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The Search For Paradise 

After the war of Poseidon, the Saints finally return to a life of peace. However, Shiryu cannot relax as memories of the recent battles are still fresh on his mind. Seiya tries to help cheer Shiryu up by offering him a new hairstyle. However, such a simple gesture leads them to share their deepest emotions.

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- “Estoy destrozado con un pie en el inframundo… No sé qué podría hacer… Aún así, si aún sientes mis capacidades… Si crees que aún puedo encender mi cosmos… No me lo digas, Saori, te lo suplico… ”

- “Seiya… Confío en ti”


Episodio G - Assasin, Capítulo 118

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#Saintober2020 day 15: Normal life. Or Hey please make a LoS Comedy Spin Off where their all stuck in Highschool. So Seiya is actually in another class than the other boys and Shiryu still refuses to not take off his armor,and that Ikki panel actually happened to my sister.

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it breaks my heart seeing old youtube videos of a certain dub actor who passed a few years ago. He was so so talented, passionate and committed, I don’t know what made me grow such a fondness on him but I can’t hear his voice without feeling a bit melancholic. Well, mad respect to him 🙏

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