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#self quarantine

What goes on in a scrape or cut. I literally came up with this last night when I was using polysporin then I thought of the pun and dropped what I was doing to write it down XD

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Bonbon may not be one of my dreamies, but I’m conflicted if I should keep her or not. Flick showed up too and I’ve spent most of my morning catching and selling bugs to him. … Also got a call from my supervisor saying to come back to work Friday. My quarantine is nearly over now and it’s gonna be strange to work again. Oh well.

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Q Days Project - Map of Manhattan

A highly detailed handmade map – the “map for a friend” mentioned below – of the island I called home for 13 years. My friend, who runs a tea business, will be selling prints when life returns to some semblance of normal, so at the moment I feel obliged to limit its exposure here to a single, low-resolution image. (The actual piece is over 2 feet tall.)

A mini-atlas of maps printed in 1964 inspired me to experiment with painting each neighborhood its own color. Like a collection of farms or tiny villages. The map is hand-lettered, right down to the street names, bridges, and tunnels.

(And, except for Battery Park City, it’s a reasonably accurate map.)

I will update a link to this post – or create a new post with higher-res imagery and some close-up details – when the prints become available. In the meantime, please enjoy this colorful view of the heart of a town which has, this year, been knocked down but remains far from out.

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So I was taking little brother around the block a couple of times cause he just recently learned to ride bike and can’t go very far yet.

Anyways, I took a picture to share with my snapchat, and the weather just so happened to be 69 out. So I captioned it nice, you know as you do, and this kid slid up, he is a grade older and we didn’t in school and we definitely don’t talk now, and he said ‘Ha. Nice.’ And I don’t knoow if he’s being sarcastic, or agreeing with me.

I just wanted to share cause I thought it was kinda funny.

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Cherry’s moving in tomorrow because Opal moved in today. Eunice just settled in and I bought a nice kimono earlier. As for Tex, he moved out to a good home yesterday. I also texted my boss asking when I was going back to work. She said that I should be called back to work by next Friday. I hope so because over 60 days of self quarantine is crazy.

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Dispatches from the wilderness

Being funny runs in my family. We could always make each other laugh. But I was never the class clown. I was never popular. I never wanted to be the center of attention. So I never made anybody at school laugh. I was from the wrong side of the tracks so they all thought I was pretty weird.

But I make other people laugh all the time. My family, audiences, even other comedians. But the thing that convinced me I was funny was when I was onstage in St Louis. About 2 minutes into my set the waitress came in to serve some drinks. She heard what I was saying and she stopped to listen to me. That’s when something in my brain said “HOLY FUCK IM FUNNY!!” Waitresses in clubs have heard so many comedians they could do comedy themselves so when she stopped to listen to me I felt so proud of myself. It was a great accomplishment. It convinced me that I could actually do this. The sad thing is I got the confidence to do something and a fucking plague hits. Now It’s gonna be months before another waitress stops to listen to me. Life is one big cruel joke.

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Cherry’s moving in, but my last house plot was claimed by Opal this morning. Decided to move Tex out because I have someone who’ll pay NMT for him. Depends if the person can get a plot open soon. Either way I get Cherry.

Edit: The person who wants Tex has a villager moving out and is picking up Tex as soon as that plot opens.

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