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#see you space cowboy

Sorry the way you worded it made it sound like I was just not as good for asking rather than being invited. You don’t have to tell me Poppy is a nice person anyway, I know that first hand :)

It just irked me that, once again, when you said that I “never post about” DJ, I’ve had to say, once again, that I have posted about her before. I’ve only been on here for a few months, I’m not exactly a machine that can just produce anything, so there isn’t a lot, but y'all anons keep acting like I never existed past the first post I made about lack of asks, and keep expecting way too much of someone who hasn’t been here long enough by comparing to people like the five, who have been here long enough to establish themselves and just generally are better than me at this kinda thing.

Speaking of Poppy, she has given me a bit of advice and I’m taking it in stead, as well as doing what I said I’d do: I’m switching off anon until I feel more comfortable with it, and I’m taking a break for a week or so.

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Watch “why are you still alive? Cowboy Bebop lofi [lofi hip hop / jazzhop mix]” on YouTube

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I was talking to @apollymi about anime space westerns, and was browsing Wikipedia when I came across this:

In 2071, roughly fifty years after an accident with a hyperspace gateway made the Earth almost uninhabitable, humanity has colonized most of the rocky planets and moons of the Solar System.

That’s… that’s this year.

Happy Cowboy Bebop Year, y’all.

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See You Space Cowboy

Everything is already over,

You say with closed ears

The words only flow

Towards a tomorrow without peace

On the night when even prayers have disappeared

What will you believe in and where will you go?

A shooting star the color of tears passes by now as if laughing at me

There’s nothing that won’t change

Yet Even if my life ends

This love will not disappear

It’s something that will live forever

Even if dreams are hidden in darkness

I got a rainbow

In my hands…

The voice that crosses the inside of my chest

Tells me that there are also things that won’t change or disappear

On the morning when we pray before the truth

Love will return here once more

Love never dies

Love never fails

Love never ever fades away

If someday my life ends

This love will not disappear

It’s a thing that will live forever

Escaping the darkness

When we’ve passed the illusion

Frozen in time

On the other side of the rainbow, love will be waiting

Thousands of lights will be waiting

You got a rainbow

Rainbow in your hands…

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Im doing a liveshow with my acoustic songs soon i’ll share the details later

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I keep hearing that “IT WASN’T ABOUT JULIA!!!11! So I made this handy visual aid to help identify who the driving force behind Spike’s final scenes was. Hmm…

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askshshsajjk the way i was supposed to join last time _:(´ཀ`」 ∠): but @bakatenshii and @blahkugo ran into technical difficulties lmao

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