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thebibliosphere · 4 months ago
Sooo, I have an idea for my own vampire story (it’s cool, with secret society’s and murder and lesbians). How do you go about making it a reality?
Start writing it. You can either plot it out in detail or do a vague outline and see where it takes you from there.
You’ll probs go through a couple of drafts of the idea before you get to the final rough draft. After that I’d highly recommend hiring an editor(s). (Mine are @roselarkpublishing) This advice stands true whether you decide to self-pub or trad-pub.
A good book to read if you decide to go self-pub is Let's Get Digital by David Gaughran. His book helps demystify a lot of the process, especially how to use keywords for optimizing the Amazon algorithm. (This is assuming you are using Amazon KDP which I would recommend for self-pub because it’s the biggest source of reliable income. If it makes anyone feel better, kdp contributes very little money to Amazon’s overall profit.)
If you don’t know what kind of editing you need, check to see if they offer a manuscript assessment. This can help them pinpoint which service you’d benefit from most, as well as which areas you can strengthen on your own as a writer. They might also offer formatting services, which I’d highly recommend you take them up on if you decide to self publish.
Formatting varies from ebook to paperback and isn’t impossible to do on your own (I know some people hate it) but is really easy to fuck up. I can’t tell you how many promising books I’ve returned because their internal formatting was bad enough to be an accessibility issue.
If you are going the traditional route, shopping around for an agent to rep you is your next priority. Most trad-publishers won’t read unsolicited submissions and won’t even acknowledge your submission. Remember, any agent that wants money up front is probably a scammer. Agents take their fees as commission out of the final deal reached with the publisher. The publisher will also handle any additional editing, formatting, and cover art, but you will be expected to do most of your own marketing. They’ll do some marketing for you if you’re lucky, but most trad authors are expected to maintain an active social media presence to boost their work.
If you are going self-pub, cover art should be your next step although you could also be tackling this while things are being edited.
Formatting covers for ebooks is easier than physical books as Amazon and Ingram Spark seem to decide their physical dimensions by planetary alignment and both are different despite Amazon occasionally using Ingram as an overflow printer. *jazz hands*
Using a service like draft2digital will save you a lot of extra admin spoons and will allow for easier global distribution for your ebooks (paperback is currently in beta iirc).
If you decide to do paperbacks you can use the free Amazon isbn if you want, but I prefer to buy my own ISBNs which you can buy in bulk from Bowker. You will need a separate ISBN for Amazon and Ingram iirc but at the time of writing this it’s 7am so don’t quote me on that.
Once you’ve got everything uploaded and approved (pro-tip: try not to submit queer focused manuscripts for approval on Amazon over the weekends. There’s a known issue with one of the weekend approvers being a homophobe who finds arbitrary reasons to knock back manuscripts, especially queer romance which they automatically rate as more explicit than het-romances 😬) you need to decide if you’re going to set it up for pre-order or immediate launch. Pre-order allows you to drum up some advance self-promo which can be good. But it’s really up to you.
Self-promo is a huge factor in publishing whether you’re trad or self-pub so it can also be a good idea to make uniform social media handles with your author name. An author website is also a very, very good idea to give people a main space to find your work.
Audio books is a whole other thing I don’t know much about but am currently in the process of learning about. If this is something you want to do, don’t give audible exclusive rights. At present it binds you into a 7 year contract that makes the author very little money and a bunch of people use their return policy as a library service by refunding the book the moment they’re done. This doesn’t come out of Amazon’s pocket as some people seem to think but directly from the author and is extremely crummy. Wide distribution is the way to go. There’s a service similar to draft2digita for audiobooks but I can’t currently remember the name of it. called Findaway Voices, which is supposed to be good for self pub and mass distribution.
I have likely missed a couple of steps, and certainly didn’t go as in depth as the above the book I listed above. But this is the general gist of how you turn an idea into a book. Hope it helps and best of luck!
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vomitingwords · 2 months ago
I started sharing my writings on tumblr when I was 21 years old, without even dreaming about publishing my own book. I started out as someone who only wanted to post whatever I personally feel at that moment. I never even knew that people can reblog and like my post. Some people even told me that my username is disgusting. *smiles*
I just thought it would be nice to spill everything out. I know that life hits us hard sometimes, and we feel lost inside. I never dreamed about anything, and I just continue what myself is telling me to do. I listened to what my heart has to say. I started to actually listen to my own self. Then my blog started reaching more people without me even knowing. I started submitting my writings to a lot of platforms hoping that I could reach more. And surprisingly, I did.
In 2019 I told myself that I would finally write that book. But due to a lot of personal reasons, I wasn't able to publish it on the same year. I was only able to do it finally, this year, 2021. I was able to finally have the courage to self-published a book at 27 years old. It took me 2 years from the moment I decided to do it, to finally have it in my own hands. I didn't like it at first, so I had to edit it, and had to order for author copies multiple times. (I am not rich, and for my Filipino readers, I do understand that amazon shipping costs more than the price of the book itself. I really do.) And I was so shy about it, I can't even tell everyone. I just thought that, what if they don't like it? What if it doesn't sell? What am I supposed to do if it doesn't turn out the way I always wanted to?
There are still a lot of things I need to learn. A lot of things I have to see and observe. A lot of perspectives I have to understand. My debut book isn't perfect and it will never be, but now I am proud of it. I thank myself for at least trying to get out of my comfort zone, for at least taking one step forward no matter how little it may have reach at first.
And I wanted to thank all of my "sweeties" here on tumblr because it all started here. Thank you so much for pushing me to do better. Thank you so much for all your kindness and support. I truly appreciate each one of you. And as what I always say, I hope you're all doing fine. Breathe, sweetie. I am glad that you are here. Thank you so much for existing.
I genuinely hope that someday you'll be able to have the courage you need to make your dream come true.
Sending loves and hugs,
Let my writings reach you on instagram, too!
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kodyboye · 7 months ago
Why the "self-published authors are unpublishable otherwise" saying is annoying
So, sometimes, I hear people (particularly other writers) disparage self-publishing. This usually comes with the idea that self-published writers are "unpublishable otherwise."
What these people fail to take into consideration is that:
there are hybrid authors who self-publish to help sustain their income
there are writers who have been screwed over by traditional publishing or publishers (and no longer want to work with them)
there are writers who can't wait two or three years between books or advances
and finally: the fact that publishers sometimes won't want EVERY book a writer writes
Oh, and there's also writers like me, who depend on monthly (self-publishing) royalties to survive. There's also writers who could care less about being published traditionally.
Seriously. I get so tired of hearing this from other writers, especially when their argument defeats itself when traditional publishers publish PURE, UNADULTERATED "crap" ALL THE TIME.
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cruxymox · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
across vast horizons II
a poetry anthology containing the wonderful work of several poets on tumblr
is now available on amazon.
check it out!
[ "II" you say? the original is here. ]
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hues-of-purple · a month ago
I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be self-publishing another a spec art book called “Ace in Space”! It’s going to be released on the 5th of April 2022! That’s in 6 months!
Please reblog to spread the word!!
(Link to first one “Ace of Arts”)
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dionyrtal · 24 days ago
i'm very happy to say that my dawn is only five hours away sold exactly 100 copies as of today! i'm sharing this to show you that it's doable. you can self-publish and sell 100 copies of your book, even in the hardest to sell genres like poetry. it wouldn't be possible without you, so i salute you with all my body. thank you thank you.
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drbarty · a month ago
Tumblr media
Now available for Kindle Pre-Order on Amazon :)
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dominimoonbeam · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
TODAY I am officially a published romance author! I am going to shamelessly self promote a bit and throw up some covers and links because I’m super proud of making this happen and so excited to finish more projects.
First, I have a cute little author Goodreads!
And now the amazon link! The books are alive!
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newtonsheffield · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Your Love Was My One and Only Shot is wrapping up this Friday!
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b-a-pigeon · 3 months ago
Trying this again -- I'm looking for active writing/book related accounts to follow! Interact with this post (preferably by reblog w a note about what you post in the tags) & I'll check out your blog if you:
Write/post about original adult fiction
Post mostly writing or book content
Especially if you:
Are LGBTQ+, a POC, and/or neurodivergent
Post about the politics of writing/publishing/etc. -- but in like, a real-life way and not a fandom-discourse way
All of the above apply to me, btw -- I'm a neurodivergent qtpoc who writes & self-publishes queer contemporary fantasy fiction 😇 Feel free to tag people I should follow in the replies too!
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mydadisdracula · 11 days ago
"I'm a real page-turner, son." My Dad is Dracula (and Would Make a Great Holiday Gift) 👇🎁
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witchesofthenorth · a month ago
Tumblr media
After many years in the works, Book 1 is nearly complete, with only final editing on my part remaining! Thus, I have looked into several self-publishing options and have chosen one.
As a disabled trans artist, I need YOUR HELP to make my lifelong dream a reality! Please consider supporting me if you enjoy this book - you may read a portion of it online in the website below!
WotN has been my passion project for 16 years now, and after such a long time, I felt it needs to see the world. It is a duology which features LGBT+ leads and a diverse cast.
Synopsis and where to read some of the text for free online:
Link 1
Link 2
I have opened a fundraiser, and would appreciate any help to get my project off the ground within the next few months. I need to let the self-publishing company know by December, and by then I need at least HALF of the funds ready to go!
Thank you so much in advance!
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theliteraryarchitect · a year ago
How to Make a 3D Mockup of Your Book for Free
Hi friends! While I wait for the paperback proof of The Complete Guide to Self-Editing for Fiction Writers to arrive in the mail this week, I’ve been creating some 3D mockups of the book to use on my site. I tried out a ton of tools, both paid and free, and found two services I really like. I wanted to share them with you all to save you the hassle of doing your own research if you ever want to do this for one of your books. It’s REALLY EASY to do and both of these tools are completely free with no account required to download your images.
Option #1: Smartmockups

Smartmockups offers 3D mockups of all kinds (t-shirts, coffee mugs, business cards, etc.). I used their site to create and download this cool 3D mockup of my ebook on a tablet and phone:
Tumblr media
What I like about Smartmockups:
No account required to download your mockup.
Download as many free mockups as you want.
Internal cropping tool--if you look closely you can see that these covers don’t exactly match the device’s dimensions, however I was able to crop it within Smartmockups without creating a new image.
Transparent background
Multiple download size options

Keep in mind you will need a cover image that you created elsewhere to upload into their editor.
To find their free mockup templates, go to their site > Browse All Mockups. From there, choose your category on the left, then filter by “free.”
Option #2: DIY Book Covers 

I also liked DIY Book Covers, and used their site to download these paperback and mixed ebook + 3D paperback mockups:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The quality is not as high in my opinion, but it still looks much better than comparable tools I found online, plus you can download as many as you want without making an account.
What I like about DIY Book Covers:
Easy-to-use tool
Transparent background (be sure to download in PNG)
Option for an image of a paperback next to an ereader, which is not available in Smartmockups
No account needed for free downloads
The site has a lot of other information and tools for authors, like a cover design creator, tutorials, and marketing advice

From the homepage, go to Book Design > 3D Mockups. Again, you will need your own cover image to upload. One thing to note is that I could not get the DIY Book Covers uploader to work in Firefox. I had to use Safari.
If you have tools you like to use to make 3D Mockups, please share them! These are the two that worked for me but I’m sure there are other good ones out there. I liked that they were free, high-quality, and I wasn’t required to make yet another online account in order to download them.
Hope this helps!

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dionyrtal · 5 months ago
KSKSKSKDJFHK i totally forgot to tell you this but my dawn is only five hours away has officially sold 70 copies!! it's insane and i'm literally over the moon :') thank you for supporting me and my writing in the best way possible, it means the world. my goal is to sell 100 copies with this book and i'm actually pretty close to it?? wow. if you have this little baby in your tbr list or you are seeing it for the first time, check it out here or here(non-amazon links).
i am already working on my second book but isn't this the greatest boost ever? i just love it.
(and if you read it, please consider leaving a review on any platform!! it makes my day and boosts my book's visibility for potential readers!! thank you!!)
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the960writers · 2 months ago
Daniel Greene:  Here is my detailed experience in self-publishing my novella Breach of Peace! Otherwise known as the self-publishing how-to guide by Daniel Greene
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dg-fragments · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello guys,
So, I have finally published a book. It was something I wanted to complete in 2020 and I am happy to have been able to do that. I'm super grateful to those who pushed me to get it done. It's titled as "Conversations inside my head" and is available on Amazon, in both formats, Kindle e-book as well as Paperback. The book is divided into 5 sections and also contain some pieces which I have only written exclusively for the book! ^^
It can be found from the following link:
I'd be super delighted if you guys would check it out and let me know if there's any feedback. =)
Also, if anyone needs help with their own self-publishing process, I am more than happy to help and pass on my learning. ✌️
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