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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Sei Shonagon is another successful waifu-appeal character, but she manages this without fanservice (unless DW was appealing to legmen when she was designed). Her bubbly personality, quirky fashion, existing rivalry with Murasaki, and her NP animation provides a lot of fanfic/fan art/meme fodder. It’s proof that DW can generate a sucessfully-appealing character without having to resort to fanservice like a crutch for easy popularity (that doesn’t always work).

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“Jokes are supposed to be odd ones though! That’s what makes them so silly. I picked the most ran…dom…part…” Please hold, Sei’s one brain cell is processing what was just said to her…


“…I-I’m sorry, Alter-Ego-san, y-you said I can do what now…?”

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“Okay, so. Before I get into this, he was picking on I-Chan first…”

“I-Chan might’ve caused Amakusa to have a mental shutdown.”

“Apparently saying “Okay Boomer.” To an immortally young person isn’t okay…”


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