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reachartwork · 11 hours ago
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Selected Curios #36 "Angel Nightclub"
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argiopi · 2 hours ago
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only pity
The thought of the greenpath vessel haunted me for my entire first playthrough. I thought I would get answers on them - well, I did, if only in the form of coming to understand Hornet’s motives. My theories ranged from Hornet killed them to they were already dead to wait that’s their own weapon to they were infected (bc broken mask like broken vessel) to was Hornet involved in the decision to kill themselves? It would connect the dots between Hornet fought them and their own nail killed them. An act of mercy, I suppose..?
When they failed her test, did she sit them down and gently explain their inevitable doom? To give them the choice is the ultimate acknowledgment of them as a being with a will. The very thing that allows them to choose is what makes them unfit for their purpose*. Maybe it’s a comfort, in that regard - if they can make this decision, and they couldn’t defeat me either, there is no chance they would have been able to succeed.
That “I’d feel no sadness” line always felt like a front to me. Why tell them that if you don’t care? Why say it if you aren’t trying to convince yourself? On that note, I’d like to speculate about why Hornet would have been in that arena in the first place. The game-design reasons for encountering her right there with the vessel are obvious - immediate threat-horror, the clarification that she was involved. But as a character, why was she there? She hadn’t just fought them before the encounter, because you see her outside the arena shortly prior. I don’t think she was luring Ghost: because that “stalking me” line implies she was just going about her activities, and Ghost made the active choice to follow. Was she visiting her sibling’s grave?
*I’m still so curious about how Hornet seems to acknowledge Ghost’s mind (if you had the will, knowing, knowing, knowing), yet accept them as a vessel. I wonder if she knows a truly pure vessel isn’t really feasible, and that’s why she focuses so much on strength? Not just strength of body, but strength of mind. Maybe that’s a topic for its own post.
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tmitransitioning · 6 hours ago
I am an American living abroad as a permanent resident. My passport expired 3 years ago. It's been 2 years since I've been on T and my face changed a LOT! I even have an unmistakable beard. I can't get my gender changed because doctors tell me to see a doctor in America because local laws prevent it without lower surgery. So I need a renewal without gender change. But with my drastic appearance change...uh?? Ideas?? PS - my name has already been male for over 10 years.
Hi, so my sister owns a pretty successful startup overseas (europe) that deals with these type of things (unrelated to being trans) and i asked her. She said she's never dealt with this kind of thing, but she would advise one of her clients to just go ahead and submit it as normal- your name and face match (even if they don't match your former face or current documented gender). that is, your name is a traditionally male name and you've got a traditionally male appearance. She suspects that about half the time, i'll just flag on through. Currently, in the USA, you don't need doctor information to change your passport gender (you used to have to have a doctor letter- now you just have to vouch for yourself!). Follow the instructions at the link in the tags (sorry, it doesn't let me link things appropriately) as far as gender change info. If they need more info, they'll send you a letter, and tell you what they need!
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reachartwork · 8 hours ago
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Selected Curios #37 "Unearthed Dragon"
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kpopmultifan · 14 hours ago
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Ha Sungwoon has released the 4th image teaser for his upcoming 5th mini-album repackage “Select Shop” which is scheduled to be released on August 9th.
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tomorrowusa · 11 hours ago
When it came down to it, the question of whether Republican lawmakers in the House would side with Donald Trump or the police who risked their lives defending them, it wasn’t even a close call for the law-and-order party.   [ ... ]    [F]our House Republicans, representing the dregs of Congress, turned up at a Washington jail on Thursday to shine a light on the plight of suspects detained in the Jan. 6 insurrection. One of them, Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona, hailed them as "political prisoners."   Since when do Republicans care more about criminals in jail than the cops who put them there? Since when do they coddle domestic terrorists?   Since Donald Trump.
Maureen Dowd at the New York Times. 
Republicans have become the pro-terrorism party. By referring to the equivalent of Nazi Brown Shirts as “political prisoners” they are following the wishes of the Dear Leader.
In 2022 and 2024 there needs to be as large a turnout by pro-democracy Americans at the polls as there was in 2020. The danger from fascism has receded but is not over.
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sapinelle · an hour ago
I have a big job test tomorrow afternoon (!!!) and I’ve studied as much as I could for it. I’m eager to get it over with bc I’m supposed to be off on vacation this week and can’t relax until this is done. 
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This is a slight TW question, so feel no obligation to answer:
How would horrortale Sans react to an S/O with an eating disorder?
TW for eating disorder(s) (nearly only ARFID is spoken about, anorexia is mentioned)
If I missed any tags you think I should've included, please tell me.
This may sound a bit strange, but I’ve actually been wanting to write something for this, specifically because I suffer from an eating disorder. I’m not comfortable writing anything with an eating disorder (or any disorder in general) I personally don’t have, mostly because I don’t have the time to give it the proper research it deserves, so I’ll be writing about a lesser known eating disorder, that being ARFID. Let me explain it so people who don’t know what it is will, uh, know what it is lol
ARFID - also commonly called “Selective Eating Disorder” - stands for Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. A lot of people with it are characterised as being “picky eaters”, but it goes to a point where it’s seriously unhealthy and crosses a line that makes it into something more serious. It has to do with sensory processing issues, rather than self-image issues (though self-image issues could also play a part in it I'm pretty sure, but it’s not the main “motivation”). Most people with ARFID actually wish they could go up in weight, but can’t because they can’t make themselves eat. I, for one, desperately wish I could just eat like a normal person, both because it’s very… not convenient to only have around 20 or less meals I can eat (and that list is slimming down as I grow tired of my safe foods*) and also I’m skinny enough to match Papyrus in looks, which isn’t very confidence-inspiring when you’re supposed to be a human and not a sentient magical skeleton, believe it or not. Whereas a person without ARFID could eat most things, including things they don’t really enjoy eating, somebody with ARFID might not be physically able to. For example, I literally throw up food that I don’t like (and I’ve gagged while eating food I do like due to seeing somebody eat something I don’t like and/or just smelling other food nearby). When I'm to try a new food, I have on more than one occasion gotten anxiety attacks. That’s how bad it can be.
*a "safe food" is food you know you can eat without panicking/throwing up/getting triggered in one way or another
I’ll be basing these HCs off of myself, so keep that in mind. You’re free to point out misinformation (and I, in fact, encourage you to point it out if I somehow got something wrong) but I ask that you stay respectful and don’t make fun of this. I doubt it would happen, but this topic means a lot to me and is really serious. So yeah please don’t be rude or invalidate people. Anyways onto the headcanons (which aren’t in the usual format, sorry if that bothers you)
Dusk (HT Sans) wouldn’t really understand. He’s able to eat pretty much anything (not like he had much of a choice for a while) and food is important… But he’ll try to understand. Especially because he can accommodate you. He’ll be fine eating the same meals, however “boring” they are, over and over because like I said: not a picky eater. Any food is good in his book. So long as you’re not restricting him and his food intake and so long as you aren’t dying from starvation and/or malnutrition, you’re free to do whatever.
It does annoy him when you go to social gatherings and you can’t eat the food because it’s not one of your safe foods. He’s not going to let you just starve yourself when there’s perfectly fine food just waiting for you. Not gonna lie, he’s pretty insensitive the first time this happens. Basically, he’ll pull you over when he notices you’re not eating anything and try to convince you to eat. Starts out really gentle and encouraging, but when you don’t budge he becomes increasingly agitated and insistent until he hisses that you’re making a fuss over nothing. Needless to say, you aren’t thrilled and it starts a pretty serious argument that probably ends with you either leaving, starting to cry or blowing up at him. He feels bad when it’s all said and done and apologises, because he realises after some thought that he wasn’t being helpful and he decided to do more research again. Even if he forgot it all like he did the first time he tried researching ARFID, it would have been worth a shot. After that, he’ll instead pack food with him for you whenever you go somewhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s “socially acceptable”, because like I said, you’re not starving if he’s got something to do with it.
He’ll also, after coming around to realise the best he can do to help you isn’t trying to push you out of your comfort zone forcefully, try to make sure there’s always at least one of your safe foods available. Don’t get me wrong though, he’ll still encourage you to expand on your list of safe foods. He’s got memory issues so he sometimes forgets, which he feels really bad about, but he has multiple alarms set to make sure you eat properly for the most part. (He’s got an alarm for nearly every minute of the day and he has his calendar full of things as mundane as “make sure s/o eats” and “do laundry”, by the way.) I have a tendency to skip lunch because I simply don’t like food, but he’d put a stop to that lol
To summarize, the whole thing with you having an ED starts off with the two of you having a rocky start before Dusk comes around to be really good at handling it.
Anyways sorry if you meant an ED like anorexia. I know most people write about things like that, but like I said: I’m not really up for writing things that I have to pour hours of research into to make sure I portray it respectfully and accurately because I don’t have that time or patience. (Or attention span, tbh.) Also, I literally hadn’t heard of ARFID for like… the majority of my life, I’ve only known it’s a “thing” for like. A few months. I really thought I was the only one who was so picky with my food and it made me feel alone and isolated (ESPECIALLY after I went to a "specialist" (not sure if she was actually a specialist anymore because her technique to get me to eat was to give my a small glass that I'd pour sauce into to try it every time it was served which obviously didn't work lmao) to help me when I was like six and she said she’d “never seen somebody this bad” before not giving me a diagnosis (as far as I know)), so if anybody with undiagnosed ARFID is reading this:
you're not alone. I know it’s difficult to deal with this - it can be humiliating and embarrassing and horrible and terrible in so many ways - but you can do it. It’s so hard, so fucking hard to step out of your comfort zone and try to expand on your list of safe foods, but you can do it. I believe in you. You aren’t alone and you can learn to have a healthier diet, please just try. I’ll be honest in that you’re probably never going to completely overcome this, ARFID is something that likely stays with you forever, but you can make it into a smaller problem. You can turn it into something so much smaller and inconsequential that you won't encounter any more embarrassing situations where you can't eat what you're given. To a point where you won't have to use the excuses "I already ate", "I'm not hungry", etc anymore. It’ll take time and patience, but you can do it. Don’t give up, okay? <3
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teazer-with-a-tazer · 23 hours ago
tugger would love the spice girls but refuse to admit it...just saying
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reachartwork · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Selected Curios #35 "End of the World 1 and 2"
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enthymesis · a year ago
Tumblr media
Marina Tsvetaeva, from Earthly Signs: Moscow Diaries, 1917-1922; “A Hero of Labor”
﹙ Text ID: I’ll cry about this earth in heaven too.﹚
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enthymesis · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Euripides, from Medea; tr. by Oliver Taplin
﹙ Text ID: CHORUS LEADER: You would become the wretchedest of women. MEDEA: Then let it be. ﹚
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spiralbound · 2 years ago
Isn't the real question this: Is the work worth doing? Am I, a human being, working for what I really need and want—or for what the State or the advertisers tell me I want? Do I choose? I think that's what anarchism comes down to. Do I let my choices be made for me, and so go along with the power game, or do I choose, and accept the responsibility for my choice? In other words, am I going to be a machine-part, or a human being?
Ursula K. Le Guin, in an interview for Algol, conducted by Jonathan Ward
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