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Welcome Chum: Scroll Art as Melody

When composing my comic sequences in “Welcome, Chum”, I imagined music—the flowing, linear sound of melody. Scroll art is akin to a musical melody in that the viewer experiences it over time. You don’t see a scroll like you see a painting, all at once, you see it in small parts, a part at a time.

I eliminated comic panels that are clearly defined by borders because I wanted the sequences to form a continuous melody. I wanted individual parts (sequences) to be part of a unified whole.

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“Most writers could identify as authors only by finding and working with a publisher. Publishers became constitutive of authorial identity. How, then, is this identity jarred, reconfigured, and shaped when writers have the opportunity to amass an audience in the absence of publishers?”

Timothy Laquinto,  Mass Authorship and the Rise of Self-Publishing

The idea that authors might be involved in something as mundane and distasteful as marketing their work rather than spending time on their craft upsets the romantic paradigm of the author. People ascribe meaning to the act of getting published that the act simply does not carry.

By self-publishing, you have simply decided not to participate in the traditional publishing industry. This is not a death sentence. This is not a reflection of the quality of your work.

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How NOT to Advertise Your Book. (Might get hate for this, but whatever…)


This was from a few years back. This person barely talked to me, unless it was to use me, and then they sent this message to everyone they knew.

This is not how you advertise your self published book… It isn’t just unprofessional, it also reminds me of how they used me and then threw me to the side when I couldn’t help them.

Sorry for the rant, but everytime I look at this, I think about how hard other self published authors work for their reviews, and who don’t send messages like this. On top of that, who sends “buy my stuff!” to family and friends?!

Sidenote: there’s a difference between showing the cover of your book and talking about it, and doing this.

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Ever since the beginning of web novels growth, there have been quite a few critical elements to it that have intrigued the audience. But, there are only three core elements related to creating a novel on Kongfu Books, which are directly related to the quality of the work produced. These three elements are as follows — self-fulfillment, cheats, and being able to self-substitute

In this article, we will focus on self-fulfillment. When web novels first started gaining some attention, people referred to them as “novels to fulfill one’s desires.” We, as humans, want to obtain everything good there is to have, both materially and mentally. Everything that we can obtain is shown in stories as well. They can be summed up in the following common types of storyline factors. Of course, all of these should be happening around the main character. 

1. Leveling up 

Leveling up is a process by which the main character grows stronger; any educational course done for gaining job promotion, any physical activity undertaken to reduce fat or gain strength and more, could be the examples of leveling up. Traits, opportunities, chances — anything that increases the characteristics of the main lead should be focussed upon. 

2. Miracles and Treasures 

Miracles specifically refer to giving the main character some sort of extra good luck that gives him some great benefits. Miracles fulfill people’s fantasies by fulfilling their desires to obtain something great without having to work hard for it.  Something that’s usually interconnected with miracles is obtaining treasure. There are so many types of treasure that one can obtain — powerful divine weapons, a hoard of silver, gold, or gems, a wondrous martial arts technique, a precious medicine, or even houses and property… Anything valuable or precious to the main character could be termed as treasure. 

3. Love 

Naturally, love refers to the main character trying to get a beautiful woman or handsome man to fall in love with him/her, and finally succeeding in the end. Still, what needs to be noted is that how successful a storyline about obtaining love becomes mostly depends on two points — successfully describing the love interest and how much the main character values and likes their love interest.  

4. Fighting enemies 

Of course, this refers to fighting and defeating one’s enemies. Naturally, there are so many types of enemies you can write about. You could write about some vicious beasts in the wild, some bandits you meet when it’s dark, or an opponent for a tournament… There are two main points to watch out for when writing such scenarios — how terrible or evil the enemy is and how powerful the enemy is.  

5. Status 

Here, status is a relatively broad concept. Basically, this refers to the respect that the main character obtains from others, and how his hard work and power level help him to obtain reputation and status. After the main character levels up, becomes stronger, obtains some treasure, becomes rich, obtains a beautiful girlfriend, or has a relatively wonderful life in whatever way, or becomes successful to either a small or large degree, of course other people in the story will need to learn about the main character’s accomplishments.  

The above categories of storylines are all classical examples of how to write a story that helps readers to fantasize about what they lack. Starter level authors can consider how to reasonably use these factors in their own storylines and throughout their entire story. 

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i am at the initial stages of pondering:

. o O ( do i want to create / self-publish another tumblr poetry anthology? )

if i were to do so, would you want to be a part of it?

my only set idea right now would be that it would be poetry / prose-poetry only.

…your thoughts?

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Who’s Next?

Get your copy now!!!

My latest book ‘Who’s Next? An Exploration of the Cardiff Community’ is now live on Kickstarter where you can pledge for a copy of the book or pick from a selection of various rewards.

The book is a blend of my photography, illustration & writing. it documents a selection of creatives and independent businesses in my community.

I spent over 2.5 years on this book and I’m really proud of how it’s turned out! If you think you’d be interested please check it out and please share it if you can!

(The Kickstarter ends at 2PM on the 2ND DECEMBER!)

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  • I collect vinyl. My very first vinyl was American Idiot by Green Day, and then I made a much bigger collection from there
  • My favorite movie is the original Back to the Future, closely followed by Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2
  • I am a fantasy nerd, and absolutely love the genre, even if there are parts of it I don’t like
  • I am writing a fantasy book series – it is Adult Contemporary Fantasy and a Portal Fantasy. Or maybe New Adult??? I haven’t really figured that out yet?
  • I hope to be a published author one day, whether that’s through self-publishing or a traditional press
  • I love Taylor Swift!! She’s one of my favorite artists, and I could literally listen to her all day if I could
  • Most nights I’m either writing, doing revisions, editing or working on my manuscript. I don’t really give myself much of a break
  • If you want to learn more about me just ASK! 
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why not share good news when you have them? i am currently working on the paperback edition of “my dawn is only five hours away” and have written a poem already :’) i have also made 2 possible covers, they are SO alluring! cannot wait to share with you more <3

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Oomalooma: Draft 2

I created the second draft of “Oomalooma” after I finished the second draft of “Welcome, Chum (Yum Yum)”. I originally called it “Lost” because it starts with a group of kids searching for their separated friend. I later changed the title because “Lost” seemed to mundane for a fantasy story like this one.

This draft of “Oomalooma” was done with pencil on two 30 foot long scrolls. It established a pattern—each time I developed a new draft of “Welcome, Chum”, I followed it by developing a new draft of “Oomalooma”.

I think of the two projects as twins. They depict different worlds with different characters, but they share a number of similar elements. One is not a sequel to the other. Rather, the two projects are variations on a theme.

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That depends on the person. There are many ways to get published. Self-publishing, small press publishing, and traditional publishing are the three most common and they all have their pros and cons. It honestly depends on your career goals, genre, and ability (both financially and in marketing). 

To be as concise as possible I’d put it this way:

Self-publishing: easier time getting your work out there; harder time making money

You can publish at any time, but all marketing and distribution falls on you. You also have to put money in for editing and cover design (please don’t do it yourself!), so you’re starting the journey in the negative. 

Traditional publishing: harder time getting your work out there;  easier time making money

Traditional publishing takes years! My friend got a book deal with Penguin in 2019 and her book doesn’t come out until 2021. And the journey just to get that deal took years as well. However, you will get paid in an advance then make royalties after that advance has been made, so even if your book doesn’t sell one copy you still make money off it. The average advance for a debut author is between  $5000 and $1500 and traditional publishers have distribution and readership already, so the odds are in your favor when it comes to cash and a fanbase. 

Small Press: A healthy in between. 

There are so many I can’t say much about small presses, except they all fall somewhere between self-publishing and traditional, and although most cannot offer advances, they do have faster publishing schedules and typically a higher royalty rate. 

But it really just depends. For example, romance does great in self-publishing, while YA tends to struggle. Authors who have disposable income and a background in advertising will do better in self-publishing than those without. Some authors write as a hobby while others want to build a career.  Some authors want to build a career but write in a niche genre that would have a hard time in traditional publishing. I would have to talk to you personally to be able to give any solid advice on which to choose. 

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