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#self love

“Understand that mistakes don’t decrease your value. That’s what you did, not who you are.”

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It will always hurt, no matter how long it’s been.

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reminder: you’re in your head forever, make sure it’s a nice comfortable place to be.

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Your dreams are only dreams until you make a plan! Make it happen!!!

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It’s so easy to be hard on yourself, hate everything about yourself and your life and care what people think about you, especially on these apps and “Instagram”

But you really just have to get that positive self talk in and say Nah! Fuck that! I got me! 🖤

Just my thoughts tonight

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hey all! shameless self promo, but I just started a Redbubble shop!! There’s bound to be tons of sappy sapphic art and poetry designs in the future BUT

bc there NEEDS to be more inclusive Valentine’s Day merch out there (including representation for all kinds of lgbtq+ folx) I decided to put up a few cute vday designs!

I’ll be working with an artist in the future so there are definitely more coming soon & we’ll be taking requests if you have something specific in mind! I’d love to create something that represents and speaks to you!

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🎉 Letting go ceremony 🎉

Take this space to give yourself permission to let go of behaviours that no longer serve you.

For example, I am personally letting go of:

- Not doing something because I am too scared to do it (such as applying to jobs)

- Giving up after relapsing one, two or a million times (the journey is more important than the ending result)

- Convincing myself that things cannot change (they can and will change, we just push them towards better)

- Constantly judging myself (high school is over, there is only growth)

- Looking for perfection (There is beauty in being average and just being yourself. No need to be perfect to be special)

- Giving in to depression and anxiety (they do not define me)

What are you letting go of? 💞

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… … okay. let’s see.

1. I like that I have fun dancing

2. I like that I usually dont care what people think

3. I like that a scratch wont stop me

4. I like that have crazy ideas

5. I like that I cant fix most things without help

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Monday’s Quick Facts:

1.) 67% of people including have HSV-1 (which is usually oral) globally

2.) You cannot get HSV from toilet seats, bedding, or touching silverware

3.) Most people who are Bitten are Asymptomatic

4.) HSV is most contagious when symptoms are present and/or visible

5.) Most Health Care Provider don’t cover STD/STI prescriptions and other related cost. And the younger you are the more expensive it can be.

* My cost were VERY expensive‼️

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okay. I’ll try.

1. I like how I’m sometimes able to help my friends

2. I like my determination on certain things

3. I like how I can more or less hold up a conversation in person

4. I like how I feel about myself

5. I like that I have fun singing.

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I don’t normally like my side profile, but today I’ve chosen to make peace with myself. So this is a reminder to do the same. The first step in loving yourself is accepting yourself

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Like look at the difference. Look at how much better he looks with his natural texture.


Man, whiteness is violence, they got this man stripping all the life and character from his hair. Where are the Black people in his life?

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Finally starting to feel myself again. Remember to take time to love yourself. Someone once told me, if you can just put a quarter of the amount of effort you put into others, you will see a difference. Love yourself. Because it’s only yourself, that keeps getting you through these hard times.

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