#self confidence? babe i don't even have a sense of self
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sacredmads · 10 days ago
𝐚 𝐠𝐮𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐟-𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐩𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐟𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐫 [♡]
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✧ hi my babes! it feels so good to be back and typing this. i wanted to make a post about self-concept first after coming back from my hiatus because over the course of my time off from tumblr, i've realized even more the importance of it. i know at this point, there's hundreds of self-concept posts (as there should be!), and i want to add to the collection.
✧ this post is going to talk about self-concept, how to fix it, and how to use it to manifest your desires quicker, maybe even manifest them instantly.
(p.s., i've made a new layout for my page, and my posts. i hope you guys like it!)
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essential question: what is self-concept? how, and why, does it affect your manifestations?
self-concept is a term used when referencing a person's idea of them self, and in the manifestation world, their idea of their abilities to manifest. if a person has a very high sense of self, they are usually someone who manifests very quickly, and effortlessly. this happens because someone with a high self-concept has faith in their abilities, and is fully aware of their power and potential. everything in manifestation comes back to your self-concept. for a while, i tried to be someone who would tell people that you don't really need a good self-concept to manifest. which in some cases is true, however, most of the time, people's main cause of failure ropes itself back to their concept of self.
having a poor self-concept can change how quickly your manifestation comes to you, how you view yourself as a whole, your manifestation abilities, and your desire to manifest. this is why it is so, so important.
Tumblr media
well... how do i improve my self-concept, then?
however you want to! there's so, so many ways you can improve your self-concept, and in all honesty, it doesn't even take long to change your thought patterns and your concept of self.
listed here are some different ways + tips that you can use to help your self-concept change:
mental diet
commanding your subconscious
living in the end
manifesting very small, almost insignificant things to prove your abilities to you
it's really whatever feels most natural to you. personally, i work on my self-concept by affirming, mental dieting, and SATS! improving your self-concept doesn't have to be boring, nor does it have to be mentally taxing / exhausting. it's a fun thing, stepping into your power. and the truth is, you have always had these abilities to do amazing things within yourself. you just need to allow yourself to see it! self-concept, as i said above, is the foundation of manifesting. whether it's manifesting a cup of coffee, or manifesting a million dollars. at the end of the day, it all comes back to the same thing. your concept of self, and how your view your abilities within the law of assumption.
as soon as you realize how powerful you are, and that you are literally GOD, things will become so much easier, even outside of manifesting. looking at yourself with the upmost confidence is such a revitalizing feeling, and a feeling that you deserve. you deserve to feel good about yourself. you deserve to feel good about your desires. and most importantly, you deserve your manifestation! the only person getting in the way of it is you.
Tumblr media
well then how can i use it to manifest quicker?
it's simple! once you have established a stable self-concept, just start assuming that all your desires come to you quicker. and i know what you're thinking... "sacred, can't i assume that even with a low self-concept?" and, yes, you can. however, it would be much easier for someone with a high sense of self to assume that 10,000,000 dollars will come to them within an hour, than someone who doesn't even believe they can manifest the sun coming out. see what i mean? all of these things, even down to commanding your subconscious, will be so much less exhausting if you truly have faith that you can do it. this includes seeing your desires conform to the 3D.
@celestial-heartbeat has an amazing post on manifesting instantaneously that i will link here that i think you all should read as well!
Tumblr media
in conclusion...
start using your self-concept to your advantage! i truly believe that everyone reading this has the energy and power in them to start looking at themselves as god, and can enjoy the luxury of seeing their dream life unfold itself in front of them. this post was made to try and help you guys see the true importance of gaining a good concept of self, because at the end of the day, it really is the most important aspect of LOA. as always, if you have any further questions on this post, or anything in relation to manifesting, my inbox is always open, alongside my private messages! thank you so much for reading.
sacred ♡
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kaeya-kisser · 26 days ago
Itto holding you. Itto holding you up to reach the fruit on the trees. You're planning to make something sweet for the picnic later that day, this is Itto's contribution.
It's supposed to be a nice little picnic date, just the two of you. If everything goes right, it will be, and no one will bother you.
You want to make something real nice since you want to kiss Itto for the first time during the date. He's never had his first kiss, so you want it to feel sweet.
As your picking the fruit, Itto brags on how you're the best partner he could ever have. How good of a cook you are, how sweet you are to his gang and to him, and how lucky he is to have caught someone like you.
He's too cute. You're still resting on his arms, so you look down at him while he laughs and smiles. You can't take it anymore. You lean over and press a soft kiss to his lips with your hand gently touching his cheek.
You only hear a soft, strangled noise that sounds surprised before you feel his arms slide from under you. You startled him, and now the two of you fall back. Unfortunate choice to have chosen to pick the fruit off a tree on a hill because you two are rolling down it now.
The fruit is now scattered around you, some of the squished. Before you even have a chance to regain your sense Itto is grabbing you.
"Did you mean to do that? Kiss me? You weren't leaning over to grab something were you?"
"No. I wasn't, stupid. I kissed you."
Itto's smile widens. He looks like his true idiot self. You really did mean to save that kiss for the date, but you couldn't help yourself. He's stupid, a true idiot, but he's also adorable.
Itto runs a hand through his wild hair. He tries his best to look confident, but he's bad at lying. The kiss made him nervous (in a good way). He touches his lips without thinking as he laughs.
"S-So, wanna kiss more? Huh? Of course you can't resist these lips. I've had to fight off a few people before in my life, but you're the oni one for me, babe!"
There's an aura of stars around him as he declares this. It only makes you sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose.
"Now I don't feel like kissing you anymore..."
You start walking away, scavenging for any fruit to save. Itto follows pitifully behind, still trying to convince you to kiss him again and apologizing. He doesn't know he'll be getting another kiss after dessert.
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kikuism · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
i genuinely loved this so much. i had been expecting something grand from yatora for the end of the year project, but the fact that he took an ordinary mundane scene from his life before he got into art and turned it into art for the sole purpose of expressing how it might not have been worth turning into art...... that's amazing. i was actually so impressed. he didn't try to force something grand out of himself at a time when his self confidence wasn't at his highest—he actually took those feelings and deliberately worked them for this project. it's a true, raw expression of his vulnerability and doubt. and for a final project, no less, a culmination of everything he has learned and experienced.... that's bold. he said it wasn't worth turning into art, but he did anyway, as a kind of art, just to show how it's not worth being turned into art..... that's deep, bro. and bold.
Tumblr media
there's just something satisfying about this prof having been the one to tell yatora all those months ago 'is it worth doing this as a painting?' and .... basically saying it again but much more eloquently and elegantly. also, it's sweet that he's encouraging him here.
Tumblr media
'i felt lonely and terrified when i noticed this, but what was even more frightening was how i had that desire'. yotasuke trauma-dumping on the profs hgjdjfj but also this is so good. the only aspect in life where he felt like he was in control was with the rabbits—by hindering them from escape, he could stay with them for longer and play with them, though really all it was was a way of dominating them.
'i thought i could communicate with animals but i was dominating them' i would like to think in a sort of twisted way that this is probably what yotasuke thought of his mother at times—the way she forced him to make art, the way he never liked drawing, how she heaped her expectations onto him. not in a cruel, malicious way, but in the way that parents often do in the i-know-what's-best-for-you way that might have good intentions but turns out to be dominating. but yes, it's no wonder yotasuke went back again and again to the rabbits, even as he knew what he was doing, just to gain some semblance of control in his life that his mother largely took from him. 'the cage protects the rabbit and confines it' just like how up until now, yotasuke’s way of life (largely in part due to his mother) had both protected him (from change) and confined him (from change).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
three things: it's insanely adorable to me how yatora gets a teensy bit jealous watching okamoto and yotasuke interact. 'are you feeling down?' / 'i'm not ...' okay babe, whatever you say 😔🤍 don't worry darling he's not going to steal your friend from you!! next, yotasuke fumbling with his words, breaking eye contact, saying if he hadn't gone out with him might have quit school....i actually gasped. i hadn't thought things had been that bad for yotasuke. yatora really went and saved him there, huh. then, finally, the fact that the rabbit is basically standing in for yotasuke—we know this from the last chapter, and it was made even clearer from his final project. which, you know ... when i think about this bit, makes me feel insane:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
rabbit = yotasuke.....hanging around a person's feet = yatora.....insert whatdoesitmean.gif
by giving yatora the drawing—this drawing, the first one he was genuinely glad about; this drawing, where yotasuke is the rabbit, hanging around yatora’s someone's feet—yotasuke is basically presenting himself to yatora in his truest sense :') it's a raw expression of 'this is me, i want you to see me for me'. like, hello....the way he's handing this piece of paper to him, you'd think he was handing over a piece of his heart. which he is! that's basically what this scene is. i also love the way their expressions parallel this scene:
Tumblr media
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buckyhoney-library · 8 months ago
nsfw alphabet, b.b
A/N: so sorry it took so long! hope you enjoy! sebastians & nomad!steve should be out sometime this week(end)!
reblogs/likes/feedback are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged
However, do NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics on my blog!
Warnings: 18+, language, smutty thoughts, sorry for any missed typos!
chris evans nsfw alphabet
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What are they like after sex)
bucky takes aftercare so seriously! he makes sure that you have everything that you need and you're taken care of first. showering you in praises, holding you close, getting you water or snacks- he is at your beck and call.
B = Body Part (Their favorite body part on themselves and on their partner)
thighs. thighs. thighs. He loves laying between them with his head resting on your stomach. His fingers tracing patterns on your skin- peppering kisses on the inside. bucky's arms are hooked around them while he is giving you head, rubbing small circles on the outside.
bucky has grown to love his vibranium arm, because of how much you love it. he has changed arm usage from a weapon to a useful tool in every situation. being able to cool it and playing with temperatures, pinning you down- making sure you go nowhere- or even being able to cause it to vibrate.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum)
he loves to paint with his cum. as much as he LOVES to cum inside you and make you hold it- there is something so pretty with his cum plastered on your back or on your tummy. "you look so pretty with my cum on your thighs," bucky is especially fond of watching it drip down your breasts or leak down your thighs. bucky just stares in awe of how it glistens against your skin.
D = Dirty Secret (What do they secretly want)
he wants you to praise him. bucky lives off of praise and when you whimper how good he's making you feel or how he's such a good boy? it throws him over the edge, encouraging him to go faster and harder. he'll never ask for them, but when you start hyping him up, fuck he enters a state of nirvana.
E = Experience (Do they know what they are doing?)
1940's bucky as we all know was very experienced but after eighty years of nothing? he needs a little help regaining his confidence, but man will he practice and have no problems asking for help. he'd be a little embarrassed of cumming early or not being able to satisfy like he used too, but bucky watches porn and experiments like no tomorrow, catching up on all the new toys/techniques/positions etc.
F = Favorite Position (Self-explanatory)
bucky's favorite position would be cowgirl or where you're laying on your side, so he could hold you. cowgirl because he gets the perfect view of your body and everything about it.
with an honorable mention of missionary- but missionary with your legs in the air spread for all can see. if he's feeling a little spicy, he'll press on your lower abdomen, adding extra pressure.
G = Goofy (Are they serious during sex or goofy
BOTH. There is a time and a place for serious, rough, passionate sex (and boy does he enjoy that), but for the most part, Bucky wants you to feel good and he wants to learn- which means there will be some mishaps and failed moments, but he loves those moments just the same.
H = Hair (Are they well-groomed?)
he is well kept and clean. bucky isn't hairless, but he does make sure that everything is trimmed up and clean.
J = Jack Off (Do they masturbate?)
bucky only does when you're away or he's gone for a mission. when you're home, he has no problem telling you he's in the mood. when he does masturbate, it is to your pictures/videos you've sent or through facetime/phone calls. he doesn't watch porn unless that is the only option or he is looking for new things to try with you.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
oh boy does he have loads of kinks! bucky loves praise (receiving or giving)! during the more passionate and rough sessions, he is into degrading (but not too crazy) innocence kink. if you have met after his second sexual awakening? god, how he loves to ruin you. he loves the idea that he gets to teach you and that you're at his mercy. ice play/warming (idk what the word is) he loves when you call him sarg does this man have a filthy sarcastic mouth. dirty remarks of comments that leave his mouth- god, it's enough to you off in seconds.
L = Location (Favorite place to do it)
he is a traditional man at heart, so he loves the bedroom. bucky gets to be as loud as chooses and go as long as he wants without the fear of someone walking in or interrupting.
M = Motivation (What turns them on or gets them going?)
leggings. jeans. short shorts- anything that enhances your thighs or when you shoot back firey/witty comments matching his energy. The more traditional turn on's as well, suggestive comments, touching his chest letting it fall to his belt, lingering kisses on his lips and neck. "it's like you're begging me to fuck you silly,"
N = No (Something they will not do. Turnoffs.)
nothing with bodily fluids (other than saliva or cum) & i don't think he'd be fond of being too open in public- he's a private guy, but he doesn't mind the simple pda and light touches.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skills, etc.)
okay let me tell you- bucky loves getting head. your lips make him cum faster than anything else. "open wide, darling" he loves the ability to do it virtually anywhere (privately of course) and the quick clean up-but he mostly loves watching you take his length completely, hitting the back of your throat. "fuck, such a good girl taking all of me," hearing you moan into him and gag makes him go FERAL. bucky isn't a head pusher, but he does grip your hair.
bucky does love going down on you too. his cock throbs at the sight of your legs shaking and squirming. the sounds you make encourage him more, but he doesn't stop when you cum- he licks up every last drop of you. "im not stopping, so i'd stop moving if i were you," he'll occasionally pop his head up to make sure that he's doing everything right and you're enjoying yourself- the last thing he wants is for you to fake it (which only happened when he first re-entered the dating world)
P = Pace (Are they fast or rough? Or slow and sensual?)
there is a time and place for everything. bucky loves sensual sex because he feels the most connected to you and he has been without physical/emotional connection for so long that it's become a must. it is also where he feels the most control and the best, when he can be 100% vulnerable- something never thought he could do.
fast and rough is for those needy moments where he can't get his hands off of you- complete feral mode. when you've been teasing him relentlessly and he needs to remind you who's in charge. those nights are when the kinkiest of kinks come to play.
Q = Quickies (Their opinions on quickies rather than regular sex)
quickies are reserved for dinner parties, group outings, etc. where you look too good and he can't keep his hands off of you. "i wanna see if you taste as good as you look". quickies usually consist of fast rough sex that leaves bruises or marks. they also mainly consist of giving/receiving head.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
oh does he! he has almost ninety years of sex trends/toys/etc to catch up on. it will be the middle of the night and you'd be fast asleep only to be woken up by him shaking your arm and going "baby, we have to try this!"
bucky isn't a risk-taker in the sense of public and potentially getting caught, he is a risk-taker in the sense that he is willing to try anything once.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go? How long do they last?)
bub is a super-soldier. his stamina outlasts yours by HOURS. you'd be panting and lying sideways and bucky would be ready for the next round and you'd have to tap out. he would chuckle and hold you, teasing you about how you can't last. "can't handle this cock? i thought you said you could go all night?"
T = Toys (Do they own or use toys on themselves or partners?)
bucky has a whole drawer dedicated to the greatest quality toys. "only the best for you, dollface." he loves seeing how far he can push you with the vibrators. tying the vibrator to your clit and watching you be sent over the moon. bucky wouldn't be too crazy about using toys on himself, but he isn't opposed to being handcuffed (or pegged)
U = Unfair (How much do they like to tease?)
BIGGEST TEASE in the galaxy. Touching you, grazing your heat, kissing your neck, rubbing the inside of your thigh, (stuffing a vibrator inside you while you're on the phone), or whispering dirty things in your ear- but God forbid if you tease him back. there will be hell to pay if you try teasing him back. "you better rethink your next move, darling," "i think you forgot who's allowed to tease who."
V = Volume (How loud are they? What sounds do they make?)
bucky is pretty quiet, with the exceptions of grunts and whimpers. His mouth is filthy and he dirty talks like there is no tomorrow! he is also a cocky little shit and sarcastic- which doesn't stop in the bedroom. "your cunt feel so good around me," "open your eyes, i want you to watch as i ruin you" "look at you, you're soaked for me"
W = Wildcard (Random headcanon for your character)
cockwarming. babe lives for cockwarming. early morning lazy sex, but too lazy to pull out of you. you'd be laying on your side with your leg over his, with his cock buried inside of you. "no, honey, just stay" he would mumble with his head resting in the cook of your neck, placing small kisses on your neck, but falling back asleep.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants)
baby, that serum did wonders. bucky is packing that seven to eighter. his cock would poke through your tummy and he won't stop talking about it for weeks.
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
HIGH. VERY HIGH. he is ready whenever and wherever the time calls.
Z = ZZZ (How quickly do they fall asleep afterward?)
bucky's stamina is so high that he probably is starving. he would perform aftercare for you, but once you'd have cared for- he is standing naked in the kitchen making a sandwich.
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blackwellprobability · a month ago
Can you write Alastor and Vox (separately) headcanons with a goofy nerdy S/O who just is a bit long winded. They love hearing stories, telling stories, talking late into the night about the things they find fascinating about the world with those they care about. They're very energetic, jovial, and involved when talking or telling stories if you get them going. However, they can get really self conscious after realizing they have been talking for a bit too long in their own opinion and very apologetic about being so talkative. A constant internal push and pull if you will. LOVE YOUR STUFF AND THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! <3.
HHh my heart- Yes of course! This is just such a sweet ask and I relate to it too much-- Thank you for all the clarifications so I don't get confused! They're very helpful when writing <3
Alastor and Vox with a Nerdy, Goofy but self conscious S/O
tw: Tell me if there's any!
Written on computer
Tumblr media
On those long nights in hell, you'd lay flat on Alastor's back and rant about your newest interest. He'll run his fingers through your hair and give the occasional response, mostly focusing on the vibrations and tone of your voice.
After your long rants you'd apologize profusely for wasting his time with your opinions alone. "Nonsense dear! Time spent with you is no time wasted at all!"
- Expect to be coddled and cuddled when you're ranting, even if he sometimes doesn't understand what you're saying he absolutely loves your voice. Sometimes he'll tease you for your interests but it's all in good fun!
- Never will he ever tease you for ranting though, he's quite similar and he isn't a hypocrite. The two of you could spend long nights together just talking about your interests.
- He doesn't understand most of it but he doesn't mind, just being with you gives him a sense of comfort.
- His heart pangs a bit when he hears you apologize for ranting. It's a part of you that he loves and seeing you self conscious about it breaks his black little heart.
- This man will give you all the pep talks. "You're not annoying dear! You've got this!" etc.
- He's your biggest supporter, and if anybody ever dares to complain about your ranting? Well, you probably won't see them ever again.
- If you ever get overstimulated and just need to rant your feelings, even if he doesn't understand he'll validate your emotions and allow you to rant.
- He absolutely loves it when you rant about nerdy things like D&D or a show you like. Your energetic and jovial attitude matches perfectly with his. In the middle of your rants he might just break out into song and you'll join him happily.
All in all? A perfect fit, he's there to support you forever! He loves your confident attitude so when he sees you apologize for one of the many reasons he loves you he'll encourage you to be yourself.
Tumblr media
The two of you embrace each other on the sofa in his huge room with the walls covered in televisions. Your voice serving as white noise instantly curing his foul mood. He'll occasionally give responses to your idle chatter to show he's listening and absorbing the knowledge.
When you apologize for ranting he'll respond "Eh? Nonsense babe, don't apologize for something so trivial."
- Alright, this man is a huge jerk and will tease you for your interests all the time. When you're ranting he'll pull you onto his lap, flustering you immediately.
- He loves seeing your face flushed as you rant about your interests. Even if he zones out he still absorbs all the information, expect to be surprised with something correlating to it. If you were ranting about anime he'll gift you a 3D figure of the character you like.
- Your voice is a sense of comfort to him, something real surrounding the buzz of the TVs constantly surrounding him.
- If anybody ever insults you for being yourself they'll be dead before they get the chance to finish.
- He constantly wants to validate you and praise you for your interests but he doesn't know how to do it. To make up for it he'll leave little notes on the fridge or on your desk before he leaves for work.
- Here are some examples of what's on those notes:
' Don't forget to eat, love you babe.
Excited to talk to you when I get back. So prepare that buzzing mind of yours for one of your rants.
- VOX'
' I ordered Wacdonalds, should be here by the time you wake up.
Will be busy with work today, to make up for it tomorrow we can watch one of those animes you like or those nature documentary things.
All in all? He'll rarely admit it but he loves how unique and energetic you are. You're a ray of light in his constant pit of hell.
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celestial-heartbeat · a month ago
hello, i hope you're having a good day, and i, really sorry cause this is gonna be long and it might bother you a bit so im really sorry, but i really need some help
i literally just wanna know how to manifest and be able to do it, and i've read SO many blogs, i've watched so many youtube vids, i've listened to so many lectures, i've done every method out there, and im not saying i didn't get any results because i did, but very LITTLE results, it's like only third of my desires manifest, why can't i have the full thing? why must it be so hard for me? i've consumed so many info on loa and manifesting that i literally don't know which opinion i should believe, i've consumed so much but i still feel like i don't know much? i really hope im making sense (english isn't my first language im really sorry if i get mistakes), like i have so much info in my head, i read a blog and im like "i understand!!" and then i go to do what the blog said and then i get doubtful and scared that it won't work out or that it not the right thing and then i go back and read more, and every time i try to apply the things i read, i apply them for a couple of days (a day or two max) then get sad cause i don't see fast results like said in the blog and then go back to reading more blogs, im really sick of this cycle because i am not getting ANYWHERE, i want my full desires, and i want them fast and i know i can because i've done it before with other desires, but why is it so hard all of a sudden? i want to be able to also have a success story just like everyone else, but im so lost on manifesting even though i know so much and read so much, i know all the rules and all the methods, but when it comes to me actually manifesting i get lost and confused and then i go back to searching for more help, but the help never helps me, it makes everything worse.
i don't wanna have to keep looking at blogs and saying "i'll be able to do this some day", i want to read a blog and say "i do this so easily"
hi love! first of all, i just want you to know that this is a VERY common issue that a lot of people have struggled with. oftentimes we get caught up in the endless posts and amazing success stories, that we get lost and forget to apply everything we’ve learned. so here are some simple things you can do to fix this and get back on the right track!
i want u to check out this excellent post by @zen-shu that’ll help you get back to basics when you’ve over-consumed info. i then want you to read this very simplified explanation of manifestation.
i also STRONGLY recommend that you work on your self-concept and ONLY your self-concept for a period of time. you seem to have a very low concept of self, which is evident by you saying that you are scared, doubtful, and unsure of yourself even though you‘ve learned everything there is to know. a solid self-concept will make manifesting and having faith in yourself 10x easier.
you are also looking WAY too much to the 3d for validation for results. you say that you try and apply the info that you learn and after a day or two, you get sad and discouraged that you don’t see results. again this could be solved if you had a stronger concept of self, but i also want you to understand that the 3d conforms to YOU and your imagination... not the other way around. so stop reacting to the 3d and turn your focus inward to your imagination. simply know that you will get your desires no matter what so there’s no reason to stress about the 3d.
alright once you’ve read all those posts that i linked, i want you to literally log off of tumblr, and stop watching, reading, and listening to any manifestation content for a short (or long) period of time. your main problem seems to be over-consumption and this is the best way to solve it. also HAVE CONFIDENCE BABE!! you don't even need to consume more info bc you already know everything you need to know, and you are the MOST powerful and the ultimate creator of your reality. have faith in this fact!
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elysianslove · a year ago
hihi, can I request smth! Idk of this comply to your request rules cause I can't find it in your blog (sorry!!) The request is hc with Atsumu, Kuroo and Iwaizumi with an s/o that is considered a bitch by people. Like they don't let anyone walk all over them, people are scared of them but admire them esp in terms of academics but they're actually v loving and a big clumsy mess.
hii!! yeah i don’t really have a set of rules for requesting mainly cause i couldn’t think of any haha, but your request is more than okay! i’ve been obsessing nonstop over atsumu especially recently, and today wasn’t the best of days for me, so this was nice to write heh. thank you for requesting it. i hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
miya atsumu 
atsumu is obsessed w you
seriously, he is just enamored by you. the way you hold your ground and always stand up for yourself, never letting anyone saying anything about you pass by you, your presence so intimidating. he loves it so much. he’s especially fond of the way you’re not even a bitch, you’re just confident in who you are, and everything you’re good at.
he observes from afar at first, the way people shrink in comparison to you regardless of your height. your aura just seems so. powerful? he really wants to approach you, and because this is miya atsumu, the first thought that crosses his mind is this person needs to be mine <3 no he will not take criticism.
so he does. approaches you, introduces himself in a way like you’re already meant to know who he is and he’s just doing you a favor. his heart breaks into tiny little pieces when you just go, “sorry, but no.” 
like literally just that you don’t go in detail or anything. you just reject him so plain and simple it’s actually worse than a full fledged out angry rejection. osamu’s so impressed he ready to have you added to his future will. 
he grows on you, though, over time. atsumu’s so quitter, and your rejection had only spurred him on. he would’ve backed off, because is a consent king, as they all are and should be, but you’re always so prepared with a quip back at him and you never actually push him away. it’s like a flirty game of tug of war between you two. eventually, he asks you out again, and just for old time’s sake, you jokingly say no lmao. all blood drains from his face that you actually kinda feel bad.
generally, he’s very proud to have you as his s/o. he himself has dealt with people constantly being put off by him and his attitude, so to see you deal with it so well is kind of? encouraging? uplifting? yk? 
he also likes how people are both scared of you and admire you. like. he relates to them! you’re incredible! 
he’s always snickering when he sees a student approach you literally trembling like a leaf and asks for your help in something academics related. you always say yes, which is something that just. pinches at his heart. the student is also always so surprised at the fact that you’re willing to help. god. atsumu will never have enough of their reactions to you. 
when you grow more comfortable with each other, and he discovers what you’re truly like, the person you really are beneath, atsumu just straight up falls in love. he didn’t think you could be any more perfect for him, honestly. 
he’s loves the way people are so intimidated by you but he knows that just a few minutes ago you were doodling little hearts in his notebook. 
a part of him wants so many more people to be aware that sometimes you can trip over air, and that you’re not as elegant and stoic as everyone thinks you are, but then he’s reminded of the fact that only he knows you’re truly like this, and he shakes that part of him off. atsumu genuinely adores knowing this additional, secret part of you. he doesn’t think you’re fake at all for having what’s seemingly a facade. he just thinks not enough people know what you’re truly like, and that you’re a gem, truly. 
he’s also like weirdly obsessed with the two of you as a couple? he knows people are intimidated by him, and it’s so painfully obvious people are intimidated by you. he just. eats that shit up. 
he’d also be really supportive if it ever gets to you. super ready to fight anyone. he’ll always tell you “these fake bitches don’t matter babe we the only real ones 😼💯” god havejkdkd 
anyways i been fantasizing about having miya atsumu as my bf somebody help im going insane 
kuroo tetsurō
kuroo knows of you. everybody does. you’re like, exceptionally good at being one of the most talked about people and also being the most mysterious person in school. the duality has him heart eyes for you. 
what probably catches his attention is the way people talk about you, in general, but specifically regarding academics. he overhears a group of people like whispering to each other about you while you’re just standing there minding your own business. they’re just encouraging one of them to approach you and kuroo’s like hm ! let me butt in bc why not ! 
as a joke, he slides up next to you and points at the group of students and whispers, “they’re talking about you.” 
this obviously ticks you off and without looking back you stomp over to the students and just go, “if you have something to say about me say it to my face!” and kuroo’s just watching like ,,, damn that’s hot. the students are so confused and ten times more scared than they first were and one of them just squeaks out that they only wanted to ask for help and you just , “oh. okay! :D.” kuroo’s just ,,, he’s losing his damn mind. 
he finds you really interesting, honestly, the way you’re just so strong? like mentally especially. you’re really mature, and you have a strong sense of self. he admires that about you, and continues to love that even when you start dating. 
he does ask you out, and he’s a little surprised you said yes, he’s not gonna lie. but you did, from the first time, and he just took you out to a simple picnic date. it was very cute, and the whole time he made you laugh and you were a completely different person than what he had first seen and expected. 
he really likes the fact that you’re really confident in yourself in that you won’t let anyone step on you or walk all over you. like he just loves watching you hand someone’s ass to them because they decided they wanted to make a smart comment about you. seriously, he’s insanely in love with it. 
he realizes pretty quick that the only reason people are so thrown off by you or are scared to approach you is because no one really gives you a chance to be yourself? like they’re always expecting the worst from you, having heard all these terrible things about you that half aren’t even true, that they don’t even bother trying to get to know you. and that fact really bothers him a lot, he’s not gonna lie, because he believes you’re the best person he’s ever had the pleasure of meeting. 
he really loves that you don’t let it bother you though. he’s impressed with how it doesn’t matter if some friends turn out fake, because, in your words, “good riddance.” 
the two of you kind of feed off each other’s energies? like he’s super confident in himself, and so are you, so you two only benefit each other in your presences. 
to put it simply, kuroo is incredibly impressed with who you are as a person, and it warms his heart so much how you’re so incredible of a person in so many ways, in that you neither let anything pass you by, and in that you’re the cutest, kindest soul he knows. 
iwaizumi hajime
brat tamer #1 <3 
i think iwa genuinely doesn’t care. not about you! about the things people say. like he hears so many rumors about you and he’s like .... ok. oikawa’s always feeding them to him but he’s just? not bothered by it? doesn’t care? it’s irrelevant information for him anyways? 
but then. 
but then. 
he walks past a scene where he sees you just destroying this poor kid. you’re verbally destroying him. the kid’s buried six feet under at this point. you’re not even yelling, but the guy’s shrinking under your gaze and your words and iwazumi’s so mesmerized by the way you do it so flawlessly. you don’t stutter because you’re so sure of your words and so confident in your stance. iwazumi. hums in approval. like. hm. good for them. as they should. 
after that he starts paying more attention to anything he hears about you, because he wants to know more. he doesn’t know why. he just does. and then he hears all these different things like “they’re so good at everything they do they can’t be real” and “i would never speak to them if they were the last person on earth” like ? he’s so confused WHICH IS IT
so, because iwaizumi’s a pretty straightforward person, he approaches you. 
do not confuse this though, because iwa is a blushing and flustered mess as he asks you to hang out. he’s never done this before, and this is not his style, but he’s just so interested in who you are as a person he was doing it before he realized it happened. 
the way you react is so? sweet? 
it’s so different than that day he saw you murdering that guy for talking smack, you seem so light and loving he actually feels his heart beat a little too fast in his chest. 
as his s/o, iwaizumi likes that he can trust you with yourself. like a part of him will always have that protective side to him, because that’s just the person iwa is, and he’ll always feel the need to step up and speak for you. but another part of him is really amazed by the way you can and are so able of speaking up for yourself. he feels really proud at the lack of insecurity. 
he also feels really smug about being with you. because he knows people are intimidated by him, and especially by you, but now that you’re together, he feels untouchable, and he knows you are too. he likes that feeling of power a little too much. 
if you ever step out of line at some point, iwaizumi will definitely let you know. he’ll point it out, and if you resist, he knows how to get you down off the pedestal. he’s had brat taming training for years lmao 
but he doesn’t think you’re a brat, not at all. in fact, he thinks you’re the sweetest person ever. he loves the versatility of your personality and attitude, in that you’re not just black and white and there’s so much more to you, there’s always grey in between. he likes that you’re endlessly dimensional and that he’s always learning something new about you. 
he especially loves the side of you that’s so soft spoken. it’s so endearing to him how you’re one moment so angry you could murder someone in cold blood but then all of a sudden you’re pinching his cheeks and kissing the tip of his nose telling him how cute he is. 
yeah iwa really loves you hehe <3
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all-about-seggs · 11 months ago
False Love-
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rating: ❌ 18+, Explicit ❌
Pairing- Timeskip! Yandere Oikawa Tooru x fem reader
Word count- 1.8 K
Warnings- Aphrodisiacs, fingering, dub-con, vaginal sex, Oikawa is delusional and sad.
A/n: This is my fic for the Valentine's day Collab that @ultimate-astridwriting hosted. I hope I was able to live up to their expectations (ᗒᗩᗕ).
Tumblr media
Roaming around the busy streets of Palermo, ginormous heart shaped props occupying the narrow lane paints Oikawa's vision in scarlet. Love is in the air, as they say, was quite literally true for the beautiful city of Argentina.
In the midst of giggling couples and warm twinkling lights, the annoyed click of his tongue gets drowned out; Unnoticed ;making him recognise his own solitude.
Normally he'd have hoards of girls vying for his attention, trying to take him to their place but maybe it was because of his age, or the mountain of experience with the momentary flings that made him want to search for something deeper.
He used to be fine with superficiality of his relationships, the repeated cycle of getting himself off of any faceless women who came onto him then forgetting her existence the next day was fulfilling in itself. Afterall, his career has always taken priority.
Though the last remaining brain cells of his body tries to rationalise the situation he is getting himself in, Oikawa had already decided what kind of connection he wanted and and was just going to let himself have that. Selfishness is not something he ever disliked anyway.
He felt no need to hide his disdain, Oikawa wasn't one to be subtle about his pettiness either, that's why the contrasting emotions of his own, clashing with the jubilant ones of his surrounding annoyed him to no end.
The chocolates wrapped up neatly in his hand felt heavy, causing his fingers to tremble slightly. It wasn't the weight of the box but what he intended to do with the said item that made his insides twist with excitement.
Yes. It was excitement. Happiness and pure bliss that he felt when he rang the doorbell of your modest appartment in the costal side of the city. Despite having the sea right next to your place, the cold February air still made you shiver as you opened the door to see Oikawa standing at your doorsteps, all smiles with a dash of extra in his typical 'hand on the hip' pose.
Surprised wouldn't even being to describe your current state of shock. You spend the next few seconds just starting at his ever confident form before his voice brings you back to your senses.
" Yooohooo~ babe, I'm sure I don't look 'that' good. I just finished with practice so my hair's probably a mess right now", he continued on with his cheery tone,
" Come on, It's not like you have anyone else to spend Valentine's with, so why not just let me in already and look", dangling the expensive looking bag in front of your eyes, his expression took on a slightly sinister turn in their features, the kind that went away as soon as they appeared not leaving any trace of its original condescending vibes.
" I made these chocolates for you", emphasizing on the made part he stares right into your eyes, as if waiting for his well earned praise. Heaving a sigh of defeat you release the door know you didn't knew you had in a death grip, opening the door completely in a gesture to usher him inside.
Oikawa quickly makes himself at home, plopping down on your couch with his long legs stretched.
This was the first time you had seen him after the rejection of the high in demand position of his girlfriend. The face he made when you turned him down was of utter disbelief so much so that you almost reconsidered your decision. But you weren't that wishy washy in your opinions and his was a type you made sure to ignore.
You were aware of his salty personality and the habit of holding grudges, so you thought after that fateful day he'd ignore you like the plague, but for all his arrogance Oikawa's face was the epitome of gleeful.
" Soooo", starting off with an awkward note you casually try to sit on the furthest arm chair from the couch Oikawa was currently occupying and tried to ask what exactly was he expecting out of his current visit but he quickly cut you off by his own booming voice.
" Before all that, why don't you try these?", Pointing to the chocolates he starts unwrapping them, as he pulls the decorative ribbon, two rows of brown, heart shaped delicacies appeared.
"Don't be shy, I made these for you afterall", he remarked, pushing the box on your side of the table.
You didn't think much of it, afterall, 'making' chocolates just means buying store bought ones and just melting them into different shapes right?
Popping one small cube in your mouth you let it dissolve, your taste buds filling up with the sweetness of the treat. Just as it finished you heard Oikawa speak again.
"You probably know why I'm here, but I'll tell you again", readjusting his posture, he sits straight, both the look in his eyes and tone taking a more serious turn.
" I thought about why turned me down that day and I finally realised......You were just scared weren't you?", rather than upset he sounded relieved as he continued with self assuredness ,
" Of commitment? Or because of my job? Either way I can already assure you that I was already prepared to put you above everything else if the situation calls for it".
You were just sitting, listening to his outrageous conclusions when you felt your heartbeat increase. The sweaty palms of your hand to the moistness in your core, your entire body started reacting in ways you'd never experience before.
"You thought that I'd keep our relationship on the back burner and only focus on my career? You were just lonely weren't you?", With every passing second his delusional words seemed to work with more and more intensity that didn't helped your hyperventilating state at all.
"And you rejected me because you didn't wanted to have an absent boyfriend right? So in reality-", by the time he finished he was already in front of you, the fire in the depths of your core made your mind hazy and eyes unfocused. You wanted to ask what was happening or what he put in those chocolates but forming any coherent words was a feat on its own in your current condition.
He smoothly takes one of your burning hand in his cool ones, the contact making you instantly lean onto him for more. You're sitting in a daze when he pulls you up from the arm chair and places you on his lap back on the longer couch.
In your already aroused state, the soft strokes of Oikawa's fingers on your scalp made you succumb further into the need for release as you sit on his lap with your head resting against his shoulder. The room was now quite safe for his soothing voice that came from right about your head.
"You love me right?", the words that come out of his mouth in the heated moment betrayed all his attempts at feigned composure. He may have spiked the chocolates with some sort of aphrodisiacs but the way your heart hurted after hearing this made it seem more like a love potion.
With his barely audible voice they sounded almost like a plea, another desperate measure to get what he wanted.
Before you could even notice, your vision tilts and you find yourself pinned to the couch, with Oikawa hovering right above you. His hands on your sweatpants, lowering them all the way to your ankles. And the weirdest thing?
You didn't wanted him to stop.
Not when he spread you out completely in front of him. Not when he was shamelessly staring at your naked pussy with a maniacal glint in his eyes and definitely not when he shoved two of his thick digits up your leaking pussy that covered his entire palm in your slick at the slightest of contact.
Your soft walls clenching around his fingers was all he needed before he stared unzipping his own pants. He gazed at your panting body while he pulled his cock out, flipping you on your stomach with your ass up and face shoved down.
You barely cared about anything but getting fucked good at this point when you heard some rumbling behind you, as soon as Oikawa was done putting on a condom he lined himself up against your entrance.
Not wasting any more time he slips past your folds until he is buried to the hilt. The feeling of being stretched out and filled to the brim coaxed out a few lewd moans from your mouth.
Your slick was enough to make Oikawa pick up a hard and fast pace, your entire body shook with every thrust of his. He kept his hands on your waist, pushing himself as deep as he can before pulling out until only the tip remains. Your own orgasm started building up with his every action.
His member throbbed against your insides and the moans that slipped past his gritted teeth indicated he already came but his cock showed no signs of softening as he kept going with his brutal pace.
You bury your head sideways, tongue lolling out and covering the fabric beneath it in your drool as Oikawa lodges his cock further into your pussy from behind. He moves in and out of you with ease, the slick from both your pussy and his previous release was more than enough to keep his memeber going.
Gripping your ass cheek in one hand, he trails his other one in between your thighs. Quickly his digits grazes your clit, the pressure they added along with the heavy thrusts pulled you closer to the edge. The anticipation of your impending release was all your lust laden head could think about the feeling of ecstasy that you desperately needed.
The intensity of your orgasm made your eyes roll back, and if it wasn't him holding you firmly in place, you probably would've fell down the couch. With your entire body shaking your panted heavily from your mouth to calm yourself.
Oikawa doesn't make any attempt to pull out or move and even after your breathing becomes even his member is still lodged deep inside you. He gently starts gyrating his hips against your pussy again and it becomes obvious that you weren't the only one under the effects of aphrodisiacs.
As cum trickles down your inner thighs, all you could decipher was the overwhelming bolts of pleasure Oikawa's cock provided and the sounds of your skin smacking against eachother's.
With his hands on both of your sides, he lowers himself down until your back was flush against his toned chest, his raspy voice rumbled through your ear as he spoke in a dark possessive tone,
"Don't forget..... we are in love"
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cyborg-franky · 3 months ago
8 or 13 from the love prompt list with (pre-timeskip) franky preeeetty pleeeeaaase? If reader could be only 4ft tall would be even better bc that's roughly my size...don't Worry I'm almost 26, not a child! I have Short dark blonde curls, Grey eyes... I really hope I didn't Already send a request or anything to you because I don't want to be annoying and the description of myself is pretty unique and you would probably know it was me...sorry for rambling I'm not feeling so good atm and really am starved for some good franky reading material. Sorry for bothering you pls don't be mad
Hi bean! I only write OC/Self insert type things as comissions so this one I will do but it will be generic reader!
Franky x GN Reader SFW Prompt: An accidental kiss that confuses you both, but only a moment pass before you crash your lips back against each other's Word Count:
Tumblr media
- You were so small he felt he needed to protect you a lot. - No matter where the crew went he had you with him. - You tried to tell him you didn’t need it but secretly you loved how the loud and confident man just wanted to baby you. - You felt loved when he carried you around on his shoulder. - People joked about the smallest human on the crew with one of the biggest - You worried he didn’t consider you in a romantic sense - But that didn’t stop you wishing he would
“Hold still Franky!” You huffed at the cyborg as you tried to get something out of the bright blue hair. He was sat down cross legged as you tried to pick out the leaves that had fallen from the tree.
“Ouch!” Franky cried out when you pulled a stick from his hair.
“I thought you didn’t have feeling anywhere but your back?” You leaned back to give him a look, he peered over his shades at you, laughing as you stood on his knee to get a better reach.
“I remember it would have hurt? I don’t know what to tell you babe other then I’m just dramatic” Franky grinned at you, an eyebrow waggled, you rolled your eyes as you pulled the rest of the fallen foliage from his hair.
“Dramatic is right”
You tried to clamber down from the large man but slipped, a large hand grabbed you before you fell, your face bumped against his, lips touching for just a moment, the bumped had skewed his shades and you could see his wide-eyed stare in return.
Well, you thought, since you were this close it was now or never, right? You closed your eyes and pressed your lips forcefully against his, letting him know that despite the accidental peck you wanted to kiss him, you wanted to feel him love you back.
Strong arms held you closer as Franky let you deepen the kiss, pulling away your cheeks flushed pink. “So, I like you”
“Right back atcha babe!”
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nejiscorpse · 3 months ago
Guessing Naruto Characters' Moon Signs
Here's what moon signs I think the Konoha kids, Sasuke, and the Suna kids might have based off of my surface-level knowledge of astrology and Google :3
Don't take this too seriously and tell me your thoughts! Think you know anime characters' personalities better than I do? >:) Also, you should look up what a moon sign is before reading this if you don't know.
This is my first post and I'll do ascendant signs next so stay tuned babes <3
Capricorn Moon - Neji, Sai
> comes across as calm, collected, cold, and unexpressive. they tend to distance themselves from others for the sake of self-mastery and discipline. they are capable, resilient, reserved, intelligent, sarcastic, critical, organized, strong-willed, moody, responsible, and traditional. that's not to say that they don't feel anything.
Aquarius Moon - Shino, Temari
> comes across as sociable, independent, and unique. they tend to be detached and often need space. being open-minded, imaginative, deep thinkers, they love freedom and equality. they're creative, observant, and caring and might think of themselves as "different" or be treated as such.
Pisces Moon - Hinata
> comes across as kind, sensitive, and empathetic. they feel emotions deeply and are very intuitive, tending to be shy and indecisive. they're big daydreamers and might have a love for things whimsical or romantic. some might struggle with courage but are observant and sound in judgement. (My moon is in Pisces lol.)
Aries Moon - Choji, Sakura
> comes across as optimistic, energetic, and short-tempered. tending to be impulsive and passionate, they love new experiences and action. some see them as "the life of the party". they are initiative and likeable by most, making great leaders.
Taurus Moon - Shikamaru, Kankuro
> comes across as calm, determined, and dreamy. they're intuitive, sensual, stubborn but patient, nurturing, love stability, love being pampered, and are known for being pleasure-seekers. they dislike change and are usually described as lazy or slow-moving. they just have a very methodical way of going about things.
Gemini Moon - Kiba
> comes across as charming, quick-witted and curious. they leave impressions such as being sociable, optimistic, and communicative. talented with their words and intellectual, they don't mind friendly bantering and just love talking in general. they might lack in organization and monitoring their emotions, making them prone to anxiety, overthinking and feeling misunderstood.
Cancer Moon - Gaara
> comes across as caring, sensitive and nurturing. they're devoted, emotional, "mom of the friend group" types due to their sympathy, intuition, and love for familiarity and security. they're committed and protective but might be touchy-feely or manipulative if not careful. lowkey yandere?
Leo Moon - Lee
> comes across as expressive, generous, charismatic, and sincere. they have great ambitions and philosophies making them confident, goal-oriented, charming and magnetic. they're loyal, adventurous, vibrant and dramatic having big hearts but could end up being self-centered if not careful.
Virgo Moon - Tenten
> comes across as reliable, down-to-earth, and wholesome. they're productive, organized, and detailed individuals that might get anxious, insecure, or have a lack of self esteem. they can be easily stressed and skeptical due to their love for perfection and sense of purpose. they love routine, realism, and order making them great for leading positions.
Libra Moon - Ino
> comes across as charming, elegant, and irresistible. they can be gentle, flirty, sympathetic, well-mannered, charismatic, adaptable, diplomatic, and fair-minded. they might be dependent on others, forgetful, or even vain or self-indulgent. they make great conversationalists and negotiators. (remember her seducing Neji? lol)
Scorpio Moon - Sasuke
> comes across as mysterious, intense, and intimidating. they're determined, perceptive, competitive, intelligent, observant, passionate, and sensual. they can be controlling, obsessive, or vulnerable, feeling their emotions very strongly and having an all-or-nothing attitude.
Sagittarius Moon - Naruto
> comes across as friendly, honest, and driven. these guys are independent, outspoken, warm-hearted, witty, easily bored and adventurous. they're often seen as optimistic and energetic with a sense of humor. if not careful they might set their expectations too high, be too impulsive, too uncommitted, or too carefree.
{posted on October-13-2021} ...I did this instead of my laundry :p
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xstrawberryboyx · a year ago
Yandere ocs
So I figured I should show them off..and make stories for them cause this idea won't escape my mind no matter what. Please be gentle on them
All artwork is made on picrew I don't own any of it
As far as they go I'm accepting request, questions for the characters to answer and just questions about them and if you just wanna talk to them you can via ask
Warning: contains both sfw and nsfw headcanons..also these boys are yanderes so they are kinda toxic
Tumblr media
Gentle giant
I'm not kidding he's 6'3"
Half japanese half american
Is a college student studying to be a doctor
Just the sweetest sweetheart
He comes across as ditzy though
He is the mom of any friend group
Will spoil his darling with affection and love
Best hubby vibes for sure
Works himself to death to provide for you both
Will give you all the headpats
"you're so sweet, a perfect angel"
Got his scar from his childhood
Loves sweets
Likes to make you lunch shaped as animals
Wholesome boy
Will never hurt you
Can be strict about self care
But completely forgets about his own self-care
Works so hard to please you
Makes sure you are never sad or anything
Tumblr media
As far as his yandere side
He isn't the type to get violent but is definitely the emotional manipulation type
Will make his darling seem absolutely insane
"sweetie, you shouldn't leave be logical here"
He will make his darling question their own decision making
In his eyes you are too fragile for the outside world
Listen to him, he is only trying to protect you
Doesn't like it when you fight him
Prefers a sweet darling but if you are a hothead he'll love you just as much...though your fighting and struggling will be a challenge
Will drug you if that's what it takes to keep you calm
"Just listen to me, okay? Why would you ever need to think or make your own choices when you have me?"
Definitely has a low sex drive more of a cuddler
But when he wants it he's such a gentleman about it
Will seduce you with a nice meal first before asking to make love
He will never force you to though cause he knows what that feels like
Can spend hours kissing you
Definitely has a kink for purity
If you act super innocent he just can't help but pull you into his lap and love up on you
Doesn't do any feral sex unless you've pushed him past his breaking point.
Is a switch so if you want to top him he'll allow it but he is far more comfortable being the dom
Tumblr media
Hikaru, 21
Young and famous model
Full japanese
Comes from a family full of actors
Flamboyant as hell will actually crossdress if he wants to cause fuck gender roles
Monster Dick energy
He comes across as loud and hyper
Seems super sweet and bubbly
Loves to dress up his darling in cute clothes and spoil them when they are well behaved
"look at my adorable baby! Oh you're such a cutie!"
Is a strawberry milk boba drinker(*cough* like me *cough*)
Will take you on shopping dates if you are good
Is the type to flaunt his credit cards
Tumblr media
Is actually a degrading king
He isn't the nicest yandere
Will kill an entire army if he has to
Will degrade the absolute hell out of his darling to break your self esteem and self worth
"baby, who else will want you? Honestly darling do you think anyone else actually cares about someone as worthless as you?"
Kinky as fuck
Has a bad temper
Don't piss him off or he will hurt you
"why would you ever need to leave! The only one who cares about you is me! Everyone else will just use you and throw you away!"
Is the type to try and make his darling as clingy as possible
Wants a housewife type darling no matter the gender
Wants to come home to an obedient lover ready to give him a kiss, dinner, and a BJ
Always wants to love up on you and have you in his arms
Will be grouchy if he sees you getting too confident in your looks
He fears that if you have too much self confidence you're going to leave him
"what are you wearing? It's absolutely hideous. Hmm? I bought that? Huh you must have looked cute in it then but right now you kinda look like a pig"
All in all he's a brat
If you try and dom him he will absolutely fight back and it will lead to some feral sex
Tumblr media
Axis, 18
100% blind
full japanese
Despite not being able to see he doesn't need a cane or anything
Though he likes it when you offer to hold his hand in public
Works at home as an artist
Is really good at it and had some of his work in museums
Like spicy foods
Like super dumb
"hey, babe is tomato sauce a smoothie? Or maybe it's like jelly..but made out of like tomatoes"
Is basically a puppy
Can't keep his hands off you
Is always kissing and loving you
Praise giving king
Has hightened senses so he definitely remembers your smell and how you walk
Always has to be with you
Tumblr media
Never leave
He can't handle it
Is the exact opposite of hikaru
Makes it seem like he will actually die without you
"don't leave! Please! I'm helpless without you! [Y/n]! Don't leave me by myself!"
Will make you quit your job
Will make you move in with him
Acts pathetic when you even mention leaving
Hugs your leg and sobs hard
Has fake fallen many times to get you to think he truly is helpless without you
Will have a screaming tantrum if you walk out the door
Just painful screams and sobs while he claws his own face and body out of absolute insanity
Will keep doing that until you come back to him
"s-see, I'm helpless without you. I'll die without you, I need you so please..stay with me forever"
As far as sex..
He is definitely cries during it
Loves you so much that he is just sobbing while fucking you cause you feel so good and he loves you and-
Is like a dog in heat
Loves just feeling all over your body
Sex with him usually lasts many rounds and involves him humping you to death while he sobs and drools all over you
Will sub for you if you want him to
Will honestly do anything you want as long as you are touching him
Tumblr media
Prince, 24
Horny 24/7
Full Korean but moved to Japan shortly after birth
Gained his name out of a magazine..thanks mom and dad
Works as a bartender
Usually a one night stand kind of guy but with you it's different
Loves sloppy kisses and cuddles
Bad boy
Aka he pretends to be a bad boy but is actually a softie who loves dogs and long walks on the beach
Goofy as hell
Loves to make you laugh
He isn't used to having a real relationship so be easy on him
Doesn't like restricting you and lets you do basically anything you want
Of course you belong to him though so no doing crazy things
Like to take you to work with him and gives you free drinks
Definitely has a fan girl club
The word sex escapes his mouth every three seconds
Sex with him is usually amazing
He's knows exactly what he's doing
As long as you love him it's all good
Tumblr media
The moment you try to break up with him or distance yourself he loses it
"huh? Huh huh huh huh?! You're kidding yeah?! Stop joking around"
Gets hella paranoid and locks you in his house while pacing around not sure what to do
Will kill for you like absolutely will slaughter someone if they get too close to you
He changes so dramatically it's hard to see him as the same laid back flirty guy
He gets tense and panicked
"you can't leave okay?! Don't even try to ask!"
Will start to calm down if he sees you are accepting your fate
Thinks sex will solve his problems
"you just need to see how much of a man I am yeah?! Then you'll stay right?! Of course you will!"
Spirals out of control
You belong to him in his eyes so you can't ever leave
Clearly has abandonment issues
Will try to do whatever he can to make you happy though
Want it and he will get it
just stay with him and he will be okay
Will try and do whatever he can to make you just as obsessed with him as he is for you
Clearly doesn't have experience in loving someone
He's not used to wanting someone to stay with him so he takes drastic measures to assure you never leave
Even tries getting you pregnant or making you disabled to make you make no choice but to stay
Tumblr media
Yuki, 21
Not picking favorites buuut-
Sleepy boy
Oddly enough is super athletic and strong..despite not working out
Half japanese half american
Responds with sounds or very few words
Forked tongue- not given to him by choice
Owns a tattoo and piercing shop
Despite this he doesn't own any tattoos
Loves to put his head on your lap or stomach
Prefers chubbier lovers but honestly will love you regardless
Will sleep the entire day without eating if you let him
Doesn't like speaking but if he has to he will
Hates any sort of loud noise, has sensitive senses
Is pretty lazy but if he has to do it he will.. though he will make random grunts and grumbles the entire time while pouting
More of a cat than a person
Quite moody
Only you're allowed to touch him
Anyone else who does he'll glare at and act cold towards
Likes to hug you from behind and lean against you no matter your height
If you're shorter than him expect him to put his chin on your head
If you are taller he's nuzzling his face in your back and taking in your smell
Can't cook to save his life
Almost burnt the house down cause he fell asleep while cooking
It's fine cause he eats microwave dinners and snacks from the convience store
Low sex drive
The king of sleepy sex
Usually all sex with him is slow,teasing and just filled with sleepy praise and compliments
Unless he's jealous or stressed then it's just rough fucking
Doesn't really act like a yandere at all.. buuut-
Tumblr media
Honestly thought you two were dating this whole time
What do you mean you two aren't a couple
No no sweetheart you two were dating the moment he laid eyes on you
If you try to break this fantasy he will shut it down
"we're dating."
Try and say no and he will not be able to handle it
All his delusions keep him from breaking down but if you absolutely say that you two aren't dating he will snap
"stop talking, we are dating. So stop lying"
Doesn't like the thought of kidnapping but he will do it if he must
Will even work from home if he has to
He isn't really a violent type so he won't kill for you but he will absolutely spread lies and use blackmail to get what he wants
All your friends and family think that you eloped with him and never want to see them again
It's better for you both if you just play along with his games
Will definitely tattoo his name on you
He won't ever gag you cause he likes to hear your voice but if you try to scream he honestly won't know what to do
The loudness makes him tear up and he just covers your mouth with your hands begging you to stop
"It hurt. Too Loud. Please."
He just wants to love you he doesn't see what he's doing wrong
He just wants to be with you forever so be good and don't fight him
Is definitely the stalker and stealing clothes type
Will make a nest of all your things that smell like you and he'll just lay in it being in absolute peace
Has scared any and all potential lovers away
Mostly through blackmail
He is easily jealous but pretends not to be
As soon as you walk into the house he is there to smell you to see if you smell different
If you do you are taking a shower with him immediately
If not then yay cool cuddles and kisses
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moonstruckholland · a year ago
Can We Go Back To Bed? (t.h)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Word count: 2,497
Warnings: angst, fluff if you squint, flashbacks
A/N: this was supposed to come out a couple of months ago 😅 but here she is, the first one shot of my Cosmic Soul series! Shout out to @fangirlwithasweettooth and @hollandsamor for being amazing and reading this over for me! I really hope y'all like it 💕
Tom had never felt as far from you as he did lying next to you tonight.
Lying next to you was honestly a bit of an overstatement. With the way you were laying, there was enough space between you to fit a whole other person on the bed. You were curled up on your side, so close to the edge, Tom was worried with one wrong move you’d just roll onto the floor. He considered reaching out, moving next you, but for the first time since you started dating he was truly scared of being rejected, of the pain he knew he'd feel if you pulled away from him.
He wanted nothing more than to touch you, kiss you, anything. He just wanted to feel close to you. Instead he quietly got up, careful not to wake you as he made his way out the room, the whole night replaying in his head.
Everything was off from the moment he walked through the door.
“Princess? I'm home!"
Flowers in hand, he walked through the apartment, looking for you. He heard a door open and a soft, “Tom?” come from the bathroom as he set his luggage down in your bedroom.
“I’m here, baby.”
You poked your head out of the doorway, hair wet and matted, a towel wrapped around your body, “Tom! Hi!”
He had expected you to run up to him and jump into his arms, like you always did before.
Instead, you casually walked over, kissing his cheek as if he hadn't been gone for months, "You didn't tell me you were coming home!"
He hadn't thought much about in the moment, but now, he could tell something was just wrong.
He knew something would be different, that was the price that came with being gone for months at a time. But not with you.
You'd always been a constant for Tom, giving him a wonderful sense of security he lacked in his hectic life. He knew no matter he could count on coming home to your warm and loving embrace.
Or at least he did.
The rest of the night had been just as weird as when he came in. You had your normal movie marathon like you did every time Tom came home, but this time around that feeling that you were out of reach was in the back of Tom's head.
You were too far, barely touching him, and you sure as hell didn't say a word to him. The normal joking around was gone, replaced with silence despite the sounds of the movie surrounding the both of you.
You had asked him questions every once in a while, about his flight, if he was tired or hungry. If he hadn't been paying too much attention, he would've thought it was just you being your normal, caring self, but it was too polite, like he was just someone visiting.
He couldn't stop dwelling on it no matter how hard he tried and that's how he found himself walking around the apartment, coming to realize it just as different as you were.
It was all little things and maybe if he didn't feel the need to look so closely, he probably never would've noticed, but he couldn't help it now.
There were flowers everywhere, fake ones in pretty vases all around because the real ones made you sad when they inevitably died. Tom could almost picture how excited you must've been setting up each vase and how long it probably took you to decide where to put them because you were such a perfectionist.
The blankets and pillows on the couch were different too, cute little sayings stitched into each one, and Tom wondered when you'd gotten then. You used to always tell him when you got new things. When was the last time you'd mentioned going to Hobby Lobby or Target?
What stuck out to Tom the most were the pictures you had. Some of the old pictures of the two of you were replaced with people he'd never seen before, he assumed co-workers, though he couldn't recall you telling him about anyone in the photos with you.
He felt a pang of guilt. How much had he missed?
He finally came across a familiar picture, one Harrison had taken of the two of you when you weren't looking the day you moved into this apartment together. You and Tom were smiling goofily at each other, pulling out things from a box on the floor.
Tom couldn't help smiling as he thought back to that day, to how happy you were.
"Tommy, baby, you have to be careful carrying that box. It has all our plates and I don't think you're gonna want to eat off a napkin." You warned him as you watched him carry the heavy box on his own, despite you and Haz both offering to help.
"I'll be careful, princess, I promise," he said confidently before somehow tripping over his own feet and hitting the wall, the plates clattering loudly
Tom looked back to see you rolling your eyes as if you knew he would do exactly that. He quickly put the box down on the floor, finding the box cutter on the kitchen counter and opening it up to make sure he hadn't broken anything.
He let out a sigh of relief before yelling out, "They're all okay!"
You shook your head at him, but Tom could see a smile on your face as you tried not to laugh.
You approached him, mumbling something about putting the plates away before Tom could break them.
Harrison was behind you, carrying a box without any complications, "It's not too late for me to take him back, y/n."
"I might just take you up on that, Haz."
"Hey!" Tom pouted, "You don't mean that do you, baby?"
You wrapped your arms around him, standing up on your tippy toes to plant a big kiss on his cheek, "Never, honey, I don't know what I'd do without you."
He put a hand on your waist, pressing a kiss to your lips before saying, "Good thing you're stuck with me then."
You were about to say something when you were rudely off by Haz throwing a napkin at you, "Oi, you two, come help me unpack your things please."
You pulled away from Tom, your laughter filling the room as you went to help. Tom watched, a warmth filling him as he thought about how lucky he was to be living this with you.
'What happened?’ He wondered with a sigh, the fond memories fading, leaving him with an achy feeling in his chest as he plopped down on the couch.
The sound of the bedroom door opening startled him, pulling him out of thoughts completely.
“Baby?” You shuffled over to him sleepily, eyes squinting at the bright light, “What are you doing up so late?”
“Couldn’t sleep.”
You nodded, taking a seat beside him, laying your head on the soft cushion.
“What’s wrong, Tommy?”
Tommy. It was a nickname he had grown to love over the years.
“My Tommy,” you’d always say, usually right caressing his face fondly or pressing your lips to his.
He hadn’t realized just how much he missed hearing it or how long it’d been since the last time it came from your lips.
He didn't answer your question, looking down at his fingers. What was he supposed to say? "Hey, babe, I feel like our relationship is falling apart and I was wondering if you felt the same?"
No, he absolutely couldn't say that, but he couldn't just not say anything at all.
You gently touched his face, grabbing his drifting attention once more, "Baby, talk me. What's going on?"
He debated with his thoughts for a moment longer, before finally deciding to work up the courage to speak what was on his mind.
"I miss you."
You gave him a little smile, "I'm right here, silly."
"Are you?"
One question and Tom started to wonder if he should've kept his mouth shut, the hurt and confusion that immediately came over your face causing his heart to ache more than he thought was possible.
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"Y/n, you're sitting right in front me and I still feel like you're a million miles away."
You were speechless, not expecting those words to come out of his mouth.
"I, um, I don't know what you mean," you stammered out quickly, clearly lying.
Of course you knew what he meant, how could you not? A feeling of remorse flooded your body, you knew you'd been a bit distant, but you didn't know it'd been this bad or noticable.
It'd been so long since you really got to talk to Tom, both of you swamped with work and social lives, your paths barely crossed anymore. Before you knew it, your once amazing relationship, full of great communication, had been reduced to superficial and empty conversations.
"You don't? So nothing feels different between us right now?"
"I don't know what to say, Tom," you sat up, as if to get a better look at him, but you didn't meet his eyes, "Yes, something's different. Did you expect everything to be exactly the way you left it months ago?"
"No, I just," he ran his fingers through his hair, and you could tell he was choosing his words carefully, "I wish you cared more."
'Fuck,' it was like being punched in the gut. Tom meant the absolute world to you and for him to think you didn't care? It broke your heart.
"I care, Tom," you practically whispered, your voice full of sadness.
He didn't say a word, nodding instead, as if he wasn't convinced.
You sat in silence, for what felt like forever, just staring at everywhere but each other before Tom finally said something.
"Do you remember when you, Haz, Z, and I would get super drunk and stay up all night playing Mario Kart?"
You smiled, for a second you could almost imagine the four of you sitting on the couch, yelling and laughing, having the time of your lives, "As if I could ever forget, even drunk I could kick all of your asses.”
"That’s because you would always cheat!"
"I would not!"
Tom jokingly rolled his eyes, and for a moment the tension was gone. You were back to normal, all of your fears and worries ceased to exist. It was like you’d gone back to a time where things were simpler.
The illusion came crashing down the second you softly and very sadly said, "I miss those days."
Tom almost wanted to agree with you, to continue to remicine the past with you and go back to the feeling of ease the two of you had just seconds ago. Instead he asked, "What are we going to do?"
You didn't meet his eyes, "I don't know."
“I think I should stop working for a while, take some time off.”
For a moment, a part of you considered what that would mean. Tom would be home more often, you could actually see him, spend time with him. That was the same part of you that wanted to beg him to stay every time he had to leave. It was begging you to encourage him, telling you it’d be the perfect opportunity to rekindle your relationship.
Another part of you knew better though. It’d be selfish to ask Tom to flush all his hard work down the drain for you. You weren’t worth his career.
“No, absolutely not,” letting the latter side fuel you, “Babe, you can’t just stop working.”
“Why not?”
"You've worked so hard, I’m not going to let you throw that away for me."
'I'm not worth it,' is what your mind was practically yelling at him. You truly believed you weren't. You were just one person, how could you compare to the years of work and effort he'd put into his career?
"Do you love me?"
The question almost caught you off guard, of course you loved him, a lack of love for the man standing in front of you was definitely not the problem.
"More than anything."
"Then, please, angel, let me do this."
Tom had a look in eyes, one full of determination and you knew he had already made up his mind, but you couldn't help feeling like you had to convince him otherwise.
"Acting is your dream, Tom."
“No, you and I,” he motioned between the two of you, tears starting to well up in his eyes, “together. That’s my dream.”
"I don't want to lose you."
"Hey," you grabbed his face gently, using your thumbs to caress his face soothingly, wiping his tears away, "I'm not going anywhere."
"I'm not ready, baby, I'm not,” he choked on a sob, heavy tears falling freely down his face now.
You didn't say anything, you just wrapped your arms around him, holding him tight against your chest. You hoped your actions spoke the words you wanted to speak, but didn’t know how. You loved Tom more than anything and seeing him hurting, seeing your relationship fail first hand was killing you.
You started crying as the full extent of the situation finally hit you. Your relationship was failing. It was failing and you didn’t know what to do or how to fix it.
You felt like you couldn't breathe, like there was something heavy, crushing you. You were glad to have Tom there, his presence the only comfort you had at the moment.
You weren’t sure how long you stayed like that in each other’s arms, your sobs eventually turning to soft cries before stopping all together, finally letting you catch your breath.
Tom untangled himself from you, his puffy eyes meeting yours, "Can we go back to bed?"
"Of course, Tommy."
You wiped the remaining tears off his face, then the ones on your own, before grabbing his hand and gently leading him back to your room, back to your bed, back to where he belonged.
You climbed in right after him, immediately settling into your designated spot in his arms, your back against his chest, his arms wrapped around your waist. It was almost normal.
Silence engulfed you immediately, leaving only the sound of your soft breaths and the loud rain outside.
There was so much you wanted to say, but you were scared. Everything was falling apart right in front of your eyes and the thought of admitting it terrified you. Almost as much as the thought of losing Tom all together.
But you knew that if you didn’t speak up now, there might not be another opportunity to. There might not be a relationship left to save.
So, you worked up the courage to lace your fingers through his, holding onto him tightly because in some ways your life did depend on it and you whispered, "I'm not ready to wake up either."
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allegra-writes · a year ago
Trivia Night
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harrison Osterfield x Reader
General audiences
Warnings: None
Just a little drabble based on a dream I had. Blame it on @tomsrebeleyebrow she encourages the insanity. Such a bad influence, honestly *shakes head dissaprovingly* 😂💖
It was loud inside the pub, and your table was probably the loudest of all. Trivia was almost over and you knew your team at the very least had to be coming pretty fucking close to winning. The price wasn't much, just the tab, and that sum of money meant nothing to the people sitting with you, but the boys were very competitive. And to tell the truth, so where you after a couple of pints… and you had definitely had way more than that. 
It was the very first trivia night you had been invited to, and to be honest you had been a little nervous to meet with all of Harrison's closest friends at once. It had been unnecessary, since they had all been kind and welcoming, but you knew that if you helped them finally win first place, they were going to love you forever. And your boyfriend's mates approval meant a lot to you. For once in your life, the tons of useless knowledge and obscure sci-fi references you possessed might be able to actually help your love life. It was unheard of and it made you very excited.
"Ok, so last question" Sam read, voice slightly slurred, "'This fictional intelligence agency features heavily on the Marvel cinematic universe. What does its acronym stand for: a, Special Headquarters Investigating Enhanced Logistic Department; b, Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division; or c, Strategic Headquarters Investigating the Enforcement of Logistics Division?"
You watched Tom's alcohol reddened face drain of all it's color as everyone in your table looked expectantly at him. He cursed,
"I can't- I can't remember" He confessed, rubbing the back of his neck nervously, "I never… I always… I can never remember this!" 
"Come on, mate, are you serious?"
"You're joking. Please tell me you're messing with us!" Harry implored his older brother. Tom shrugged apologetically.
"I'm sorry!" 
A hail of paper balls rained down over his head, as both twins and your boyfriend threw their dirty napkins at him.
"You bloody twat! You're embarrassing us in front of the lady! If you make us look like losers tonight I swear-"
Your decidedly unladylike snort drew everyone's attention to you.
"Pluh-ase, I already know you guys are a bunch of losers! Get out of the way, and let 'the lady' show you how it's done…" 
You took the sheet from Sam's hands and confidently marked the right answer before returning it. 
"Are you absolutely sure?" He inquired, somehow skeptical.
You rolled your eyes, 
"Dude, of course I'm sure. It's like, nerd 101, S.H.I.E.L.D means Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division. Honestly," You added, pinning Tom with a look, "you are a disgrace to all nerd kind" 
A chorus of "oooh" resonated through the table. The boys had been teasing each other all night, but it was the first time you had dared to, and they seemed pleasantly impressed. The teasing and laughing continued as a waitress picked up the quiz answer sheets from the tables, and you arched a brow at the shamelessly flirty smile she gave Harrison.
"Incredible" Tom complained loudly, "Five blockbuster superhero movies. Five. And I am still invisible next to this guy!" He poked your boyfriend in the ribs. 
"He means the waitress, babe" You explained your clueless boyfriend, "She was making eyes at you. You really didn't notice?"
He shook his head,
"I was too busy looking at the prettiest girl in the bar" He said, eyes never leaving yours.
"Aweeeee" Three ironic voices intoned.
"Don't listen to them," You leaned in to capture Harrison's lips with yours, "You are so getting laid tonight"
You heard someone choke on his beer, as Sam's voice commented,
"Ok, now I feel sorry for us…" 
You broke the kiss, laughing. 
"Then behave yourselves, and I might introduce you to some of my friends" 
"Oh, no, don't do that, love!" Haz argued, "they are your friends! Why would you do such a thing to them?" 
"Fuck you, Osterfield!" 
"Hush, no, you two! They're about to announce the winner!" 
The racket inside the bar died down, as the little crowd patrons turn their eyes, expectantly, to the leader of the three people trivia committee. The music was turned down as he bellowed, 
"Ladies and gents and non binary mates, it is my pleasure to annunciate tonight's Trivia winner" He unfolded a piece of paper, pausing for dramatic effect as some people produced drum rolls by beating the top of the tables with their pens, "Table number eight, "The Mary Janes"!"
You gaped in confusion how your table mates jumped from their seats and yelled triumphantly. Tom pulled you up for a hug.
"Wait, what? Your team is called 'The Mary Janes'?" You scream in his ear to be heard above the ruckus
Tom shrugged as he released you,
"Zendaya named us, and who are we to argue?" 
That was a valid point, but you didn't have much time to ponder it, as Haz tugged on your arm with enough force to turn you around and crash you into his chest.
"We never won first place before," He wrapped one of his arms around your waist, his free hand coming to rest palm open against the side of your neck, thumb softly caressing your jaw, "this is all thanks to you"
Before you could answer, his lips were on yours again, and he was dipping you low, in a kiss worthy of any classic Hollywood movie, for all the pub to see. You could hear cheers and whistles, but it was hard to feel self conscious with his tongue borrowing its way between your teeth, claiming your mouth like his very own personal prize.
When he finally released you, your head was swimming. 
"Awe, come on! I want a celebration kiss too!" Tom's cheeky voice complained, a little closer than you were expecting, his alcohol smelling breath hot against your ear. 
It sobered you up like a cold water bucket. He was clearly drunk, and you had long ago learned he was just a natural flirt and didn't mean anything by it. But Harrison was a little bit of the possessive kind. Even the twins stopped clapping, sensing the sudden tension. 
Haz took a step towards his friend, placing his body between you and Tom. The whole pub seemed to freeze, anticipating your boyfriend's reaction. 
Haz met your eye over his shoulder, throwing a wink in your direction.
Before Tom could react, two big hands were on either side of his face, holding him in place… as Harrison planted the sloppiest, loudest, most ridiculous kiss right on his horrorized best friend's mouth.
A beat passed, then two, until twin barks of laughter broke you out of your stupor, and you doubled over, cracking up as the entire pub went wild.
"How is that for a celebration kiss?"
Tom didn't answer, instead choosing to take his glass from the table and down the rest of his beer in one gulp, soon as your boyfriend let go of him, of course.
"Oh, come on now! Don't act as if that wasn't the best snog of your life!"
Tom turned his big, traumatized stare on you,
"That's the worst part: I think you might be right!"
Another fit of laughter cracked through your body, tears streaming down your cheeks, completely out of control. God, how you loved these silly London boys!
The end.
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jae-ren · 10 months ago
Okay I HAD to go off anon because your psychoanalysis is?? ASTRONOMICAL. Like everything just makes sense without stretching/reaching too hard? First of all, the first analysis was nice because the first time I saw him I was head over heels and now that I know some things I just hate love him. But the SECOND ONE? That one might be true because ya girl here has confidence issues and maybe, maybe, in that dream I was reaching out to gojo instead of the other way around? Hmmm pls idk but it was fun a lil..
Also, does dwai stand for don't worry? that so cute dhsjsjka
i’m glad it was applicable to you while i was writing it i was like - am i just going off for no reason LMAO i love love love finding meaning in things so much so feel free to come to me with your dreams 
as for the issue about confidence, babe, i feel you. this year one of my goals is to feel better in my body and in myself and so far i’m slowly working at it. one of my favorite tips that have been working rlly well is to go to sleep wearing something that makes you feel good. like for me it’s an itty bitty tank and some sexy lingerie and i just feel *chef’s kiss* in it and i think it’s helped for sure even if i’ve literally just started doing so. just try to implement daily habits of self love and confidence, whatever that means for you, from little encouraging post it notes to yourself to meditating on all the ways you make yourself powerful.
and yes dwai stands for “dont worry about it” hehe i love it, it does sound oh so cute!! :)) 
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addictofsupernatural · a year ago
Dating a Freak
Boaz Priestly x reader
Summary: You reminisce over the course of your amazing relationship.
Author Note: I'm so sorry this took long.
Requested by: @forest-rav3n
Word Count: 2445
Tumblr media
The time spent with Priestly has been the best time of your life. Every day was amazing. It was filled with filled with laughter and love, and it was an adventure. It made you remember how you fell in love.
You first met when you applied for the job at Beach City Grill, with your novelty movie t-shirt and a bubbly attitude. "She's gotta pass the interview first." Piper said.
"I'm cool with that." You smiled.
"Okay then," Priestly then leaned on the counter. "Elvis. Dead or alive?"
"Easy, alive. Next question."
"You're hired." He said. You chuckled and looked at Trucker, who smiled and shrugged.
You then helped with cooking the meat, as well as baking cookies for the kids meals. Priestly would constantly make jokes to you, and you always laughed. Sometimes when he was doing one of his random debates with Trucker, you'd hype the both of them up, just to get a kick out of Priestly getting more excited and energized over whatever they were talking about.
Regulars loved you. You would always make extra cookies for the two old people who would come in, as well as the kid who came in weekly. He was an adult already, but was autistic. He looked uncomfortable when he first walked in since everybody was staring at him, so you couldn't help but smile at him and give him some cookies. He smiled back at you and would come back every Tuesday during lunch.
Sometimes guys would try to hit on you. You'd ask for their order and they'd try their best to get you to come with them after work. Usually your roll your eyes and say, "Tish, you have a customer."
Sometimes you'd just turn them down flat. Either way you handled them, it always put a smile to Priestly's face. Not that you knew.
But there was one day where Priestly wasn't at work yet, and these guys walked in. One of them tried to get you come home with him, and you told him that you weren't like that. He scoffed. "C'mon, you won't get this opportunity all the time. It's not like I'm asking for your face. You just happen to have a nice body."
You threw his order at him. "Just fucking pay and leave. Learn how to take a damn rejection."
He paid and stormed out with his friends. One of his friends stayed behind and told you, "He's right, y'know." and left.
You don't know why their words hit you so hard, but they did. What if they were right? "You alright angel?"
"Um, yeah, yeah," you said with a smile that you could barely muster up. "I just need some time alone for a bit."
You then sat in the storage room and silently cried. Priestly walked in and announced himself before asking where you were. They told him what happened and he rushed over to the storage room. He saw you on the floor, with your face in your hands. "Y/n." He kneeled down.
"Do you think I'm ugly?" Your voice was quiet, and your face was still buried in your hands.
He took away your hands from your face, and you looked up to see his worried face. "You shouldn't have to worry about artificial crap like that. You're awesome in everyway. Like the way you defend yourself from jackasses, or how you make extra cookies for the special needs kid that most people like to make fun of. What matters is that you're a pretty fucking amazing person."
You wiped your eyes and chuckled. "Thanks Priestly. You're always so good to me." You gave him a hug, which made him tense up for a up before relaxing and hugging you back.
"And to answer your question, no. I don't think you're ugly at all. You're actually think you're pretty hot." You giggled.
You then began to develop feelings for Priestly. Though you kept it to yourself, everybody else found out about it. Tish teased you about it and made comments on how it was a mystery that anyone could crush on someone as weird as him. Piper, Trucker, and Jen told you that you'd be good together and to go for it. Jen would make the occasional joke about Priestly. Zoe told you that she could sense the same feelings in Priestly as well. Though you were grateful for the support, you weren't confident in what he thought about you enough to do anything about your feelings.
Then there was the whole tampon run. You figured that he would need help and came with him. You kept making jokes when he was panicking on what to get. After you helped him pick one out, you went to grab different items while he stood in line.
You heard people making fun of him, and him retaliating with a speech about having a girlfriend and getting laid. You figured that it'd be the right thing to help him out, and although it was embarrassing for you, it was for Priestly.
You took out the hair tie in your hair, letting your hair fall down your shoulders. You tied your shirt up from the back into a crop top with the hair tie. You walked up to Priestly and gave him a long kiss on the lips. "Hey babe. Got everything?"
He looked at you with a shocked expression, but quickly recovered to get into character with you. "Yeah. I got your tampons for you."
"Aww, thanks babe. But you know I'm not on it anymore this month, right?" You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his neck.
"Hell yeah I do. Let's go home." He slapped a 20 on the counter.
"Whatever you say." You grabbed the bag of items and Priestly put and arm around your shoulder.
"Keep the change. Peace." He said before giving them the peace sign that turned into flipping them off. Once you got out of the store the both of you started laughing together. "Well now, we got ourselves an actress."
"It isn't really hard to act that way with you." You said absentmindedly, instantly regretting it. His facial expression changed a bit, and you looked down in embarrassment. Of course he'd feel weird about that. How could he even like you like that? "Um, anyways, we should head back to the grill."
As you and Priestly cleaned up that night, he tapped your shoulder gently from behind. You turned around looked up to the tall nervous looking man standing in front of you. "Is everything okay?"
"Yeah, I just wanted to ask you something important. Just, y'know, don't laugh or anything." You smiled and nodded for him to continue. "Would you, like to, accompany me on a date tonight?" He asked slowly.
"A date?" You asked. He nodded, and your lips went into a wide grin. Holy crap, Zoe was actually a witch, and you loved her for it. "I'd love to."
"Really?" He asked, smiling.
You giggled and nodded, wrapping your arms around him. "Can you give me a ride home so I can get ready?"
He put his hands on his hips and shook his head. "So lazy." He then walked outside and held the door open for you. Once you got to your house, he put his hand over you before you could leave the car. "Wear something nice."
"Like what, my cleanest hoodie?" You teased.
"As much as I'd love to see the hoodie I got you for your birthday, nah. I mean dressing like you're going to a fancy place." You nodded and kissed his cheek, walking up to your apartment number.
You put on a white long sleeved shirt and a flowy peach mini skirt. You'd never really had a reason to put this on before, but wearing it made you feel nervous on what Priestly would think of the outfit. What would he be wearing? Maybe his quilt, and the two of you would both have shirts on. Maybe he did his hair in a different style. All you knew was that you couldn't wait for him to come.
About an hour later you heard a knock at the door and excitedly ran to it. You answered it, and wasn't ready for what you saw. All of Priestly's piercings were out, and the hair color was washed off. He was wearing a nice black blazer with a light blue button up. He looked shy. "Holy shit." You laughed out.
"Would you care to accompany me on this date Miss y/l/n?" He offered his arm.
You hooked your arm into his. "Of course." He smiled and looked down. "You look very nice, by the way."
"You look gorgeous." He opened the car door for you. You smiled at him and gave his cheek a kiss before going in the car.
"You cleaned the car." You looked around.
He shrugged and smiled. "I cleaned the car."
He took you to a nice restaurant, where the two of you talked about anything and everything. Though Priestly tried to remain a civilized gentleman, his true unfiltered jokester self was shining through, and you thought it was the cutest thing ever. Afterwards the you two walked together along the beach, where he put his blazer over your shoulders and listened to you ramble on.
He then took you home and kissed your cheek. "Aren't you just adorable tonight?" You teased.
"Well, do you like me better like this?" He had a nervous smile.
You chuckled and shook your head. "I have no idea what you're talking about. Just because you dressed differently doesn't make you a different person. You're still my Priestly that always puts a smile on my face."
"Your Priestly?" His face was now covered with a wide grin.
"Well, as long as I can be your y/n." He went in for a passionate kiss. Once you pulled back for breath, you asked. "Do you wanna come in?" His facial expression changed to nervous again. "Not for that reason, dumbass. I just don't want this date to be over. I made brownies the other day." He smiled and came in.
You woke up leaning on Priestly as a pillow with the TV still on. You checked the time and saw that your shifts start in ten minutes. In a panic, you shook Priestly awake and told him about the time, hurriedly brushing your teeth and putting on your shoes. "You don't have to worry. I'm always late." He said groggily from the couch.
"Okay, just cause you're cute when your sleepy, doesn't mean we don't still gotta go to work." You said.
"Wait, I have to put on my hair color and get ready."
"Then let's go to your place real quick." You handed him his shoes and pushed him out of the apartment.
As you were driving to his house, he said, "You fell asleep on me." You turned to see his adorable smile.
"You wouldn't let me leave your arms." You smiled back.
"And you're still wearing your clothes from last night."
You looked down, still in the skirt and shirt. "Crap. Can I borrow a shirt?"
"That'd be pretty hot." You both later came in together. Priestly was wearing one of his regular outfits, and you were wearing his Tip me or DIE shirt tucked in under your skirt and a flannel. "We're here!"
Everybody stared at you while you walked behind the counter. "It's not what it looks like." You said before you went into the storage room, with the other three girls excitedly running after you.
After that you two were unbreakable. He would always make sure you were feeling loved, from a simple squeeze on your arm to a passionate kiss. And most of all, he just couldn't help but praise you.
He would try his best to make romantic dates and be a gentleman, but sometimes it was too easy to provoke his playful side. At times he would take you on regular dates, like the movies or a carnival. You would take him on dates as well, from picnics to watching one of his favorite rock bands.
You were the first one to say that you love him. You knew that he was shy when it came to his feelings, so you were okay with saying it first.
It came naturally. The two of you had waited for a while to have sex. It had to be perfect, and he didn't want you to think of your first time with him as a cheap hook up. He wanted it to mean something.
That's why when he took you to a fancy restaurant, and had a walk in the park with Priestly and you acting like children and hopping on the big stones by the walkway. He then took you back to his apartment, where the two of made love.
When you woke up the next morning, you felt him kiss the top of your head before getting off the bed. He told you that he would make you some eggs, and you rolled onto your stomach. You smiled. That's when you said it. "I love you."
He stopped in his tracks, and ran over to the bed, kneeling down. "What?!"
"I love you." You bit your lip to hold in your laugh. You knew he felt the same way, and watching his innocent looking face was almost too adorable. "Do you have something to tell me?" You joked.
He gave you the biggest smile before excitingly jumping onto the bed and smothering you with kisses. "I love you too!" He laughed out between kisses.
After a few months of bliss, Priestly had a plan. He had a plan to watch your favorite movies, to cook you dinner, and to have you feel special. He had a plan, which was in a little black box on his top drawer at home. He had a plan to ask you a question, so you two could go on amazing dates forever.
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applepiekyuu · a year ago
💕Hello! If it's all right was could I ask for a matchup? I'm a straight gal, 5'2" tall gal with pale skin and a thin form. I also have long brown hair, blue eyes and glasses.
As for personality, I'm kind, reliable and hardworking, though a little awkward in large social groups. I enjoy joking around and prefer looking at the bright side of things. My mbti is infj (and ennegram 9w1). I prefer my friends to be considerate and open-minded, someone who doesn't judge anyone by their first impression. I make a lot of bad jokes, so they need to have a sense of humour as well, or at least tolerance for mine😅
My biggest hobby is writing, which I think about almost around the clock. Fantasy and horror are my favourite genres to write, and for character inspiration I often do people-watching. I also sing, mostly in a choir, and go out for hikes in the nature because I love the fresh air and beautiful sceneries. My worst fear is letting people dear to me down and not being there for them in their time of need. I try my best to check up on them but sometimes I wonder if I'm doing enough . . .
My motto would be "If you're going to do it, make sure you don't have regrets later." as I strongly dislike leaving what I start unfinished. It makes me anxious.
My love languages are quality time, acts of service and words of affirmation. I'd like my s/o to know that I overthink often, that my silence doesn't mean I'm angry on uninterested but that I'm stuck in my own thoughts. A deal-breaker is definitely narcissism. Confidence is great but I don't like anyone who thinks the world envolves around them.
Thank you for taking time to read this! I hope it was all righ. Have a great day😊
Tumblr media
thanks for the request ! i hope you enjoy :-)
- this was an incredibly easy choice for me; it just makes all around perfect sense-- I match you with kuroo tetsurou
- you need someone to keep you moving in the right direction because you burden yourself with way too much shit that shouldn’t even be your responsibility
- he helps you to identify what you really want in life and makes you pick n choose a couple of goals to focus on at once rather than doing everything and anything (something tells me you have a hard time prioritizing and saying no to people)
- you help him stop n smell the roses every once in a while because that man doesn’t know when to take a break
- you both share this incredible attention to detail and you both highly value and love getting to know other people
- he’s the one who booked you your first appointment with a publishing house once you finished your first novel and he used his death glare to scare the poor publisher into giving you a higher percentage of royalties on each sale
- SCRABBLE. y’all play a highly competitive game of scrabble every friday night and you always win. this typically culminates in kuroo throwing a tantrum and tickling you mercilessly until you agree it was “practically a tie” (nevermind the fact that you literally won twice the points he did)
- you love fantasy, kuroo loves sci-fi so your conversations are constantly peppered with ridiculous rants and arguments (e.g. “who would win in a fight, a dragon or a tie fighter?” “definitely a dragon babe, i mean it has fire and--” “okay but what if the tie fighter was piloted by a jedi?”)
- physical touch may not be one of your love languages but it sure is one of his-- he’s constantly got his chin resting on your head, or he’s slipping his hand around yours, or putting it on your lower back-- he also really loves giving you these crazy bear hugs (like picking you up and swinging you around type shit) because he likes to feel all big n protective
- I mean the man is literally almost a foot taller than you so can you blame him?
- you guys have literally the worst inside jokes that no one else understands but they send you into hysterics each times until you’re both crying with laughter (lots of terrible puns, yo mama and knock knock jokes that don’t even make sense)
- like once y’all were on a trip to rome and caught a cab to your hotel from the airport but then it took a wrong turn and it ended up that it actually wasn’t a cab and you had just climbed into the back of some little old italian man’s car
- so now whenever y’all are driving somewhere and accidentally go the wrong direction one of you says “mama mia!” in a terrible italian accent and you start screaming with laughter ITS LITERALLY SO OBNOXIOUS LMAOOO
- because you’re both so intuitive that the relationship is like being two halves of a whole-- you can instantly tell when the other is even the slightest bit down and adjust your behavior accordingly
- AND y’all remember the most random shit about each other
- like he once absentmindedly mentioned he loved this particular brand of orange juice and then you started buying only that brand to stock the fridge and he absolutely loves you for it
- and on your first date when you went hiking you pointed out a clump of flowers on the side of the path you thought were pretty so on the way back he secretly picked one and dried it in the pages of a heavy dictionary and got it framed for your birthday
- honestly it’s just little considerate things like this that make the whole relationship
- he always makes sure to involve you in group conversations because he knows it’s your tendency to be shy and hang back
- good conversation is a big deal for you guys but so is quiet time-- you frequently cook dinner together without exchanging a single word, just kinda doing your own thing (like you’ll chop the salad and he’ll make the pasta) and listening to your playlist
- speaking of music, you used to refuse to sing for him until one day he heard you singing in the shower so he crept right up next to the door and recorded it on his phone, and then when you opened the door he shrieked “AHA! CAUGHT YOU!” which nearly scared the shit outta you and made you drop your towel
- but, ya know, you don’t even need to be self-conscious about your singing around this man because he doesn’t have a musical bone in his body and will think that every single note coming out of your mouth sounds like an angel chorus
- overall you guys are that couple that is just so clearly in tune with each other, you know each other like you know yourselves and it’s such a delight to see (hanging out with you is a third wheel’s nightmare tho)
your song: first date by blink-182 (he loves punk pop and you think it’s dorky as hell but he’s adorable when he’s playing the imaginary drums and head banging-- he actually got you to accompany him on the air guitar eventually and it’s lit asf) plus the song perfectly captures the easy, eager way you guys love each other
your favorite movie to watch together: the fellowship of the ring. he wasn’t really into the idea at first (he wanted to watch terminator) but now he’s as big a tolkien fanatic as there is. once you brought him to one of those fantasy renaissance fairs and y’all had the time of your lives.
your relationship in one quote: “In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. / In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.” - maya angelou
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rain-hat · a year ago
I've been trying to devote my free time to writing fic instead of creating Tumblr ContentTM and also, I am not really here for Harry Potter discourse. But it's been four years and no one's sorted these bright kids into Hogwarts houses so far as I can see so -- jja -aa~!
[spoilers for the show below]
Tumblr media
Lee Yeong: Ravenclaw
There was never really any doubt here. Yeong may be driven by ambition to a degree no other character in the show is, and he's a tactical thinker: but I don't think these Slytherin attributes get to the core of who he is. Take a moment to think about his father: King Sunjo’s anxiety is a symptom of something chronic, needful of attention, at the core of who he is. And this is the surprising thing that binds them: both his father and Yeong are men of the mind. This is something his enemies can twist into paranoia and delusion in Sunjo's case. Yeong's victory over the bad guys is a victory of his intellectual integrity, of belief guided by reason and curiosity, and of broad-minded compassion. 
Yeong is all heart; but we never once see him privilege action, even emotion, over thought. There are smarter characters on the show (Teacher Da San is the obvious one, maybe Eunuch Han, and certainly Yoon-seong is at par) but it's Yeong whose decisions are the nimblest, the least guided by pre-existing intellectual frameworks. A credit to the house of questing and knowledge.
Hong Sam-nom: Gryffindor
There are three transformative moments of courage on the show imo, and the first and the riskiest, in some ways, is Sam-nom's decision to "come out" to the man she loves. By now she knows she can do that without being hurt. Yeong already knows her secret, and has proven himself to be well-intentioned. There are others in her life who've been good secret-keepers, anyway, like her foster father and Yoon-seong. But to take that decision for herself, to dream of living as a woman, is a BIG leap of faith. And nothing, absolutely nothing in her whole life up until now has given her the least incentive to do that. I don't think it's Yeong's speeches about cherishing her as she is that do the trick, really. It's her own decision to do what's right for herself, to change her own fate, and to do the right thing in general. 
I know this is weird to say about a character who spends so much time in tears, and (shafted by sexist writing!) hand-wringing in the later episodes. But hey, courage isn't about the absence of fear, right? And this is the thing about Sam-nom: from beginning to end, she's never seen a chance to act and failed to act. (We won’t talk about the ONE TIME she doesn’t, at the end of the show when a certain someone is dying in her arms, because that clearly never happened.) She's the ultimate carpe diem girl. All hail our tiny lion queen.
Kim Yoon-seong: Slytherin
In Rowling's universe Houses are often hereditary, and I think that's true for both Yeong and Yoon-seong, who, had they been born in each other's families, might have swapped places in the Sorting, too. There's nothing to set Yoon-seong apart from Yeong for physical courage, no evidence that he's anything other than his intellectual equal. Indeed, when the show opens it's Yoon-seong whose emotional intelligence and sophistication outclasses Yeong's. But he's been brought up in a crucible of ambition, and he can't help but live his life like that. He may not want to be king, but he's acquisitive, and he knows to be strategic about it. He's a pragmatist, a career politician, a natural ally to hierarchy and expertise. He is Oxford PPE; Harvard Law; Lord Meritocrat; Mr Enlightened Self-Interest.
Of course, the reason he’s all that and still a man who can be loved (and he will be, in his LONG LIFE post-series, a ha ha, right?) by Yeong and Byeong-yeon is that he ultimately proves to have the same moral compass as the two of them -- the same moral compass, and the same sense of responsibility to a larger goal. His grandfather was a twisted Death Eater; Yoon-seong can do better. He’s going to be the guy who uses all his intellect and education to take a cold hard look at the world around them and push Yeong to take the tough decisions, challenge him on the short-term losses Yeong wants to make for long-term gains, and fight to preserve Joseon’s identity in the new world. We stan a handsome serpent king.
Kim Byeong-yeon: Hufflepuff
In a different world, Byeong-yeon might have fit into the Slytherin mould. No, hear me out. He comes from an old, tradition-bound family, had the best education in Joseon -- studying with the prince! -- and may well have slipped into some sort of king-maker role, where you don’t need need power cos you can get people in power to do your bidding. He’s also unimaginably brave, and his one-two punch in the courtyard is the starkest of the three transformative moments I talked about earlier: it changes the future in the universe of the show. 
But it isn’t Byeong-yeon’s courage that changes the world: it’s his instinct to serve. Maybe that’s a weird thing to say about a guy who sword-fights with himself while trying to choose between his monarch/BFF and -- let’s emphasise this -- a radical secret society. And if he were even a little bit Slytherin (or Gryffindor!) he’d have chosen one of them. But he ends up thinking, hey, no, let me choose the third way, which is to help the one, small, lonely person who needs me the most. Byeong-yeon is the answer to the Trolley Problem: there’s a morally relevant way to think beyond the utilitarian choices of a rock and a hard place. In his case, it involves a tremendous sacrifice. But he saw his grandpa murdered for giving rice to the hungry; he was brought up by an organisation that trained him to die for a cause. He’s got this. He owns this.
Is Byeong-yeon an idealist or a pragmatist? It doesn’t matter. He’ll change the world through service. He’ll be out there feeding the hungry and teaching the unlettered while Yeong and Yoon-seong are fighting over how to redesign primary education and boost protein intake in malnourished populations (and rolling his eyes when he gets their separate, fuming dispatches from the executive office). Best boy. ♥️
Cho Ha-yeon: Gryffindor
And finally, my favourite character on the show. Like Emma, Ha-yeon is ‘clever, handsome and rich.’ She’s so self-confident that her minimum acceptable husband material is the freaking Crown Prince. She’s so self-possessed -- and let’s admit it, entitled -- that the princess of Joseon feels bullied by her. 
She’s bookish, like Yeong. Like Yoon-seong, she’s a born aristocrat and would likely never have needed to think the world should be other than the way it is. When she realises she isn’t going to get what she wants, love still moves her to say: no, I’ll go ahead with this, because it’s the only way to be of use to my loved one. But she’s not Ravenclaw or Slytherin or Hufflepuff. She’s pure, unvarnished Gryffindor. 
Cho Ha-yeon’s whole deal is high-risk, high-stakes play. She doesn’t want Yeong because she wants power (lol, ambition is for girls in second place). She’s willing to risk everything -- including, as her father warns her, shame and oblivion if the prime minister plots to foil her -- for love. It takes courage to pursue a man through the streets. It takes a tragic, but still completely well-intentioned courage to enter a lifelong trap because you want to help him find a way out of that trap. And it takes radical courage to assess the situation when it changes and say: okay, love won’t work, lawful marriage won’t work, so I’m going to find a third way out. 
That’s the third choice on the show that changes the universe, I think: Cho Ha-yeon’s feminist coming-of-age. I refuse to see it as a sacrifice: it’s an out-and-out victory. The king lets her go by saying he hopes she’ll find love one day. I hope she finds herself. And I think she’s already on that path, judging by our last sight of her. They probably invented the word ‘hwaiting!’ a hundred years early for this babe. Accept no alternatives.
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blackheart-skz · 2 years ago
Yandere! Stray Kids reaction to accidently killing their S/O. (Hyung Line)
Trigger Warning ⚠: Contains depictions of abuse, violence and self harm.
Note: Omfg im soo sorry this took soo long and it still isn't complete ahhh. I barely put out content yet I'm outta idea. I'll try to complete the maknae line as soon as possible. This is my first reaction ever soo it's pretty bad pwease don't judge me if some things don't make sense i is still an amateur.
Bang Chan
"I fucking told you to not talk to that asshole again! You never listen do you? Do I seem like a joke to you?" Chan yelled, his chest heaving and hands balled into a fist. His glare frightened you to no end but you didn't dare move.
"Do you even love me?" Chan walked closer to you and said, his expression softening a bit but not enough to calm you down. You stayed silent hoping he would let you off but way but little did you know that you had aggravated him even more.
"I fucking asked you somehting!" Chan growled but before you could say anything his hand harshly collided with your cheek making you stumble and fall, your head hitting the pointy corner of the table, killing you. Chan, however, did not notice and stood in silence for a moment, trying to calm his anger down. You not making any movement anr sound was when he realized that something was wrong.
"Y/N? Are you okay?" He bent down and poked your shoulders, earning no response. He shakily put his ear to your chest only to hear nothing but emptiness. It was that very moment he realized what he had done.
"No! No! This can't be! Y/N wake up!" He screamed. He started panicking and due to his lack of medical knowledge and sanity at this point, the only thing he could think of at that moment to save you was to pump your chest. He continued on was minutes hoping he could get you to come back to like but to no avail.
"Y/N I-I am sorry" He held your lifeless corpse in his arms and cried and cried. When chan said that he wanted you to lie peacefully in his arms without you protesting or trying to get away, he never wanted it to be this way.
They weren't lying when they said that you need to be careful what you wish for.
Tumblr media
Kim Woojin
"Woojin I'm sorry" You said with a shaky voice, squeezing your eyes shut and clasping your hands together.
"Sorry won't do babe." Woojin replied, his voice dark as ever. "First I'll have to take care of him and then I'll come back you. It's sad that so many people have to die because of you" Woojin pouted mockingly. He was right. People were dying because of you. So you should be the one stopping him.
"No!" you wiped your tears stood up against him. "You won't hurt anyone! I won't let you!"
Woojin clenched his jaw and tightened his fists at your words. How dare you talk back to him? He tried controlled his anger despite your disobedience.
"You're in for a long and torturous day honey. I'll deal with you when I come back." Woojin completely ignored your words and turned around to leave again but he was halted by a pair of arms wrapping around his torso. Being stronger than you he easily got out of a grip but once he did so you tried to snatch his gun.
"Y/N stop before you get hurt" Woojin tried to push you away. What he didn't realize was that his hand was on the trigger and during the process of pushing and pulling he accidently pulled the trigger, causing a loud bang to erupt in the air. Blood splattered on his face and before he could process a thing, you fell to the ground with a thud. Too shocked to even utter a word, he just stared at your now lifeless body.
"Y-Y/N" He managed to choke out. He bent down and held you in his arms letting the blood soak his own clothes too. "What have I done?" He meekly muttered as tears flowed down his expressionless face. He didnt know how to react or what this feeling was that he felt in his heart. Was it regret? Was it anger? sorrow? Whatever it was it ate him from the inside and drove him to the brink of insanity and he could do nothing about it.
Tumblr media
Lee Minho
"M-Minho calm down." You said meekly, not wanting to fuel to his anger, while watching him break and throw things around in horror. After a while of throwing things around, minho's eyes landed on your intimidated figure. He swiftly approched you and slammed you against the wall earning a pained groan from you.
"You love riling me up don't you?" Minho growled causing you to flinch. Leaving the house without his permission let alone meeting up with your ex was never a good idea but the foolish you decided to take the risk anyway.
You drop your head down so that you could avoid his piercing gaze only for it to be roughly pulled up by the hair, taking you by suprise. His orbs reflected his thirst for blood.
"M-minho I w-"
"Shut the fuck up you slut! You don't get to say a word. I've told you over a million times not to do anything without my permission but you literally go out and meet your ex boyfriend. You're one stubborn bitch" He snapped. That's it. You couldn't take it anymore. A sudden wave of confidence hit you and you looked him in the eye.
"You're a fucking asshole minho! I hate you so much! You think you own me or something? Yes i met my ex. I wouldn't have met him if you weren't a nut job. You need help" You spat out. Minho mouth dropped in shock. Never did he expect you to dare talk to him like this.
"What did you say?"
"I said i fucking hate you and I'm leaving" You screamed and ran towards the door but you were stopped by minho grabbing your arms. He tried to drag you to the room but you bit down on his arm causing him to let go of you. You yet again tried to run towards the door but a blow to the head knocked you out.
Minho sighed in relief. He dragged your limp body to the room and locked the door. After calming down from the adrenaline rush he unlocked the room and went inside. You lay on the ground unconscious with no signs of movement. He bent down and tried to wake you up only to earn no response from you. Panicking, he checked your pulse but he felt nothing. The blow to the head must've been pretty hard. Hard enough to suck the life out of you. Minho screamed and cried out your name but to no avail. You were gone
Giving up at last, he dropped to the ground. He sat next to your body for hours until an idea popped up in his head. He couldn't bring your back but he could go to you. He then got up and went to the dresser and took out a gun from the drawer.
"Wait for me Y/N. I'll meet you soon".
Those were the last words he uttered before putting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger, disappearing into the same darkness he had sent you to.
Tumblr media
Seo Changbin
You ran as fast you could without stopping to even take a breath. You could hear heavy footsteps following behind you. You knew it was stupid to run up the stairs of an abandoned building you were lured to becuase eventually you'll meet an end but at that time the only thing that was on your mind was to get away from your beast of a boyfriend.
"Stop right there y/n!" You heard Changbin say through his heavy breaths. You ignored him and kept running. Just as you feared, the stairs eventually came to an end and brought you to the roof. You ran to the edge and looked down realizing you didn't have anywhere to go.
"You can't run from me anymore Y/N. You should've already known that." Changbin, who was only a few feet away from you, said in a low voice.
"Stay away from me" You warned as changbin lifted his foot to walk towards you. A chuckle escaped his throat upon hearing those words. Ignoring your words his started approaching you. Seeing running as the only option you tried to make your way in the other direction but before you could even take a few steps, changbin harshly grabbed you by your waist and started dragging to towards the door leading to the stairs. You struggled in his grasp but to no avail.
Soon enough as you reach the stairs but realizing you would be going back to a hell of a life you jerked violently causing changbin to lose his grip on you. What you didn't realize was that you both were standing right on the edge of the stairs so as soon as he let go, you lost balance and went tumbling down the long flight of stairs, eventually landing in a pile of gravel.
Changbins breath hitched realized what had happened and ran down to check on you. Blood pooled around your head and your eyes were open yet lifeless. He hesitantly checked your pulse and just as he feared, he felt nothing.
"No no no Y/N it's okay nothing's going to happen to you you're gonna be okay" Changbin muttered, still in denial. He couldn't feel anything. Maybe that's how his mind reacted to the situation in front of him. He lifted you up in his arms and gently kissed your forehead. He wouldn't let you go. Not now not ever.
"Its gonna be okay" He whispered as he carried your lifeless body down the stairs and took you back to where you belonged.
Tumblr media
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Perfect to Me
Rating: Mature Relationships: Gabriel/Sam, Sabriel Additional Tags: Body Image issues. Belly worship. Chubby Gabriel.  Summary: When Sam touches Gabriel’s less than perfect abs, the only thing that goes through his mind is how repulsive it must be for Sam to be with someone like him. Now all Sam has to do is figure out why his angel is shrinking from him before he spirals too deep. If you want to be tagged on future fic postings drop me an ask to let me know you want to be added the Library Card list. People who are over 18 years old and are added to the list legit get a Library card aesthetic. No matter what reaction you may have, like the posts of the fics if you thought they were worth the click. Reblog if you think they need to be spread like flower seeds in spring. And of course, feel free to leave a comment on here or AO3. Tagging: @copperseraphim​ @thenanahunter​ @truxblooded​ @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell​​
Tumblr media
Sam’s favorite thing to do was to take the time to worship Gabriel's stomach. placing small kisses and nibbles as he reveled in how that part of his boyfriend was soft and warm, yet he could feel the muscle under the slight pudge.
Now Gabriel wasn’t shy about most things but for some reason, he was shy about this.No one could blame him for it either. He’d seen Sam naked. He knew what the boy was packing. How could anyone compare to that kind of firm sleekness? 
Squirming, Gabriel tried to think about how Sam's lips felt as they moved over his body, but his mind kept coming back to that squishy bit. How Sam must be repulsed and just paying attention out of pity. 
Sam could sense something was off, so he stopped and looked up at his angel with concern. "Gabe. What's wrong?" 
Gabriel swallowed nervously and looked down at Sam with a forced smile, "Nothing, pudding pop. I'm fine."
"No. You're really not." Sam said as he crawled up until he was face to face with him, "Talk to me. It's okay if you're not in the mood." 
"I'm in the mood. So in the mood. I have all the mood." Gabriel deflected with the deft of a fencing champion while trying to grope Sam back into action. 
Sam stayed Gabriel's wandering hands with a gentle grip to his wrists. "Babe, you're not even hard." he whispered, "Did I- did I do something wrong? Hurt you?"
Gabriel's little noise of surprise at that
Gabriel let out a small noise of surprise that Sam would blame himself for this. Of course, who was he fooling, this was Sam Winchester. Willing to take the blame even when it wasn’t warranted. Closing his eyes, Gabriel shook his head in denial. "You didn't do anything wrong." 
"Then what is it?" Sam asked, settling at his boyfriend’s side and touching the bottom of his chin to turn Gabriel's face toward him. 
Pulling away from Sam self-consciously, he drew the covers up to his ribs and rolled onto his side to bury his face against Sam's chest. "It's stupid. I've watched suns burn out and galaxies born. This is just... forget it. I ruined tonight so you might as well get some sleep."
"Gabriel!" he said, the name sounding harsh in his own ears so he tries again but kinder. "Gabriel. You've not ruined anything other than making me worry.  If you don't tell me what's wrong I can't help you." 
The silence dragged on as Gabriel weighed the options. He could brush off the whole conversation and pretend that it was a passing fancy that distracted him. He could make something up or he could come clean about it. The worst that could happen was that Sam would be so irritated at his lack of confidence that he left. Then Gabriel wouldn't be any worse off than he was a few years ago. Right? That's when he really imagined what it would be like without Sam. Without the thousand-watt smile when Gabriel took him to see some part of the world a Winchester wouldn't ever see by his own means. A life without the presence of the human space heater in his bed. Warming everything until even Gabriel's wings were lax and spread wide for more. A life of perpetual solitude without Sam's loving shadow surrounding him. "It's my stomach." Gabriel whispered, "My vessel. I don't like it and I don't understand why you do either. It's... awful and I can't change it."
Sam was stumped for a bare second before he pressed a kiss to Gabriel's forehead and wrapped him up in his arms. "I'm sorry. If it makes you uncomfortable then I won't draw attention to that part of you but for what it's worth, I think it's beautiful. Just like the rest of you. There isn't an inch of your vessel that I don't find attractive in some way."
"Don't bullshit a bullshitter," Gabriel grumbled. 
"I'm not. It'd insult both of our intelligence." Sam pressed another kiss just shy of Gabriel's ear and whispered, low and sultry, "Haven't you ever wondered why I like when you pull me up against your chest while you're fucking me? It's because I can feel every inch of you against me and in me."
Lifting his gaze to meet Sam's, Gabriel looked for any trace of some kind of deception. Even if it was Sam trying to make him feel better but that's not what he saw. There was the most beautiful man in all of creation looking at him with complete adoration. Pressing their lips together in a gentle, silent thanks for showing him the love he needed. Because he may not be able to look at himself and see something he liked but he could try to see himself through Sam's eyes. Maybe with time, he'd see the beauty that was so apparent to the man.
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