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How would you ensure that your business stays healthy in future?

A business stays healthy and successful when you are investing your time and skills along with your financial investments. You should be having a proper planning and a strategy about how you are going to run your business for at least next 2–3 years.


You should make two kinds of plan one is short term plan and another is long term plan. Short term plan will include your strategy about how you are going to cope with the day to day tasks and how you will complete your weekly or monthly targets.

And long term plan will guide you about what you have to achieve in the next 2-3 years or say in the next five year. It will be a road map for your organization for the next few years and where you want to be in five years in the market.


After strategizing the goal plan about the business tasks, you should also have a financial plan. It will ensure you manage your finances well and how you are going to spend it. How you manage your expenditure, savings, profits and losses says a lot about whether your business is going to healthy in future or not. You should hire a good accountant who will manage your accounts, if you don’t have a proper knowledge about accounts.

Asset management:

You should look after all the inventories and assets that you have in your organization. A proper maintenance of all the tangible goods like vehicles, computers, furniture, electronic items, etc should be done on regular basis. It will reduce the depreciation of the goods and require less investment in future on the same things.

Customer Satisfaction:

In whatever industry your business comes be it goods or services, you should ensure that your customers stay happy with your services. Your first priority should be customer satisfaction and then your profits not otherwise. Because in the long run if you earn profits at the cost of customer satisfaction, it would affect negatively in your business. And for healthy business in future you should have regular customers who will also refer your company further to their peers.

Employee Management:

You should also give attention to your employees whether they are happy in the company or not. A happy and satisfied employee will work more efficiently than those who are not appreciated. You can start some rewards programs or give incentives to employee for appreciating their good work.

Knowledge and Skills:

Always keep updating your knowledge and skills about the latest trends, technologies, products or whatever your domain is. Only your knowledge can keep you ahead from your competitors in the market. If your business is in products and services domain be updated with the market trends. If you work in technologies domain keep learning about new technologies.

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And as the time goes by , wounds heal faster and faster… You and your twinflame are getting close to a reunion ! A new love opportunity arises . The seperation stage is over ! It is time to love each other unconditionally . Time to be together forever ! All the struggles you went through .. were tests … All the arguments you might had with your twinflame .. were suppose to happen to help you evolve spiritually … To show you that you need to trust the process ! Never lose faith ! Your wishes are becoming true 555. You are manifesting the re union ! Everything will be okay ! Love and abudance is on the way . You are blessed ! You create your own destiny !

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Trade the stars for a coat

before they fall, keep faith in

yourself when others leave.

Trade your worries for better sleep,

the stars wouldn’t leave you

if others bail out on you.

– Lanre Madiba

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Ok, so, last night when I wasn’t sleeping, I was thinking about chores. And I realized something kind of exciting? Well, at least at the time I thought it was exciting.

When I was a kid, there were many ways I was set up to succeed. When I went to piano lessons, I got a ton of positive feedback. If I was slowing down on the sixteenth notes, my piano teacher would point that out and tell me to go slow enough that I could keep the whole piece going at the same pace, and to practice the hard measures more. And she would also tell me something I did well and go on about how happy she was to see me or something, I don’t remember, I just remember that she gave A Lot of effusive positive feedback. And I loved it.

Clear expectations and positive feedback.

In school, mostly I did well. When I had to do my first book report, I wasn’t just told “write a book report”, I was explicitly walked through what that meant and how to do each step. Clear expectations and positive feedback. When I made art as a young child, I did well: no expectations except my own, and positive feedback. Like adults do with young children’s art, you know. Not necessarily specific feedback. (I would have preferred specific feedback, but my parents are not very artistic. Ah well.) But very positive.

When my dad taught me how to ride a bike. It was fun. I got one on one attention. I got to enjoy the activity itself. If I fell over, or took an inordinately long time to figure out how to get started on my own, I wasn’t treated like I did something wrong or like I was a disappointment. Intrinsic reward, no negative feedback.

Chores though. That was different. I don’t know if all families are like this, but it seems pretty common among people from backgrounds like mine: chores aren’t really valued. Not like other things are. Parents will brag about how their kids are on the swim team or won third place at the science faire, but not so much “my son keeps his room clean” or “my daughter takes the trash out without being asked.” Nor does doing chores tend to come with a lot of praise — maybe for children young enough that their help is purely symbolic.

Absence of positive feedback.

(And you know, just writing that I realized: cooking was an exception. When I started cooking my mom thanked me every time. And mostly refrained from complaining if dinner was an hour late or the kitchen was left a mess. Hmm.)

And: I think this thing happened where the chores had to *get* done but they weren’t considered all that important. So, the adult women, the moms who were already working full time anyways, ended up doing more than their share, and then would get resentful, and then notice the young people weren’t doing their share, and then get mad at us for not doing our share. Rather than, you know, giving us clear expectations about what we were supposed to be doing chore-wise from the start. Because chores weren’t important.

Absence of clear expectations.

And, presence of quite a bit of criticism.

The dishes you washed, there’s still spots on them. How do you not know how to do that, at your age. At some point, admitting ignorance is just humiliating. The satisfaction of doing a job well can’t be there if you aren’t doing the job well, and the satisfaction of helping people can’t be there if you’re treated like you’re doing less than the bare minimum.

And, being controlled. Which maybe isn’t the main thing — it’s not like school was optional — but in combination…I don’t know about anyone else, but I was never just asked, politely, to do chores. (Asked in a way that was really an order, yes; genuine “it’d be nice if you did this but ok if you don’t”, never.) Either the possibility of me doing chores didn’t come up or it was a demand, and a resentful one at that. Often with some commentary on being lazy and how somehow I should have known to volunteer to help wash the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner, even though nobody ever told me I was supposed to do that, and I still have no idea when I crossed the line from the most helpful thing I could do was to keep myself entertained and out of the way, to when I was considered old enough that I should be doing my share of the cleanup.

When something was in my comfort zone (when I knew I could do it without being told I was making things worse) and I could see that it needed doing, for the most part I did it. (Heck, in some situations hanging out in the kitchen washing dishes is easier than having to figure out how to be social.)

I don’t think, ultimately, it was anyone’s fault; the older generation of women got a really raw deal, and they were taught that housewife stuff was, well, that they can and should be doing more than that. (As though keeping one’s living space clean isn’t vitally important.) When women picked up a double shift, something had to go — and often my mother’s generation were specifically told that housework was what they should depriorotize.

They wanted good things for their children, and they knew that being especially good at doing the laundry wasn’t going to look good on college applications and resumes. So that’s not where they put their attention.

(And: the men in my family aren’t especially lazy. They do their share…a lot of the time. And yet somehow, the women always end up doing more. And, it’s not like they the men were taught how to teach kids to do housework either, or taught that they should. When people aren’t explicitly taught things, often they don’t know how to do them, and this applies on multiple levels.) (And when values aren’t reinforced in a culture, over and over again, they do tend to get backburnered.)

It’s not anyone’s fault. But I hope we can do better.

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Nights without a good night

Just because you want to play hard

This doesn’t feel right

I take this to heart

But you keep that same vibe

Can’t mess with this stressful energy

Is there any person right for me ?

Trauma fills my mind

Your lies kill me inside

I wish i didn’t have a heart to love you

And i wish i didn’t meet you too

Girl all you do

Is running from the truth

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I let go and trust the universe ! I am strong ! What is meant for me will find me and it is already mine . I am open to love ! I am ready to finally welcome my twinflame !

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It’s been months since we last talked… But i keep seeing her in my dreams … I keep feeling her energy around me … Everytime i ask the universe to show me my twinflame in my dreams , she appears in them … We both ended things in bad terms … I knew she was going through fucked up times and that she kept doing the same mistakes but she was the person that appeared as my twinflame before i even met her … It is weird but i trust the universe… I trust the process … Healing is happening … Maybe after it is done , we will have a re union , maybe we will come back better than ever … I am not desperate about it … I find it weird how when i ask for my twinflame she appears … A strong feeling in me tells me that she wants to contact me but something is blocking her … Universe will make the time right for us soon…

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I fail to understand why people choose to undermine their mental health. Why do you want to choose a difficult path when it doesn’t make you happy? Why inflict yourself with sadness?

Sometimes we choose a difficult path just because we feel we should choose it. We feel that the pain we give ourselves is worth it. But what’s wrong with choosing a simple path? Especially when we are not yet ready to face the consequences of having chosen a difficult one? Be gentle on yourself. The world is already hard enough.

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Be a miracle for someone today by being kind, teaching something you know, giving someone smile, giving food to the hungry, etc.

By doing small things, we can make a difference in someone’s life.


Tag your friends who need to see this post.

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