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#self care
thinkbig-dreamlarge · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shout out to these two queens priorities their mental health and recognizing when they need to step back and take a break.
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perfectfeelings · 10 hours ago
Be patient with me. I am learning how to be happy again.
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jaidspo · 18 hours ago
the amount of times I find myself planning instead of doing... like yes having a plan for your goal is important but scrolling for motivation, watching tiktoks of people accomplishing their goals... that's not it. you're not doin it.
so this is a reminder for all the people out there like me who catch themselves spending more time watching other people do the thing instead of actually doing the thing... go do the thing.
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positivelypositive · 2 hours ago
take a moment to...
... practice gratitude towards your beliefs, yourself, and those who you believe have been helpful and kind to you.
showing gratitude is not only fulfilling for those who receive it but for you, the giver, as well because it makes you realise how much you have in your life, to be thankful for.
be grateful not just for your joys but your disappointments too, because it is the experience of sadness that makes you truly appreciate the better times.
be grateful, be kind ✨
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lil-reminders · 17 hours ago
if you were gone then who would lick the spoon after baking? who would dance around in their pjs in the morning? who would water the plants? they may seem like minor things but there is always space for you here.
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perfectfeelings · 9 hours ago
Be with someone who makes you smile even when they are not around.
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yourfriendwren · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes I forget that it can be as simple as a reset like this to help get going again.
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perfectfeelings · 12 hours ago
The hardest thing you will ever learn is that chances do not change people.
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