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#self help


be true to yourself…

…about everything, good or bad.

if something brings you joy, accept it and try to do more of it. only make sure that activity is not hurtful to someone else. if something makes you feel upset, there is no need to repeat it, no matter how much you may feel obliged to do it again.

you only have one life. live it beautifully. prioritise yourself and be happy

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Between The Cracks

Close your eyes and take a breath

Run your knuckles over your skin

Feel each dip and each split and each scab

Lick your lips, do you need chapstick?

Remember the curves of your body

The way it folds, the curling of your fingers

Your body needs to be fed and it needs to drink some water

Let your breath linger a little longer in your lungs

Now let it go deep and slow

Your body needs to sleep, sleep in peace

Trace your hands over your jaw and neck

Down your chest and to your hips

Over your knees and to your toes

I can see the cracks in your flesh

Where you’ve been broken and stretched

Don’t say you’re ugly, please my dear friend

You are beautiful

You are beautiful

You are beautiful

Please, please, don’t forget to tell yourself that

You are beautiful

Cracks and all the things in between

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you don’t always need to start from scratch. you are allowed to have certain unbroken parts of yourself, even if the rest is unbelievably broken. don’t break everything just because you want to make something new and better of yourself. self help doesn’t necessarily needs to start from self hate.

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<div> —  Mark Manson, <i>The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life</i> </div><span>You and everyone you know are going to be dead soon. And in the short amount of time between here and there, you have a limited amount of fucks to give. Very few, in fact. And if you go around giving a fuck about everything and everyone without conscious thought or choice—well, then you’re going to get fucked.</span>
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There will come a time when you will get tired. Tired of hearing about how you’ll never amount to anything. Tired of not getting the respect you deserve. Tired of hiding in the shadows because it’s dark. Tired letting a friend, partner, spouse or whoever walk all over you. Tired of being scared. Tired of waiting. Tired of being lead and you have no clue where you’re going. Oh, yes you will get tired if you are not doing what you want and need to do make sure you count! Damn it, stand up and be counted for. Crawl or shuffle or take small steps. And when you finally pick up your head up, your tribe will grab your hand. It is okay to get tired and say, “I’ve had enough!” Because just on the other side will be the best decision you ever made in life. And that’s how new beginnings are born.

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I just wanted to put this out there that if any of you are currently struggling, if any of you need someone to talk to, my inbox is always open. If youre a girl or whatever and dont feel comfortable talking with a guy about it my wife’s blog is @stonerwitchybitchnyx and she as well will be more than willing to help any way she can. We love you guys. Our followers have been more supportive of us than most of our friends. We know whats it like to feel outcasted and alone. You matter to us, all of you. Stay strong guys💙💙💙

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Today was a banana spilt lol. I felt really low again, and was unmotivated to do anything good for myself. But thankfully, halfway through the day, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I took the dogs out to the trails and hiked a few miles, practicing off leash recall. They did well, and it felt nice to be outside.

Today I ate:

-Wafer bar

-Chicken quinoa and salad greens

-3 oatmeal cookies

-spicy cajun pasta

I overate just a smidge, but I moved more than usual, so I’m freeing it from my burden. Fueling my body will help me move more tomorrow. 💖


Originally posted by some-places

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I have been victimized but i refuse to see myself as a victim…i am a survivor…

I have been molested, drugged, raped, abused, mistreated, beaten, neglected, tossed to the side, abandoned, replaced, assaulted, basically held hostage and left for dead.

None of these things define me…and I wont let them.

Everything that has happened to me has made me who I am today…though yes i went through hell and back…multiple times.

I have attempted suicide more times than I can count…and more than I remember. more than i care to admit to be honest. Im glad i failed.

I am a healer, I am sensitive, I am intuitive, I am resilient, I am strong, I am cautious, I listen to my gut, I am softspoken and shy with new people, I am bold, I have a heart of pure gold.

I have a wonderful life now, I am an amazing mother (and wife) and having alll that life experience, will help me be so much better. And if i can get through all that, I can get through anything.

I believe in ya’ll , and if you need someone to talk to Feel Free to contact me.💚

You Can Do It!🤩

Stay Strong!🤟🏻

You Got This!✌🏻💚

Relax. Breathe. Its okay.

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don’t text her/him/then, whoever you know isn’t worth messaging but you have the urge to reach out to

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not everyone is capable of making kindness a priority.
sometimes it’s because they’re having a hard day.
sometimes it’s because they’ve had a hard life.
sometimes it’s because they don’t have the tools
to get out of either cycle.
what we’re witnessing is just someone
caught in one of these loops.
it makes you take things less personally.
- renuka i.

when you become aware of this, it should encourage you to work on yourself. to pull yourself out of this cycle. to be an example for others. to show them that it is possible to hold compassion even on your worst days.

follow @renukawrites on IG for more!

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So You’ve Gotten a Death Threat!


All kidding aside, I had a long talk with my therapist today about starting to talk about proshipping stuff on my blog, and I shared my concerns that I, too, would get harassed. She was extremely supportive not only of what I was doing but also about having a plan and whatnot in place should I be on the receiving end of harassment, death threats, suicide baiting, etc. I wanted to share some of the tips we talked about.

  • That said, these are things that she and I worked together on. I am not, nor should you, judge other people being harassed if they are not doing these things, or if they publicly react/share their stories. Different people cope in different ways. Those people may not have the support system you have.
  • The main types of threats to be concerned about are ones that include your personal information. Save those and report them.
  • Do not publicly respond. Block, delete, move on. Most people who send messages like that just want to upset you. They want to know they “got” you.
  • You do not owe it to anyone to read every message you receive. If you read the first line and someone is already unloading on you, you can delete it. Just because they sent you something doesn’t mean you are required to return their energy.
  • Have someone you can talk to. Preferably someone who is offline, but any close friend who knows you personally can help. Talk to them when it gets to be too bad.
  • Remember that you do not deserve what is happening. Nobody should be threatening you or sending you harassment. And you are not weak for being affected by it.

If you need to log off and breathe, do it. Or if you can’t log off, go somewhere else online. Play a game, watch some youtube videos, start a discord server with friends you know and trust who can distract you.

Hang in there.

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I woke up early, just like every day. I had breakfast, then a shower, then yoga. Right after I started working on a one-page comic that I have been commissioned for my bookshop’s magazine.
I thought I wanted to make it about the big changes that I am living in the last few months, the struggles with myself and the light that I am finally seeing by the end of the dark tunnel I’ve inhabited for so long. Basically, for all my life.

I love myself, finally and shyly.
I still struggle with paranoid thoughts but, in the end, I feel love towards myself, and compassion.
I understood the great difference between soul and ego: soul is me only, powerful and empowered; ego is what I want the others to see, it’s my perception in the eyes of strangers.
I see where my dark spots are, I feel my flaws and all I want is to embrace them because I know that behind each of my issues there is a long list of sad, angry humans unable to heal themselves. This long queue is going to end with me, as I won’t carry their shadow any longer.
No more misery, no more trauma inherited from family member to family member.

I refuse to pass on the unresolved issues of my family and, instead, I am taking responsibility for it.
I want to take care of all of this and say: “heal”.

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Looking for a simple relaxing read that can add a little adventure and hope to my day. Mainly looking for something light hearted, wholesome, and happy.

Thanks in advance

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