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compassionatereminders · 10 months ago
If you accidentally hurt someone or cross their boundaries and they make you aware of this, literally all you have to do is apologize and stop. You don't have to beat yourself up internally for months. You don't have to hate yourself for fucking up. You don't have to feel like a horrible person. No one benefits from any of that - and at worst, such an extreme reaction will make the person in question less likely to speak up around you in the future, cause even if your negative reaction is directed at yourself and not at them, it's still unpleasant for everyone involved.
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writethatdown · 7 months ago
forgive yourself. forgive yourself for all the versions you couldn't become. forgive yourself for the wrong things you said. forgive yourself for not knowing any better at certain point of your life. for fucking things up so much that the grief still haunts you. forgive yourself for the darker and shadowed parts of you. you have to learn to integrate all parts of you, even the ones you desperately want to disown. it'll be alright.
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yourhealingjournal · 3 months ago
you can always start again. clean up your socials, make new playlists, donate clothes you no longer wear. try out a new recipe, move to a new city and make new friends, pick up new hobbies you never thought of before. there is no limit to how many times you can press the reset button. it's okay to change and start over. you don't need anyone's permission to do it.
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catgirl-kaiju · 2 months ago
Literally people will call you cringe and weird for doing the mildest shit; don't fucking give a single shit, just do whatever, fuck it. If they're gonna try to shame you anyway, why not do what makes you happy let them sort themselves out far away from you
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neep-neep-neep · 3 months ago
you are good even when you are unemployed.
you are good even when you need to rely on others’ help.
you are good even when you are depressed.
you are good even when you are hurt.
you are good even when you are scared.
you are good even when you are overwhelmed.
you are good even when you are not tidy.
you are good even when you are confused.
you are good even when you have difficulty performing tasks.
you are good even when you feel like you’ll never measure up to being an adult.
symptoms are not morality.
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happy-place-for-sad-people · 7 months ago
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safe-haven-safe-place · 10 months ago
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kara-is-a-cutie · 25 days ago
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Hotel lewds.
(Although flirty in nature, this is not an invitation. I have no interest in sexting with you or seeing your genitalia. Also DON'T call me sexy, it makes my skin crawl. This is simply a woman sharing the love of her body with the world. PLEASE READ MY PINNED POST BEFORE FOLLOWING.)
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akindplace · 2 months ago
You are not a quitter when you have a disability and admit to yourself and to others that you can't do something. It doesn't mean you are limiting who you are or hindering your growth or success capacity. It just means you accept how your illness impacts your life and you are setting boundaries, so you don't end up completely exhausted and even more sick. You are looking out for your own health when you stick up by not pushing yourself to a point of burn-out. It doesn't mean you are a failure. It means you know some things are impossible to be done, it means you won't take unnecessary high risks with your health.
Look out for yourself. It is okay to admit how disability affects your life, to say "no" to pushing yourself too hard, to ignore people who accuse of "not trying hard enough" because they can't possibly understand how much you have to try to just exist when you are sick.
It is okay to ask for breaks, to have accommodations, to ask for benefits and accessible healthcare. You are not being too demanding by wanting your most basic needs met and your boundaries respected.
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desultory-suggestions · 9 months ago
You are not a bad person for struggling with jealousy, hatred, disgust, or any other emotions we perceive as ugly. You are allowed to feel. 
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softdaisie · a year ago
you got this. sometimes trying your best means taking it slow. you don’t have to wear yourself out everyday. surviving is a success too. ⁣⁣
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compassionatereminders · 2 months ago
"Doing that won't cure my mental illness, so why bother?" Because building healthier habits will make it easier for your body and mind to manage and cope with your symptoms - even if they can't make them disappear! A cure isn't the only way to feel better and progress is possible even when you can't expect to make a full recovery. Don't get stuck thinking that anything below finding a cure is a waste of time cause it isn't.
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kayelynne · 3 months ago
Don't say maybe if you want to say no.
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yourhealingjournal · 4 months ago
forgive yourself. forgive yourself for not being where you dreamed you would be. forgive yourself for all the wrong things you said. forgive yourself for the times you messed up even when you’ve tried your best. forgive yourself for the way you hurt, belittle, or abandon yourself in the past or in the present. forgive yourself for not being perfect. you don’t have to be perfect to be worthy (of love, understanding, compassion, kindness).
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serenityquest · 6 months ago
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icannotgetoverbirds · 2 months ago
Fat people deserve better.
We are not repulsive. We are not vile. We are not appalling.
We are people.
If my existence "promotes obesity"? Good!
You want to know why?
I am not promoting the idea that someone should become obese. I am not going to attempt to police someone else's body and lifestyle like sizeist people do.
I am promoting the idea that people of all sizes are deserving of the bare minimum of basic human respect.
This should not be a radical idea. This should not be something we have to fight about.
99% of the time? Being fat is not a choice. And you know what? Even if it was - even if I was shoving big macs into my greasy fucking maw every 2 hours?
I would still be deserving of basic decency.
I would still be deserving of proper medical care that takes into account things other than my size and diet.
I would still be deserving of comfort, of clothing that fits.
You want to know the worst part of all of this?
Fat kids deserve better, and all too often, they don't get it.
Fat kids deserve to be able to be active without being mocked for the way their body moves.
Fat kids deserve to be seen as children rather than medical problems that need solving.
Fat kids deserve clothing that fits them and makes them feel good about themselves.
Fat kids deserve to eat, and to eat good food.
Fat kids deserve to eat cake at birthday parties like everyone else.
Fat kids deserve to go trick-or-treating like all the other kids.
Fat kids deserve love. Fat kids deserve respect.
Fat kids deserve a proper childhood without having to pay a toll of trying to change their bodies.
Fat kids deserve acceptance for their bodies as they are and as they will be - not pleasantries about how they'll grow up to be skinny, so they don't need to learn to love themselves before then.
Fat people deserve better.
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