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#self care tips

For the last eighteen years of my life, I’ve avoided self care activities. I’ve always just felt like they were a waste of time and energy that I could be spending doing something more important. Because of the quarantine, however, I’ve had a lot of extra free time in recent days and I’ve learned that taking care of your mind, body and soul actually IS worthwhile. I won’t bore you with the whole ‘drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet’ spiel because if you’re anything like me, the hardest aspects of self care are the nonessential (but quality-of-life-improving) activities that are often put on the back burner when you’re burnt out or depressed. So, here are my top tips for how you can start taking care of yourself a little bit better when you feel like you may not deserve to be taken care of:

1. Make Your Bed. This is such a simple, quick task and it can completely change your day, especially when you’re stuck at home! I never used to make my bed in the morning because I didn’t have time, but now that I’ve gotten into the habit of it there’s no way I could ever go without. It takes just a minute of your time, but it makes your entire space feel less cluttered and more comfortable. Plus, climbing into a well-made bed feels WAY better than wrestling with your sheets all night trying to get comfy. 

2. Wake Up A Little Earlier. I know, it’s easier said than done. My sleep schedule  has been horrible for… well, years actually. But setting an alarm to get up a little earlier and going to bed a little earlier in the evening makes me feel like I’ve gotten the most out of my day. I don’t know about you, but waking up at 2PM makes me feel like I might as well just not get up at all, since half the day is already gone. If you’re able to adjust your sleep schedule to more reasonable hours, it really might help you feel a stronger sense of purpose and intention. 

3. Engage in a Hobby. When I’m really busy with school/work/extracurriculars, I often forget that I have a life of my own. Doing something creative like writing, practicing an instrument, painting, etc. can not only force you to create time to do something you enjoy, but it can give you an outlet to better express yourself. Plus, the sense of accomplishment that you get from finishing a piece or seeing yourself improve is one of the best feelings in the world. 

4. Clean. Seriously. I know it’s not a lot of people’s favorite thing to do, and when you’re mid-depressive episode it can feel like the most daunting task in the world. But I’m not asking you to rearrange your entire home or Marie Kondo your life. Just pick up your shit. It really does help. Have you been laying in bed eating snack foods for the past week? Get those wrappers off the floor and into the trash. If you’re feeling really spicy, maybe you can even vacuum! I promise, you will feel way less overwhelmed if the amount of junk around you is less, well, overwhelming. 

5. Take a Bath or a Shower. Yeah, I get it, this is like… basic hygiene 101. But when you’re depressed, it’s not that easy. You have to get up, get undressed, run the water, stand or lay there with nothing to do but think about all the stuff you don’t wanna think about, and then you’re cold and wet for awhile. It sucks! But it doesn’t have to. Feeling the water on your skin can help you reconnect with your body. Spending some time with your thoughts can be a good way to reflect and grow. And most of all, getting clean helps you feel (and smell) SO much better. The hardest part is getting started. Just start. I promise you’ll feel better. 

6. Start a Journal or Planner. It’s a lot of effort, I know, but hear me out: studies show it takes about two months to start a habit, and this is a habit worth starting. Journaling allows you to get your thoughts out of your brain and out into the world. It forces you to reflect on how you’re feeling, what your days look like, and what you want to accomplish. And if that’s not enough, consider this: journaling is an amazing way to identify patterns in your behavior that influence the way you feel, which allows you to make positive changes to your lifestyle. A planner is equally valuable in that it allows you to lay out exactly what you need to get done so that you can feel a sense of control over your work rather than letting your work control you. A tangible, accessible way of looking at what you need to get done each day makes even the most hectic weeks feel more manageable. 

7. Try Working Out. I’m not asking you to become a proper bodybuilder or to run a marathon anytime soon, but moving your body really does help. It grounds you, it wakes you up, it can decrease both mental and physical pain– plus, it’s a great boredom buster and it makes you feel good about yourself. Go for a brisk walk, download a yoga app, try an HIIT circuit; it doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re doing something. Your body will thank you.

8. Give Yourself a Break. Because of the quarantine, there’s more pressure now than ever before to do something incredible. Everybody wants to change their life, invent something amazing, improve as a human… but the truth is, you don’t have to do any of those things. Life is hard right now, and it’s scary. If what you need is a week to just sleep, cry and eat ice cream, let yourself take that time to heal. You deserve it. It’s going to be okay. Reach out to your loves ones, check in with the people around you, and give yourself the time and space to just breathe. You have time. 

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Quarantine selfcare

1.Catch up on your sleep. Even if you have to work in the morning, try an afternoon nap.

2. stay hydrated. Water with lemon, Tumeric Tea with honey..good for the immunity and the skin.

3.don’t wear makeup and let your skin breathe.

4.remove nail polish and let nails “breathe” too.

5.move your body, do some at home exercises, climb the stairs or do chores, if you can go for a walk in the nature.

6. strech every two hours. and do some flexibity exercises

7. I know it may seem impossible but try to maintain a healthy diet and get all the nutrients you need. On another note, now is not really the time to go on diets and not eat, your body needs fuel in order to have a good immune system. so ofcourse you can eat junk but make sure you are eating your vitamins.

8.Vitamin D - sunlight or supplement. This is actually more Important than Vitamin C for immunity. (I’ve been taking it for a year and noticed a huge improvement)

9. NAC supplement (consult your physician) not only does it help detoxify your body and balance hormones but it also supports lung function which is super important right now.

10. please STOP smoking! even if just for now. you need your lungs in perfect shape also your skin and hair need a break.

11. apply raw organic honey to your face everyday and wash after half an hour. It’s good for all skin concerns tbh.

12. this is the perfect time to give your hair a break! Stop dying, heat styling, overwashing, applying dry shampoo and too much product. detox your scalp with vinegar and apply masks very often and massage your hair with oils and leave it in. try to go as natural as possible. if you have bleached hair, use Olaplex n3 and leave it on for as long as possible.

13. Please, for the love of whatever you believe in, do not attempt to cut/dye/bleach your own hair.

14.try to use natural beauty products to give your body a proper detox. Replace lotions and creams with organic oils and butters.

15. try to keep your room and house as organized as possible. you are going to spend alot of time there, might as well..

16. clean and disinfect surfaces everyday, especially if it is something you got from outside your house ( package, groceries..)

17. lots of hand lotion/ oil since we are washing our hands alot!

18. get on the habit of dry brushing everyday (mornings are best to help wake up your body)

19. Apply castor oil and almond oil on your eyelashes and eyebrows to promote growth

20.vitamin C serum for the face everyday and make sure you use SPF after. with consistent use you will see how your skin is bright and glowing.

21.try to not lose motivation to put effort in your academics, otherwise you will regret it when we go back to school/uni. now is the perfect time to catch up

22.candles burning in a clean home can elevate your mood.

23. try cooking something special everyday for dinner so you have something to look forward to.

24. keep your loungewear clean and nice. You can’t feel good if you have been wearing the same ripped pyjama pants for 8 days.

25. Connect with people. take to your friends everyday, family members you haven’t talked to in a long time, people that you never really had the time or energy to talk to.

26. keep yourself entertained. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get bored nowadays. and if you are..Play the sims

27.if you drink, try to make a fancy cocktail everynight(or maybe not not really one to say)


This period may be difficult, but most of us can spend it at home with all the neccesities we need which is a blessing. My condolences to anyone whom lost a loved one due to this virus.

stay strong and stay safe and stay at home.


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🦔🤍Quarentine Daily Routine🤍🦔

  1. wake up at 7:30 (😡) to prepare for online classes
  2. skincare
  3. eat breakfast!!! and make some coffee to get you through some zoom classes
  4. make your bed
  5. change into something other than pajamas; even just sweatpants are fine
  6. now it’s time to get shit done until 12! fun stuff
  7. once you’re done with school, change into some workout clothes and get started on some ab workouts (preferably the ones to harry styles songs on yt)
  8. play just dance!!! fun & a good workout
  9. go for a walk around the neighborhood just to get some fresh air
  10. come back home, sit outside, and take a minute to breathe. you’re okay. everything will be okay.
  11. take a shower smelly
  12. read for 20 or so minutes
  13. play some animal crossing!! :D
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Okay, spring break is over, it’s time for me to actually be a Student again, starting tomorrow. Since I have to stick to something resembling self-discipline for the next few weeks, I took the opportunity to center myself tonight, and I feel so much better. All week I’ve been so depressed and blegh, so, if this is also you, here’s some advice: 

1. Take a shower. I don’t actually know how many days it’s been since I showered? I take a lot of baths, but that does nothing for my hair, so: shower. Seriously. You will feel so much better. It always seems like a lot of work to fully commit to actually taking a shower, but it will make you feel human again. Change into fresh clothes when you get out; something soft and comfortable. 

2. Wash your face. Don’t do anything fancy; I literally just got out, washed with a cheap cleanser, and slapped on some moisturizer. No 10 step Korean skin care tonight, lads. Just clean off the week’s worth of depression go. 

2b. If you’re feeling like it, do a mask. I was going to do one, but then I realized I used my last one a while ago TT_TT.

3. Make some tea if that’s your jam, hot chocolate if not. Having something warm to drink is v comforting, but don’t drink coffee. Broth/soup is also a good idea. Gotta keep your electrolytes up while everyone is getting sick. 

4. It’s been overcast all day, so I decided to lean into the vibes and light one of my autumn/winter candles. Because it was the only candle I had on hand. It’s Spiced apple and it’s lovely. Light your favorite candle and keep it close; idk about you, but even unscented candles bring up my mood. 

5. Sort of related to the last point: I know you’ll roll your eyes, but essential oils! Or rather, I use one very specific oil. I got it from this little shop at the mall called Sage, it’s peppermint and I think a tiny bit of lavender? It’s like nature’s icy hot; I put it on the back of my neck and it makes me relax so damn quick. And the smell is nice. V good for helping me sleep.

6. Last but not least, do something relaxing. I still have a few hours before I’ll go to bed, so I put on fresh pajamas, darkened my room for mood lighting, and am intending to play some videogames. Reading would probably be a better idea, but y’know. 

Ofc you don’t have to do all of these; showering is the only one that I’d say is mandatory. The rest is like whipped cream. You don’t need to put it on your desert of choice, and plenty of people don’t like it, but sometimes it’s nice to have. But if you don’t have whipped cream on hand, it’s no big deal. 

Take care of yourself, loves. The world is insane right now and we’re all worried, but don’t forget to worry about yourself first and foremost. 

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be the light.

be the light in your life and that of others. glow in this dark world and enlighten lives all around.

tough times may try to dull you but your strength will keep the fire burning. it will help keep you shining ✨

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Just a reminder to not just take care of yourself PHYSICALLY but MENTALLY as well 💜 Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Just as we are being told to practice SOCIAL DISTANCING 🔛, it’s also good to practice SOCIAL MEDIA DISTANCING 📴. Sometimes, what we see on the news and what we see on our social media feeds can be overwhelming. It can heighten the feelings, of those of us who are already feeling anxious and scared. At times like this, it’s good to practice SOCIAL MEDIA DISTANCING and try some other indoor activities to give your mind a much needed break. Remember to just do what you can, with what you have and take each day one day at a time 😉

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I used to scribble away in my journal,
Figuring out mysteries of this life eternal. 
Reading books where romance never disappoints, 
Everything else like school and friendship were just extra points.

I was much like the protagonist of a YA novel,
Having my amusing quirks that most couldn’t gobble.
Sleeping with my glasses on so I could see my dreams clearly,
Letting people hurt me if I loved them dearly.

Empathetic to a fault,
Believing the troubled tales of people without a pinch of salt.
Thinking others are malicious or manipulative was out of the question,
Everything was forgivable in the name of honest expression.

This isn’t a pity party but I must acknowledge my pain,
Why should others, no matter how tortured, kill me so that they can gain?
It’s the truth I took long to accept,
Not all are born equal no matter how much we all wept.

Now I’m tired - of the losers, the liars and the leaches,
Who keep inviting me to the treasure hunt to find their broken pieces. 

Why the fuck must I?
Can’t I just find someone who will come sit with me and admire the sky?
When things fuck up in life, as they often do, we can both cry,
Empty our hearts till our eyes dry.

But can you then get up and dust off the dirt on your pants?
Have the courage in your heart to take the right stance?
Be the person you need to be,
So that I can go on and look after me.

This isn’t me saying don’t ever feel defeated or desperate,
But just fuck off if your interests are always vested.
Fuck off if you can’t be earnest or sincere,
Fuck off if your values are weaker than your fears. 

— 1st April, Wednesday
     Napowrimo, 2020

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change is inevitable.

whether it is 2 distinct people or even yourself from the past- your habits, thoughts and opinions are bound to change as you go and it’s a great thing!

expecting yourself or someone else to stay exactly the same over a long period of time is unfair and unrealistic.

embrace these changes.

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-Taking a bath or a shower. If that’s too much energy, wash your hands and face and wipe down the rest of your body.

-If you have any pets, spend time with them. Connect with another being. It always helps me feel a little better.

-If you’re hungry, find yourself something to eat. You always deserve to eat. 

-If you can, clean your room or house. You don’t have to deep-clean it, all you need to do is organize a little bit.

-Listen to some music. Dance, if you want.

-Partake in one of your hobbies. I like to draw, write, and read. Even if you’re incredibly low energy, there can be something to do.

-If you’re exhausted, take a nap. It doesn’t need to be very long or anything. You deserve to rest.

-I don’t know about you but I tend to isolate myself. It’s good for me to talk to my friends or if I have the energy to, putting myself out there to make new ones.

-Writing a journal of your thoughts. Put all of your thoughts onto paper or a word doc. Even if your thoughts are scary, it’s cathartic to do this.

-Something that’s very peaceful for me is talking to little kids. Because of what’s going on in the world, I’ve been face-timing my little cousins and reading them stories. 

You deserve to put your needs first. It’s not selfish, it’s survival. You’re a beautiful person, and deserve to do things that make you feel better. Wanting to feel good is not a bad thing.

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since i’m back home, i thought i’d show you my favourite spot in my room — the ikea hemnes vanity me and my dad refurbished one year ago! when it came to my possession it was all spotted with mold and the paint was stained and chipped; we took it apart, sanded it all away, painted it and put it back together, and now it’s better than brand new. it houses all my makeup and, at the moment, some of my skin care too 🌟 i’m really proud of it, and it’s super convenient! 

(not pictured above, but i’ve since fitted the mirror with some old-hollywood-style dimmable lightbulbs.)

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I am seeing a lot of videos and posts that mean well and are super aesthetic but also stupid because not everyone has that space - physical and mental - to do the things they are suggesting there. 

So here’s my attempt to say something that may actually help. 

  • Find a time that’s only yours. And what I mean by that is that sometimes when everyone is asleep at night that’s when you feel the most peaceful, calm and productive. Nobody is asking anything of you. And it’s okay if that disturbs your routine for the next few weeks because honestly isn’t your routine already interrupted? There have been times recently when I’m sitting at 2 am and finishing my next day’s work. There have also been times that I have woken up at 6 am to do that. 

  • Know the times that trigger you or disturb you or simply annoy you. For me, such times at home are when everyone decides to sit at tea time and talk about everything that’s wrong with everything that I’m doing. I know they mean well but being the youngest in the home means everyone has a say in what they think is right for you. So I try to not schedule anything important during those 1-2 hours in the evening. And try to have a pick-me-up right after that. Usually, it’s shutting my room and putting on music and dancing like I’m in a k-pop mv. 

  • A lot of people suggest getting dressed as if you were stepping out because that helps you be productive even at home. And sure I can see that working for some people. But for me why would I give up the golden opportunity to have my hair in a bun and wear shorts and have no bra on? It’s super comfortable and when I feel comfortable, I can concentrate better. But brushing your teeth, washing your face and showering daily irrespective of whether you have to step out or not are definitely a must to you just feeling better overall. 

  • Schedule calls with your friends. Your best friends and the ones you have not spoken to in forever. This is the perfect time to catch-up because everyone is cooped up in their homes and everyone is looking for something to make them feel entertained and or happy. I try to call two friends a week. Depending on your friends and if you’re someone who likes to talk for long hours on call, you can figure how often you want to do that. These calls really help me get out of my head and make everything seem lighter and better. 

  • Eat. Initially, I found it very easy to wake up just 10 minutes before a work call. So I would wake up, drink water and get straight to work. That’s literally the worst thing you can do. You have to give yourself at least 20-30 minutes between waking and getting to work/study or whatever it is that you have to do. You have to get something to eat and it has to be more than an apple or a banana. And you have to give your mind to orient itself to the new day. 

  • Stay away from people who are constantly talking about everything that’s wrong with the world and or with their life. I mean yes we all will talk about such things at some point - multiple even - in such times especially. But there are some people who keep doing that in a loop and you really want to stay away from that because when you are stuck at home - all this input can get too overwhelmingly negative and make you super anxious and hopeless and that’s the last thing you need right now. 

  • You don’t have to do extra just because you’re at home. And I mean this for everything. Like just because you’re home doesn’t mean you will work longer hours or study continuously. I am very particular with trying to maintain the same hours because I am also maintaining the same quality right. Also, I initially got this idea that I am going to read a shit ton of books for the next few weeks that I’m at home. I’m reading 1 book a week usually and I thought I’d bring this up to 3-4. That was stupid and unnecessary. Some days just doing the things I have to do seems hard because there’s so much worry and panic and emotions that burdening myself with these extra expectations is shitty and unnecessary. 
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  • take a nap 
  • watch netflix
  • listen to podcasts
  • do a facemask
  • do some cleaning projects
  • take a bubble bath
  • cook something yummy 
  • call/facetime a friend
  • go on a walk (if you’re able to go outside) 
  • paint your nails
  • read a book or comics 
  • make a smoothie

I know self care looks different for everyone but here are some nice things to do for yourself to get you through this sucky time of being stuck inside! feel free to add any more ideas!

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