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universal studios with k. tobio

  • it didn’t take a lot of convincing to get kageyama to come with you to universal studios (but you did have to bribe him with kisses for pictures in front of the globe at the entrance).
  • you drag him all around the park. to others, his nonchalant expression may look like he’s bored, but you know from his firm nods of approval and tight-lipped smiles that he’s actually excited.
  • he tries so hard to act tough during the revenge of the mummy ride, letting you hide and bury your head into his shoulder, but he lets out a manly scream during the drop.
  • you make kageyama try the various food available there, but his favorite is actually the butterbeer and asks you to buy another one before going home.
  • you buy yourselves matching keychains from the merchandise shop and he proudly hangs the keychain on his gym bag.

self ship drive thru!

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school’s been sapping my energy lately so no new drawings 😔😔 today i offer u guys a fast sketch of formaggio (& yes i like to draw him with three moles,, i think it’s really cute 🥺)

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I’ve been seeing some ship ask games going around my dash tonight so feel free to ship me with characters and users in my ask box 😂

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