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Choose ur doctor carefully

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I’d already researched a lot about mental health issues, the different kinds and their signs and symptoms, research essays and articles and more. And I had a good understanding of it all. I even had a class thought without the detailed information I came across on my own. So when they said I may have bpd, I felt like it didn’t really explain everything that I did and felt. I didn’t have manic episodes which they assumed my productive, seemingly energetic, cheerful state to be. It wasn’t a big thing. It was more like a mood of mine. And boy am I moody. My feelings may be felt more intensely than the average (being a hypersensitive person) but not as intense as the symptoms of bpd. It was my thoughts, my frequent episodes, my circumstances, traumatic experiences, childhood, family and such that needed to be looked at closely to understand what was going on with me. It was a wrong diagnosis obviously, it was confirmed when I met with the next psychologist. Sigh. I wanna say that to those out there who are looking for doctors for a proper diagnosis and treatment, please meet with others doctors too so you can pick someone who understands you best, is attentive towards you, and puts in effort for you. Ask around people online and near you to get their outlook too. It may a bit of work but your recovery is infinitely important, and choosing the right person to provide you with proper treatment is a major part of it. Don’t just settle with anyone. Your recovery is important.

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let that lonely feeling wash away

Maybe there’s a reason to believe you’ll be okay

‘Cause when you don’t feel strong enough to stand

You can reach, reach out your hand

-Dear Evan Hansen

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Waking up happy with the dogs. Spending a day enjoying this new slower life with my wife. Thoroughly enjoying our new normal.

Swimming and playing in the pool







Laying in bed together

A wonderful day together with all our animals

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So, I came across this documentary on Netflix which talked about “The Law of Attraction".

As I watched through the documentary, the scholars in it explained that the reason why you may have negative things happen in your life is because you are attracting them by sending negative energy, and thinking about those things all the time. 

In other words, everything and anything is drawn to you by your thoughts and desires, whether they are good or bad. So, if you are thinking about bills all the time, you’ll get bills in your mail. If you’re wishing you didn’t have a terrible life, you’re bringing terrible life closer to you. But, it also means that if you can vividly and clearly picture a happy future, that also will be attracted to you. So what comes next in our lives really depend on how we imagine it to be. 

Immediately after watching this video I thought to myself that, maybe all the reason why I was so miserable and lonely lied in my mind. I was constantly skeptical, annoyed, and was choosing to look at only the bad side of everything in life. 

I hated where I was gonna be moving to, I hated a bunch of people in school, I always complained that I didn’t have enough money, and I was so miserable that I didn’t have a dream. 

I’d decided that this, the law of attraction, was the breakthrough solution to all the problems I was facing in life. I just had to put less energy into the bad stuff, and instead focus on what really meant a lot to me. 

However, as I researched further into this “remarkable” law, I have also stumbled across a former believer of “The Law of Attraction”. She said that she used to believe it so much that she just wished for happiness and wealth in life, without actually knowing what that meant for her. Her boss constantly repeated the significance of “The Law of Attraction” in his life, and to her, it almost felt like a suffocating religion. 

Now, seen both perspectives, I still believe that I can benefit from the idea of “The Law of Attraction”. Looking back at the past few years, I can clearly see which years were better than others. One of the best years I had were when I was fearless, optimistic and appreciative. People always say that similar people attract, and I think that sort of ties with “The Law of Attraction”. I was content, positive, and appreciative, and naturally people around me were also very kind, respectful and positive. 

It may seem like the obvious to some people, but it’s really hard to realize that when you are caught up in the moment.

So here are questions to you all.

Do you believe that “The Law of Attraction” exists?

Have you personally experienced a change in your life after applying "The Law of Attraction”?

What do you value the most in life?


Originally posted by gajo1987

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Be Kind to Yourself During the Pandemic: 15 min Guided Meditation

Enjoy this 15-minute guided meditation for more self-compassion, kindness and loving awareness. I’m noticing as we ease away from restrictions, people have mixed feelings about living with uncertainty. Some want to exaggerate the safety and pretend as if risk is eliminated, because it’s easier. Others have heightened fears. Meditation practice makes living with uncertainty easier as we grow more comfortable with acknowledging our mixed feelings and anxiety and yet go about the business of life as we need to get things done. May this 15-minute meditation help ease strains and offer you more self-support, kindness and understanding for yourself and for others as we navigate these challenging times. 

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I woke up feeling kinda optimistic but as it gets later I just feel worse. Like not super depressive just gross and tired and kinda down. I’m praying I can be easy on myself today.

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Things that help me love myself:

  • cutting up fruit in fun patterns and placing them in patterns on my morning breakfast
  • washing my face at night and putting on a face mask
  • cooking my own lunch fresh every day
  • cleaning my room every night and taking care of my fur babies and plant babies
  • telling my friends and family that I love them
  • exercising in the sun
  • hot showers, taking the time to wash my hair and cover myself in coconut oil
  • taking a multivitamin in the morning
  • painting my nails
  • putting on a bold lipstick
  • listening to music and staring at my ceiling 
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I was going to say “drink heavily and violently attempt to exorcise the demons that have made a house in my bones” but that sounded too depressing

I’m not an expert at this at all, and in fact, some people might argue I suck at it. But I try to do basic stuff. Have a good supportive network of friends from all sides (writing, work, recreation etc) is a big one. I also in general try to make mandatory bits of my life more exciting. So I’ll have lovely bath things, light candles, and do a full routine. I’ll wear sweaters I like and pretty but stupid jewelry. I go for walks to go see birds I enjoy and just try to do things that make ordinary parts of life beautiful

Life sucks, but when you’ve got some soft pjs, nice body scrubs, candles and a good book, life sucks like 20% less. And sometimes 20% is all you need to get through the day

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Hej. Biztosan neked is van olyan időszak a múltadból amit szivesen enfelejtenél. Nyomasztó lelkiismeretfurdalás, depresszió, éjjelbe nyúló sírások, csalódás, magány.. megvan? De gondolj bele ki lennél ma, ha ezek nem történnek meg? Ha nem veszel össze vele, ha nem méssz világgá, ha nem mondod ki, ha nem bánod meg, ha nem tapasztalod meg, ha nem történik meg veled, ha nem veszíted el őket, ha nem éled át.. Ugyan az az ember lennél ma aki vagy?

Lehet, hogy épp most tapasztalsz meg valami igazán embertpóbálót. Lehet hogy padlón vagy, nem tudsz, és nem is akarsz felállni. De ha vége, minden jobb lesz. Jön majd a megérdemelt boldogság. Megtanulsz egy életre való leckét, és az emlék mindent megszépít majd.

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