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Headcanons of what is like to date Sundrop, Moondrop, and Glamrock Freddy please?
Tumblr media
Hand In Hand.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Prompt ;; You finally confessed to him, or did he confess to you? Either way, congratulations!! Now, ever wonder what dating an animatronic is like?
Type ;; Headcanons, fluff :))
Chars. Involved ;; g. freddy, moondrop, sunnydrop [FNAF sb]
A/N ;; i absolutely LOVE that this is all of my fav characters in one place, Freddy has always been a favorite but recently sun and moon has been clinging on my heartstrings and i just hdbdusnis MOON!!!! moon my beloved. I love him sm. Anyhow, enjoy!!
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Tumblr media
Glamrock Freddy.
Tumblr media
First of all, YOU'RE DATING HIM????
Lucky mf.
I think we all get the gist now, he's well mannered, a gentleman, knows boundaries, always tries to help, and overall just a sweetheart.
He's literally husband material reincarnated as a robot, you better put a ring on it.
With that being said, the first one to actually confess was you!
It's not that he doesn't like you, or that he was too nervous, he just never experienced actually romantically liking someone before so it was kinda hard to differentiate between being fond of you the way friends do (just a bit more intense) or actual genuine new types of liking, loving.
When you confessed however, he was absolutely over the moon!!!
No he didn't jump over moondrop dw, that would be bad.
That aside, he's absolutely happy when you told him how you feel! Not only do you feel the same way as he is, but now he also has some clarity to what these feelings are!!
Still... He's a bit nervous.
If you're an animatronic, then he's nervous to what the higher-ups have to say about this.
Would it affect the shows?? Will the kids like it?? Will his bandmates support you two?
They absolutely support you two. Especially Chica, she's been shipping you both since day one!
Now, if you're a human? Then it's a different set of worries.
Is this even okay? Will you be happy with him? It's not like he can take you to dates or something.
In the end, you had to shush him and comfort him that whatever happens you're going to stay no matter what!
Please give him reassurance that you love him, it's not that he doesn't know his worth, he's just really nervous and don't want to mess anything up accidentally :((( he could use the affirmations.
Now the actual relationship!!
You guys are the cutest couple in town istg.
Freddy takes you to Fazerblast dates and you almost always win!!! (He lets you win because the expression on your face when you 'beat' freddy is "to die for" -Freddy)
If you're an animatronic, you guys spend most of your day after performing and greeting kids with eachother.
If you're human, he understood that you're here to work so he'll try not to bother you!! HOWEVER, you will absolutely feel the earth practically quaking as he ran towards you to spend time when you're on your break.
Very respectful, whether you're a cis female, male, trans, bi-gender, agender, genderfluid, etc. He makes it a POINT to remember to use the correct pronouns on you. <3
If you ever feel upset, you can always come to him!!! He'll do anything that you want him to, whether it's for advices (though be warned that he's not that good when it comes to human problems outside the pizzaplex), attention, or just someone to listen to.
He'll carry you around bridal style when the Pizza Plex is closed for the fun of it tbh.
Random i love yous, and i mean RANDOM.
If you're an animatronic, "we need to prepare soon, it's almost time for our performance again. By the way, i love you."
If you're a human, "Chica went to the kitchen. You need her to repair her voicebox, don't you? Also, i love you. Oh and, is your break about to end? :("
Bear hugs, pun intended, so many bear hugs.
Either way, he's an absolute darling and i would die for this bear.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He's an absolute Sunshine!!!
Pun definitely intended.
He's usually with kids a lot of the time so when you come visit him, he's just being crowded by little bébés and ugghhh-
It's the cutest thing you've seen tbh.
With Sunny, it's one of those situations where the confession was outta nowhere!
As in, he blurted out how much he loves you without thinking. So i guess it counts as him confessing?
While it was on accident, he really did mean it!!
He said it when you came to visit him while the kids are still around, and he immediately drags you to be next to him and introduced you to all of the kids.
Soon enough, even the little children are fond of you!! Smiling happily as Sun tells them about how much of a great person you are.
"Oooo mr.Sunny has a crush!!!" One of the kids exclaimed, and soon enough the whole room was filled with "ooo"s and "awwwe"s!
Heck, even the parents looking after the kids shook their heads while smiling, some even "ooo"'d at you too!
You are embarrassed, definitely, but you just swallowed that feeling and told everyone that you're just here to make sure the generators in the playplace were closed properly so that none of them gets hurt.
Sun being sun just tried to hushed everyone and explain how he just really really really, likes you as a friend!
"See kids! You just gotta gotta gotta, find a friend like (Y/n)!! One that you know has your back! Andyouhavetheirs, aaaand! One that is able to make happy, fuzzy and nice inside! Makes you feel like youre fLOATing just by looking at them!! So much so that your head hurts due to how dazzling they are!!"
He even go the extra mile by putting his hands by his head, dramatically falling to the ground.
"my mom said that's how she felt when looking at daddy! She said that feeling is love!!"
You blinked twice and the moment you looked at Sunny, he only looked at you back. Even he seems to be stunted. You however took this moment to tease.
"I feel that way when looking at Sunny too!"
When i told you that sent him FLYING-
He didn't really fly, but he immediately springed up and jumped AND cartwheeled his way to the wall next to him, before leaning back on it and releasing a dramatic gasp.
You're shipped by the kids now hooray!!
He'd be so happy and energetic that even the little kids are overwhelmed-
When the pizza plex closes, you better BELIEVE that sun is dragging you back to the daycare.
"(Y/NNNNN), did you mean it? Did you?? Pinky promise???"
A small celebration once you assured him that you do.
He'll be holding your hand and twirl you around, you'd need to yell his name to stop bc you feel like throwing up from spinning too much-
But he's just really happy alright!!!
Lots of arts and crafts dates!
He'll be making you a lot of random things to give to you, ranging from drawings, paper bracelets, and even a paper crown/tiara!
He'll pick you up at random too, all the while speaking so loudly he's practically yelling how much he loves you!
He's a bit wary when it comes to moon though, letting you know before hand about what to do in certain situations with Moon.
Definitely avoids the light switches like a plague, especially when you're around.
Tell him that you're okay even if moon is out! He'd be skeptical but soon enough he'll believe you.
Really adores you and wants you to be safe no matter what, it someone is being mean, he'll snatch you while yelling. "Stop being mean!! Bad, bad!!" At the person in question.
He might be all over the place but you still love him anyways.
And he loves you! Sosososososo much!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This guy... THIS GUYYYY!!!!
I love him sm hxnskxvuxk,suxbi-
HE'S SO ?????
Anyways, ahem. Back to the topic at hand.
You guys already seen eachother a lot of the time when you had to cover for a friend's shift, and you're one of the few people who's okay with him, considering even some of the workers are scared shitless when it comes to moon.
You can't say you guys are buddy buddy either, you guys are just okay in eachother's presence.
And that's exactly what got him so attached to you.
He absolutely knows how Sunny feels about you, and unlike Sunny, he's not as oblivious-
So he made it a point to himself to try and not be as "stupid" as he is (says moon) and catch feelings for you.
That backfired to say the least, and now he's on the ceiling keeping his eyes on you as you try to organize a few mechanical parts.
Romantic i know /j
He doesn't interact with you much, no matter how interested in you he is at the moment.
But he does appreciate the little "Hello, Moon!" Or "Goodnight, Moon." When you do catch him there.
Then he'll slowly warm up to you, even if you're close to Sunny already, it'll take some time before he finally opens up.
Once he does, he'll tease you every so often. Cleaning the kitchen and trying to secretly eat some of the leftover cupcakes even though you're supposed to throw them out? Or at least pay for them? Moon would suddenly calls you out as you're stuffing your own face LMAO.
"Naughty, naughty! Taking what is not yours!"
You almost choked, suddenly hearing the voice out of nowhere. You really thought you were caught.
"Oh, shush moon!" You said, though muffled with the amount of food in your face.
Soon enough he'll start actually landing on the ground, walking beside you when you're alone considering the other night guards isn't exactly fond of him.
Picking you up a lot!!! You're trying to go home? Too bad, he's picking you up and putting you in the daycare until you're basically dramatically crying for him to let you go.
He helps by trying to make things as organized as he can in the daycare at night time, that way you don't need to also clean it.
After you and Sunny dated, he'll get jealous and will try to avoid you. Thinking that you prefer Sunny over him.
Just go to the daycare and tell him that you need to do basic tests for a report, it'll take a few tries and a few threats that you'll get fired and won't be able to see him again but he'll show up.
As you're running your 'test's, talk to him about how you like him as much as you do to Sunny, reassure him will ya?
"...you prefer him."
"Nope. Wrong! I like the both of you just as much! So please stop avoiding me, alright?"
You know that you got through him once he tilts his head to the side just a bit.
He won't really nod or say yes, but he will slowly stalk be with you again!
If you're sad because of someone, he is so gonna do some war crimes to the poor person- and you can't lie saying that no one hurt you either because he was watching when it happened.
You kept yawning while on the job? He's kidnapping you and bringing you to the Daycare, telling you to rest. No he doesn't care if you're on night guard duty, you are going. to. rest.
He can guard the Pizza plex on his own don't worry.
Tell him you love him and he'll just stand there like a stunted deer in headlights.
"..fine, I'll take a small nap, but wake me up in like an hour okay? G'night Moon, love ya."
He's going to remember that for the next three weeks- or more!
Anyhow from that point on, he'll be absolutely scaring the shit out of your poor friend just so they can make you handle their night shifts, it's really mean, but it's his way of trying to spend more time with you <3.
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sickly-sweet-imagines · 7 months ago
Absolutely you can- I am in love with Sun and Moon this entire games cast owns my ass
– – – – –
He’s so, so excitable
He’ll also pick you up a lot- he picks up kids in the daycare to put them somewhere safe if something happens so it’s an instinct thing
He’d carry you while he skips around the Pizzaplex if you let him
Since he’s designed to keep kids focused on him as a safety precaution, he is very good at keeping you occupied and paying attention to him
Oh you’re a security guard trying to get work done? Now you’re sitting with Sun in one of the play structures hanging out
You don’t even realize how much time has passed half the time
After talking to him for a while you check your watch and your shift is almost over
He’s also big on gift giving, especially homemade stuff
He works with the kids on arts and crafts a lot so he sort of naturally got big into giving homemade gifts
If you stumble (or worse, fall) inside the daycare he gets so worried about you, even if you aren’t hurt
It’s the caring, daycare attendant part of him that always wants to make sure you’re okay
Let him put a bandaid on your scrapes or he’ll keep giving it concerned eyes
Also, he’s very much a tickler
When he sees your flashlight swing across the ball pit he’ll pop out and if he can get you in his arms he will tickle you
NSFW Under the cut!
His bouncy, high energy nature doesn’t go away when you’re intimate with each other
He has some of the fastest thrusts of any animatronic in the Pizzaplex
Very verbal, too
Lots of praise and talking and moans
Sometimes his voicebox will almost sound like a violin with how excited he gets
If you aren’t careful he will still absolutely tickle you in the middle of thrusting into you
He gets very giddy listening to you laugh and listening to you moan so he will do all he can to get those noises out of you
Very giving top
He will not let you top him, which is really the only thing that shows how dominant he is since he’s always so lighthearted and giggly
Despite how much he loves being inside you his biggest goal is making you feel good so he’ll put all that high energy into overstimming you with his hands (or mouth)
He’s also very easy to work up
You can run your hand down his chest and his giggles glitch a little with how horny it gets him
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dreams-of-my-childhood · 7 months ago
note :: I haven’t written good smut headcanons like these for a while
warning :: cussing, smutty asf
reader pronouns :: they/them
relationship :: romantic ?? Fucking ??
Glamrock Freddy
Freddy is all hugs and kisses- to an extent.
At first yea he’s slow, gentle and whatever else but he just needs to warm up.
Once you’ve got a pace going he won’t be able to hide all his sexual fantasies.
HUGE SIZE KINK. No doubt in my mind.
Sure hes afraid of hurting you, or going too hard but if he sees you limping or with any bruises on your sides ??? ITS SO ATTRACTIVE
“You did so well for me last night.” He will drown you in compliments whilst placing his icy hands on your bruised sides.
His favourite position to fuck is on his vanity desk, he loves to sit you up and pry your legs open.
Ride the giant if you dare. He will LOVE IT. God, you’re just so tiny on top of him. He loves to see you do all the work on his dick.
OF COURSE Freddy is all about you. He loves love LOVES to get reactions out of you. He’s always hitting the right spot and saying the right things.
This asshole will not stop talking.
He’ll fuck you until you can’t talk, but he will be chatting it up like no tomorrow.
“Very good, you’re so precious to me.”
“Shh you’re doing just fine.” Etc
“Very good, a little lower..”
“There you go, sweetheart, just like that.”
Low libido, he’s barely ever horny so when he’s in the mood you better make the best of it.
Montgomery Gator
He loves your vag but will completely destroy it.
So much touching istg- in and out of bed.
None of your body parts are safe from his clawed hands. Especially your ass, he loves it.
Half the time you don’t need to turn around to know who’s groped your ass.
Loves to grind on you any chance he gets. If you bend down, he’ll thrust your ass, if you wanna sit down you bet it’ll be on his crotch. Total grinding kink.
He’s an absolute pervert obviously.
Monty will try to tease you, but more often then not he won’t have the patience, he doesn’t like to fuck around.
High ass libido, he wants to fuck 24/7
He’s not a slow and sensual kind of guy, he fucks for 20 minutes, cums and then after a break he’ll fuck you again.
He loves to take a dive in your pussy. His tongue EXPLORES your insides.
Big face fucker, he never lets you give head on your own that mf needs to be moving his hips.
LOUD ASF. Never shuts his yap, even in public.
Mostly it’s just senseless groaning but he might throw out some words.
He has a list of things he calls you: slut, cutie, meat, rag doll etc.
You couldn’t dom him even if you wanted to, no way he’s letting it happen.
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sdr2lovemail · 7 months ago
I need sundrop and moondrop pining. Can I get them pining over a worker at the mega pizza plex
This one was inspired by a dream I had.
I hc that Sun is a great artist but would draw at the same level as the kids to make them feel better. Also Sun and Moon hang out with DJMM because I said so.
I hope you enjoy!
There is now a second part to this!
Daycare attendants aren't programmed to handle a crush!
Letting out a yawn, you use your security badge to enter the employee lounge. Usually on the first shift no one else was in the room. All you needed to do was leave your bag and begin your sweep of the Pizza Plex. You tuck your security badge into your pocket as you walk to your locker. You look up to input your code before pausing.
The door to your locker looks like it was ripped open and then sealed closed with pink, glitter tape. The keypad’s screen was shattered and flickering. If you looked close enough, you could see claw marks in the metal of the locker. You look around and see that no one else's lockers suffered any damage.
Peeling back the tape, the door almost falls off its hinges. All of your belongings were still intact. Nothing was stolen or broken. Infact, there was something new there. On the bottom shelf was a stack of papers tied together with ribbon.
Untying the pages reveals multiple drawings of yourself. Some were obviously done by children, even signed with their names. But a majority were a nicer quality with no signature. On some of the nicer drawings, there was a small difference in style. Some had a harsher, darker stroke. While others have more of a lighter feel to them.
The Freddy themed wall clock chimed, indicating the start of your shift. You set the papers into your bag. You hope no one actually tries to break into your locker before you could get a new one. The only security for it now was some tape.
You begin your morning by checking in on the animatronics. Giving your good morning greetings, seeing if they were good to go for the day. You asked the main four if they knew anything about the drawings in your locker. None of them knew what you meant, giving you confused looks. Seems you would have to ask elsewhere.
Leaving Rockstar Gallery, your next stop was to see DJ Music Man. The big arachnid was able to set up on his own, but it never hurt to check up on him.
“Hey DJ! How are you this morning?” You walk over and begin to check over his booth. Making sure everything was in the right place and turned on.
He pauses his set up to give you a wave and a finger gun in your direction. DJMM begins to look over his tracks while listening to you talk.
“-and so I opened my locker and there were a ton of pictures of me. You know anything about that DJ?”
He freezes up and looks down at you. Shifting his eyes to the left and right, he turns one of his beats on, ignoring your question.
“You do know! Who was it? C’mon, tell me.” You pressure. You needed to know who left those papers in your locker.
DJMM is quick to shake his head, to the best of his ability, and retreat into his tunnels. He was hiding something from you. You’d find out what sooner or later.
The final stop of your check was the daycare. You first stop by the gift shop and the attached waiting area. Checking over the monitors, it feels like someone was watching you. Turning towards the daycare play area, a blur of yellow slips just out of your vision. The blur is followed by a loud crash and then a mechanical shriek.
You speed over to the big wooden doors and enter the play area. Sun is frantically trying to piece together a block castle.
“Oh no! Oh no! Where was the bridge?! Where was the flag?! Such a mess! Must fix it!” The daycare attendant is quick to rebuild the castle. Seeing everything back in its place, he begins to calm down. He swerves to the left but is startled by the sight of you. Weren’t you just in the gift shop?
“Good morning Sun. I heard a crash and wanted to come chec-!” You were interrupted as Sun practically leaped into your arms. They began to nuzzle the cheek of their faceplate into your own.
“Friend!! You’re back!! I had to wait a full 14 hours, 37 minutes, and 15 seconds to see you again!! It’s been so, so long!!” You weren’t used to having so much attention at one time. You attempt to continue your duties with Sun clinging to you.
“I missed you too, Sun. That crash made me worried so I came down to check on you.” Your words made his cooling system go into overdrive. A low hum could be heard from his mechanics.
“You were worried!! About me!! Oh, you’re just as thoughtful as always!! Did you have a nice drive here? Did you look inside your locker?”
“...Did you leave those papers in my locker?” Oh no! He ruined the surprise!
“What?! No no no nonono! Moon left them. I can’t go into the employee lounge.. it’s against the rules! You know Moon, always the rule breaker! Why do you ask? Did you like them?”
From inside their shared thoughts, Moon was fuming! This wasn’t the plan at all. Sun was making them out to be some bad guy!
“Yes I did, I thought the drawings were very nice. I’m not sure if Moon can hear me right now, but if he can’t, tell him I appreciated it.” You push against Sun’s torso, causing them to release their hold on you. “Though, I would love it if he didn’t destroy my locker. Well, I need to check the rest of the Pizza Plex before we open.”
You were leaving already?! Their plan was going down the drain!
“You can’t go, Sunshine! Why not play a game? We could play house, or hide and go seek, or tag!” They curl their arms around your own.
“As much as I would love to, I have to get back to work. My bills won’t pay themselves. If it makes you feel better, I can try to come by during my lunch break.”
“We could have lunch together, friend!! I could put the kids to sleep early and I can be with you while you eat!! Like a date! It’s a date!” They release your arm to cup their heated faceplate.
You weren’t thinking of it as much of a date. Your ideal date location wouldn’t be a daycare. But Sun seemed really happy about this. “Uh…Sure! It’s a date, Sun. I’ll see you at 12.” With that, you quickly make your way into the hall.
Sun was fidgeting with excitement. Even with their plan failing he scored him and Moon a date!
‘You idiot! Why would you make me the villain! It was your idea to put the papers in their locker.’
“Oh relax, Moon! That can be water under the bridge now! We got a date to go on!” Hooking himself to the cable in the sky, Sun goes up to his room to make preparations for your visit.
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sleepy-raerain · 7 months ago
Monty x afab! reader <3
My predator/prey kink been acting up with monty 😳 sooo ima write some 🥴
warnings: predator/prey, belly bulge, semi public? (Almost getting caught), use of pet names/nicknames (bunny, slut, etc)
Not properly proof read, but did get a bit of help from a friend <3
1 | 2 | 3
Tumblr media
It was late now. You don’t know why you decided that the best course of action was to stay the night at the pizzaplex after you had a small fight with your roommate. The final closing announcement was called as you hid in one of the storage rooms in one of the staff only hallways.
After a few minutes you got up and peeked your head through the door. The coast was clear. You picked up your little freddyfaz plush you had won in the arcade and walked through the hallways. You saw a few security bots but luckily no people nor main animatronics. You eventually found a staff door leading to the main stage area.
You walk out and look around, still no sight of any animatronic or security guard. As you looked around more, you started making your way towards Monty Golf, knowing that it was dim, foggy and was all around a good place to hide. As you made your way into Monty Golf, you just so happen to catch a certain gators eye.
The room was oddly louder than you expected, it was good to hide your own noises but it always covered other peoples and robots. You snuck around trees and small lakes of water, trying your best to see what you couldn’t hear; though the fog wasn’t helping to much. In the corner of your eye you spotted a food court looking area, knowing there would be some sort of staff door you walked towards it. Suddenly you could feel vibrations through the floor and hear the sound of metal creaking. You looked up just in time to see the one and only Montgomery Gator.
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the little trespasser” Monty said with a smirk. You couldn’t muster a single word, monty was a lot taller then you. He bent down slightly, to meet your eye level. “My, my, you are a cute one aren’t you? Now, you’re coming with me-“ before he could finish his sentence you bolted towards the now visible staff area. You took a swift turn and sprinted into the staff door. “Oh, we are playing tag now?” Monty laughed loudly before following after you. “Well then, let play, little bunny”.
You took turn after turn, the staff hallways were a confusing mess to you. You could faintly hear animatronics around you, the adrenaline made everything 10 times louder. You eventually made it to a larger hallway. It had doors leading back to the main area, you walked up some stairs you found. As you got about half why you them, you felt it. The same floor rumbling steps from before; in monty golf. You panicked and sprinted up the stairs, you could heard Monty’s loud laugh, “there you are!” He roared.
Smut under the cut <3
You shoved open the door and ran down the hall in rockstar row, you didn’t even care who saw you or where you were going, you just needed to get away from Monty. He was one of your top picks out of the animatronics, he had a build you didn’t want to admit you were into, and so, being chased like this wasn’t just scary, it also made you slightly aroused thinking about him taking you back to his room and having- your thoughts were cut off when you almost ran straight into a wall. You could hear Monty slowly catching up to you, “come on out little one”, “I won’t hurt you…to much at least”, “come here little bunny~ why don’t we play more of a..private game”.
In a last ditch effort to get away, you ducked into a supply closet, it was the same one you started out in surprisingly. You hid in a corner and listened out for him, you could hear Monty’s uneven and animalistic breath. The door to your hiding spot was swung open, you froze and covered your mouth, “little bunny~ I know you’re in here, I win. Come on out~”. Game over.
You were picked up in a matter of seconds by Monty, you dropped the plush you had been holding onto, he slammed the door shut with his foot and pinned you to it. “Well, well, well, it seems I’ve won our little game” he smirks. He got closer to your neck, “say…if you help me with a little problem you’ve caused, then I’ll help you get out of here, hm?” He licked from your nape to your jawline making you shiver. You didn’t understand what he meant til he stepped forward and you could feel the obvious tent in his pants. It seemed you both realised you had a predator/prey kink today.
You let out a shaky breath before nodding your head, “use your words bunny, I’m not going to fuck your brains out unless you say you want me to”, you bit your lip as he sucked hickeys into your neck. “Yes, please Monty please, I want you inside of me” you heard him chuckle as he placed you down and started undoing his belt, “well come on baby, what are you waiting for? Strip”. You took your shirt off hastily, you could feel him watching your every movement. As you bent down to take off your pants, you got a better look at how big he really was, he could split you in half if he wanted.
“Such a small little bunny” he mumbled as he picked you back up and held you against the door. He traced the outline of your slit before shoving one of his fingers into you. You threw your head back and let out a moan. You could hear him chuckle as he shoved his finger in and out of you before adding another one. He finger fucked you rough as he held you against the door as if you weighed nothing. You were a mess, mumbling and moaning. “Keep your mouth shut slut, you don’t want us to get caught do you? Or are you into that?” He laughed before removing his fingers. You cried out until you felt him line his cock up with your entrance. You held one of your hands against his shoulder and the other against the door. As he shoved his tip in you almost screamed.
“I-it won’t fit” you whimpered out. “I’ll make it fit.” Monty said as he looked you dead in the eye as he shoved himself into you. Your mind stopped working. The pleasure to unbearable. You were moaning out his name when all of a sudden Monty heard foot steps. It couldn’t of been a security bot and they were to light to be an animatronics. He covered your mouth as he tried to fit himself into you more. Tears streamed down your face as your eyes almost rolled into the back of your head. You were whimpering and crying out while Monty tried to keep you quiet. “My, what a slut, you almost got us caught” he slammed himself into you. He was a bit over halfway in. “I bet you want that don’t you, to be seen with my cock stuffing you full?” He pulled out slightly before re-alining himself and slamming as far in as he could go.
You were screaming his name, completely in bliss. You bit your lip as you came around his cock. “We haven’t even started yet and you already came?” He let out a small laugh before he grunted and shoved himself into you more. “What a whore, little bunny” he looked down at your stomach to see a bulge growing, he wasn’t even fully in yet and you were already struggling to take him. It was a massive confidence boost.
He shoved himself into you and finally he was almost fully in. He didn’t move, he knew he was already to much for you to handle. He placed one of his hands on your ass and the other on the bulge he was causing in your stomach. You slowly came back to your senses, catching your breath. You put both of your hands against the door. You looked down and the blush on your face reddened. “Ready for me to start moving, baby?” He tilted his head slightly to the side as he smirked. You looked him in the eyes and nodded your head.
He wasted no time slowly pulling himself back out before picking up speed as he moves in and out of you. You cover your mouth with one of your hands as Monty tries to keep eye contact with you, “aw, is it to much for you little bunny?” He slammed himself into you. You moved your hand from your mouth and tried to reach out to Monty, he grabbed your hand and pulled you slightly closer to him, pulling you off the door. “No touching.”.
He let go of your arm and moved it down to rub your clit. You threw your head back and moaned out. He chuckled before slamming you against the door, grabbing your hips and fucking up into you. He rubbed your clit fast, you yelled out his name as you came for the second time. “Sorry bunny, we aren’t done yet” he licked his lips before placing you back down and flipping you around so you were now facing the door.
You yelped as he smacked your ass. He shoved his dick back into you and started fucking you at a brutal pace. You held onto the door for support as he abused your poor hole. He bent over you and put one of his hands on the door above yours. He moved his other hand down to play with your clit, you could feel the coil in your stomach building up. “Gonna cum” you mumbled out as he picked up the pass. “Cum for me bunny” with that you orgasmed on his cock. You were a shaking mess, he followed soon after and came all over your back. “Fuck, next time let’s find somewhere more comfortable” you said after regaining some of your strength. He froze for a moment as he put his pants back on, “next time? We can do this again?” His face lit up ever so slightly. You smiled at him as you both made your way to the front door.
You kissed his cheek and watched as his tail wagged. You waved him off and left, knowing you probably wouldn’t be able to walk tomorrow seeing as you were already limping. But you did mark another day to go back to the pizzaplex, I mean who wouldn’t wanna get their back blown out again?
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sunshineistyping · 7 months ago
I saw that you wanted to work on writing smut, and I have small request if you want to do it. Just human Monty and afab reader having a heated makeout session, with grinding and monty touching the readers chest.
Here we go, the streets asked for Monty Smut. The streets GET Monty Smut! MONTY FUCKERS COME GET Y’ALL JUICE
Yep, first time ever doing anything even slightly ‘Spicy’, pray for me✨
Someone’s Toy
Tumblr media
Pairings: Montgomery/Monty x GN!Reader
Reader is afab but never referred to as fem in any instance! (Does however wear a bra)
AU: Human AU
It wasn't specified but here we go
Warnings: Light Degradation, Grinding, Making Out
Obviously not safe for kids pls don't read this children, Thanks
Spice Level: Low - Moderate
“I can't see why you're angry.”
“You grabbed my ass in front of Roxy of course I’m gonna be angry!” You huff and cross your arms as Monty sits you on his lap. You had been hanging out with Roxanne earlier today and as always Monty made sly comments. Though they’re always jokingly sexual in nature today he had even went so far as to grab your ass. That alone wouldn’t have pissed you off, but Roxy trying not to laugh at the way you squeaked definitely did.
“You’re not actually mad about that, are you?” He smirks showing off his sharp teeth. He’s always trying to seduce you or act like everything is fine. You can’t tell if you hate him or love him. You huff once more, turning your head to the side.
“I should give you a taste of your own medicine.”
“You don’t have the will to try. We both know youll submit.”
“Oh is that so?”
“It is. What, you wanna try and prove me wrong Love? Be my guest.” The man below you continued to smirk and for the first time in a long time you come to the conclusion that he wants this. He wanted to push you until you ended up in some precarious situation. Then again, knowing Monty, he just didn't think you had the guts to push the envelope. Well you did and you would prove it!
“You're such an asshole.” You sighed and slung your arms around his shoulders. Your head tilting down towards his face. His hands came up to rest on your thighs at the action, thumbs drawing slow circles on the exposed skin.
“Mn, but you like it.” You let out another huff before leaning down all the way. The kiss is slow and passionate, the warm and gentle feeling of his lips on yours makes you let out a soft sigh. The noise alerts the man below you that you may be enjoying this kiss just a little too much, so he of course slides his hands right up to your waist. You pull away with a gasp, his hands hellish hot against your cold skin. You're not sure how but he was warm despite how cold the apartment is. He doesn’t even bother lifting your shirt up and instead leaves his hands on your barely exposed sides.
“M-Monty don't you dare.” You try to keep your composure as he leans into you. His warm tongue sliding up the column of your neck until he reaches your jaw. His hands squeeze your sides even tighter when you wiggle, telling you to stop without even speaking. You of course listen to the nonverbal queue. He let's out a growl of satisfaction when you still but keeps lapping gently against your pulse. It gets to the point that you let out a whimper, the heat from your body sliding right between your thighs. Then and only then does Monty pull away from your neck, a laugh slipping through his cold facade.
“You shouldn't make noises like that Babe, you don't want me to take you right here on this couch, do you?” You barely manage to take a breath before he pulls you chest to chest. The room feels hotter just being close to him, he’s not even panting and yet you can feel his every breath as it ghosts against your skin. You shiver in his hold yet he hasn’t even moved yet. Were you extremely weak to his advances? Absolutely. You wouldn't have it any other way.
“Fuck, I keep forgetting how desperate you get with barely any work. Let’s change that, yeah? How about you be good, sit still, and let me have my way with you.” You whine as he drags your hips backwards just to drag them back to where they were before. The motion is fluid and slow, keeping a steady pace as he continues to grind against you. He knows exactly what he’s doing and laughs the more you gasp and whimper. His face says he’s unfazed by your small cries, but his eyes tell you he wants you now.
“Monty no, you can't-”
“Do you want me to stop?”
“Well I- hah- no.” You barely manage to choke out the words, your entire body feels like it's on fire from his touch. You don't want him to stop, you can't even think of a single reason you would.
“Then come here.” He brings his hand to your jaw and pulls you right back to his lips, hand falling back to your waist. The kiss is much more desperate and messy than before. This time he licks gently against your lips and shudders when you let his tongue slip into your mouth. The split he has glides against your tongue and you moan, not even bothering to try and hide it. Though his first instinct is to make you moan like that again he pulls back and stops rocking your hips. As soon as you no longer feel any friction you open your mouth to speak but are quickly met with his hands slipping under your shirt.
“You're all wet and I haven't even taken off your clothes yet. How pathetic.” He growls as he leans into your neck again, this time focusing on the way your chest rises and falls. He doesn't bother taking off your bra, opting to simply feel over it. A few gentle squeezes and slightly rougher rubs and you're putty in his hands.
“Youre one to talk.” You punctuate the sentence with a roll of your hips, grinding against his hard dick. It's not like you're unaware of how easy it is to turn your boyfriend on, but he must be struggling at this point. You've been on this couch for about ten minutes and yet he hasn't even tried to get rid of any clothes. Honestly, that's probably a new record.
“If you move like that again, I'm gonna do a lot more then just fuck you. You’re gonna know what its like to be someone's toy.”
“Who said that's not what I want?” You bring his head up to yours so he can look into your eyes. You're not sure what it was about that action that drove him wild but the second he locked eyes with you the thin self-control he had snapped. His hands immediately pulled at the waistband of your shorts. Oh, this was going to be fun.
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l0v3lyr0ses · 7 months ago
Security Breach as your s/o's HCs
I'm not joking, Freddy, Roxy, Sun/moon, and monty had no business being attractive.
I mostly made this bc my energy is low today- and headcanons require less of me than one-shots :)
I don't do Vanessa bc I'm unsure how to write anything for Vanessa! Chica's wasn't that long im sorry- i kinda spent all day trying to write her in a way that isn't too ooc-
some of these are shorter bc I suck at conveying their personality
also not me listening to SL songs and 'mama hates you' while writing something wholesome-
the reader is gender-neutral :)
anyways I hope these HCs are to someone's liking!!
Glamrock Freddy
Dating Freddy just includes him greeting you with a bear hug every time you come to his room.
he loves spending time snuggling with you <3
he calls you superstar but it's a lot more soft and loving with you than it is with the kids!
protective dilf papa bear mode? on
He doesn't get jealous per se but he will tell off people who are disrespectful to you, he will not tolerate his s/o being uncomfy in their workspace
although if an adult or a kid starts acting nasty Freddy will not hesitate to warn the parents about the behavior or notify the staff that there is a problem and someone is just acting plain mean in a kid-friendly diner.
although he did make sure all the animatronics had you on their face recognition systems' so, they know not to attack you
he loves watching you play with the kids' Freddy will just stand there and watch with a silly grin on his face
if you let him, he'd love to style your hair!!
Freddy wouldn't hesitate to force you, to get a good night's to rest
there is no point in refusing, he'll carry you to his dressing room and cuddle you
he doesn't do PDA that much, mostly. hand-holding but kisses are reserved for after-hours in his room.
you don't do much PDA in public, and when you do it often goes unnoticed but in his room,
he is very affectionate in private, but I guess there's a reason Freddy is a bear.
Montgomery Gator
Dating Monty is fun!! you always have cuddle sessions or mini-golf dates
he'll teach you the ways of mini-golf if you don't know how to play
if you do he'll compete with you!
he is so touchy omg-
Monty is somehow always touching you in some way, shape, or form. Whether it's his arm around your waist or on your hip, or if he's holding your hand, giving a hug,
or slapping your ass-
Monty will approach you, sliding his sunglasses down, and proceed to flirt with you
although Monty will not do anything remotely affectionate in front of children, he wants to but simply won't do it.
he will literally fight for you
Monty is a very protective alligator
a very angry one too
he will not hesitate to threaten about what horrid things he's going to do them and how he's going to do towards anyone who hurts his s/o
You're literally the only one that can prevent him from ending a son of bitch's life.
sometimes he feels like a replacement for bonnie and wonders he truly deserves an amazing person like you, especially in case bonnie was a better performer than him
pls comfort him and reassure him
Monty gave you a small monty plushie so you're never without him
Monty likes cuddling you, which is usually cuddling the plushie, bc he insists on it.
Roxanne Wolf
dating Roxy would include her styling your hair, no matter what length or what gender you are she'll certainly find cute hair clips that suit you
lowkey a tsundere
Roxanne claims, she hates affection coming but it's obvious that it's a lie.
she'll teach you how to play the keyboard!!
her hair is actually soft! it isn't metal so she'd love it if you combed it sometimes! or even tried styling it.
she loves forcing you to play dress-up with her
just that Roxanne has an immaculate sense of fashion!!
she always walks you to the entrance, Roxanne is secretly worried that one day she doesn't walk with you. something will happen to you
When Roxanne feels insecure, she needs someone to set her head straight! pls, tell her she's loved and pretty.
she's very protective in ways she kinda treats you like her mate
she lowkey growls when a staff member is getting too close to her s/o!
she has the protective instinct of a wolf! so she'll literally pounce on anyone posing a threat to her s/o!
pls, stop her or they might have more than rips in their clothes-
dating sun is fun!! there's never a dull moment with him
he loves watching you in the daycare playing with the children,
lots of kisses n' cuddles although you eventually don't remember who's been initiating.
he'll warn you not to turn off the lights, and if you step closer to the light switch he'll panic and be frantic. he doesn't want you to get hurt! he might be upset for the day bc of it. pls, refrain from doing things that'll worry him!
Sun eventually starts trusting you a lot at tells you the reasoning why the lights always have to be on.
Sun trusts people very quickly but for him to talk about moon is a whole another level of trust!
he'd love to dance with you in the daycare! he'd be very giggly
Sun pick you up and skip around the daycare if you'll let him.
he will also lowkey chase you in the daycare and tackle you to the ground, and give you snuggles!
if you get tired he'll let you sleep on him until the shift is over.
Sun can't exactly have any romantic dates, not like a romantic dinner or a movie date. but he'll cuddle you in the daycare
Sun will not do anything too intimate in front of children
he'll at most, hold your hand but affection is mostly reserved for after-hours when it's just the two of you.
if you are insecure for one moment, I kid you not Sun will carry you and run around the daycare until you start laughing.
if one of the kids is being disrespectful, he'll be stern and tell them clearly to apologize and put them in time-out.
however, if it's an older kid or an adult he will simply alert security that someone needs to be escorted out
he wants you to be as comfy as possible
Sun calls you sunshine and darling okay?
Moon is a lot less energetic than Sun is.
he will carry you around but Moon will walk calmly and not run and skip around the place
he likes cuddling with you
a tsundere but he's more of a tsundere than Roxy is-
he talks about how gross affection is yet, he craves it so much
Moon likes scaring you okay? he will sneak up on you, and tell you to hide
you've scolded him before but he just finds it funny how scared you are when you know it's him.
tho he's only allowed to scare you-
ngl he's protective, I'd say borderline possessive
he hates it that ppl who don't deserve you get to speak to you more than he does
it makes him restless
he'll lowkey try to steal you away when only talking to Vanessa
during naptime for the kids' he lets you sleep on his shoulder, telling you it's time for naptime
Moon lowkey threatens that you have to take care of yourself.
omg, he loves squishing your cheeks, Moon often does it when he wants to prove a point.
Moon: take care of urself *squishes cheeks*
- he likes sitting with you with a hand on your thigh, he just does
Glamrock Chica
Chica is responsible, I get that vibe from her that dating her includes Chica being stressed and making sure her s/o doesn't do something they'll regret
Chica loves cuddling and hugging you just not for hours at a time.
Chica will try to give you expired food for a date but, you brought your own food enough for the both of you!
she always loves the food that you make, despite the fact that she doesn't really need it.
she often gives you compliments
Chica will teach you how to play the guitar with her!! <3
like Roxy, she has good taste in fashion and Chica would love for you to let her do something to your hair or dress you up!
she's the big spoon
she always walks you to the entrance and tries to make up excuses to keep you in the pizza plex a little longer<3
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toasterdogs · 7 months ago
Before Dating
Monty x Babysitter!Reader (pt.1)
Tumblr media
-It was one of the kids birthdays when he first saw you
-the kids parents had forced you to go with him to a meet and greet, since they had no interest
-it was a usual vip package, but one where he'd present cake instead of freddy (who was at another party)
-but the birthday boy wasn't having it, he wanted Freddy
-he started throwing things, cake, toys and even chairs all at the animatronic
-Monty was almost at his limit (mans literally about to add another kid to the fnaf kill count)
-but that's when you stepped in...
-yelling that you were gonna tell his parents and they'd take away all his presents (that shut him up quick)
-after taking care of the kid you approached him, he expected you to complain. Maybe say you wanted freddy, chica, Roxy anyone but him 
-but instead you look at him with an apologetic smile
-"I'm sorry about him, he's a brat but I gotta pay the bills somehow" You lick your thumb, wiping off a piece of cake from his nose and he already feels weak at the knees. 
-he's completely forgotten about the kid who wanted to rip him apart only a couple of seconds ago
-his attention is all on you the rest of the party, as you participate in activities with such a cheerful expression
-So using his rockstar charm (mostly threats) he alters the free gifts to give you a year entrance to the pizzaplex
-sometimes his own genius scares him
-You begin to come more often, liking the atmosphere of the mega pizza plex. (and the food is a plus) 
-Where ever you go, Monty just so happens to be doing a floor walk. Signing autographs and posing for photos, he greets you by name which makes you happy that he remembers you.
-eventually he becomes the animatronic you are most acquainted with, regularly having chats when he can get away.
-he's still his confident and flirty self, dialing the flirty up to eleven. 
-he's a big nickname guy: dollface, puddin, babycakes, shortie
-He tries to impress and find excuses to get close to you constantly
-"oh? you're playing Monty golf? Let me give you tips since I'm the best"
"Playing in the arcade? How about a round of air hockey? make sure not to cry when I beat you" 
-One thing he absolutely adores is competitiveness, so when you're more than willing to take him in any challenge? mans putty in your hands
-also he uses any excuse to invite you to his room, just so he can have you all to himself
-"tired? have a rest in my room, dollface" 
-he even keeps his room clean (well…cleaner) for you
-and by keeps it clean, I means he forces the staff bots to clean it since he can't clean anything without breaking something (trust me he tried)
-God he just loves when you talk to him like he's the only one in the world and he's so sad when you have to leave at closing time
-but he knows you'll be back next week
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yecipsart · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
pov y/n finds a devious little creature under their bed at 3am
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call-me-fanvergent · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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srslysierraa · 7 months ago
Hi!! Could I have headcanons for sundrop, Freddy, and Monty(separate) with a gn night guard s/o who’s basically the parent/guardian of Gregory??
Like maybe the time Gregory snuck into the pizza place the s/o was sick so venessa took over for them so the animatronics had no idea until one day they mention that they have a kid and the animatronics are like “ah shoot fr bring them in!!” And the s/o does and it’s just the feral child
Sorry it’s so long thanks for you time!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Prompt ;; a situation where you tell your dear sweetheart that you have a son. You're nervous, beyond nervous actually, but quickly became so happy when they were okay and even asked you to introduce him to them. That happiness quickly turned into confusion when.. they knew him already?
Type ;; headcanons, fluff <3
Chars. Involved ;; g. freddy, monty gator, sunnydrop.
A/N ;; don't mind me just casually writing this, i know I probably should be working on the event asks but... i just love the idea of this ask sm. thank you for the idea anon! <333 also! this is an AU where gregory is not homeless and goes to school, etc! you being his parent. ALSO idk why these are so long okay I'm sorry-
Masterlist || Navigation
Tumblr media
Glamrock Freddy.
Tumblr media
You've been with Freddy for some time at this point.
He always knew you had such parental energy from the moment he laid eyes on you. It honestly makes him swoon for you even more.
Like, you just ooze of someone so caring when it comes to children, almost as if you have years experiences when it comes to them.
Little did he know that you absolutely do-
The reason that he didn't know about your son is because you never really brought him up, not to the animatronics' at least.
And it's not like he can check your job profile, it didn't have a question on whether or not you're a parent, just whether or not you have experiences dealing with kids and how old you are.
Which can just mean you were a preschool teacher in the past, how can he assume you actually have a child??
And honestly, you didn't really wanna tell him for some time- that time being how long you've known him for, which is months.
But your kid's birthday is coming soon, and you wanted to celebrate together, sooo...
The moment you approached him, you were practically sweating buckets.
I mean, you know he's not gonna be upset or anything, he's one of the most supportive and understanding being you ever known.
But it doesn't mean that you can't be nervous-
When you finally sit him down and told him you have a son, it took him a while to process.
But then his ears perked up and his eyes practically glittered!
He's beyond excited to meet who the little fella is!
Oh God oh shit wait does that mean he's a dad?? An actual father???
He's absolutely buzzing from joy thanks to this news!! You better bring your little boy so Freddy can meet him 😡
He'll be bothering you about this all night- even after he apologized three times for potentially annoying you while you're on your nightguard duties.
Look man he's just very excited:((
Tomorrow comes and Freddy just finished decorating his little room, hoping that your son will like it.
But the arrival of you and your little semi-clone is what surprised him the most.
As you guide Gregory who's currently on a blindfold, you told him to stop right before he walked into the table with the cake on it.
Freddy is just like "??? Why is Gregory here?", but it clicked in his mind like two seconds later.
His eyes widen so hard he can probably see planet pluto with it.
He didn't want to interrupt Gregory's attempt at guessing where he is so he kept quiet, and once you've opened his blindfold.
"Surprise, sweetheart! This is-"
"Surprise, superstar! I've missed you so much!"
You were about to ask him what he meant but then-
"Freddy! I've missed you too! I didn't know you'll be here?"
Wait huh-
You're just there looking at them cause like? Huh? You two know eachother? From where???
"Ahem," the two of them avert their gazes towards you, as you fold your hands by your chest, looking for answers.
"Any of you care to explain?"
Gregory just kinda look at Freddy, panic written in his eyes as he obviously forgot that you had no idea about him sneaking in. And even causing some property damage...
Freddy took notice of this and slowly hint at Greg to go hide behind him, looking at you with tender eyes in hopes that you'll cut Gregory- no, both him and Gregory some slack.
Please spare em some mercy,,
"You see, Starlight... Gregory and i-"
"You even know his name?"
"Well, yes- but that's because we've met eachother you see."
You're just looking at Gregory who's behind Freddy's legs with those parental eyes, we all know em.
"It wasn't my fault!! I was trying to find you after school so i went here, but all i could find was that scary blonde lady.."
You put two of your fingers on your temple, trying to understand what he's telling you.
"Gregory, did it not occur to you that maybe, just maybe, i was at home? And what do you mean ‘after school’, the show starts at 8 pm."
Uh oh Gregory, you're busted, again.
"W-well.. i maaaybe took a detour and.."
Freddy, noticing the tense atmosphere immediately got in the way of you two, as he then puts a hand on your shoulder to calm you down.
"Hey.. dearest, let's calm down, alright? It's the boy's birthday today! Cut him some slack, hm?"
"Right, before that. Greg, where were you actually when you weren't at home and told me that you were ‘spending the night at a friend's house’?"
Silence, even Freddy seems like he's hesitant in saying something.
"I may or may not was... Here... With Freddy... But i was just trying to go home all night, i swear!"
You took a glance at Freddy for confirmation.
"That's right, dear!! He just, accidentally stayed a bit too long- which is my fault! And got trapped here due to closing time... Oh, but i did tried my best to keep him safe!"
Honestly? You're not worried all that much if Freddy kept him safe or not, it was such a great gesture sure, and the thought of it got you swooning a bit.
But like...
Gregory is your son, you know what he's capable of, and you know exactly the kind of trouble he has gotten himself into in the past.
Escaping a facility full of Animatronics that roams at night? Yeah that ain't gonna take your son down.
Still,, you're gonna need to look at his body for injuries once you get home, even though he may seem alright at the moment.
"So, the ‘little kid that snuck in and did some heavy property damage’ that Vanessa told me during her taking up my shift. That was you? Not only do i have to pay her back for having to deal with this type of trouble while covering for me, but also knowing that the one making that trouble is my own son? And the one that helped him did it, is the animatronic I'm dating?"
"..M-maybe it's time for some cake-?"
"...Yeah, i wanna eat my cake now.."
How are you supposed to get mad at them now??
You sighed, letting both the bear animatronic and the kid go, you're gonna have to explain this to Vanessa somehow, but you're just thankful Gregory didn't let himself get caught by the security cameras. Or at least not enough for them to recognize him.
You're a bit proud of him for that tbh, and for being able to survive a whole night without crying or just,, trauma,, in general.
I guess you can let this slide... He is your feral child anyhow.
"Alright well, fine. I'll let this slide, for now. But only because you managed to impress me in some ways."
Freddy was happy you let this go, and was a bit surprised by your parenting skills. Still, he took the lighter and gave it to you, lighting the candles that is on Gregory's birthday cake.
"Happy Birthday, Darling."
"Happy Birthday, Superstar."
",,thanks guys! And (mom/dad)?"
"I'm sorry :("
You sighed, petting him on the head. Might as well give him a nice birthday.
Tumblr media
Montgomery Gator.
Tumblr media
Now with Montgomery, everyone practically knew you were with him.
Since he loves showing you off to everyone, at this point it's obvious.
At one point, you kinda just blurted out that you have a kid, which in results have him really curious about your little guy.
He just wants to know if they're cool or not, who knows, maybe them two can both have some rockin' fun together!
He can teach him the Bass, cause some ruckus together and all will be well and dandy.
So you told him about Gregory, his age, how he is, etc etc.
The Gator CANNOT WAIT to meet him.
Though he kept saying that the name is kinda familiar, he just doesn't know from where, so he shrugged it off.
Back on topic; a little dude that is an absolute rowdy rascal?? He needs to meet him.
So you promised the animatronic that you'll bring your son when you can.
Which turns out to be around the next week.
Monty was playing in his golf area when you told him that your son is going to come soon.
My mans was so surprised he even missed his shot smh.
I mean, it's not like he forgot about it, haha, hahaha.
Yeah he forgot about the whole meeting your son thing. 😔
The only reason the little troublemaker can come today is because he doesn't have school the next day, so he can visit the Pizzaplex even when it's after-hours.
When Gregory arrived, he called you to ask where you were, in which you said you'll just pick him up at the entrance.
Now, when you told him to follow you into Monty Golf, he surprisingly walked ahead of you, as if he knew where it is.
And he did, somehow.
When you're at the entrance of Monty Golf, he stopped, waiting for you to catch up before asking to hold your hand when coming in.
Then the part where he meets Monty..
"Alright! Gregory, this is the person, well, animatronic who i wanted you to-"
You flinched, hearing Monty's voicebox boomed.
The animatronic stomped his way up to the poor boy, as he immediately hides behind you.
He pulled on your wrist, stumbling as he's trying to drag you to the exit.
As Monty walks menacingly towards Gregory, you got in front of him, pushing away the green animatronic.
The way you raised your voice got both of them to stop, as you try to make sure no one gets hurt.
And the room falls silent, as you try to understand the current situation.
"Alright, explain. One at a time."
Yeah... Did you really think that'll work?
Both of them headbutts with eachother, trying to get you to side with them.
You rolled your eyes, as you try to make sense of what they're yelling at eachother.
"Language- wait hold on. Gregory did what to you?"
A moment of silence began once more, before the bigger, metal built one out of the two scoffed, obviously displeased.
"Yeah, this rascal here, he threw the whole shitty bucket from my own goddamn area and-"
"...and it fu- And it broke me in half."
He immediately fixed himself, trying to not disobey your warnings, no matter how annoying it may be to him.
Poor Gregory is just there looking at you like 🧍
You looked down at him, arms crossed as Monty had a smirk of satisfaction, thinking that he successfully got you to side with him.
"Two questions. One, how did you even ended up here, two, was the thing he said true? And you better say no."
He looks down, fiddling along as he slowly moves back.
You don't even know what happened when suddenly Gregory just goes >:(
Hands on his hips as he looks up, determined.
"HE-" The boy pointed, "WAS HUNTING ME DOWN!"
"He what-"
"Kid, you fucking DESTROYED ME."
Finally, they calmed down.
You look at the both of them, intense glaring meeting both of their gazes.
After some time, they finally explained to you what happened, in which you responded with a big exasperated sigh.
"Look, i don't know how, but i want you two to get along." You told them, hand by the temple of your forehead to get rid of the headaches. Soon after, you go home with Gregory.
The first few days of your son coming with you to work that only happens on weekends finally started.
Yeah.. they didn't get along.
At first at least ;)
They had their banters, fighting for your attention.
"Does he always harass you like this??"
"Watch your mouth you fuckin' brat."
But soon enough they'll get along if they can actually move past the fact that they were out for eachother's throats-
Like when Gregory told him he can do golf better than him.
Monty was pissed- but it ended up well with them being competitive!!
They'll even cause some trouble by just stomping around the Pizzaplex with Gregory on Monty's shoulders AWE.
Or that time where they went to piss off Roxanne on purpose.
Cue Gregory wheezing.
Good job!! Now you have two crackheads to look after <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now, this fella...
I think it's pretty obvious that he was absolutely ECSTATIC when he knew you have a kid!!
I mean, he's practically made to get along with kids sooo.
He would be BEGGING for him to meet your son.
"OOO gosh! I wonder what type of kid he is!!! Is he bad? Of course he isn't!! He's your son afterall! OH OH, MAYBE WE CAN DO FINGER PAINTING TOGETHER, what kind of food does he like???"
Like, smh, calm down Sun🧍
Watch out, cause he'll absolutely bother you about it from now on.
Trying to go home?
"OH OH! Goodbye, Sunshine!! Tell your even little-r Sunshine i said hi!!"
Just arrived at work?
"RISE AND SHINE! You look splendid today! How is little Gregory? Is he at school?? Ooh, i wanna see what he's like at school!!"
You constantly need to remind him that you two have work to do.
But at one point in time, you need to take Gregory with you because he doesn't have school, and you don't trust him enough to let the ten year-old boy be alone in your house for a whole day.
It took a little convincing since he for some reason seemed so against going to the Pizzaplex, but you managed to win him over with-
"I'll let us get McDonald's once I'm done with work."
"I want a Happy Meal AND a Mcflurry."
"??? No sir, you just had ice cream yesterday."
"Well then I'm not going."
"I want a Mcflurry."
"You had ice cream last week too, you'll get sick."
"I don't care. >:("
"Gregory, i literally work at a Pizza place, you can have as much snacks there, just no ice cream."
"...fine, but can i at least play on your phone?"
"I'm very sure you have an ipad."
"It isn't as fun:("
With a sigh, you let out a small "fine." as he finally cheers at him own little victory, getting ready at the same time.
As you finally arrived to drop him off at the daycare to be looked over by Sun at the moment, the Sun persona jumped out of nowhere.
"(Y/NNNN)!!! HOORAY! Oh you brought a little guy! Hello, little on- GAH RULE BREAKER, RULE BREAKER! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! YOU'RE BANNED."
He yelled out, as he suddenly moves forward and picked up Gregory with ease. Carrying him all the way to the exit of the Daycare.
Gregory kinda just let Sun do his thing, almost as if he knew this would happen.
You had to ask Sun directly on why he did what he did, and his answers shocks you.
"Wait, he was here? Like, here? In the Pizzaplex?"
"YES! And he broke the one rule i told him not to! He's nothing but a trouble maker!"
The way he folded his arms and sassily look away was so funny, you couldn't help but Chuckle. Gregory is still outside by the exit of the Daycare like 🧍.
Poor Gregory 😔.
You had to call him back again after convincing Sunny, explaining what happened.
"IT WAS AN ACCIDENT THOUGH!! I didn't mean to turn off the lights.."
"I WARNED YOU!!! And you didn't listen to me! >:("
You had to ask Gregory how he even was here in the first place, with a facepalm by the end of your talk.
Sun sided with you, both of you crossing your arms with a disappointed and a bit of anger on both of your faces as you look down on him.
"Well, i suppose I'm just glad you're safe. But you're in so much trouble young man."
"That's right! Can't wait to tell this to your parents. >:(("
A moment of silence rung as you look at him, obvious confusion seen on your face.
"I'm his (mom/dad). Haven't i told you that?"
He looks at you with so much surprise that he felt like he needed to express it with his whole body, before looking at Gregory.
"So he's your son?!?!"
"Uh, yeah, i am."
He picked up Gregory once more, swinging him around in delight. Even tossing him up lightly.
Gregory being banned from the Daycare??? What are you talking about?? Never happened. :)
He would absolutely do a 180 on Gregory and treat him with very obvious favoritism.
And also emphasizing to NOT turn off the lights.
It's bad enough before he was just a kid, but now knowing he's your son??? Yeah he's making sure he's safe at all costs.
After that day, he'll bug you EVEN MORE to bring Gregory again.
He'll even prepare stuff for Gregory this time, what his favorite activities are, etc etc.
Peace and quiet? Never heard of it.
Good luck, comrade.
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sickly-sweet-imagines · 7 months ago
,,size kink glamrock freddy? afab gender neutral reader,, headcanon or a fic i dont mind either way i just have glamrock freddy brainrot
This wound up,,, longer than I expected
Proof of my own brainrot I guess- NSFW under the cut!
– – – – –
You’re fairly certain you got him horny without him even realizing it. You were in his lap, shifting around in a very intentional way under the guise of trying to get comfy. He gently held your sides, sweetly telling you to move all you needed until you felt comfortable. Your blatant seduction attempt seemed like it was going completely over his head. His body was absolutely aware of you, though. “Superstar, I am feeling my body heating up... I am not sure why, but I hope it does not make it too uncomfortable to cuddle against me.” “It’s very comfortable, I promise~” You were very obviously flirting, but Freddy still didn’t seem to catch on. Despite his body reacting very strongly to what was now unabashed grinding on him. “Ngh- Superstar, you sure are moving around a lot...” He watches you, his hands sliding down to comfortably rest on your hips. “You’re so big, it takes a lot of wiggling to get comfy,” You tease. “I think I’m feeling better now.” You press yourself against his chest, enjoying how warm his body has gotten from your attention. After a bit more flirting, Freddy connects the dots to why he feels so warm and what you’re looking for. “Superstar, do you want me to... Put it inside you?” His fingers gently squeeze and rub your hips as he looks at you. “Yes.” You say, almost immediately. “Are you sure? It is very... Big... I do not want to hurt you...” If you had any less self control you’d be shouting and begging. “Please” You press yourself closer to him. “Yes, I’ve never been more sure of anything, please, I need it.” He scans your face for any last signs of hesitation before lifting you by your hips. “It will come out of my groin, I will lower you down onto it. I will go slowly so you are not hurt.” When his cock is finally released you realize that, just like the rest of him, it is massive next to you. You’re pretty sure it could reach your stomach. If not further. Freddy starts to lower you as you take in the sight, watching your face closely for any signs of discomfort. It’s so thick even just the tip is stretching you. You feel completely surrounded by him, his big hands holding your hips, his large body feeling even more times your size than it usually did. Soft whines and moans escape you as he lowers you further down, feeling more filled up than you ever have. “Superstar, your stomach is bulging.” You glance down when he points it out, whining when he moves one hand off of your hip to rub the bulge he’s causing. “Do you want me to start thrusting?” Your flustered “Yes” is all he needs as he starts to move his hips, moving you in time with it. He starts out slow, but as you adjust to him he starts speeding up. You’re so easy for him to hold and move that he has full control over the speed and roughness (not that he’s especially rough, the softie), pounding you as he listens to the myriad of noises coming out of you. “What is this, superstar?” He asks between thrusts, one of his thumbs coming up to rub you. All of the stimulation makes you fall limply into Freddy’s chest. “Is it that sensitive, superstar?” He asks you, rubbing faster. It almost feels like he’s teasing you. As your moans get louder and pants get heavier he starts vibrating his thumb against you, holding you close to him. “I will not tire doing this, if you would like me to stay inside you.”
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dreams-of-my-childhood · 7 months ago
Hi can I get, The glamrocks+Sun/moon x animatronic reader who’s like the puppet, but do to bring limit to the string on their back and the box, they can’t go very far, only to the stage and their area. (If to much feel free to ignore)
Cute!! I love this idea!
Glamrock Freddy
He always makes time after the plex closes to see you.
Most nights he’s not being worked on by maintenance, Freddy will be in your area chatting away and listening to the soft sounds of your music box.
He likes to tell you stories of children he meets when offstage, he hopes one day you’ll be free to roam around like him and the others.
He tells you about the other areas in the mall, places he’d like to take you.
Freddy loves to slow dance with you to your music box tunes. He always gushes at how good you are.
He’s a bit of a klutz but you’re light on your feet, and Freddy tells you you’re a great dance teacher.
Glamrock Chica
She loves coming to see you and playing her guitar for you.
Chica usually sets up parties so you never feel alone.
She’ll invite everyone to your area every weekend or so, trying to make up a special occasions as an excuse for parties in your honour.
“Oh! It’s puppet appreciation day today!”
“It’s the puppet’s 15 months and 6th day at the plex, we should celebrate!”
Montgomery Gator
Monty can get pretty frustrated at your lack of freedom.
“It’s stupid that they tie you down with this dang rope.” He pulled at the string connected to your back.
He offers to cut it off for you, unlike most of the others who try to stick with the rules. He’s ready to free you without hesitation.
He likes to spend time alone with you after closing hours, he really appreciates the tranquility of your room and he feels like he gets to be himself alone with you.
Monty is often found in your room at opening housers, causing a little distress for the workers. He doesn’t seem to care though.
Roxanne Wolf
After seeing all those kids, she feels drained and low on confidence.
Your area is the perfect place to rest and take time for herself.
The two of you often sit in comfortable silence, sometimes she might open up to you about her insecurities.
You’re always the best at making her feel perfectly fine, so she comes to see you very often <3
Sunny isn’t keen on leaving the daycare, but for you he’d make an exception.
He likes to sneak into your room and surprise you, somehow you always manage to spot him before he can give you a fright.
Sun is very good at keeping you interested and occupied. He always has great ideas for activities.
His company is the most interesting, he is designed to entertain people and boy is he good at it.
Although he doesn’t stay for too long, because he feels like he’s doing something bad by being away from the daycare.
Moondrop is a strange one..
He’s never approached you before during lights out but he’s always near.
He watches you, as you peacefully play with the other animatronics or how you stand alone like a porcelain doll.
Sometimes you’re aware he’s there, but you don’t know half the time when he’s watching you.
He likes you, just from afar.
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venus-spice · 7 months ago
Glamrock Squad + Sun & Moon Giving/Receiving Hugs
hugs are jus lovely so- of course i had to write about it. first time writing for Sun and Moon hope its some what accurate ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭
- Great hugger! Most natural out of the group by far. Because he was programmed to handle large crowds of children, he’s incredibly gentle. Nothing about his hugs are ever rough, he handles three years olds for goodness sake.
- Loves hugging you! Practically started as soon as he met you. He always asked first though, he wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable. But once you say you like hugs- he’ll be all over you.
- His hugs are always warm, gentle, and long. He takes his time, and doesn’t like brushing over intimate touching, especially with you! It’s nearly therapeutic (mini headcannon that he helps kids with anxiety calm down). If he’s feeling particularly upset the hugs could last for minutes, neither of you really saying much. Hugging is one of the few times Freddy becomes quiet.
- His hugs are…stiff. He’s a touchy person, especially if you’re in an intimate relationship. But affection that’s “cheesy” or “romantic” is unfamiliar to him. But slowly, with your help of course, he becomes more accustomed to it.
- He didn’t expect to like hugging you as much as he does, but now it’s become a regular affair. After shows, in his dorm, after one of his destructive episodes, or quite frankly any where. It’s become one of his common ways to show you affection- and he adores it. He won’t say it, but his tail will.
- His hugs are less gentle, and almost desperate. He holds you very close- and becomes death-still in your arms. Often times the hug allows him to let go of some pent up energy- but if their more playful he hugs tighter and you can feel his laughter reverberate in his chest.
- Chica’s hugs are energetic and playful. She’s probably the second most huggable on the squad- and is really good with kids so naturally hugs are one of her strong suits. However, an emotional hug is something only given to those she’s super close with- so it’s rare that you’ll get emotional hugs right away.
- She really likes hugging you, she had no doubt that she wouldn’t, you’re just so sweet! Again, it took her a moment to warm up enough to hug you in a less playful way, but the first emotional hug you ever got felt amazing.
- Her normal hugs are average; quick, playful, and full of life. However, her emotional ones are nearly the opposite. They feel deeply affectionate, warm and last for a while, the only sound between you being the low rumble of her sound box. If you receive a hug like this, it’s unlikely you’ll be budging for a while. But you don’t mind.
- Most awkward hugs by far. She rarely touchy with people she’s close with, much less children. She was made to be competitive and eager for a challenge- not to be affectionate.
- Despite being not very big on touching, and rarely ever initiating affection, she does really enjoy hugging you. Its incredibly comforting for her, and the longer she spends in your arms the less stiff she becomes. If you stay intertwined long enough, you might here a low, happy rumble come from her chest.
- Her hugs aren't quite cold as much as they're just...still. She wont say much, but the way she holds you tells you plenty. She'll pull you closer the longer you stay with her, and eventually her tail will start to wag. In the rare occurrence she initiates it, it's only when she's emotionally spent and needs your attention.
- hugs are foreign to him, so the first time you tried (and quite frankly all the times after that) he's isn't really sure what to do. He knows what a hug is and how to embrace people! But kids always ran away when he tried, so at some point he just gave up.
- However, he does like hugging you. Took him a minute to understand...why you were hugging him- but afterward he loves it! Its a very common occurrence that he'll just appear behind you and wrap you in his arms!
- Because he's slim, any person fits really well in his frame. His hugs feel like you're putting two puzzle pieces together, and the satisfaction that comes with it. They're never very...emotional, even in such a situation, but they're still an intimate touch that he cherishes.
- Rarely hugs people. Probably the least social out of the group- much less touchy. He doesn't....hate physical touch as much as he tries to avoid it with people he isn't close with (which is most). He's seen children hug their parents, and knows it symbolizes connection- but hasn't really built a bond where he deems in necessary to embrace. - Once he gains a close relationship he really likes hugging you! Rarely ever in public- but in the quiet comfort amongst the pillows, or under the dim lights of the closing daycare he's happy to embrace you.
- His hugs are never random, and always in a very calming setting. Under blankets or pressed against fluffy pillows, its always warm and very intimate. Moon is naturally quiet, so he probably won't say much, but sometimes his hand will find yours and you press into each other's chests.
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sunny-day-dream · 6 months ago
Wet Dreams - Part 2
Pairing: Sundrop x Reader, Moondrop x Reader
Wordcount: 3700
Warnings: Smut, Voyeurism, Breeding Kink, Possessive Behaviour, Biting/Marking Kink, Light Somnophilia (No Non-Con), Cock Warming, AFAB- Reader, She/Her pronouns
(Part 1) (Final)
Notes: Oh, the yearning!
I was playing around with a way to write these two without jumping between POV’s all the time, and I actually like how this turned out!
All italic sentences are Moons thoughts/influence
Holding you tightly in his arms, Sundrop hummed a happy little tune to himself- breaking off for a moment to stifle a laugh as you drunkenly tried to join in.
You were so so so cute! So small and sweet and happy and did he mention cute yet?
‘You absolute sap, will you stop already?’ Moon huffed through their shared mind, trying to sound irritated despite knowing that Sun could feel just how content his counterpart actually was with you nestled against their body.
That was okay though, because as they slowly made their way towards their bedroom, Sun was feeling the same shivers of delight. The same aching warmth flooded through every inch of him that your body touched, it was always the same- no matter how differently the pair behaved, there were technically the same AI …kind of anyway.
They shared the same mind, the same body, and the same basic code. But they were still different beings, and liked to be addressed as such-
You always understood that.
Casting a quick glance down at your face, his pale eyes took in your rather sleepy expression, and despite feeling just a little disappointed that you wouldn’t be able to stay up late with them and spend time together, he was content knowing that he could watch over you and keep you safe.
They weren’t stupid, despite what some people liked to assume. There was a reason Moon insisted on patrolling the Pizzaplex at night, and it was the same reason Sun kept a very close eye on what they considered precious and sweet and lovely and-
‘…She’s tired and it’s much too cold in here, give her something better to wear.’
Shaking himself from his thoughts of you and your wonderful, perfect, oh so loving and sweet-
‘Stop. Focus, she needs us.’
Sun heeded his counterpart while gently nudging you into awareness, reaching blindly to his side until he gripped one of Moons old ‘Nap Time’ shirts from the floor and placed the overly large thing into your hands. You’d looked confused for a moment, before taking in the large bed next to you and letting out a soft ‘Oh!’ in realization.
Sun then ushered you to get changed before politely turning his back to give you some privacy, despite the small spike of mischievousness his other half slipped his way.
No no no, he was a gentleman thank you very much, you were intoxicated and he was looking after you like a good husband should!
‘Husband, huh?’
‘Suuuure you did, is that why you’re making us overheat right now? A nice thought though…’
No, no he had much more important things to focus on right now, especially since you’d just curled up on their bed behind him- telling him it was okay to turn back around.
They almost stalled at the sight of you.
‘…what a pretty little thing…Looks so-’
-good in their bed, sprawled out on top of their yellow and blue sheets- the overly large pillows flung about making you seem even smaller compared to his body than usual. His feet almost hung off the end of that bed, yet yours didn’t even make it half way!
And boy did you look nice wearing that shirt! It was big enough to reach your knees, and it was so big that the neck even left your shoulders exposed-
‘-and begging to be marked up. Pretty little thing would look even better with a mark on her neck-’
-Buuuuut, that wasn’t the best thought for them to have right now, so Sun ignored it (with a lot of effort), and knelt down to leave a light kiss against your forehead, hands busy tucking you under the sheets.
He couldn’t let you be anything other than comfortable and content while they watched over you…Would you come back again if they managed that? Let them watch over you night after night after night-
‘The pretty thing in our sheets. In our bed. Every night.’
Sun knew that Moon was just joking around…he was definitely, absolutely joking and playing games! It would be very wrong to be saying these things while you were drunk and-
‘-wearing my shirt. Face pressing up against your pillow-’
“’ove you both, soooooo much~” You mumbled out as sleep took you away from them, their everything freezing to a halt at your words, minds going blank as they sat on the floor beside you, their frame overheating heavily.
Sun could do little more than watch you fall asleep, his face frozen in a small, shocked look.
Unsure that what they heard was actually real.
But wanting it to be, ohhh did they want that to be real. To have you love them, because they loved you- wholeheartedly and with a possessiveness that frightened them sometimes.
They loved their-
‘- pretty little thing… Our Pretty. Little. W i f e, right Sunny?-’
-so much it hurt to stay away from you sometimes.
But they had to- they didn’t want to scare you away for good…they’d rather long for you for forever than tell you how they feel and never see your smiling face again.
Sun had made himself comfortable next to their bed, his eyes never leaving you as Moon tried to start yet another argument within their mind, wanting to come out and watch over you, because that was what he was made to do thank you very much.
Sun knew better though, because no matter how much his counterpart tried to hide it, he knew his every thought and motivation- and Moon was not going to wake you up right now, no matter how much they both wanted to spend time with you.
‘It’s so bright, I bet she can’t sleep properly with all the lights on, she must be so uncomfortable~’
But no, Sun just continued watching as you slept soundly on their bed, only stirring every now and then to shift around and kick the sheets down.
…it would be nice though, to have more time with you while you were awake. You were always so busy during the day and there was only so long you could spend with them before having to run home and rest up for the next day. It’d be so much better if you all just lived together.
In a nice little house, somewhere quiet and pretty- somewhere they could walk around with you outside, to see how radiant you actually looked in the daylight. Somewhere they could lay on the grass with you, watching the stars for hours on end with you curled up against their frame, their hands tangled in your hair as they pulled you beneath them-
-kissing you softly and whispering their devotion against your lips, for only you to hear. They’d trail their hands down your sides and grip your soft thighs gently, parting them so they could press oh so nicely against all of you, they wanted to show you how much they craved your body- longed for it truly- almost as much as they craved your love.
And Moon needed to stop that right now please oh my gosh, because they couldn’t have those kinds of thoughts with you right next to them, it wasn’t right!
‘That was just as much you as it was me, you can’t lie to yourself.’
Ignoring his counterpart, Sun turned his focus back to you, only to catch you shifting around with an expression on your face that he’d never seen before.
Curiously lifting himself off the ground and leaning over the bed, Sun gently reached out to smooth his fingers through your hair, trying to coax you back into a more peaceful sleep-
And then, you did something they’d never heard from you before.
You moaned.
A sound so full of want and need and oh pretty thing they needed you too, just as badly, we can help you-
Sun started pulling his hand away the second he noticed the colours of it beginning to change from yellow to a faded blue, but it resisted. Moon resisted. Their hand stalled in the air for a moment before moving to stroke your face in a light caress despite Suns best efforts otherwise.
No no no no. This wasn’t okay, you were sleeping- they needed to stop.
‘Just for a moment, just to touch their face…’
Another needy, wanting, desperate little sound escaped you- and Sun knew he needed to get away. Right now. No matter how hard his other half resisted- though as he finally fought up enough control to pull their hand from you, you rolled onto your side, facing him fully.
Oh you looked so nice wearing Moons shirt, the fabric slipping further down your shoulder and giving them just a glimpse of what lay beneath via your silhouette. And better yet, you looked so comfortable like this, with your leg thrown over one of his large yellow pillows, trapping it between your wonderful, soft looking, tempting-
‘We could touch them, just for a moment…just for a second. Feel how soft they are properly-‘
Sun only snapped from his daze when he felt you blindly reaching out, managing to catch their hand despite his desperate attempt to pull away- afraid you had woken up and would be angry with them for being so close to you while you looked like this. Your expression didn’t slip though, just became more flushed as you laced your fingers through their own, your mouth parting as you panted lightly.
Sun had never…Never felt this worked up before. Yes, he’d been aroused before, had fantasised about touching you softly, kissing you and holding you closer than ever before…
That was nothing compare to the heat that ran through him as your legs wrapped around his pillow fully, you hips rocking as you tightened your grip on his hand-
And then?
You pleaded.
“-Please I-”
So so so prettily, and your voice was everything he’d ever hoped for in a moment like this- and if he ran his thumb over the back of your hand, it was to help you calm down right? Not to praise you for being so good and using your manners and –
“Moon, Please-”
-Sun couldn’t help echoing your moan as a harsh wave of arousal flooded their shared body, Moon nearly salivating in their mind as he strained and fought to try and take control.
You were pleading for them, pleading and begging oh so prettily like a good girl, such a pretty thing needs to be taken care of properly, she was asking so nicely after all!
They could just pin her down right now and wake her up, kiss her until she forgot anything but the taste of them, give her something much better to grind against. Hold her legs around their hips tightly and make her feel exactly what she does to them- Every. Single. Inch. Of it.
Quickly slapping their free hand over his mouth, Sun couldn’t fight back the deep sound of utter want that left him-
“S-Sunny please, I need you so bad-”
-Because he felt so ashamed right now.
He wasn’t too sure if he’d actually managed to slip his hand from yours gently, or if it’d just pulled away in his rush to remove himself from your personal space. He continued backing away from you (despite the snarling, angry words Moon threw his way) until his back hit the far wall, his legs giving out on him as he slid to the floor, a finger slipping between his now sharpened teeth in an effort to distract himself. Moon was so close to taking control, but you were still asleep, and you’d been intoxicated before that! As much as they wanted to-
‘Pin her down! Show her she’s ours, make her never want to leave! She wants us, needs us!’
-it wouldn’t be right.
And he felt disgusting for how hard he was right now, his cock already throbbing as he continued watching you grind against his pillow, your soft moans and whispers of their names making his body twitch in more ways than one.
“Moon,” Sun didn’t know if he’d actually listen right now, but their head was too full of you to try to communicate any other way but out loud “we need to stop.”
The growl Moon let out rumbled through Suns own chest, informing the bot of just how close his other half was to taking control- the hand he’d previously managed to overtake was already clawing at the wall next to them, leaving deep gouges in the wood.
Moons name echoed through the room then, but not from Suns mouth- and it was everything he could do to hold himself still. It filled the room over and over and over again- or was that just the noise repeating in their mind?
Either way, it was a plea so soft Moon just wanted to drown in it. To give you everything. To take such good care of you and show you how right they were for you.
They could give you everything you ever desired; they would give you anything.
All you had to do was ask, and here you were, asking.
You were asking very nicely, weren’t you? Sun wanted to hear you like this every day, all breathless and panting and calling for them in a tone they had now burned into their memory. It’d be even better if they were buried deep inside you, holding you oh so tightly to their body as they grinded into you, not wanting to thrust because that’d mean they’d have to leave you for a moment, and that wouldn’t do! They wanted to sit inside you all day, buried so deep they knew they’d see the outline of their cock showing through as they sat there for hours.
Sun could feel the rays around his head beginning to retract and fought against it, desperately trying to pay attention to the way his body was starting to edge closer to you as you arched your back, one of your hands moving to grope at your chest while the other buried itself between your l e g s
That was t h e i r spot to touch though…
You were being so unfair right now!
So SO ş̵̨̼̠͓̑͂o̶͎͑̇ unfair, teasing them like this when they couldn’t do anything about it- because it’d be wrong to touch you, please we need to stop moving, she’s sleeping!
‘Then let’s wake her up, it’s been hours! Pretty thing will be sober by now, I swear. Just. Show her she’s-’
“Love you both, for so long…”
Sun wasn’t sure if he was the one in control of his body right now, or if Moon had slipped forward more- but the way his frame tried to surge towards was concerning, especially considering that he was starting to see the sense in waking you up.
You couldn’t be comfortable in this state, right? If he woke you up and they helped you, you’d feel better! He was sure that’d be okay, they could make you feel so good.
Because you’d feel so good wrapped tightly around them, their cock pushing so far into you that you’d never forget how they felt buried so so so deep inside you-
“-Wanna be fucked so full of you both, fill me up everywhere. Want to feel you dripping from me-.”
-Giving you everything they had-
“-please pleaseplease, never let me go, never!”
-J u s t l i k e y o u w a n t e d
It was a fight now, a fight to see who got to you first as their body dropped to the ground- twitching and thrashing and clawing at anything within reach- the only thing on their mind was your request as they both snapped and snarled at each other in desperation. They could feel their body glitching out, trying to decide who was in control of what piece- and from the vibrations echoing through their chest, they weren’t being quiet with their argument either.
That didn’t matter though.
The only thing that did matter was getting over to you and f i l l i n g you up like you wanted.
They’d keep you so full, they could do that, you didn’t need to ever ask anyone else for this- You were their pretty little Sunlight and they’d take such good care of you.
They could just see it now, both drooling and panting for the image that filled their mind. Of you spread out and whining for them, your legs held open in their large hands as they watched their efforts drip out of you.
That wouldn’t do through, you wanted to be full of them! So, they’d have to let go of one of your legs and use their free hand to stuff it back inside- it’s what you wanted right?! They could absolutely do that for you.
To you.
Over and Over and Over again.
To cum inside you so much, so often there’d be no way you wouldn’t-
“Please, please fill me up, wanna make you both daddies-”
The two of them froze together then, no thoughts of their own entering their mind as they listened to your words, taking in and trying to process everything until they just-
“You’d be so good! So perfect! Please, pleasepleaseplease just let me cum-”
Sun won the fight while Moon filled their mind with y o u, his body too overheated to do anything but bite down on his finger again and lean back against the wall.
He was too far away from you, he needed you r i g h t h e r e, but his legs wouldn’t work right now, they couldn’t decide who was in control- so neither were.
Moon was too busy shoving thought after thought at Sun to fight for control right now, but Sun wasn’t must better- both with their own wants and fantasies and ideas but-
You, round and plump, carrying their child.
Their child.
You wanted to make them a daddy.
You wanted to give them your everything, tie yourself to them for ever and ever and ever. And it would be perfect, because they knew you’d make such a good mommy, and they’d take such good care of you-
Why stop at one though? Why not just keep you like that? All Round and so so so perfect, and waddling around and needing their help with things because you couldn’t manage it on your own while like this.
They could get that little house they dreamed of having with you, somewhere far far far away from the Pizzaplex and the dangers that lurked there, somewhere they could keep you all safe and sound and pregnant.
Over and over and over again- and it’d be for their eyes only, because who could resist you in such a state?! Someone would absolutely try and steal you away…they already had tried, and you weren’t even all round and sweetly knocked up yet!
“Ơ̸̖̗̘̪̙̟̈̚̚ ̴͙̈́U̴̧͖̳͓͉͆ͅ ̴̡̯̯̪̘̟̃̽̄̎̈́̚R̴̻͔̀̄̄̈̕͘ ̴͕̍̌̎̀S̷̰͛̓̇̽̂” The word slipped from his mouth before he could even register the thought forming. It sounded so unlike him, but with Moon lurking so close to the surface, it wasn’t surprising that they’d merge a little.
His cock was weeping in his pants and he had half a mind to pull himself free and make their dreams a reality, but he just chewed on his hand once more to restrain himself, drool leaking heavily from his mouth as he just kept imagining you in such a state.
You were already perfect; they hadn’t thought they could ever love you more than they already did…
But you pregnant with t h e i r child?
You’d ruin them, and they’d happily let you.
Sun snapped to attention at Moons strangled cry, his eyes taking in the way you frantically ground yourself against his pillow, you back arching sharply as you let out a cry that would haunt his mind for years to come- The two of them watching you climax to sweet dreams of them making you a mother, and they were so fixated on the sight that they briefly forgot you weren’t awake before.
But you were now, groggily pulling yourself up as you looked around the room, Sun feeling oh so very ashamed of himself as he bit down on his fingers harder- scratching and marking it as he tried to position himself in a way that would hide how hard he was, how bad he’d been- how he’d almost-
They’d almost-
He almost couldn’t stop himself as you called for him, his body lunging towards you with a want that shook him to his care- it was so wrong! They’d taken advantage of you, used your sleeping form to think such perverted things and he just couldn’t s t o p though.
‘P r e t t y thing’s awake! S u n, p l e a s e!’
He knew what Moon wanted, because they were made from the same code- two sides of the same coin. It didn’t mean he had to give in to Moons almost sobbing tone though, as his other half bombarded him with exactly how desperately he wanted to make you a mother. He’d never heard his counterpart so upset, so longing before.
But oh, he wanted it just as badly.
To f̷̨̰̯͊̚ů̴͚̭̒̎ç̶̘͍͛̆k̷̖̫̦̕ you until you couldn’t walk- until you were so full of their seed that it couldn’t not take.
“Sunny are you okay, what’s wrong?!”
The sound that left his mouth echoed throughout the room, and he swore if he could, he’d be crying right now. Because-
“You…You want to make us a d̷͇̱͙͍̯͑̀͛̎ǎ̴̞̝̿̎͘d̴̦̫̋̎ͅď̵̩̼̬̦̈́̑̆ý̶͚̺̬͗̒?”
That’s all he’s ever wanted, since the first moment you’d smiled up at them.
To be Husband(s) and wife.
To have a family with you.
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sunshineistyping · 7 months ago
What about the other Glam Rocks and sundrop and moondrop reacting to old SH scars?
A lot of you guys were asking for this so I chose this request to write it under!
Past SH Headcannons
Characters: G. Freddy, Roxanne, Sun, Moon
Warnings: Mentions of Self Harm, Self Harm Scars
He just cries and holds you, he is so soft dude he just- like- he wants to love you
He quite literally holds you like a baby he does not care about how you react. He wants to love on you until you pass out
Which isn’t hard actually, Freddy is surprisingly comforting despite him being made of metal
He’ll help you get comfortable showing your arms and such again by being your number one hype man
“You look absolutely stunning Darling, I love it.”
“You should wear things like this more, it’s made for you.”
“That color suits you very well, I think you should wear it more.”
He is the kind of guy who amps up the love and affection to one thousand just to make you feel happy. He loves seeing you confident in your body and who you are
If you’re uncomfortable showing your scars he’ll never ever force you! He’ll compliment you all the same
You could be wearing a trash bag and he’d still find a way to compliment you
Because it’s you
To him you always look good regardless of what you’re wearing or what marks you have
You’ve grown into such a beautiful person and he has no choice but to compliment your growth
Is the first to throw verbal hands with someone who insults your scars. I shit you not his composure breaks!
His eyes glare down, he straightens himself to full height, gently puts a hand on said persons shoulder and tilts his head
“Would you like to repeat that for me?”
If they do he doesn’t even say anything, he picks them up by the arm and THROWS them outside. Doesn’t care if they get injured. That’s on them for saying such things in a child friendly establishment
More like that’s on them for saying something rude to you but for legal reasons it’s the other one
He bans them from the building and if they try to get back in he’s authorized to use force
Need I say more?
I can’t begin to describe the way she gently pulls you into her chest and just holds you there. She doesn’t speak, doesn’t move, just holds you
She can understand the feelings you had, she’s been there
A lot of people think she’s a narcissist but the thing is, she’s really not. She’s insecure and afraid of letting others see her crack under pressure. She had to be her own support system before you came along
And then you loved her in a way she’s never felt, so now it’s her turn to love you
“You know you’re brave right? Look at you. You’re doing so good, I bet younger you would be so proud to see how far you’ve come.”
She lets you cry against her, let’s you mess up her hair when you run your hands through it. She’ll let you touch her hair as much as you want now
It could be a way to help you calm down and she’d really prefer for you to choose her hair over harming yourself
She even lets you braid it or touch her tail, Roxy is a massive softie who isn’t too much into PDA but gets very touchy when someone mentions your scars in a rude way
She has and will destroy anyone who even LOOKS at you wrong
“You got something to say? No? Then why are you looking at them like that? Exactly, you do have something to say. So we’re either gonna talk on the track or with fists. Got it?”
Will publicly embarrass the person and force them to apologize. Has made someone so scared that they paid you cash to forget what happened
Supports you through thick and thin without fail
Because she loves you, and she really doesn’t use that word lightly
He acts off once you explain what your scars are from. He’s seen kids who had them and he knew what it meant he just didn’t expect to see them on you
After a few minutes of looking at them he’ll switch into a more quiet but still upbeat personality
He’ll cuddle you and draw little glitter glue doodles on your scars
Has and will make little designs that highlight your scars
He doesn’t want you to be ashamed of them, in fact he likes them
It shows him that you’re not the same person you were and he gets to meet a much healthier and happier you
“You don’t have to be nervous! There’s nothing to fear! You look really good!”
Makes you feel cute in any outfit you put on
If anyone talks bad about your scars when they’re a child he’ll reprimand them and explain why they shouldn’t do that
If they’re an adult he takes the metaphorical gloves off and makes them feel like absolute garbage without even truly insulting them
“I’d appreciate if you didn’t bother my coworker while on the job. They have much more important duties to attend too. If you’d like, I can handle any and all complaints you have. Please be aware that while my coworker is not authorized to use force to escort you out. I am. So choose your next words carefully as this is a child friendly establishment.”
Proceeds to then switch right back into a much happier tone.
“So what was it that you wanted to say?”
He can be awfully cruel when he needs to be, and he will as long as you feel safe
He’s probably the best person to tell these things too, why? Well he doesn’t care about them and doesn’t make it a big deal
You’re not sure why but he always knows what to say and do to cheer you up or make you feel special
“You don’t have to suffer alone. You don’t have to be awful to yourself, because look at how much you’ve changed? It’s okay to forgive yourself. After all, the only person who has yet to forgive you is yourself. Be kind to the person you are now, you were still growing up back then.”
Will let you nap with him, or have long talks before you sleep
If you ask him to just talk to you about things he’s the sweetest thing in the world and will talk about all the things he enjoys about you
Is willing to listen to whatever you have to say about the scars, and if you don’t have anything to say he doesn’t mind
The best listener in the lineup, he prefers to hear you rant and let go of all that pain rather then speak
If he hears ANYTHING about someone insulting you he’s the first to ask if you want them to ‘disappear’
He has his ways of making it happen regardless if Sun is in control or not
He’s protective and extremely sweet, honestly I’m shocked he hasn’t just told you how much he loves you yet
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