys your body
While he’s not too rough (definitely not as rough as Monty can be), he is rougher than Sun
If you let him he’ll spank you and choke you
He likes the way you whine when he spanks you and watching you gasping for air does something dirty to his mind
Since he isn’t as big a softie as Sun he’s better than him at aftercare, probably those worried daycare attendant instincts
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mcnotok · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
*nons your binary*
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astronomyart · 4 months ago
plz do part 3 of the golden hour comic????
yessir yessir comin right up!! and since it took forever i offer an extra long update <3
also since tumblr has a 10 image limit i'll type out some extra details at the end bc its not too clear in the images lol
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(moon figured a security bot brought them to P+S lmao. hes also very glad that he can rest now while Sunny takes over)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
-golden hour had a forced reset due to the "no manners" comment (goes against programming)
-Y/N brought them to P+S
-Sunny always liked Y/N but Moon never interacted w them until the merge (hence the aggression, he thought u broke them lmao)
-the cat is my persona LMFAO i had to sneak myself in somehow
-Sunny forms crushes easily, if allowed to continue he gets borderline obsessive
-Intense emotions cause the two to merge, for this story it'll be a rlly strong crush <3 (only reason why its so intense is bc no ones cared abt the two of them as much as y/n does) (its just protocol for employees to report incidents but shhhh sunny doesnt need to know)
now we know why he combined in the first place. it's because sunny is a fucking simp
IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK FOREVER!! LIFE HAPPENS YKNOW LOL :,) after this part the series will continue!! i just dont know if i wanna stick to drawing out the whole story or if i wanna just post random encounters here and there until i deem the series over
i will now shamelessly self promote- JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER!! ID LOVE TO TALK WITH YALL :D JUST PLS BE 13+
I post doodles on my twitter too! Id also love to do requests/commissions one day so if ur interested follow me <3 i dont only draw Sun and Moon but if thats all ur interested in id be more than happy to supply ((psst hey adults i have a TWITTER twitter))
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king-feri · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
I like to think about this au, this is how I like to imagine the scarecrow came to life.
@oobbbear thanks so much for making this Au, times are tough rn and something about moon being a tiny crow helps somehow
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danikoshis-attic · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I love these dudes, says me who's only watched playthroughs because I'm a wimp in any kind of horror game
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ratclownjared · 6 months ago
ayo new comfort characters dropped
Tumblr media
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kadssp · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
warnings: very suggestive, implied dubcon, implied noncon, groping, one praise (good girl), possessive behavior, minors dni !!
reader is afab !
Moon general/dating hcs
much like his kinder and happier counterpart his hands are foam padded too!!
only he doesn’t care if he squeezes a kid’s hand or arm a little too rough as he drags them to rest for nap time
he has very little patience unlike Sun. So if you or any kid thinks playing games or toying with him will be fun, it absolutely will not.
now he doesn’t mean to scare the kids and sometimes you shitless, but if it means they’ll listen to him then he doesn’t mind climbing on top of play houses and snatching the kids out to put them in timeout.
now dating hcs !!
at first he’s very distant, very cold and very much mean to you. and that really doesn’t change except for the fact when he does scold you, you can tell he’s slowly warming up and growing a soft spot for you but he’ll never admit it
and unlike Sunny he is not ashamed of his thoughts or things he wants to do to you.
he will grope at your breasts when you’re not suspecting his presence. he’ll slap your ass and then zip up to the ceiling so even though you know its him, you didnt see him do it.
if he wants to fuck you he will, doesnt matter what your doing or where you’re going. if he wants it he gets it, and if he has to drag you by your hair then he will, it’s your punishment for not obeying and listening after all.
isn’t one for hand holding but if he wants to touch you he will, inappropriately or not.
he’ll rest a hand on your waist or hips, maybe even hold your wrist as he walks you off somewhere because much like the children, it’s past your bedtime too and you better listen to him if you don’t want to be called a bad girl.
does he praise you? yes and no. very rare, very unlikely. he usually mumbles or grumbles to himself when you do something he’s asked you to do, and if he’s willing he’ll mutter a quiet “good girl” before watching you in the darkness, like a creep loving boyfriend would.
despite how distant he acts he likes physical affection since he doesn’t know how to voice his feelings, so if he roughly grabs a part of you then that’s his way of saying “mine. mine. mine.” and that’s how he says ‘i love you’
Moon is very possessive while Sun is actually obsessive. He’ll keep you with himself at all times, and even if a kid so much as looks in your direction let alone speak to you, he‘s giving them a glare as he holds you against his side.
also like Sunny, Moon cannot give kisses how a human would. But unlike Sunny again he would only nudge his face against yours. He doesn’t make a small sound akin to a kiss and he doesn‘t giggle afterwards as he spins you in the air repeating “I love you! I love you so much!”
He’ll only tap your face, cheek or head with his face before resuming whatever he was doing originally.
He actually cares about you though, even if he doesn’t show or say it.
Has a set time when you need to take breaks or rest, even knows when to remind you to eat. And if you try to dismiss him he’ll be seething with anger as he grabs you by the wrist and pulls you with him to take a break in a playhouse.
He will not have you neglecting your needs, he already deals with kids who try that with him and if he doesn’t let them get away with it then he certainly won’t let you no matter how soft you make him feel internally.
And if you’re lucky while having your own “nap time” he’ll take out one of the many books Sun reads to the kids during a story time and read it to you.
Though he sounds monotone as he does so and like he’d much rather be terrorizing children, he does it as he very subtly runs his fingers through your hair.
And the sound of his voice eventually lulls you to sleep every time, you can even hear a faint “I love you” but he will explain that you were simply dreaming of such a thing, even if you were actually faking being asleep the entire time he silently adored you in the dark.
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letterstomarstmblr · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My take on Sun and Moon!! Including Bobby because they're besties your honour.
(Also Sun calls Bobby "Dewdrop", Moon calls him "Starlight")
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sweetmem0ries · 5 months ago
Sun/moon ☀️🌑 {NSFW ALPHABET} { Ya’lls rewards from blasting my phone with notifications}
Tumblr media
Aftercare -
☀️- the best snuggles and kisses
🌑- lays you on his lap and touches your hair
Body part -
☀️- your face to give you tons of kisses, maybe sloppy ones ;)
🌑- your neck to give you hickeys or maybe just kisses
Cum -
🌑- a few quiet low grunts lol
Dirty secret -
☀️- he’s a pervert about your boobs honestly and wants to dig his face in them.
🌑- wants to fuck you on the balcony (yk the part where sunny jumps off)
Experience -
Two wholesome virgins, but moon tho 😩
Favorite position -
☀️- missionary because he gets to see your lewd face and hear your moans in face to face
🌑- butterfly cause he’s mostly in control and also gets to see your lewd face
Goofy -
☀️- cracks a whole ass joke every time
🌑- rarely, but sometimes when in a good mood
Hair -
Both smooth asf down there
Intimacy -
☀️- very close and always holding tight on you
🌑- quite touchy and can’t stop seeing you
Jerk off -
☀️- only when the daycare is close and see you from afar sometimes.
🌑- literally sit besides you when sleeping and does it once or twice.
Kinks -
☀️- has a praise kink, honestly gets bricked up when you call him good boy
🌑- has a bondage kink, he likes to tie you up and see you struggling LOL
Location -
☀️- possibly in the ball pit
🌑- in the playground
Motivation -
☀️- kisses on the head and holding his hand
🌑- when you tease him
No -
(Both) hurting you in some type of way
Oral -
☀️- receiving the blowjob you give him
🌑- giving the amount of kisses and fingering
☀️- of course when he is needy if wanting to touch you
🌑- not as much, he wants you all for him self for the rest of the night.
Risk -
☀️- probably has a shit ton of ideas on to experiment with you
🌑- crap ton.
Stamina -
☀️- at least 12 rounds
🌑- whenever he feels like it.
Toys -
☀️- probably a vibrater 🥱
🌑- glitter butt plug </3
Unfair -
☀️- teases you a lotttttt
🌑- teases you if you cry
Wildcard - (random headcanon)
☀️- sun gets jealous that moon gets all the fun so he fucks you a lifetime when it’s ready for him to stop and give moon a turn LOL
🌑- takes photos of you crying and having fun with him and sun gets frustrated
X-ray -
☀️- his junk is like skinny and long about 8 inches but yellow
🌑- same thing like sun but blue.
Yearning - (how’s their sex drive)
☀️- pretty high cause he wants to spend as much time with you.
🌑- normal but still pretty high
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yukiphobia24 · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tested out some other brushes. All the characters (except Sun and Moon wearing the scarfs and having earrings) belong to @oobbbear.
All their versions of Sun and Moon are so good. Their designs are just so fun to draw. The Scarecrow AU, Celestial twins AU, and the Mermaid AU are so cool and interesting concepts so I thought they would be perfect to use for testing out these newer brushes. The Sun and Moon wearing scarfs and earrings belong to me. They are my fabulous bois. 
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