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the-atas-ninja · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Seekins Havak with Schmidt & Bender PMII and Foundation Stock
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fictionkinfessions · a year ago
[me liking a confession] I’ve interacted with sourcemates. | My brain: you didn’t interact with shit-| me: I’ve interacted with them.
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*joins a kin discord to meet canonmates* *doesn't talk to anyone* *joins a kin discord to meet canonmates* *doesn't talk to anyone* *joins a kin discord to meet canonmates* *doesn't talk to anyone* *joins a kin discord to meet canonmates* *doesn't talk to anyone* *joins a kin discord to meet canonmates* *doesn't t- ~a kinnie with social anxiety
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Tumblr media
Theta Vyrus by Cody Seekins
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fictionkinfessions · 3 hours ago
Gonna be real here. I’m so tired of how I’m presented. I’m not some cruel monster who’d hurt my partner just to see the Pro Heroes they’re related to squirm. I’d never hurt someone I had feelings for just because they were dating someone else, even if it was Kacchan. Kacchan nearly killed me, and were it not for my partner—a lovely non canon with disabilities proving that they could still be a hero—he would have succeeded. And I still wouldn’t hurt someone he loved just to hurt him. Even as a villain, I had standards. The League had standards. We were a found family who wanted to bring change to hero society. Sure murder was on the table. But abuse of any kind? No. None of us would hurt someone like that. I was broken down by One for All and I would have never. Come on, fandom. I know you’re better than that.
-Villain Izuku Midoriya (Would you kindly tag as fictive?💚💚💚)
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obscure kin selfcare is showing your kin friends your source and hoping theyll kinfirm someone
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bullagit · 3 years ago
honestly i need more content of chirrut being protective of baze malbus aka the most steadfast rock of chirrut’s life aka a big tough man with a softer heart than circumstances allow him to wear on his sleeve 
nothing gets to me more on a personal deep spiritual level than content where baze gets hurt or sick or goes missing and chirrut flips every table in his path until its fixed
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realsurrealfeel · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
“Carvan of My Inner Child” by Cody Seekins
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me, meeting literally anyone: are they.......yknow......(tposes)....a kinnie?
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fictionkinfessional · 4 days ago
me when
me when i miss dad
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hifructosemag · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cody Seekins cerebral paintings blend amorphous, psychedelic figures and elements of pop culture. See more of his work on
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fictionkinfessions · 7 days ago
contrary to popular belief i am absolutely terrified of joining a kincord despite having a deep desire for social interaction
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kindating for the sake of kindating is bad. dating people who just happen to also have kins that line up with yours because they're delightful people in this life, however, can be the best
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fictionkinfessions · 3 days ago
I don’t know how to make more friends that are kin, and I feel very lonely
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I don't want to find my canon lovers. I want to find my canon haters. Let's just throw down. Let's get in a fist fight for old times sake nothing personal. I'm ready to brawl. Meet me outside the Dennys. I'll kick anyone's ass. I'm so ready to get punched by a malevolent 40,000 yr old sea god inhabiting the body of an ordinary 20 yr old dude.
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jisungism · 2 years ago
wait.. people rlly hating on chris for ‘no including boy stans’ when he says baby girl?? first of all, STAYS were the ones who started this so no blaming chris okay?? secondly fucking immature stays always seekin out drama i SWEAR. as horrible as it is, korea has different views concerning the lgbt community so chris cant just??say that??? anyway?? maybe instead of throwing the blame on chris we can start with the REAL problem which is korea. chris says this shit as a joke and if yall gonna get your fucking boxers in a twist about this then sheesh what can i say... yall need an ICE BATH
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entheognosis · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
by Cody Seekins
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fictionkinfessions · a day ago
I love you I love you I love you and I know it’s selfish but I do. I’d give anything for you to feel the same way. Be my soulmate again, please.
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People in the kin community on tumblr are so mean?? Ive been trying to make friends but people wont even let me join servers because theyre petty about doubles or dont like one of my kintypes. Where are the chill kinnies at pls let me know if u exist
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angelicconfessions · 2 years ago
I really want to talk to other angelkin heck ill even go for fallen angelkin I just really want to talk about memories and stuff and i want to be friends with them becuase honestly? I feel like m e g a alone and im still questioning if i was an angel or if i fell and if i was an angel who am i? or if i fell why did i fall? Also like angel and demon friends would be so cool. so hmu 👉😎👉
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