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#self ship
bun-bun-selfships · a day ago
Support self shippers of color
Support disabled self shippers
Support neurodivergent self shippers
Support mentally ill self shippers
Support queer self shippers
If you actively decide not to reblog from or follow someone just because they include any of the above traits of themself in their ships, you are cringe
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nfxtuated · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Let me be your woman
Woman, woman, woman
I can be your woman
Woman, woman, woman
A.T. just loves hearing Reagan talk about, well, anything really. And even though it looks like she's in another dimension she's really listening to her I swear fjdaklfjkl
Thanks again to @dear-reagans-conscience amazing blog for being my source of inspiration when I need it <3
Tumblr media
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alucardownsmyass · 2 days ago
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ♡ 𝗔𝗟𝗨𝗬𝗔𝗥𝗜 ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AAAAAHHHHH!! guess who commissioned the lovely missminu on instagram! it comes in two versions, both alucard and his vladcard form!
she is so fucking sweet and talented, oh my lord. i came across her artwork, which is all quite similiar to anime in the 90s, and got curious enough to wonder how he'd look in that style. lo and behold, he looks AMAZING! and i look like a pin-up here! 😭💖
i'm especially in love with how the pose came out! the way she drew him to look up at the viewer with a smile that says, "you all already know what im about to do.." is the greatest touch! 😭🤣
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astralselfships · 22 hours ago
🌸 Not to be that person, but your F/O(s) always look at you and smile exactly when your gaze is fixed somewhere else, competently smitten, eyes drowned in pure admiration and bliss.
They look at you and remember why they do this <3
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softnice · a day ago
what type of flustered-when-complimented f/o is yours?
♡ 1: buries their head in your chest with a sweet, embarrassed giggle and a soft, smiling sigh that warms you right up
♡ 2: red-faced, quickly folds their arms, calls you an idiot, all the while having butterflies fly excitedly around their stomach
♡ 3: averts your eyes and is holding back an absolutely bashful grin that, once alone, won't leave them for the rest of the day
♡ 4: immediately says "NO YOU!" and gives you the biggest hug and/or tickle fight
♡ 5: looks into your eyes lovingly and lets your words sink into their heart so, so fully, cherishing every beautiful thing you say to them
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Your f/os love you. That thing you're thinking about that makes you think they wouldn't? They would. Anything and everything you can think of that makes you think your f/os wouldn't love you? They would. Your f/os love you, have always loved you, and will always love you no matter what.
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heavenshipped · a day ago
appreciation post for self shippers that are insecure about their hair!!! in whatever capacity!!! whether you have trichotillomania, alopecia, you’re losing it because of a condition or medical treatment, it’s damaged, it’s really thick, it’s really thin, it’s super long, it’s super short, it’s in a weird in between phase, it’s a color you don’t like, it’s got a curl pattern that bothers you, it never does what you want it to, or whatever other reason you might have, your F/O loves you so much and thinks you always look incredible, no matter what your hair looks or doesn’t look like!!!
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platonic-fo-quotes · 2 days ago
Platonic f/o: What’s up guys? I’m back.
S/I: What the- you can’t be here. You’re dead. I literally saw you die.
Platonic f/o: Death is a social construct.
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havinganfois · a day ago
Bruno hcs because I'm officially obsessed
(under a cut bc it got long-ish)
- VERY shy, VERY introverted. You hath not met more of a nervous indoor man.
- And he generally prefers being inside too, and he likes smaller spaces. The bigger the area / the windier it is, the easier it is to see into the future.
- And it's not like he doesn't mind seeing into the future - he's workin' on it.
- I think this man would like Disney. Just a vibe. Would prefer to go on more crowded / less windy days, and doesn't really like the rides, but likes character performances and the food.
- A terrible chef but he's trying his absolute best and he'll get better over time.
- Frail ass boy prolly gets hurt more easily. Needs tlc <3
- He says whatever he's thinking (POS!!!!)
- just... The outfits this man can work. Any color any style (someone put him in a ball gown plsplsplspLSPLS)
- He usually wears green though. And a lot of comfy clothes: sweats, cheap shirts, his cape if he's cold (which he usually is)
- The cape is honestly a comfort item. He will literally throw hands if you try and take it away from him. He has a ritualistic way of washing it and it honestly works you have no idea how it comes out looking so shiny.
- A big self-isolator when stressing. You can tell if he's in a bad mood if: 1) his hood is up, 2) more compulsive knocking than usual, 3) more time spent in corners and closets
- panic attacks require immediate hugs. He's incredibility rambly and sad and all you can do is either give him his space or cuddle him close and reassure him that, yes, you love him, no, he's not a burden, and of course, he's not annoying and actually very fun to hang out with.
- once he finally catches his breath and feels a bit better, he makes you both snacks. Sliced cucumbers and homemade humus. An egg with a side of freshly chopped salsa. It helps him clear his mind and get back to reality.
- He's still wary about his powers. He tests them out with smaller experiments, seeing if he can control the time / area / specificity.
- Salt. Salt everywhere. You thought it was funny in the movie but imagine going to the living room and feeling like you've teleported to the beach.
- It's cool though he's cute so he can get away with it.
- Him doing magic on a beach looks superfreakincool. Sand and water, and sunlight glimmering down onto reflections...
- Love him. Best boy <3
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odonghe · 2 days ago
good morning to all self shippers who struggle with delusions, whether visual, auditory or mental/thoughts, you're some of the toughest people out here - and while your f/o(s) know you're strong, they also want you to know you can lean on them when things get too hard to handle alone. you are so beloved.
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somethingscarlet13 · a day ago
Imagine your f/o always making it their goal to make you laugh so hard you snort and they’re always so proud of themselves whenever they succeed
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candyheartedchy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I couldn’t stop thinking about this scenario and had to sketch it out!
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eclipseofaheart · a day ago
ok but
you and your f/o are laying on your bed, facing each other, after a rough day. they tell you:
"i just wanted to remind you about how much i love every part of you, and i mean it. including your insecurities, your flaws, and your past. you've come such a long way and i couldn't be prouder. i feel so lucky to have you in my life.
i love you, y/n"
[ok to rb, proshitters don't even look at this post]
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sugary-self-ships · 2 days ago
if you have a difficult time trusting, your f/o understands and is willing to help you with it! You can trust them with anything,  and they always want to make sure you’re comfortable. 
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