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HOLIKA HOLIKA Redness Calming CICA Dressing Mask.

Ever since discovering Holika Holika face masks I came across this particular mask. As from my previous posts you have seen the redness in my face, I suffer bad and have done for awhile.

This was always sold out on beauty bay, later managed to get my hands on a couple.

I was interested in the dressing design, and the benefits it came with it.

Formulated with soft, natural ingredients to care for sensitive skin, this calming sheet mask helps to effectively soothe irritated and reddening skin.

To say I’ve been impressed is an understandment. The freckles on my face really start to pop. And the cleanliness I feel is incredible.


I wash my face.


Apply mask.

Leave for 20 mins.

Circular motions on the face after with the product and important clean and sanitised hands.

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It’s ok to show off your body and not want sex.

It’s ok to let your emotions out without the fear of being judged

It’s ok to have quirky interests and not feel embarrassed

It’s ok if you want to be alone sometimes

We spend too much of our lives wondering if ‘it’s ok’ for everyone else


Originally posted by positiveupwardspiral

As long as YOU feel ok in your heart, body and mind, then everything will fall into place

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Transformation so far…

Tonight I’m celebrating me.

I thought I’ll put a collage together of when I started my skincare regime till now and oh my god I’m so happy and proud of how far my skin has come.

I will get there with my self confidence but it’s improved a lot since the first photo and when that was taken my self esteem was the lowest I’ve been.

I will continue to blog as a diary, continue to improve my skincare routine and diet to carry on my quest to clear skin and blemish free or at least down.

Growing up I always looked at celebrities with such elegence and beauty. I would kick myself ‘why wasn’t I born with this beauty?’ ‘Why can’t I have clear skin?’ ‘Why can’t I look gorgeous and glamourous with even makeup on?’

What I’ve learnt is the most powerful beauty secret or advise I could give is confidence.

This will be continued from me.

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Come to think of it you only came around when you were done with the flavor of week.

You only wanted me for my body and only when it was convenient for you.

To you I was an over emotional toy to play with in your free time.

You fail to see the beauty and value I have to offer this world and you failed to see that I had people surrounding me that could see right through you facade.

Unlike you, I havent pissed away or drank away every meaningful relationship around me.

Unlike you, I’m more interested in what’s going on in people’s heads than what their bodies can do for me.

Unlike you, I see every person as an opportunity to learn and love and create new friendships.

Unlike you, I find value in conversation that go deeper than lued pictures.

Unlike you, I will get better.

Unlike you, I will learn from my mistakes and better myself for me and only me.

Unlike you, I see worth in myself and will never settle for less…

But like you, I dont love you anymore.


The one you will never control again


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DR JART+ Shake & Shot

I’ve always wanted to try the rubber masks by Dr Jart+ but couldn’t justify £10 on one mask especially when not re-useable (maybe payday).

However ‘Look Fantastic’ had an offer so I bought the newest edition to the Dr JART+ collection and that was the shake and shot where your build the mask yourself. And wow I’m impressed and I’m doing this post whilst the mask is cooking on my face.

The step one sachet is a cream formula, step two is a watery formula and step 3 SHAKE! The shake doesn’t take long and I watched YouTube videos on this mask and they said you will feel the formulas change as if you know when it is done. I found that hard to believe but my goodness, I shaked it for a bit and it was watery at first then after a few shakes it changed! (Please cover the mouth of the face as that is a hole for the spatula)

I opened the lid (face) and I thought “oh that’s not a lot of product!” But it covered my entire face and I even doubled sometimes tripled in the more sensitive areas as I bought the soothing mask (There are four mask types, soothing, luminous, Elastic, Hydro).

Whilst I wait, I will prepare for my after mask post! Exciting!

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You know what you’re supposed to do to get better… but its not as simple as knowing what to do. You need to feel like you can do it and really want to do it. There’s no point in doing something if you don’t feel like you are able and (in your deeper self) want to. You have to fully think about what it could lead to if you don’t get better, if you stay the way it is, therefore feeling more motivated to get better, think about being better, how it would be to feel that free, strong and independent?

Imagine a scenario in which now you would struggle, and imagine having no fear or discomfort in that same scenario… isn’t that amazing.. don’t you want that? 

Well.You can have it. You can. I know you can. You know you can too. You just need to realize it. 

I believe you can be good, you can live in this world without that fear in your gut, even for a small thing. You shouldn’t t have that fear. And you can overcome it.

Maybe it’ll be quick. Maybe it’ll take a long ass time. But it will happen. 

I swear to you. 

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This lockdown has been so freaking terrible, I’m feeling so depressed, pointless and lonely.

I haven’t been going to school before this whole thing because we haven’t had enough money, so I also haven’t had anything like homework to do…I’ve just been stuck in my head all day. I broke up with my boyfriend, family has been weird and my depression is getting worse…..its just messy.

But, I got some school books from someone who didn’t want them anymore and I’m starting Tomorrow. I’ve set up a proper schedule so that I’ve got some routine and I’m already feeling a bit more in control :) Also looking into the parts of my self that I like so I can start practicing some decent self love and gaining some confidence ^w^

I promise to myself that I will come out of this a better version of myself <3

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