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Hello love. I apologise if this is a stupid question but how does one do shadow work? Is it like working with a spirit?

Not a spirit per se, but your shadow self. It’s the aspect of your soul that is full of pain, doubt, and other toxic beliefs/behaviors. You can speak with them just like how you can speak to your higher self, but they are still part of you. 

However, you don’t have to speak with them in order to do shadow work, you only need to analyze yourself constantly so you can undo negative thought-patterns and heal. Although getting acquainted with your shadow self certainly helps you to “feel” where your pain lies. You may come up with many ideas as to what your core suffering is, but try to focus on whatever you can. When you find the root, the realization may not be immediate, but it will make sense. Overtime, as you heal this root suffering, you’ll begin to feel much better with yourself and your life.

Many of us have our core sufferings coming from ways we were treated as children, or what our parents would often say to us. It is the very root of our insecurities and sits in the background of our thoughts. Our Ego will try and stop us from finding the root, but you must be very strong and brave to fight against it. You may be tempted to actually keep believing these harmful thoughts and say “but I actually am ugly/worthless/boring/stupid/etc.” this is your Ego, and you must seek clarity and inner-vision so you may stop it from controlling your life.

Again, it requires so much dedication and it may be one of the most painful things you have to deal with. But when you succeed, you will be full of pride and vibrancy, finally free from your chains. 

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You said that Lucifer helped you become the wonderful person you are. What advice did he give you to help you back up off your feet? How did he, and I'm sure other deities, help you build yourself up again? I apologize if it's too personal. This quarantine has brought out a lot of shadows in my being, and I am breaking myself down.

Oh, thank you for calling me wonderful ❤️

Lucifer and Lilith are the main deities who have helped me in my path. The advice given to me was to undergo something called “shadow work” which is a form of psychological self-analyzation and healing. It requires a great deal of work and dedication, especially since healing is so painful. But this is what allowed me to notice unhealthy aspects of my personality so I could uproot them; as well as figuring out the core of my pain.

They said that we all have something that takes root within us while young, due to certain traumas or negative atmospheres. The root stays with us our whole lives and affect us every day if we don’t work hard to find the root of our suffering- our shadow. It requires us to focus deeply on the most painful parts of our lives and ask how it might be affecting us.

Think of your negative thoughts, ask yourself why you feel that way. Then ask why you do that as well. Any insecurities of yours will point towards this root that festers within your heart. Eventually, you will find the root problem; and once you do, you will be able to bring happiness into your life. This took me an entire year to accomplish, but only because I worked on it every single day and kept a journal. Lucifer also gave me plenty of helpful advice and support during all this, which helped greatly.

Other than that, I’ve connected with my higher self, allowing me to know who I truly am. I’ve been taught healthy habits and how to be patient with my growth, no matter what happens. It’s something that requires a great deal of strength, but it changes one’s life so wonderfully.

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You know when you let bad things happen to you and then suffer the consequences? 

Enjoy, to the last syllable of recorded time.

Lemons + Limes

The lemonade perched

on my chequered table-cloth

will taste sour as the sweat

of exertion from such

resentment as mine.

Life gave me too many lemons,

yet still I followed suit:

now my tongue runs bitter

from the lemonade I made,

and dutifully drunk,

like these lemons were just another

knee-height hurdle to overcome.

And there were limes with the lemons

and I went “close enough,”

pressed into pulp just as easy,

a squeeze to bust off the skin

and there: lemonade.

But the taste is now sour,

and I’ve nothing else to drink.

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“I like to art.”

Seeking art in nature on long walks around the neighborhood. Inspiration in the yellow buds and the bursting green, and in  the dappled light through the live oaks, pondering the ‘spaces in-between’.

We hope you’re taking time to get outside and breathe fresh air as part of your quarantine self-care plan!

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Confinement day 13… I went out today

I went to the pharmacy (drugstore) and bough an awful lot of medicines. They will last weeks! But I didn’t feel right these days and I was so sad for buying medicines only. So I went to the supermarket too, as my mum needed eggs (there were no eggs yesterday… no rubber gloves or gloves at all… etc) so I took advantage of the situation and I bought myself a super-mosturising body and face cream and an Italian lemon cake… because self-care, you know?

Now I’m ready to spend another week at home. Be careful you guys, don’t go out unless you have no choice. Wash your hands right after touching anything and everything outside your homes, keep a hand sanitizer in your bag and one or two packages of tissues and if you need to cough or sneeze, do it in the crook of your elbow! Be safe!

ps. I tried to buy masks in two pharmacies, no success… I bet it would be unlikely that I find any mask in town. Or in the country!

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I was tagged by @captain-kelli​, who’s blessing us by sharing positive vibes very often – thank you for thinking of me!

🌿 favorite comfort food:  Chocolate. Medovník cake. Nutella. Our homemade desserts. It varies, really.

🌼 favorite drink: Tea. Always. Best if it’s black, scented with some fruit. The fastest way to my heart.

🌷 favorite relaxing activity: Escape to nature, alone, outside the frequented paths. Or cuddles. If the mood strikes, a kick-box clears my brain perfectly. And yes, fanfics reading too.

🌻 favorite calming scent: Vanilla-scented candles from IKEA. Addicted.

🌺 favorite relaxing (or uplifting) song: Finally (Beautiful Stranger) by Halsey or Trøllabundin by Eivør (I know, the range is pretty broad, sue me, I could go on…)

🍄 favorite book to get lost in: I read way too little books these days, but The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera is usually a way to go.

💐 favorite chill-out TV show: Some of the favourites episodes of The Mentalist, The Flash, Supernatural or Chuck.

🌹 the best advice you’ve ever had: “In the end, it’s the relationships, the connections to people we have, that gives our life a purpose.”

Take care, people, all of you!

…but I’m only gonna tag a few and apologize if they don’t want to be tagged:  @mermaidxatxheart @sophiria @cxptain @kayteewritessteve @wkemeup @marvelcapsicle

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Practicing self care at work this morning through:

- going to bed at 11/when I said I was going to

- not getting any dairy in my morning coffee

- waiting til I’m certain that my body is awake to have my coffee

- meditation and stretching

- noticing a slight headache and drinking water before it gets worse

- eating a decent breakfast/at all

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1. Pick up a musical instrument! It doesn’t have to be complicated- try the ukulele or the ocarina! Music- specifically, playing an instrument- has been scientifically proven to better your mental health and improve your confidence.

2. Try painting! Landscape, portrait, abstract, whatever you want! A lot of people use art as a coping mechanism because it can be a wonderful form of self-expression. You don’t have to be ‘good’ at it, just give it a try and see how you feel.

3. Consider a sport! It doesn’t have to be a team sport like football or baseball. Frisbee and swimming are two of my favourite sports! Just get outside and get those endorphins. Getting better at a sport will also increase your confidence, and it can help you to meet friends.

4. Look into making new friends online! You can join a Discord server, make some TikToks to communicate with others, browse Instagram for some interesting people- especially in these times, it’s important to find yourself some friends. No human is designed to be isolated. You can find new friends on Tumblr!

5. Start scrapbooking, journaling, or writing! There’s something out there for everybody. Scrapbooking is great if you’re a visual person- though journaling can also involve pictures and drawings. Write some poetry, or make a journal entry for the day.

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Originally posted by annataberko

Hi guys, I thought I’d make a little list of challenges or ideas for you to do while in isolation to keep you occupied. I personally find that forcing myself to keep busy is the best way to minimise the effects of depression.

1. Set yourself a reading challenge - mine is to finish Game of Thrones

2. If you play an instrument, learn a new song to perfection

3. Finish a video game campaign - hardest mode for a challenge

4. Learn a new skill

5. Make a recipe book

6. Learn to make homemade foods like spreads, nut milk (lol), and sauces

7. Clean out your wardrobe

8. Start exercising and set yourself goals - I’m going to exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week and stretch on the days I don’t

9. Practice your makeup skills or FX, paint your nails

10. Teach your pets some new tricks

11. Make a bucket list

12. If you still have school, get started on projects/assessments early

13. Start a show you wouldn’t normally watch

14. Get some plants for your room 

15. Make some really aesthetic study notes

16. Customise some clothes - add patches, paint an old pair of converses, cut a shirt

17. If you’re with your family or housemates, play some board games 

18. Do a puzzle

19. Research something you don’t know much about

20. Learn new hairstyles


What challenges can you guys come up with? What’re your ideas for isolation?

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Thanks for the tag, @katersann 😁 I enjoyed reading your responses!

🌿 Favourite comfort food I guess I have to say CARBS because I immediately thought of mashed potatoes, Rosemary Olive Oil Bread, mac & cheese and ice cream! LOL!

🌼 Favourite alcohol (or hot drink!) I love coffee (all kinds) and a nice Malbec if I have a glass of wine

🌷 Favourite relaxing activity Reading is my favorite but I also like to garden

🌸 Favourite fluffy/feel-good fic I don’t read a lot of fluff (oops), so this is tough. I also read a bunch of pairings and am overwhelmed at the idea of coming up with a fave so let’s just pretend I answered this one! ;D

🌻 Favourite calming scent I have a decent amount of candles that have “fig” or “bergamot” in them, but what’s funny is that I HATE the scent of our actual fig tree outside!

🌺 Favourite relaxing (or uplifting) song Honestly I could likely list hundreds for this question, but the first one that popped into my mind was “America” by Paul Simon. It’s on the Almost Famous soundtrack, which is one of my favorite movies. Which is weird because it’s not all that uplifting but here we are. 

🌵 Favourite white noise Ocean waves or crickets is what I normally pick on sound machines

🍄 Favourite book to get lost in So many of the books of my childhood come to mind with this question! Bobbsey Twins, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Tuck Everlasting, Charlotte’s Web, A Secret Garden… partially because back then I could truly read for hours at a time, and now I get to read in increments of like fifteen minutes or something before I’m interrupted!

💐 Favourite chill-out TV show Going back to The Office will never bore me, but also I must mention Leverage because it is ALWAYS enjoyable!

🌹 The best advice you’ve ever had I mostly try to live with the understanding that I’d rather do something/try something and potentially regret it, rather than pass up the opportunity when it comes and then always wonder how it would have gone. This outlook had me moving 3k miles away from family at age 19 and it was a heck of an adventure!

I tag: anyone who sees this and wants to play! 😊

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So according to the nurse practitioner at my insurance company’s Covid19 hotline, I almost certainly had Covid19 and recovered from it.  She talked about self-care during the illness and commented that I did the right things.  So I thought I would pass them on–it’s the same care if you have a cold or flu, so it’s good stuff to know regardless.

Rest and fluids are probably the most important things.  Don’t take the fluids too far–you want to drink enough that you don’t get dehydrated, not so much that you’re peeing every five minutes.  But I knew a kid in college who almost wound up in the hospital because he stopped drinking water when he had the flu–he didn’t like the taste of the dorm’s water, which was admittedly pretty foul.

Asthma medication–if you have asthma, use your preventative inhaler religiously if you have one, starting now even if you’re not sick, and continuing if you do get sick.  I found my rescue (albuterol) inhaler did nothing for the shortness of breath during my illness, just made me feel dizzy and sicker.  

Tylenol–don’t take too much, of course.  I only took it once a day in fact, before bedtime, but you can take the normal dose and frequency.  There’s some question about ibuprofen, though I think the latest evidence is that you can take it.  I didn’t, but that’s because breaking out in hives is never a good idea–I’m allergic to it.  I took naproxen, another NSAID, a couple of times when the muscle aches were worst.

Expectorants and cough medicine–she recommended DM (dexomethsomething) cough syrup.  I used guaifenesin, the expectorant in a lot of cough syrups, except I used the pill form because I hate the taste of cough syrups.  I didn’t use it regularly, however, though maybe I should have.  I also used pseudoephedrine, but only occasionally because it’ s really not good for my blood pressure.

Steam humidifier/vaporizer–use one any time you have a respiratory infection!  If you don’t have one, my mother used a crockpot (slow cooker) once in an emergency when I was a kid.  Fill the crockpot with water, put in your bedroom near your bed, turn to high, try not to step in it.  If you have a vaporizer, fill it every night (and during the day if you’re in bed).

I’ll be honest.  I thought I had a particularly bad cold until I read that loss of sense of smell and taste was a common symptom of Covid19.  One time during the worst of my illness I decided I needed to replace all of my spices, because they’d all gone stale–I couldn’t figure out why they all went bad at one time!

ETA: My greatest fear is that I may have given the virus to my mother, 75 years old and not in great health.  I had a relatively light case–don’t get cocky! 

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Share your self care!

I was tagged by @ohbabycupcakes thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

This is gonna be difficult becausc what is self-care even hahah I dunno her

🌿 Favorite comfort food: chocolate. definitely chocolate 🍫🥺

🌼 Favorite alcohol (or hot drink!): love me some chamomile tea 🥰

🌷 Favorite relaxing activity: reading 💕

🌸 Favorite fluffy/feel-good fic: oooooh I have so many since I love fluff 😭😭 but I’m gonna go with tddk home is just a room full of my safest sounds by @captainkirkk

🌻 Favorite calming scent: the scent of the forest 🏞️🌲

🌺 Favorite relaxing (or uplifting) song: Try - Colbie Caillat - Max & Kurt Schneider Cover 💖

🌵 Favorite white noise: sound of the rain 🌧️😌

🍄 Favorite book to get lost in: this was literally the hardest one for me skks but I’m gonna go with Captive Prince trilogy by C.S.Pacat since I literally stayed late at night at my grandparents’ house to read it 💕

💐 Favorite chill-out TV show: The Politician (it was so weird but I love it so much)

🌹 The best advice you’ve ever had: Sometimes you’re hurting and that’s it. Allow yourself to feel hurt. You don’t need to be happy all the time.

💗 I’m tagging: @saecookie @onstoryladders @thehuns-bubble-tea @wir-ro @nikiforov-on-fire @skate-the-onion @piningbisexuals @deanohms @tao-taylor @nakyngs

Stay hydrated and take care of yourselves everyone 💕

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-I care about my pets

-I care about my family

-I can read

-I’m good at science

-I can almost do the splits

-I’m a good gardener

-I’m smart

-I’m funny

-I can dance

-I can sing

-I write good poetry

-I can choreograph dance moves

-I’m a supportive friend

-I’m a good boyfriend

-I am in National Junior Honour’s Society

-I won my local science fair

It can be hard to find things to love about myself, but I’m finding more every single day.

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