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#self confidence
justmyblogiguesssa day ago
i have really cute feet btw
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they are also super soft 馃槈馃拫 enjoy tickle freaks 鉂わ笍
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catgirl-kaiju9 months ago
I am cute, yes, but also a weird little creature
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shesolusha month ago
How to become a bad bitch & completely revamp your reality.
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Law of assumption:
Before I start giving you guys my tips, I wanted to let you all know that I follow the law of assumption. Meaning a lot of my advice is going to be surrounding this law, which basically states that your thoughts and assumptions about yourself and your reality, manifest.
Leading us into TIP #1:
Accepting your truth as the creator of your reality.
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It may feel like things are permanent and impossible to change right now, but that鈥檚 only because you鈥檝e deemed them to be that way. It鈥檚 very easy to fall into the 鈥渧ictim mentality.鈥 This way you can spend the rest of your time on this earth blaming the world for the way your life is, instead of taking both, responsibility and control over your reality.
Whether you believe it or not, YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE POWER, except you鈥檝e been giving it all away to your outer world by caving in and falling victim to whatever your shitty circumstances may be at the moment. And that is where you鈥檝e gone wrong.
Your circumstances do not define you, you define your circumstances.
If there鈥檚 something that you want to change, you CAN change it; right now even. The only reason you鈥檙e having difficulty with this, is because you鈥檙e limiting yourself. So stop doing that and realize that there are no limits.
Everything you see in the outer world today was once only a thought. Anything you can imagine or create in your inner world, CAN and WILL reflect into your outer world if you deem it important enough.
The reason I say that is because whether you want something or not isn鈥檛 always relevant; if you dwell on it enough, and put a lot of your energy and focus onto that subject, it will manifest. This is why if you have an assumption like, for example, 鈥渁ll guys/girls are the same,鈥 you will begin seeing a pattern in the type of man (or woman) you attract. Even if you find someone you think is perfect, if you still have that same underlying assumption patiently waiting to manifest when you least expect it, it sure as fuck will. You鈥檒l then see that same perfect person slowly but surely turn out to be just like everyone else, because that鈥檚 what you decided they were gonna do.
However, don鈥檛 freak; you can change this by changing your assumptions, which I鈥檒l dive deeper into a little later.
Moving onto TIP #2:
Getting out of your slump.
Taking breaks to reevaluate yourself and your life, and to work on your锟 mental health is perfectly okay, until you use that as an excuse to completely give up. Sometimes shit can be hard, losing motivation is normal; which is exactly why you cannot rely on it to be the only time you choose to put in effort.
I know just how hard juggling both your depleting mental health and your mess of a life can be, which is why I鈥檓 not asking you to disregard your needs or to act like nothing is wrong. I鈥檓 asking for you to do the exact opposite, I鈥檓 asking you to take care of yourself.
Again, I know that it can be extremely hard, but at some point you are going to have to get out of bed and show your mind and body the love that it deserves. No step is too little, baby steps matter too; what鈥檚 important is that you try. Whether your accomplishment of the day is brushing your teeth, or reaching out to a close friend you鈥檝e unintentionally isolated from, self care is self care & I鈥檓 proud of you.
Things you can do to feel better and be more active in your life:
Develop a routine鈥 this builds self discipline and can help you feel more organized.
Make daily 鈥淭o-Do鈥 lists鈥 this especially helps those who feel as if they鈥檙e being unproductive or wasting their days away because at least now you鈥檙e getting the things on your list done. And even if the things on your list are things you may view as small, they still count. They don鈥檛 have to be chores or something boring either, in fact, I recommend you putting things down that you like. Something productive and fun like drawing, maybe reading a book or finishing that show you ghosted last month.
Declutter your space鈥 I believe that messy physical environments are most likely a result of a messy mental and emotional environment. Doing things like cleaning your room or not letting the trash pile up, shows that you aren鈥檛 going to give in to the laziness and that you are willing to make a change.
Declutter your space pt. 2鈥 meditating and journaling can help you release the things casting shadows over the space inside your heart and mind, therefore giving you a safer, more calm and peaceful mental environment.
Find new interests/Break bad habits鈥 get a hobby, indulge in things that bring you enjoyment and raise your vibrations. distance and detach yourself from people who keep you feeling low, and stressed out & change the music you listen to to songs that have a more positive message to them.
There are obviously way more things you can do, but I chose to list only the ones I feel are the most important so that this wasn鈥檛 too too long.
The last thing on the list is complimenting yourself鈥 the way you talk to and about yourself is literally everything鈥hich I鈥檒l explain next, but no seriously, talk kindly to yourself. stop indulging in self deprecating jokes, and don鈥檛 surround yourself with people that do. building confidence and falling in love with who you are is definitely one of the best things you can do for yourself, and simply giving yourself a compliment each day is a nice start to making that happen.
Which brings us to TIP #3:
Developing a healthy relationship with yourself.
Realizing your worth: quit settling. be picky, have high standards bitch that鈥檚 okay!!! you shouldn鈥檛 have to lower your bar for a bum EVER, when there are people out there that WILL meet your requirements & give you the treatment that you deserve.
Setting boundaries: set boundaries with yourself and others, make it clear what you will and will not be tolerating. stop condoning behavior that the version of yourself you dream about wouldn鈥檛.
Creating a good self concept: self concept is your belief system surrounding, you guessed it, yourself. think about who you want to be, what you want to attract, and start thinking from the perspective of that person because you are that person tf?!
What you think about yourself WILL manifest, in ways that you might not even notice you鈥檙e the one causing. Even saying something like 鈥淚 have bad luck鈥 is going to make bad things happen to you, at what you feel to be random times, but it鈥檚 not random; you manifested it.
Having a good self concept is essential. It鈥檚 not an option. I know a lot of people in this community say it is, but I鈥檓 telling you right now, it鈥檚 not. You shouldn鈥檛 want to hate yourself goofball. Stop making shit harder than it has to be and develop a healthy relationship with yourself right tf now.
TIP #4:
Affirming accordingly / keeping your thoughts in check.
This is VERY important okay? You MUST keep your mf thoughts in check because your reality is a direct reflection of your subconscious mind, and it will always be that way. You can鈥檛 affirm for a day or two and then fall back into that self hating rabbit hole and expect to see changes weirdo.
Stop over complicating affirmations. You鈥檙e constantly affirming just like you鈥檙e constantly manifesting, the only difference now is that you鈥檙e aware of it. For example: you ask your mom for McDonald鈥檚, she says no, you accept that as true and go 鈥渄amn, guess I鈥檓 not getting McDonald鈥檚 today.鈥 And then boom, no McDonald鈥檚 for you. But if you were to have persisted in the assumption that you were getting McDonald鈥檚 that day, and she did say yes, then guess who tf is getting McDonald鈥檚?! Yeah exactly. I鈥檝e done this multiple times so I鈥檓 speaking from experience.
Some people like to loop their affs robotically, if that works for you鈥o that. If rampaging and ranting to yourself in your head, or outloud in the mirror works for you, then do that. If saying your affirmations as complaints works for you, THEN DO THAT!!!!!! you make the rules babe I really don鈥檛 gaf how you do it, just affirm for your shit and persist in that new mindset. For me, I recommend saying blanket affs mostly, affs that cover everything like:
Manifestation is so easy for me.
Everything always goes my way.
I have everything I want and more.
My life is perfect etc etc鈥
& then whenever you think of a specific desire you have, like clear skin for example, affirming for your clear skin:
鈥淚 love having clear skin鈥 鈥渕y skin is flawless鈥 and so on.
Remember that you can鈥檛 just do this for a week or two, and then when you get your desire you drop all of the work you were doing to fix your mindset and then slip again. NO. This is your new story, your new reality; you MUST persist in that shit always, just like you already do with the old story that doesn鈥檛 serve you.
So if you鈥檙e manifesting clear skin and you see a pimple the next day, you don鈥檛 go 鈥渕an this ain鈥檛 even working. fuck this, I鈥檓 never getting clear skin鈥 because that鈥檚 literally the opposite of what you鈥檝e been affirming, and it鈥檚 a belief you already had impressed into your subconscious so further affirming for it just overwrites that affirming for clear skin you did the day before.
You are god. Anything you could possibly imagine can be yours if you really wanted it to be. Absolutely nothing is off limits. Period.
TIP #5, the fifth and final tip:
Carry yourself with confidence and know it鈥檚 done.
This means you do not react when something doesn鈥檛 go your way, that鈥檚 impossible. Just adapt the new mindset that everything always works out in your favor, because then the 3D has no choice but to conform to that fact.
You want to go to that party tonight but your parents said no? So? You are going to that party. Don鈥檛 sneak out or put yourself in a possibly dangerous situation, just know that you are going despite what they said. Mentally make them tell you yes, affirm that they did and go get ready bae.
You want that promotion but your boss is an asshole? No he鈥檚 not, he鈥檚 nice and he respects you. You鈥檙e literally his favorite employee, which is why you are getting that promotion.
Get it?
Don鈥檛 stress out about outer circumstances cause all that shit is temporary, it鈥檚 literally just a reflection of your old story. Write a new one, be confident in your power, and know that shit is done; everything you want is already yours.
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chibird6 months ago
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Little cat is proud of you for working hard! 馃帀That鈥檚 all, thank you for coming to see my art.聽 (鈼>釛<鈼)锞
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prettypositivity8 months ago
let鈥檚 normalize letting go of people when the relationships we鈥檙e in with them are no longer healthy. not everything is worth fighting for
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jaidspo2 months ago
it's time to start doing picturesque, aesthetically pleasing things because you want to live a beautiful life and not to impress people on your socials. you're worthy of a gorgeous existence beyond the popularity contest.
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michaelbogilda day ago
I will never be enough before it's enough to just be.
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problemglyphsa month ago
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November 6th 2013, 12:16:00 am
problem: feeling like my art will have no outlet, nothing i make will be cared about by anyone besides me
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chibird8 months ago
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Tumblr media
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It is worth speaking positively to yourself even if you have a hard time believing it at first. With enough practice, time, and patience, you鈥檒l start to build up that self confidence and belief in yourself! 馃挍
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desultory-suggestions10 months ago
Bodies have phases quite like the moon. They can get bigger, or smaller. But no matter what they are always beautiful.
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violet-the-witch3 months ago
Self esteem affirmations 鈽锔
鈽侊笍 I am loved just as I am, there is no need to change
鈽侊笍 I am confident in what I have to offer the world
鈽侊笍 I am confident in my abilities and my purpose
鈽侊笍 Everything I need comes from within
鈽侊笍 I define my worth and I am worthy
鈽侊笍 I have the knowledge to make smart decisions for myself
鈽侊笍 I approve of myself
鈽侊笍 I love, respect and support myself
鈽侊笍 I am worthy of respect
My tarot + pendulum reading services
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