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macrolit · 5 months ago
Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand -- and melting like a snowflake.
Francis Bacon (b. 22 January 1561)
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domesticflight · a year ago
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beforevenice · 8 months ago
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Life is short and unpredictable. Eat the dessert first!
// Helen Keller
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hungerimkopf · 3 months ago
You know how people say to live every day like it was your last? it’s always been rather odd to me, and i think i finally figured out why.
Of course, they mean to seize the moment, to do what you want to, and to not regret anything that makes you happy. but isn’t there a quiet melancholy in thinking of every moment as the last one? the last time i can feel the sun warming up my face. the last time i will smell the freshly made coffee wherever i feel at home. the last time licking peanut butter from my finger, or learning about something new, or listening to that really good song that makes me feel so light inside. the last time running with my fingers through my girlfriend’s hair or kissing her temple. the last time to say someone that i love them. how wonderful is it in all of these moments to know that they will come again? that it’s only one time from many times. there’s no pressure to take every single detail in or to live after all your big dreams at once because the good things will happen again. rather than be afraid that everything could be over soon, i take a lot of ease from the thought that nothing has to be the last time.
I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but i think it’s really beautiful to know that there’s a whole life of good moments laying ahead of me.
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w-armansky-blog · 18 days ago
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...seize inspiration when it hits
What doesn’t change — even as it evolves — is the creative process: my mantra is ‘wait, be calm, and things will come to you’. I can force it if necessary, but I prefer to wait for it to arrive on its own. This morning, for example, I found a rhythm at 5:00, so I woke up and started recording… that’s how it happens: when you feel it, you have to seize the moment. When you see it, you see it, wherever you are!” - Lenny Kravitz
source: www.elledecor.com
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kairos-thehumanpoet · 11 months ago
the Sun rises to
show you how
there is good in
all your days, even
with all your doubts.
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consciousnessblog · 8 months ago
So do you remember me?
Or do you want to know me again?
Do you want to feel me?
Like you never dared to feel me?
Do you want to meet me?
Where we never met?
Would you like to kiss me?
The way you really want to?
But yourself.
And love me.
Just because.
You love me.
Do you want to know me again?
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maan-is-done · a year ago
Me listening to seize the moment Reki version, happy tears in my eyes: yeaaaaaaaaah this boy raps!
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stormee-sky · 8 months ago
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Carpe Noctem. ♡♡♡
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kimiraikkonen · 7 months ago
Fernando, helmet swap when? 👀👀
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hacked-wtsdz · 9 months ago
I just wanna remind you that there is so much to experience in this world! So many things you haven’t seen, sounds you’ve never heard, songs you’ve never listened to, hobbies you’ve never done, foods and drinks you’ve never eaten, places you’ve never been to….there are so many many things on this Earth left for you to see! There will always be hope and a need to live until there exist yet undiscovered things! Be curious, be interested, try, listen, eat, drink, smell, read, watch, look, feel!
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beforevenice · 9 months ago
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Welcome to the present moment. Here. Now. The only moment there ever is.
// Eckhart Tolle
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m00nlights0litude · 6 months ago
let your wings melt!
fingers going numb reaching out;
letting time run late
catch what you can with a bloody nose
and out of breath; seek.
let your wings melt a little -
so you can have the sun!
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hellyeahanarchistposters · a year ago
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“Strike or Starve / The time to act is always now”
🕷 Seize the moment! Right some wrongs! Tell someone you love them! Scream at the sun! Take a dump on your asshole neighbor’s doorstep! Do something good! Idk!
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aestheticallypleasing05 · 7 months ago
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dwuerch-blog · 5 months ago
Oh, the Beautiful Things We Miss
Oh, the Beautiful Things We Miss
Often I blog about making moments count. There’s a Latin phrase for it: Carpe Momentum which means “Seize the Moment”. I’m thrilled to be alive HERE on planet earth today in this generation. Even though I live in a 60+ community, I meander away from those who think “old”. I love hanging with those who live in the moment and in that moment, they find so much to be grateful and joyful about.This is…
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bibistrange · a year ago
I shouldn't have said what I said while we laid in my bed. Looking down at her. Feeling my way around her hips. The way we kissed... How could I resist? The feeling in my chest was so immense, i gave in.
I should've just lied. Maybe then she'd still be here, by my side.
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consciousnessblog · 7 months ago
So what is really "time"?
For me.
Is an illusion.
Living with a set time.
Or clock inside.
Is a way of putting up a closed door.
Around your own freedom.
You need to know time.
To navigate on earth today.
In a common way.
In many countries or regions.
But if you want to rise spiritually.
And experience love or consciousness on a higher scale and with a higher meaning.
You really need to forget everything about time as we see it in the world today.
Because time has become a way of controlling the earth and controlling the people in everyday life.
But do we really need this control all the time?
And when we are exhausted or tired.
Can we accept that we might need distance to time and everyday rush, instead of finding that something necessarily is wrong.
We are so much more than what we need to do "next".
Or what happens at a set time.
We are here.
Right now.
And it is in this moment.
The future is built.
Our future.
Is built.
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hrpayo01 · a year ago
What if Katara and Aang kissed like a minute earlier before their torch went completely dark...
Katara and Aang: *quick peck on the lips.
Katara: Maybe it needs to be...longer, you know. The cave might not have seen that
Aang blushing ferociously, gulps and nods: ....uhm-Okay
Nothing. Torch weakens.
Katara: Tongue?
Aang: TONGUE?!
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404baar · a year ago
Julius, Seize the Gays! 🎣
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