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so I’ve been working on fitness lately and see small results. today I was just thinking about things and yes one of the hardest things in life is to be disciplined enough to stick to something long enough (be as persistent as fuk) so you learn to be consistent and that it allows you to reach an ultimate goal or pushes you into spaces in life that the average person would not be able to achieve. Not achieve because in being persistent enough to perform at a consistent level propels you into that very elite club of dream achievers/goal slayers/fear fighters..etc

It makes you that person that people admire because they themselves think that they don’t have it in them to be successful or extraordinary to achieve the unthinkable in life.

We are all born with a purpose/a reason for being placed on this earth with the innate ability and talent to do something in life. It’s just a test we are given to see if we can be disciplined enough to master the talents that we were given to fulfill our purpose.

I once read or listened to a podcast where the influencer said, don’t be afraid to try anything that you are interested in because you never know what you will end up falling in love with and finding as your thing in life.

Then once you find that thing, if you succeed at being persistent and are patient, you will gain a great reward, be admire for your actions, and inspire others to do so for themselves.

Continue to try to be great. be persistent. be patient.

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Fellow @ADHD'ers I need help. I have a (supposedly common) ADHD issue. Everyday, I find it just… hard to push myself to brush my teeth. Sure, my family is constantly reminding me and convincing me, and yeah it’s oral hygiene and it’s required….

But, I just can’t find to motivation to do it.

I heard that I have to offer myself a reward, something to give my brain “dopamine” or somethin. I saw a post that has sticker boards as a solution. But I really don’t find stickers THAT interesting. And I want several options. So.

What would a kid like me find rewarding enough to convince myself to brush my teeth?

A few facts about me that can help suggesting options:

  • I love drawing
  • I am an extreme shipper
  • I like musicals and just music in general
  • I write sometimes
  • I love cats and dogs and just animals

I had an idea of getting OTP art prompts and inspiration whenever I brush my teeth, but I don’t know where I’ll find somewhere to offer them, much less have them in my interests. Besides, I can grab art prompts whenever, so making it a reward probably won’t work. But maybe???

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Day 3 of accountability

Unproductive and negative actions

1) went to bed at 3am and am keeping that detail away from my parents.

2) posting this technically the next day and at 11 am.

2) didn’t get my math turned in on time

3) didn’t do homework at a table or desk but on my bed which isn’t a smart move.

4) Took some afternoon medication late

5) I sent an unclear text to a friend about if I was canceling are hangout or not.

6) I canceled it which sucks but I need this time to catch-up on homework.

7) Watched Netflix which is fine in itself. I didn’t binge watch or anything but I was not responsible in when I chose to watch tv. I took unscheduled breaks from work.

8) I am unsure of important details concerning graduation.

9) I haven’t gone to the bank like I said I would.

10) Didn’t do one of my chores before the deadline for it to be done.

11) This past week I only did 2 workouts instead of normal ¾ that I do. Just to clarify, I have 4 opportunities and normally I choose to participate in 3.

Positive actions and improvements

1) I brought in all my stuff from around the public areas in my house to my room.

2) I continued to work and try to understand my math homework and even though I missed the deadline I turned it in done that day.

3) Cleaned my bed, floor and put away a lot of clothes.

4) I replied to a text from a school friend that I don’t normally talk to.

5) Posted to snapchat, it has been awhile and made an important statement.

6) Did a workout and did it well.

7) I asked a question to my instructor and I normally don’t speak up with questions.

8) Have been setting alarms for myself and make my parents aware of the alarms and what they are for.

9) Went outside, weeded and enjoyed the warmth of Thursday.

10) When I was hungry late last night I made a healthy yummy bowl of food.

11) Stopped myself from continuing to work on easy unimportant homework for the more important homework.

12) I didn’t cry a lot, eat sugary foods, watch a bunch of tv or nap after the big upset I had with my parents. I normally do this but instead I did a bunch of productive things.

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