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#self check in list

SAFE TO SAY if I’m ever in love with you I’ll probably always be a little bit in love with you

That said, my current Situation has filled me with Much Bitterness And is very much choking that out!!!

#speculation nation, #at least with the last breakup it was obvious shit was going downhill, #this one it just kinda blindsided me., #doesn’t help that it uh happened in the way that it did!!!!, #it’s NOT PLEASANT AT ALL to be left for someone else who’s basically like you but ‘better’, #listing traits that match mine but he’s better Bc uhh *checks hand* He Understands Me, #honestly I don’t even fuckin remember I was an emotional mess during that convo, #at least my last ex didn’t fuckin Fall In Love behind my back, #sure it hurt like hell to be left Bc of my flaws. but hey. like. it’s still better!!!, #god I’m still so angry about this all. but apparently it’s unreasonable for me to be angry about it!!!, #Bc I APPRENTLY never took his feelings into consideration while he APPARENTLY was aaaalways thinking about mine, #utter bullshit. I tried to be everything he needed but he never fucking told me what he needed, #he never trusted me with it. and then had the gall to say it was my fault., #but whatever. whatever! doesn’t even matter anymore!, #Bc like fuck I’d be taking him back, #ya for like a week or two I wanted things to go back to how they were, #but now I’m just angry. and I know I deserve better than that., #no I’m not perfect!!!!! while I can b a manipulative & self absorbed little shit at times, #I’m also compassionate and forgiving and kind and witty and whatever the fuck else, #manic pixie dream girl minus the girl part. honestly I think that’s how the guys who’ve been interested in me have seen me, #see someone who looks like a girl & likes video games and they’re just like ‘oh my GOD I’m in LOVE’, #this post is all over the place. again. I’m blaming the monster., #caffeine rushes always have a tendency to make me talkative, #don’t worry I’m gonna go back to leveling my flying snake’s stats again
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A small list of characters I may or may not have a crush on but most likely won’t turn them into f/os due to a fear of commitment:

1. Aladdin

2. Randall Boggs

3. Emperor Kuzco

4. Ezra Bridger (I still love him but he was never an official f/o)

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tagging system??

talent appreciation hours!! [tagged talented fanartists]

the people ASKED so i delivered [tagged ask me anything]


fandom list: HERE

my midnight epiphanies [tagged 2 am ramblings]: HERE

headcanons sent in asks master post: HERE (soon to come..)

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