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#self help
lovelybluepanda · 2 days ago
How to romanticize your life
Part 7
Buy yourself a plushie. It can be a keychain, tiny teddy bear or a human size bear. Nothing stops you.
Go to a cafe and try a new cake.
Make yourself a friendship bracelet.
Go to a stationery or art and crafts shop and get some clay to build a pot for a plant or a holder for your keys, jewelry or tiny things.
Learn some calligraphy and write something nice for yourself.
Doodle some stickers (YouTube has diy tutorials) and give them to friends. Make customize designs for each friend.
Get a chocolate and give it as a gift to someone close to you.
Give small gifts for no reason. Watch people ask "why" because after a certain age, more and more people need a reason to show gratitude for someone's presence in their life and that's sad.
Try something you're not skilled at. Be patient to your own person as you notice improvement.
Have a big project that only you know of. Maybe knit a blanket, make a vase with clay, make some 3D origami thing, just try something new and intimidating. See how you'd approach such a task.
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shafangs · 21 hours ago
I see a lot of its never too early to ask for help posts so heres a its never too late post
even if you think you deserved what happened to you
even if it has been happening for months or years
even if youre used to it
even if youve tried to get help before and failed
even if your already recovering from a long downward spiral
even if you think its normal/you can endure it
even if youre mental health is inconsistent and youre used to dealing with it alone
even if it happened a long time ago
a helping hand never hurts
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superpwrtoolkit · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Netflix show Maya and the Three reminded me of why I love geek therapy so much. There is so much we can learn from movies, shows, books, etc. 
Maya, the heroine of the story, often says “if it is to be, it is up to me.” We hold more power than we know. Yes, of course there are things we are not able to control like the weather, how others respond to us, and the color of our skin. 
However, once we think of the options available to us (sometimes we may need a bit of extra help from a professional and thats ok) we begin to realize that we have the means and power to bring about change. 
I am not saying it's easy. I am saying that it will be worth it. We may get some push back from others (even family) and it may seem like we have exhausted all of our options but there is someone out there who can help us if we reach out. 
Lets reframe our thoughts about our worth and re-enchant our life by adding a little bit of magic. 
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the-courage-to-heal · a day ago
Tumblr media
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wholeheartedsuggestions · 6 months ago
trying to have the same mindset as “just cut your hair, it’ll grow back” when making decisions. they’re not all make or break.
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lovelybluepanda · 3 days ago
In less than one month it's going to be 2022 and as usual, everyone will be like "this is my year" and then they'll confidently say they will achieve all their goals and by February most give up.
With this reality in mind, here's a list of tips how to stick to your goals and avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.
Become what you want. You don't want to "publish a book" or "write a book", you want to say "I'm an author", "I'm a writer", "I'm an artist" and so on. Be what you want to be, this will make you feel more committed to your goals.
Did you know with pebbles you can build a wall? By this i mean that you shouldn't think of "I'll do (activity) for X hours a day". That builds pressure, you don't want pressure. You want progress and that means being okay with doing small things. If you can't run for 10min, then start by walking for 2. If you can't write a chapter, then write a paragraph or edit something. If you can't study 1 French lesson, learn 1 new word. At the end of the week, they will make a difference. Anything is better than nothing.
Lifetime > this year, by this i mean that your skills, goals, plans etc accept them as a part of a lifetime thing, not just this year. If you decide that what you learn is for a long time, you understand that you have all the time in the world to improve/learn.
You're free to change your mind and that's alright. There's no shame or guilt in realizing that maybe you want something else. Kickbox instead of taekwondo? That's good. Italian instead of Spanish? Amazing. Just make sure you have something to look forward.
Prepare your things to make everything easier. Wanna eat more cooked food at work? Have a list of ideas that you enjoy. Wanna pick up yoga? Have your mat and shoes nearby. Make the process less stressful.
Try to say "starting with 2022..." instead of "in 2022 i want...". The reason for this is because the moment you say "in", it makes you think of "only this year". As i said earlier, lifetime has a better impact on your mindset than a specific period of time. Long time + realization that you're free to change your mind = very chill attitude and enjoyment
If something becomes difficult or you can't do something, set the bar lower. Learn more basics, ask for help, do fewer things etc. Build confidence and enjoyment before focusing on the progress aspect.
Write down what you do or have visual reminders. Keeping a diary/journal with what you do can he very motivational because you visually see what you do, you know there's progress in some way.
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danidraws · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some thoughts about my personal gender journey.
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prettypositivity · 2 months ago
it’s okay to feel relieved when you break an attachment to someone who wasn’t good for you
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wholeheartedsuggestions · 3 months ago
you’re not behind in life. you’re going at your own pace. it’s better to do things the right way with time than to rush things. don’t stress yourself out too much over a self-conceived timeline.
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