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one of my biggest struggles is letting go of my ego. but I genuinely want to know how much better things are when I remove my defenses and insecurities from the picture, and navigate through tough situations using love and patience.

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i think we all need to start appreciating small pleasures and little joys more, especially now, when our world is so unstable and most of the things that we have planned are ruined. yes, of course, it’s amazing to travel, to see the world, to meet new people, to search and to find, and now you can think that your life is boring as hell only because you have to stay at home

but what about good books which you can find in online libraries? interesting articles concerning the issues you really enjoy but don’t have enough time to find out more about them? podcasts which can help you to see some things from the other point of view? watching documentaries and movies which have personal room in your heart? what about baking muffins in the morning while listening to your favourite artists? spending the whole day wearing cozy pajamas? taking care of your home plants? singing alone in the shower? you can be content without having big plans, great achievements, and photos from different sides of the world

just relax. and go baking some cookies

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Happy mercury day! Today I embraced this day of communication by having a vulnerable conversation with my parent.

It’s so difficult to move on from past traumas and differences, especially with parents. They’ve had about your whole life to form mistakes in your relationship together. Which I’ve always held against them. This is all times out of ten having to do with their own past.

It’s always projection. That goes for everyone.

It’s important to come to a point in your life where forgiveness and moving on takes priority. No more staring at your ceiling listening to depressing music wondering how your life will ever change for the better.

I’m telling you now as long as you have your boundaries set straight forgiveness will only help you. Stop sulking and start living! Love you.

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honestly sometimes I feel so stressed about how I’m stressed out, like I’ll be doing good with my mental health and be thinking all positive stuff and pushing myself to do good things, and then someone will say something that has really affected me in the past and all the emotions come cracking down on me and I can’t help but feel the same type of way I felt. It’s like I think I’m almost over it until someone says exactly the same things that has hurt me in the past. Is this normal or is it weird? I’m open to any suggestions too

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Seseorang sebelum terampil berbahasa, harus mampu menguasai 4 tahap keterampilan berbahasa yaitu keterampilan menyimak, keterampilan berbicara, keterampilan membaca, dan keterampilan menulis. Bagaimana kamu bgtu pandai berbicara semaumu, menyakiti seseorang dgn lisanmu, percaya omongan tanpa menyaring, serta menyinggung dgn tulisanmu, sedang keempat keterampilan itu blm kamu kuasai. Sini sama-sama belajar, biar terampil berbahasa, tdk hanya sekadar ciutan omong kosong yang akhirnya nyaring jadi tong kosong.

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Hello beautiful people.

I hope you are all well and surviving through any battles you might be facing 😊

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, and while I sit in my zoom class at 10am, I feel a little inspired to write it now. 

To start: It is completely, and will always be, okay to not be okay.

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who was struggling with personal things. I told her that every single day you wake up, and get out of bed at SOME time, whether its 8am or 3pm, it’s a successful day. In this new world with COVID and quarantine and social distancing, I have found it is CRITICAL to be kind to ourselves.

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