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#self love

Ways I am learning to love and respect myself:

  • Eating healthy (no more takeout!)
  • Taking photos of myself and looking back and trying to focus on the positives instead of the negatives
  • Daily morning meditation and stretching
  • Cutting all negative energy out of my life
  • Journaling
  • Keeping the space around me clean, tidy and nice smelling
  • Catching my negative self talk and cutting it out the second it happens
  • Articulating my needs to people around me
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The best thing you can do for yourself when you are in a relationship or want someone to love you is to be infinitely yourself. You will not only fall in love with yourself but they will to. They will love all of you and wouldn’t you want to be loved for you and not for a fake show you put on?

Be full heartedly you

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❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

I’ve had this tumblr for 6+ years now and I have so many inactive people on here. I’ll be clearing those out soon so if you’re still here please like or reblog this.

Also looking for more positive/self-care/self-love/fitness (things along those lines) blogs to follow so drop suggestions if you have any pleaseeee :)

btw sending you all my love during this time ♡

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i feel gross and bad about myself so i made a list of things that are good about me. and i need to put them somewhere and so i’m posting them. feel free to ignore this post.

* i am triumphant over my depression

* i’m three years clean from self harm

* i’m four years in recovery from an eating disorder

* i look good in jeans

* i’m smart

* i’m good at math

* i paint decently well

* no one else’s love will ever compare to the love i can give

* i’m patient

* i can cook good

* i work on my anxiety every day

* i’m proud of my sexuality

* i’m a good friend

* i can do even eyeliner

* i’m a good waitress

* i make good chai tea

* i’m loyal

* i write really good essays

* i’m passionate about the injustices i see in the world

* i have really lovely hair

* my eyes are nice

* i am good at laundry and my clothes are always soft

* i look good in stripes

* my teeth are white

* i’m a good mediator

* i give good advice

* i’m a good big sister

* it’s been five years since my last suicide attempt

* it’s been two years since i was suicidal

* i’m coping with childhood trauma

* i make good smoothies

i am one of a kind. i’m worthy of love. i will be content with myself and my life. the way i love and my friendships are one of a kind. i am invaluable.

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You are the only one that can truly change how you feel. Finding someone else to make you feel better is a temporary thing because at some point when they stop making you feel good, you are right back with those thoughts that you ran away from. 

You need to find a way to make yourself happy. You need to make yourself feel good everyday. And thats a hard thing to do, but trust me you can do it. You just have to try until you get it right 

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My day started off great. Just right now I feel so low . I’m not sure if it’s because I’m bored, I don’t have friends anymore( because of how shitty I’ve been getting treated. ) I know… Even though I am more aware of myself….. there’s still moments where I feel alone and I have to remind myself that it’s okay. To just be patient. Keep loving myself… to keep living in my truth when it comes to art etc. I know that this is just a feeling & I have to remind myself that I am not that feeling. Because I’m & life is much more then what I feel atm.

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