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#seems like fun

I have an idea

So I may make a Brothel AU for this blog just to fit the username and add more fun. Of course it wouldn’t be a normal brothel sort of setting. It would have its own rules established to it but if anyone is interested give this a like and it’ll helo me decide if i do it or not. As for replies I owe do not worry. I do plan on getting to those soon.

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did you get my ask before that one? it was about me chattering about the holidays馃憖馃様-carat anonie

wait bub did i ever get your name? i’m ara haha 😂, what other groups do you like?-carat anonie

im sorry i answered so late :((( i sang and then my grandparents dragged me to buy presents with them kansnsns last minute.

anyway!!! hi ara, im rhys :D i like bts, rv, and twice! im planning on stanning loona and chungha :>

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Hey I’d like to try something; send me two creatures (can be real or not) or more and if I like the idea I’m gonna mix them and draw a pic of it

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Send [S] + an ask and I’ll record myself reading out the answer

Can be about the blog, the character, mun, requests to read certain things, etc. Please no smut, and if possible, no swearing. If I don’t want to answer a question, I just won’t. If the answer is too long, I’ll record the first part and type out the rest.

Thank you!

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i’m not gonna take nano seriously, as you can see, because i placed all of my previous words on it already, but i’m going to use it as word vomit to possibly, hopefully, barf out the majority of this draft, lie in a writing coma, then write the leftovers

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I have a fun idea! ..well…its a fun idea to me anyway. I don’t know if anyone else has had this idea or not? oh well!

Draw a fusion of yourself and your favorite character! or make a list of your faves and draw each one. (thats what I’m doing)

And also add an explanation telling how the fusion came to be, would the fusion be stable? why or why not? what kind of Personality dose the fusion have?, strengths and weaknesses? and Name. You can do the fusion steven universe style or dragon ball style or fuse just because.

I see this as kinda like a soul searching art challenge. This Seems like fun to me, I’ve had this idea for awhile and I’ve been working on my fusion’s for 3 months now, I just can’t seem to do the first one justice. And I would love to see what everyone comes up with, if anyone dose this at all. If you draw one tag me so I can see it!

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So I’m wondering

What is everyone’s favorite au thing. Some people like a good simple coffee shop au, there are demon au, generally something that no matter what your ship is, you love to see it.

For me, that’s one or both of the characters being tiny. Idk what it is about this, but I fucking love someone suddenly shrinking and the other person either trying to hide them or just help them. Any fandom, any ship, any character.

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