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#self ship

} I’ve had this idea floating around my mind for a while now. And finally I got it out. Donnie and Reisha out here having wholesome moments ;; 7 ;;

} If it isn’t obvious, please read left to right. 😅

} @blackevermore

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I thought Mey-Rin was super cute when I first saw her and her personality was adorable and that was kind of it, but then it was like sike shes actually a kickass sniper who could shoot you dead in the blink of and eye and for some reason my heart went DOKI DOKI and her relationship with bard and finny is so cute and her dedication to Ciel and how easily she gets flustered by Seb (SAME SIS) and the fact she’s q klutz like me and we both panic in social situations and

She’s just

So perfect and pretty and smart and badass and i

Really like her 👉👈

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Me: touch starved individual

F/O: someone who puts a hand on my shoulder to get my attention, puts a hand on the small of my back while they pass behind me, grabs my own hand with a delicacy like I’ve never felt before.

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music festival: what is your favorite type of music? your f/o’s? any overlap between your favorite genres?

I like pretty much most styles of music my favourite being GHOST obviously. But I also like classical, dance etc. The only music I don’t like is modern - chart and pop music is the worst.

Dewdrop- shares the love for ghost and heavier rock and metal, I would say because he’s so angry and edgy he probably secretly indulges in 2000’s emo rock…and probably also secretly listens to abba…A lot..

Papa 3 - apart from his own music he enjoys listening to classical and of course abba. He’s open minded to a lot of music and especially modern pop because he knows it annoys his brothers…and me

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It’s more than ok!!! 

(And tbh I really need a tag I can use for her.)

11. Who would propose in a grand gesture of some kind. — Oh she would for sure!! I feel like she’d go all out and like take over an entire kingdom and be like “I did this for you babe, will you marry me?” and of course I’d say yes because she’s my sexy dragon fairy wife. 

13. Who would spend too much money on expensive gifts for the other. — I wanna say I would, but I think that once people found out I was dating/married to Maleficent they’d just let me take it without having to pay a single cent. 

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Self ship AU things that just make sense with @milkycoffee-selfships

Albert Wesker has a mansion. And lives after RE5 cause cmon, it’s Wesker.

Jake Mueller is a baby, talks the talk but can’t kiss his girlfriend.

Max Caellum although being barely older than Jake. Is dating his dad.

Jake is creeped out but lives with it.

There will be endless roasting between Max and Jake

Poor Chrys is just vibing here.

Wesker is too tired for this shizz

Chrys and Wesker drink coffee together.

Wesker uses ‘family’ outings to get out of BSSA Paperwork

Wesker is now a good guy, good luck explaining that to Redfield.

Jake doesn’t understand modern slang.

Someone help Jake, he doesn’t understand romance but he tries.

Wesker spoils his significant other to not only show how important they are, but because he can.

Wesker is very soft and turns Max feral.

Jake is trying which makes it entertaining

Chrys is a sick sniper

Wesker takes care of bugs inside the house because Max is baby

Max has gremlin energy on occasion

Send more ice cream to this house cause SOMEBODY not naming names ATE IT ALL

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  1. Who would sell their soul to the devil to save the other.
  2.  Who would become a stalker, in the right (wrong) situation.
  3. Who would pine away in silence their entire lives without confessing their love.
  4. Who would leave their friends, family, and life to move overseas to be with the other one.
  5. Who would run into a burning building to save a stranger while the other calls 911.
  6. Who would haunt the other after death and chase away other suitors.
  7. Who would stand up at the other’s wedding and say they object.
  8. Who would write long, beautiful poems for the other.
  9. Who would love the other no matter how evil the other became.
  10. Who would be the most likely to become an addict (gambling/drugs/etc.).
  11. Who would propose in a grand gesture of some kind.
  12. Who would go berserk at harm or death befalling the other.
  13. Who would spend too much money on expensive gifts for the other.
  14. Who would fight an impossible battle to give the other time to escape.
  15. Who would be able to spend centuries in misery waiting for the other to be reborn.

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a silly fic of harv and i talking about the flower dance JFNDBD 🥺👉👈


Harvey woke up to an empty bed, the warm sunshine spilling through the blinds to the bedroom. He tossed on his back, reaching blindly for his glasses on the bedside table.

Although the thought to stay in the comfort of the sheets longer was tempting, the smell of breakfast being made dragged him out of bed. The sight of Elijah over the sizzling stove and a table with mugs already set brought a smile upon his lips.

“Good morning,” Harvey greeted affectionately moving beside his husband in the kitchen.

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Thank you ! 💕

Bambi and Faline: What were your first impressions of each other?

We both was excited when we met each other. It wasn’t love at firat sight, however we began a beautiful friendship

Aladdin and Jasmine: Which places would you and your f/o like to travel to most?

Into the space . It’s fascinating and romantic. And we like looking at our planets from this perspective

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