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#self ship

Expectations: being stronk enough to pick up your fictional wife for their birthday

Reality: having the strength of a toothpick and knowing if you tried youd collaspe directly after

That’s besides the point though, happy birthday to my first F/O celestia ludenberg from danganronpa! She’s a character that’s always brought me a lot of comfort, and I’ve grown from being eh about her to absolutely loving her. RIP to what happens to her in canon but the little universe in my head and I are different 😎

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Imagine you and your F/O haven’t seen each other in awhile. You kept in touch via letters, texts, phone/video calls, etc. but you never had the chance to see them in person. Now, you’re finally seeing them again after so long. Despite the distance and the time apart, you two recognize each other on sight. They can’t help but run into your arms and you do the same. You nearly tackle each other into a hug and as you hold each other they whisper into your ear, “I missed you so much.” 

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Updated F/O List

Main F/Os

TDK Joker 💚💜

NBC Hannibal 🩸🔪

Patrick Verona ☁️🌪

Azazel 🔥👹

Beta F/Os (might mention on occasion)

TWD Negan

Jimmy (Two Hands)

James (Bucky) Barnes

Dormant F/Os (won’t ever, if rarely, talk about)

Will Graham

William Thatcher

James Patrick March

Billy Loomis

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Day 24: watching a movie


It was a cold rainy day outside and rebby was bored so barley came over and decided that they should watch a movie and cuddle . They decided to watch a move about quests but at the same time it had some romance in it 😉 they sat down to watch the movie and cuddle.. rebby lay her head on his shoulder and he out his arm around her and pulled her close …🥰😍😍😍 barley was such a charmer when they would be somone kissing on tv he would turn over and look at his flame rebby and would put his hand on her cheek and kiss softly with her then she would gently kiss his neck while they hold each other tight 🥰😍💖

#barebby #barleylightfootfanart #barleyboy #barloverfortnight


#onwardspixar #barleydisney #barleylightfoot #lovers #movienight #cutenessoverload #truelove

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im getting so many new followers omg hello… i’m not very good @ interacting w/ the self ship community but i like to make friends in it so! feel free to hmu after checkin out my pinned post! <3 

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When I get done with the first chapter of my fic I want to post it here. The thing is. I feel weird posting it here because it’s a post main story Higgs X Heartman.

Higgs is one of my romantic F/os. Heartman is a brother. This would give off a bad message-

Just FYI. My fics are normally separate from my ship if certain characters are never added (Tommy, copper, etc…)

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