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#self growth
lovelybluepanda · a day ago
Some solutions for overthinking
Go to the opposite extreme. Focus on the good. What if you're amazing? What if you sweep then off their feet? What if you succeed?
If you can't deal with a reality you created, avoid spending time and energy on it. If you can't touch this worry somehow, it's just an imaginary monster feeding off your thoughts.
Look for the best parts of the situation. You screwed 1 thing, how about the other 10 you did right? Appreciate your accomplishments.
Perspective is everything. Do you think that teacher will remember you dropping a paper in 4 days? Nope. Most people don't even pay attention. The more you focus on a little thing, the bigger it becomes.
Overthinking is a way of running from feelings. Learn to manage your feelings and know that's okay not to know how everything will go like.
Be focused on the positive intentionally!
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rawhoneybliss · 5 months ago
this chapter of my life is called:
knowing my worth and acting accordingly.
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mind-on-recovery · 9 days ago
Slow progress is still progress. Everyone has their own pace, you don't have to be fast at achieving your goals. Just because you aren't going at the same pace as your peers, it doesn't make you any less successful. You will do great things in your own time, and I'm proud of what you've already accomplished.
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healingcaffee · 28 days ago
Things that did wonders for my mental health:
having enough sleep and a fixed sleeping and waking time ( at least on the weekdays)
starting my day with gratitude (things to be grateful for: being alive, having a body, a mind, a soul, health, family, friends, food and water, safety, a roof over your head, your education, your job, your free time... seriously there is so much to be grateful for) and praying for my family’s wellbeing
any type of movement - it can be as light or as intense as you’d like it to be: stretch in bed, hop on your yoga mat, go for a walk, go to the gym...
showering = instant rebirth
diligently doing your skincare routine
nourishing your body. no counting calories/ no restricting. feeding your body all the nutrients it needs to function
making a to-do list in the morning
journaling at night
reading before bed
doing a monthly habit tracker
having enough time to get ready in the morning and not rushing
checking in with your loved ones weekly
listening to podcasts - especially motivational and uplifting ones
learning something new everyday - never underestimate the power of those 4- 8 minutes educational videos on youtube
doing yoga
allowing myself to make mistakes
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iamenoughonmyown · 4 months ago
Some soft reminders for myself:
Everyone recovers at their own pace.
It's okay to take your own time.
Small steps is still moving forward.
You're doing great, keep going.
Appreciate yourself and how far you have come.
Celebrate yourself, your achievements, specially the small ones.
The journey of self love isn't easy but it's worth it.
I am worth it.
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lovelybluepanda · 6 months ago
Gentle reminder that your hobbies should make you happy, not stressed. They're not chores. Don't let them become that.
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