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candyheartedchy 7 hours ago
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Here鈥檚 my new sona! She鈥檚 the daughter of the Wolfman and is dating Grim! 馃槍
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dinoselfships 10 hours ago
i wish so badly that there were more prompts for people with f/os that prefer to be the little spoon/the one being cared for
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canongf 8 hours ago
i am always thinking about stealing my f/o鈥檚 shirts, thinking about pulling them out of their closet or picking them up off of their floor, but can you imagine your f/o taking it off and just handing it to you? can you imagine your f/o knowing that you like to wear it and they know it鈥檚 best when it鈥檚 warm and it smells like them so they take it off their own body for you? especially if you don鈥檛 even have to ask for it. maybe you鈥檙e sleepy or not feeling your best and they do it wordlessly because they know it鈥檒l be a comfort to you. they just know.聽
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myers-meadow-selfship 23 hours ago
thinking of coming down to have breakfast with the Hewitt family after you just spent the night in Tommy's room,, Luda Mae is polite and welcoming for the most part, Hoyt would be so terrible he'd get scolded by the rest. Tommy hugging me protectively to his side when he sees Hoyt's gaze linger on the marks on my neck and shoulders. Later on Luda Mae will single me out while doing chores and she'll ask if her son is behaving right and I'll tell her he's a gentleman and that I love him and he's just so much stronger and bigger is all, and she'll glow with pride for her boy being so appreciated.
I can tell Hoyt said things to Tommy the next night as the way he touches me changes. I sit him down, we undress and i make him shower with me to get him out of his head. As I massage shampoo in his hair, he rubs gentle but calloussed fingers over the bruise on my shoulder where he grabbed me the night before, and whines low in his throat. I'll lean into him and bury my head against his neck, standing on my tiptoes to be able to reach. Him changing his position makes me lose my balance and i almost slip - but he catches me. This makes us laugh and all is well. We sleep like roses, and each rose has its thorns.
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Here's my new DHMIS Self shipping s/i for Fizzy Milk!
Tumblr media
His name is Canberra!
(@fading-bisexual-queen-milkshake @ask-the-happily-ever-after-crew @a-weird-bean-bag @a-person-on-the-internet)
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silly-selfshipper 5 months ago
If you ever feel bad and cringe about making self inserts and oc x canon ships, I want you to remember that THE Weird Al鈥 Yankovich has a canon self insert character in My Little Pony named Cheese Sandwich, and he canonically gets married to and has kids with Pinkie Pie
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chuuyas--boo a month ago
Rb to cuddle your f/o(s) like this
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selfship-sanctuaries 4 months ago
Imagine your f/o coming home and feeling really truly safe and happy the second they set their eyes on you.
Imagine your f/o thinking that they're happy they've made it through everything, if only because they got the chance to love you.
Imagine your f/o looking forward to every morning, every rainy day, every clear night, every rise and set of the sun, because they get to see it all with you.
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fictional-other-tarot a month ago
Reblog this if you want a "small" letter from your f/o 馃グ馃槼馃ズ鉂わ笍馃挄
Please remember to tag with or otherwise let us know the names of the f/o's you want a letter from 馃挄
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aggressively-selfships a month ago
Tumblr media
This has been how my night's going ajshdhdjskelf
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softnice 8 months ago
ask game: asks from your f/o!
饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚
there are many wonderful ask games for questions ABOUT your f/o, but what about asks FROM your f/o? reply to these asks as though you're talking directly to your f/o asking the questions! enjoy, and remember your f/o loves you!
饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚
鈽侊笍: have you had any nice dreams about me lately? or any bad ones you wish I could scare away?
馃Ц: what's your favourite memory of us?
馃嵂: what do you think is the sweetest thing I've done for you? there are so many sweet things you've done, I've lost count!
鉁: what is a wish you'd like to make for me? or about our love?
馃挆: what was your first impression of me?
鈽: what's your favourite part about our morning routine together?
馃洀锔: what's your favourite part about our evening routine together?
鈽锔: what is your favourite thing about our special, intricate love?
馃崜: what's your favourite adventure that we've shared?
馃拰: what sweet words do you wish you could share with me?
馃尡: what is your favourite way that I've grown for you?
馃尶: what is your favourite way that our relationship has grown?
馃崉: what is the thing you are most proud of about me?
馃尭: what is the thing you are most proud of about yourself, love?
饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚饜剻鉁 饜剚
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candyheartedchy 4 months ago
A reminder: It鈥檚 okay to make self inserts pass your 20s. You鈥檙e not 鈥渢oo old鈥 or 鈥渃ringe鈥 because you love fictional characters as an adult and want to imagine what it would be like to hang out with them. No matter if you been self inserting since you were a kid or started as an adult, the love you have for your f/o(s) are valid and precious. Don鈥檛 let anyone make you feel you have to 鈥済row up鈥 out of the things you love! 鉂わ笍
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dinoselfships 3 days ago
yall ever get too shy to rewatch your f/o鈥檚 media? yeah me too
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canongf 2 months ago
my self insert isn鈥檛 a mary sue it鈥檚 just accurate i鈥檓 this sexy and good at everything in real life too
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blushxblush 4 months ago
self shippers reblog with your current fave's (joke) toxic trait. mine is a gamer </3
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starlit-roses-ships 10 months ago
is it just me or has anyone else been inserting themselves/a version of themselves/or ocs into the fictional worlds of movies, shows, games, books, etc. for a loong time and way before you ever even knew terms like 鈥渟elf-insert鈥 or 鈥渟elf ship鈥 or 鈥渙c鈥 existed??
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lovinglywithyou a month ago
Imagine your f/o taking your hand in your sleep. They couldn't sleep, or are staying awake to make sure you're okay. You look so calm and peaceful asleep so they take your hand and hold it in theirs as they cuddle you, closing whatever distance there was
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peachypizzicato a month ago
the farmer asked for no pickles
Tumblr media
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selfship-sanctuaries 4 months ago
Your f/o stays awake in the dead of night. They cant sleep because their thoughts are too busy. Your face, your laugh, your smile, your voice, the way you look at them. It all runs through their mind a mile a minute. They can only fall asleep when they pretend the pillow they're holding is you.
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silly-selfshipper 7 months ago
鈥淪elf inserts don鈥檛 add to the narrative鈥 Bold of you to assume I can鈥檛 make my s/i an important staple to the story with the power of rewriting canon
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