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#self shipping
silly-selfshipper · 2 days ago
Y’all ever just look at a pic of your f/o and actually blush irl
Tumblr media
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coffinshipped · a day ago
ok but normally flirty/suave/confident f/os getting flustered by you and only you,, whether you're flustering them on purpose or not they are a MESS around you
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Your f/o is always craving your attention. 
They love you so much, and it’s obvious in the way they’re always trying to make every moment with you last. Every time your eyes meet, they can never pull their eyes away. They’re always leaving lasting kisses, and their hands always linger whenever they hold you. 
They’re always gravitating towards you, always wishing to be the center of your affection. Softening whenever you look at them, melting whenever you hold them. Though your undivided attention always leaves them feeling flustered, they love it more than anything.
Your f/o is just so in love with you.
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heavenshipped · a day ago
your F/Os know that you’re smart. your F/Os know that you know what you’re talking about. and even in the moments where you don’t! they don’t ever think you’re stupid or clueless, and they will never treat you in a way that makes you feel like they do. they love hearing about what you know. they love learning from you. 
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weirdoismymiddlename · 2 days ago
what is addictive?
him. them. those fictional characters who are hot as hell, have infinity emotional problems, and are snarky as fuck to hide their cinnamon roll interiors
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softnice · 19 hours ago
imagine watching a scary film with your f/o - when they first suggested the spooky movie, they assured you that they'd hold you tight the entire time, cover your eyes when the screen turns scary, and stay up to comfort you if you had any bad dreams that the movie caused. when the movie finishes and you finally crawl into bed with the lights off, however, a smaller voice escapes their lips: "...can I be the little spoon tonight?"
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babie-selfship · 20 hours ago
small ways to engage with your f/o's:
-read imagines
-draw yourself/make picrews with you in their clothes
-doodle them
-write your initials in hearts
-make spotity playlists for them/listen to canon playlists
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ficto-fawn · 2 days ago
’*•.¸♡ imagine going to a carnival with your F/O! imagine the food and drink! cotton candy, popcorn, lemonade, sodas... so many fun things to try and share! but most importantly, imagine how hard your F/O would try to impress you and win you as many prizes as possible! whether or not they’re successful, the both of you have a laughter-filled blast ♡¸.•*’  
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m0chanylla · a day ago
Your f/o singing lullabies to you before you go to sleep, your figure melts next to your f/o as they hum you the calmest of melodies, hands callousing your fragile physic, lulling you good night and sweet dreams. Not long after they kiss a part of your body they can reach and follows you to the land of dreams.
Or, what if you're the one who sings them the lullaby?
As you sang to them, they can't stop looking at you and hearing the spectacular voice without admiration, but as your lullaby puts them to sleep, you can feel how relaxed they are just by looking at their gentle smile and the quiet snore they make, you immediately hold them and joins them in their slumber
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wayneslcver · 2 days ago
“s/i… i’ll always be with you even if you dont see me by your side or giving you the hugs we always talk about. it doesn’t matter how far apart we are i do miss you and adore you.”
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butterfly-selfships · a day ago
me? finally posting an imagine? anyways. imagine your f/o has noticed you're in a particularly bad depressive episode recently and they come to check up on you.
F/O had noticed on many separate occasions lately that you just didn't seem like your usual self. you spent a lot of time in your room, and hadn't done much else besides using the bathroom and occasionally slipping into the kitchen to grab a snack. they had mostly left you alone at first, knowing sometimes you just got into bad moods. but after noticing you hadn't eaten or showered in a little while, they quickly realized that you were probably having a harder time than you'd let on
f/o came knocking at your bedroom door gently, and upon answering you found that they held in their hands one of your comfort foods, plenty of water, and your favorite movie. you let them in, and after a bit of silence (and you finally eating something), f/o finally asked you if you wanted to talk about it, figuring that maybe something triggered your depressive episode. you broke down to them, opening up about how you were feeling and what may or may not have triggered it. f/o of course was there through it all, supporting you and whispering soft affirmations, offering whatever comfort they could. they knew it wouldn't fix whatever was wrong, but they also knew that you always seemed to be a little less sad with someone you loved by your side
the crying was therapeutic for you, and much needed. after a couple hours of occasional talking and mostly much needed affection, you felt at least a little better for the night. when you finally worked up the motivation to take a shower/bath, f/o was patiently waiting afterwards with a clean, warm change of clothes which was of course one of your favorite comfort outfits, and they had cleaned up your bed a little bit so you two could relax and spend some time together if that's what you wanted
depressive episodes were hard. but f/o always knew how to help. and although you weren't okay quite yet, you knew f/o would always be there for you through it all. you slept a little more peacefully that night knowing you wouldn't be waking up alone.
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Your f/o is always thinking of you <3
When they see a pretty flower they can’t help but think of you. Whenever they see your favorite color and it reminds them of you, it leaves them smiling for the rest of the day. 
And they’re always thinking of ways to make you smile. Seeing you happy is their favorite thing, and your laughter always gives them butterflies.  
You’re always on your f/o’s mind, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.
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makeupaselfshipper · 2 days ago
Selfshipper who wishes they were sitting on their F/Os lap right now
Tumblr media
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heavenshipped · 18 hours ago
imagine your F/O understanding that sometimes you need some alone time! and not only that!!! but imagine your F/O supporting it!!! imagine your F/O encouraging it!!! imagine your F/O getting you all set up, whether it’s in bed, or on the couch, or they draw you a bath to settle into... getting you a new book to read, buying you a new movie to watch, ordering your favorite food... maybe they light a candle or two. they make sure you’re comfortable and that you have everything you need and they give you a kiss and they leave you to it, maybe staying in another room for awhile or going out. whatever works. sometimes we just need our own space, and your F/O gets that. they never take it personally, they never doubt your love for them, and they’re happy to be able to give you what you need so you can be comfortable!!! 💗
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monicadevertebrae · 22 hours ago
If your f/o had a rough relationship in the past, imagine telling them how you're proud of them from moving on! They look at you, their eyes full of love and say they're lucky they've found their perfect match now, they're lucky they've found someone who's deserving of their love and who cares so much about them ♡
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