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So an update will be for M2B hopefully this weekend. I’ve had a serious case of writers block and work has sucked the enjoyment and spare time from my life. Thanks for all the kudos and love everyone!

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Person A: You just had to insist we go camping by the creepy house on Halloween, didn’t you?

Person B: It’s Halloween! It’s supposed to be scary!

Person C: *shrieking* Not this scary!

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My first Gothabilly Selfie

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Honestly I just really realised that I am not ready for a relationship or to even get to know someone.

I’m still learning so much about myself and trying to find my missing pieces. I’m growing, healing and reflecting.

I can’t give someone 100% of my engery and love when I’m not even fully charged.

I want to find myself first, understand what I actually want and then have someone that just adds to my happiness and is not the only reason for my happiness…

Am I the only one who feels like this ?


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Writing my thoughts and feelings in a journal is the best thing my therapist has given me. Even when my sessions have ended because the shit was too expensive lol I’m able to decompress. I haven’t felt this light in years and I now realize it was due to all of the repressed feelings and emotions that I were holding on to since I was a child. Everything is becoming so clear now. I am a very flawed individual. But those flaws are what make me who I am. The challenge now is harnessing that to perfect myself for the future.

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Daechwita BT21!

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | BONUS! (You are here.)

TATA as Hansung (Taehyung’s character in Hwarang) feat. VAN and Shooky

Original art by @jeon-junggoop / @month-of-joon

Please DO NOT repost on any other platform and claim as your own!!

Likes are appreciated, but reblogs are encouraged! You may reblog, but you may never repost!

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As Long as You’re in It

Did this for @yunhoes-twancings-nsfw I hope you like it!

Warning: Fluff and Oral cockwarming


Originally posted by konjoong

The closing credits of your favorite anime were rolling on the screen and you were content curled up with your happy but exhausted boyfriend, Jeong Yunho.

He was deep in thought as he drew your hoodie clad figure closer to himself.

“Did you enjoy?” Yunho asks with a cheerful smile, tucking loose strands of your hair affectionately behind your ear then proceeding to toy with the loose ends of your hair.

You hummed in thought while breathing out a happy sigh because you were sitting with the man you loved with your whole heart, the autumn chill doing nothing to dampen the deep affection you felt for him.

“I did. Did you?” You inquired softly, reaching to touch his hand.

“I did very much, I love watching animes with you! I’m deciding which character I relate to the most.” Yunho giggled, lacing his fingers with yours and unintentionally causing your heart to skip a beat.

“In time you’ll find out.” You smile warmly, squeezing his hand lovingly as you tried to push a certain craving from your mind since you knew your boyfriend was really tired from the packed schedule that he had.

You really wanted to give him head despite the cozy mood that you were in and after some time and some affectionate words were exchanged you couldn’t wait any longer to speak about what you wanted in spite of your shyness and innocent demeanor.

“Yunho… I was wondering if you would be okay with me… cockwarming you with… m-my mouth…” You fidgeted with his hands, looking down and avoiding eye contact with Yunho, who appeared surprised but he wasn’t against you doing it.

“I couldn’t quite hear you, kitten. What was that?” He asked innocently, his dark eyes glittering with mirth as he grasped your chin firmly to look at him.

You felt your entire body become hotter, knowing that you couldn’t back out now that you had brought up what you were desiring.

“I was… Wondering if you would be okay me cockwarming you with my mouth…” You asked in a louder tone, although you were still quite shy about voicing it to him even though you usually were comfortable with telling him what you wanted.

“Sure I’m okay with it! Especially if you’re getting enjoyment from it, darling.” Yunho nods with a wide smile, still appearing cozy and safe to you and it was one of the many things that you loved about him. Hesitantly you reached for his sweatpants’ waistband, tugging them down low enough to discover that he was already semi hard and prompting your mouth to water for him.

“Oh…” You murmured without knowing what to say.

“I like your reaction to what you’re seeing.” Yunho laughs pleasantly, giving his length a few pumps while watching the pleading look that was on your face as you knelt down before him while a shy smile lingered on his own features.

“You never fail to amaze me…” You mutter out before taking his warm length into your mouth, a sound of delight reverberating through your throat as you took him into your throat and making certain that your gag reflexes were not proving to be a problem for you while calmness overtook your senses.

“You’re very relaxing.” Yunho murmurs out loud, watching you in amazement.

“I already know I’d like to do this again with you if it happens to be that you feel the same.” He states softly while stroking your hooded head, coaxing a gentle purr to sound in spite of your mouth being full of cock.

A hum of appreciation was vocalized upon sensing the weight of his length against your tongue, his scent being warm and comforting as you inhaled deeply and satisfaction lingered in your mind. His hand carded through your loose locks tenderly.

“No matter what we do in life I want to do it with you. Weather it’s following our dreams or doing things like this, I want any moment as long as you’re in it.” Yunho remarks, taking advantage of you having your mouth full to speak.

“Mm…” You responded, humming around his cock and swallowing down the excess saliva that was in your mouth. For a longtime both of you stayed in the same position, staring deep into each other’s eyes.

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PLATONIC LOVE (1998-201X 貘ハル貘)

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