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#self deprecating jokes

The empty shell of a woman walked out from the strange shaped room into the lurking past timelines

There stood a girl barely 7 year old seemingly looks so bright but the woman just winced in disgust.

The little bitch approached the woman with an inviting smile

“Stop It! How unpleasant”

The tiny biatch froze

“Haa you acknowledge it dont you, want go be isolated? Lets follow me” the twisted lady said as the young brat nodded solemnly .

Here lay down- the woman with emotionless expression said to that dumb little creature who destroy everything

The piercing blade cut through the girl body yet the girl didnt scream or shout and just wither in pain and her cries subdued as the last stab was put and her disgusting body weakened she softly muttered out “Why?” The lady is now hugging the little girl “ Because we are hell that is why, we don’t deserve to live” the little girl nodded and hugged back more tightly that’s when she started to tear up , within seconds the same stabbings appear on the woman body , blood sprouting everywhere .

Then both fell to the ground , within minutes their body exparate and fade away into thin air .

No blood

No corpses

No memories of them ever be found

For they have ceased to exist

Oh how i wish i could go back

And destroy myself before i damaged others too

With this ugliness within me.

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I have a problem with 3 A.M. energy. I just don’t know what to do. Should I learn the poem or write the essay I’ve missed for a week now? Should I draw something for my best friend, whose birthday it is today? Should I do something productive instead of watching memes and not even laughing?

Nah, Ima go to sleep rn

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What is funny now? Sure, Tumblr is its own brand of hilarious, but let’s be real. Jokes, being funny, and all comedy in general is subjective, and what some people find funny others don’t. 

So I asked my friends, what’s funny to them? Here are some of my favorite answers to some questions I asked. 27 people answered, and hopefully the more I do these, more people I reach out too, more will! So here it is:

Q Do you think you’re funny?

37% Yes

29.6% Maybe 

7.4% No

“Women aren’t funny” (yes, this was a real answer) 

“My jokes are like a broken pencil, they are stupid and they have no point” (okay, someone must’ve googled that)

Q On a Scale of 1-10, how funny are you? 


Q What do you think your style of humor is? 

“Dark, sarcastic”

“Like weird but basic weird like little things like the shape of phineas’s head make me laugh cry” (they mean Phinneas from Phinneas and Ferb) 

“a darker more specialized humor, with the basis of ambiguous terms used in conversation.”

“I’ll laugh at the dumbest things but I also understand real humor, like Lele Pons humor is (the gross emoji)”

“I think my style of humor is weird. I sometimes say things that I think is funny but no one actually understands it. My dad also told me I have a dry sense of humor.”

Many people said dark humor, which I thought was super interesting, because all the people who answered are all “gen Z” and we, as a generation, are known for that sense of humor.

Q Do you make fun of others? If so, does it go well? 

“depends on how close we are,, if we are then yea it’s usually a 2 way thing where we both jokingly insult each other”

“Never over anything serious, that might be an insecurity, or that isn’t a choice they’ve made”

“Only the closer people (like I’d call you out on your socks not matching) it goes kinda well”

The thing is, I think we make fun of people too much, that’s why I asked the question, I feel like we underestimate how we make fun of people, and I’m no saint too. There were a lot of people who said, sometimes, yes, or maybe and didn’t explain why. (You can’t win em all.) But I think that’s them underestimating what they think of their humor. But lmk what you think. 

Q Do you think trauma and comedy are tied together? 

Many people said yes, but I like this one person. They said: 

“It just depends on your viewpoint” I think that’s true in regards to comedy. And in the eyes of the viewer, anything tragic can be funny, but when does it go too far? (Crap. That was an awesome question I didn’t write down. Maybe next time?)

“I thinking it’s a destructive sense of coping, because the self deprecating humor comes at your own expense and more serious issues a person has the worst it feels.”

“I think it is better to be able to laugh about something than allow it to get the better of you and traumatize you. Of course their are some things that just simply aren’t funny but if you can see the bright side of it then I think you should make it funny.”

Q Does some dark humor make you feel uncomfortable? 


(Those two were on the bottom page) 

Q If it makes you uncomfortable, explain why. If not, explain why not.

“I usually get uncomfortable when it’s someone of privilege making fun of something that didn’t affect them (white kids making racial jokes, a catholic cracking about the holocaust, gay jokes from cishets, etc.). Something about making fun of someone else’s struggle rubs me the wrong way“

“Being super duper sensitive to topics to the point where say you can’t say the word gun in front of a person or they’ll freak out and go on a whole rant of why gun control should/shouldn’t be a thing gets very irritating and isn’t the greatest way to live life”

“Sometimes if a person is using dark humor just to be edgy and not to actually make a good or relevant point, it makes me uncomfortable because they just end up being an asshole who can end up making fun of something they don’t understand for easy laughs”

“If they’re taken too far, obviously they’re not jokes any more. If they’re surface-level jokes, they’re fine and funny”

“anyone has the right to say what they want about those things”


(Thanks, guys. )

Q How do you feel about comedians making jokes about race/ethnicities?

“I feel like you shouldn’t make degrading jokes about an ethnicity/race that you aren’t a part of, but like the joke “no one will ever feel more loved than when a black grandma rubs your back and says ‘it’s okay sugar’” or something like that where it’s light hearted and in a way complimenting that race it should be fine”

“I think it’s common for everybody to make fun of their own race or in the city however it becomes a sensitive topic when they target a different race or ethnicity. it’s the sense of you don’t know so you don’t have the right to talk about it.“


(Okay wow thats interesting. Plz don’t hate on asians tho Charles Melton could kill me and I’d thank him.)


Q How do you feel about comedians making jokes about sexual assault and/or how assault is dealt with today?

“I don’t feel comfortable with comedians making jokes about sexual assault because it is a serious issue and topic of conversation nowadays, so putting a lighthearted spend on a dark issue like this it’s prevalent makes it seem like the issue is undermined.”

“I think it can be done well depending on the comedian and the approach. Don’t make fun of survivors obviously, but address the issue in a respectful way and make jokes to highlight the truth of the subject, not in a way that makes light of it.”

“Hmmmmm not too fond of people making light of something traumatic you feel?? Idk”

“It’s funny- just a joke so don’t rlly mata“

I got my fare share of trolls with this one. Not fun. 

Q Do you feel like there should be restrictions on what we make jokes about today?

Many many people said no to this one. I think its because they make jokes like these too. If you’ve ever seen the Marvelous Mrs. Mazel, you know it was BAD in the olden days. 

“I don’t think regulating humor is productive. People who make jokes in ill taste often do so because they don’t understand its wrong, and policing them could do more harm than good by pushing them into more extreme and hateful social circles. I’m a full supporter of civil deprogramming and explaining why something is hurtful”

“no, everyone has their sense of humor and an audience that will enjoy it just because it’s not your sense of humor does it mean you need to demean Or restrict them as long as they’re not oppressing other people.”

“I think as long as the joke is respectful and you know who you are saying it to and to what extent you say it, it is better to live in a world where we laugh than and learn than cry and learn.“

“Hmm not restrictions I just think sometimes people should have a little more respect??? Yk like not making fun of disabled people and such.”

“Yes, there are some restrictions when it comes to race and gender politics”

“Yes but very loose restrictions”

I also got some yes’s too. It’s pretty divided through and through. LMK what you think. 

And Finally. Q So, since it’s about jokes, tell me something funny! Or, roast me if you so dare!!!!

“stop insulting me for wearing the same outfit everyday when you litterally fix your hair every 5 seconds >:(( heh jk ily and i think your hilarious 💗”

“a hispanic magician tells the audience he will disappear on 3. He says “uno, dos-“ *poof* and disappears without a tres”

“My grandma found my tik tok account and sent all of my videos to her friends.” (This one KILLED ME)

“These surveys are to have human interact cuz your hungry for interaction1 response” (Damn why ya gotta be like that)

“Gonna take this time to say that John Mulaney’s stand ups are on Netflix”

“Dude I’m only funny in person. Can’t help here”


And with that. That’s my “HAHAHA. no.” Survey. I hope you liked my answers and if you reached the end, let me know what you think, as well as other survey ideas. I love doing these so so much, and I hope you do too!

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