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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#Shorts Singer songwriter producer Sia is facing some backlash after dropping the trailer for her upcoming film titled Music. The backlash centers around the lead actress who is portraying an autistic teenager. What do you think? Let’s discuss it in the comments. It’s your Pop Culture Minute with Kyle McMahon From Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon where you get your weekly dose of celebrity interviews, news, reviews and views on all the latest in movies, music, TV, streaming, technology and pop culture! ============= You can listen to Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon wherever you get your podcasts, like on the iHeart Radio app & check out ! iHeart: Apple Podcasts: Spotify Podcasts: Google Podcasts: Overcast: Radio Public: ============= For additional information and resources designed to help you transform your life, visit ============= by Kyle McMahon

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Mon, Nov 23, 2020

Three things for me to do today:

1. clean my room

2. look through Khan Academy and see what interests me

3. read about some fairy and folk tales from Ireland (20 minutes)

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As life goes on , i am more and more excited to meet my twinflame .! I realised that all the relationships i did weren’t actually my other half . But they happened for a reason! I trust the universe to guide me in the right love for me . Who am i not to trust the process ? I am already married to my twinflame in other dimension and i shall find my twinflame in this dimension too ! I am love and i am guided . I will find happiness and love in the end ! Always think like that!

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It hurts to watch you acting like this

Girl i love you , but you are making me bleed

I gave you my heart

And you teared it apart

I gave you my trust

And you mistreated me fast

I just have to move on

Follow my own road

I can’t keep on chasing you

That’s toxic , your love ain’t true

True love has no chasing game

But your ‘love’ is a pain game

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I’ve seen this somewhere on instagram in a story, which was capturing a tiktok, if you know who did this, please name the creator, I just wanted to encapsulate the content into a post. (maybe @cptspacegirl knows about it)

Myself being a victim of impostor syndrome, I struggle through life with all the traits of the archetypes. But I’m learning and taking steps toward getting better.

If you’re suffering because of the expectations, the fear of losing creditability, the sense of worthlessness, or the need to prove that worth, just stop. Your worth is more than you could imagine. Capitalism has a measurement of worth, quantified and ready made for machines but not humans. You may find solace in the false sense of comfort, the heaps of worthless paper or electrical coins, but if you really want to get a break from this, then just accept the idea of not being a machine to produce and perform 24/7, 100% or more. Nobody should expect that from you, not even you. Same with happiness.

[image with text, transcript]

Archetypes of Impostor Syndrome:

1. The Perfectionist
Setting of extremely high expectations for thyself.

“Even if 99% of a goal is achieved, I still feel like a failure”

2. The Expert
Believing thyself being incompetent because the lack of sufficient infromation to make a decision.

“I’m afraid to ask questions and look stupid.”

3. The Natural Genius
Blinding thyself with a false sense of thy worth, if learning something becomes a struggle.

“I restrict myself to skills that only come easily.”

4. The Soloist
The need of accomplishing everything only by thyself.

“I never ask for help because I equate it to weakness.”

5. The Superhero
Pressuring thyself working harder than everyone to prove thy worth.

“I feel the need to excel at everything in life.”

[image with text, end]

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online classes are making my depression worse.Not that I don’t/can’t study.I do.Actually,a good amount of hours.


… I’m a shy person.I find it really hard to open the microphone and talk to the teacher.I just can’t.My body starts shaking and i feel cold.I feel like somebody has taken the air from my lungs and i can’t speak a word.After the class ends i feel soo bad,tired and so stressed that my stomach hurts.I start hating myself for studying so much yet not being able to say a word.


….if anyone has any advice of how i can change this,or at least..if anyone is going through the same thing… I’d really appreciate that!🥺🥺✨✨💖💖😔😔😔

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This is for all the people that are alone .

You should love being alone . It is peaceful . Not to mention that you will have the time to work on yourself and attract faster your twinflame .I used to have a lot of friends .. I would have those friends meet up but i would never really have fun in them . I realised that in most cases , when you go out with friends , you just waste your time by gossiping . I hated gossip . But people would always tell me that i have to had friends. That friends are essential … That was a lie … Years later i realised that all my friends were jealous of my glow up. That they hated me . That’s why in my darkest times they were acting fakely nice . Once i started being alone , meditating , having a decent self care , loving my self more and more and achieving my dreams , more and more people wanted to enter my life and more people started getting jealous and tried to be good friends with me in order to benefit from me … Friends are poison , trust me . Take time alone , meditatee , focus on you and you will attract real ones . Everything happens in time . Don’t rush to meet people …

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