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werelivingarts · 4 months ago
new hobbies to try out during covid ✨
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During COVID, I definitely feel a lot of boredom and also feel like I’m wasting a lot of time. Therefore, here are some suggestions of hobbies you can try out! You might also have your own interest, which can be history or science, so I would 100% support you to do research and read about them! 
Some more hobbies to try out:
🚴🏽‍♂️Stay active: swimming, running, working out, yoga, hiking, biking, skateboard 🎨Creativity: film-making, painting, origami, drawing, doodling, comic strip creating, photoshop, digital art, DIY, music making, song-writing, knitting, playing new instruments, acting, calligraphy, reusing and recycling materials, redesigning and decluttering your interior 🎧Communication: blogging, writing, podcasting 🧘🏻‍♀️Mental health: journaling, meditation 🧠Mind: chess, coding, puzzling, researching, online volunteering, enrolling in an online class, selling your old stuff online, learning a new language, listening to audiobook and podcast
QOTD: What hobbies do you have?
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creathe · a year ago
Tumblr media
ig: tobehonestnl
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c-ptsdrecovery · a month ago
Affirmations for reparenting the inner child
One way we can work on healing from childhood abuse and neglect is to imagine our childhood self and say the things to ourselves that our caregivers SHOULD have expressed to us and didn’t. Imagine your self at each of these ages. Imagine holding that child-self lovingly in your arms or on your lap, and say these things to the child-you that is still inside you.
[Taken from The Tao of Fully Feeling by Pete Walker]
Welcome to the world.
I am so glad you were born.
You are absolutely perfect just as you are.
I am glad you are a boy/girl/nb/etc.
You are a delight to behold.
You are a gift to the world.
I love who you are.
All of your feelings are okay with me.
You can be interested in everything.
I love to watch you explore. 
I am always glad to see you.
You can do things as many times as you like.
You can like what you like and want what you want.
I like it when you say no.
I like it when you let me know if I hurt your feelings.
You can go off on your own or be with me as much as you like.
It’s okay for you to be angry, and I won’t let you hurt yourself or others when you are.
I love who you are.
I love how you speak and I love to listen to you.
I love how you sing and dance.
I like how you think for yourself.
You can think and feel at the same time.
You can make mistakes--they are your teachers.
You can know what you need and ask for help.
You can ask as many questions as you like.
You can have your own preferences and tastes.
You are a delight to my eyes.
I love who you are.
School child
It is always a joy to see you and be with you.
It is wonderful to converse with you.
You can trust your intuition to help you make choices.
I love how you have your own ideas and opinions.
You can choose your own values.
I love how you ask for what you want and need.
You can pick your own friends, and you don’t have to like everyone.
You can learn when and how to disagree.
You can be fair with yourself and others.
You can sometimes feel confused and ambivalent and not know all the answers.
I am very proud of you.
I love who you are.
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lgb-positivi-t · 6 months ago
Never doubt your worth. You mean so much to people, even in ways you never realize. Even your smallest actions can do so much for others.
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astrologyduck · a month ago
Venus Persona Chart
💗Ascendant: Our perception of love. How important is love to us, and of course this house tells us about self-love. Aspects of our physique and personality that make us attractive. Along with the Ruler of the Ascendant, the kind of beauty we have. Things about us that we find attractive.
💗2nd house: What things we find beautiful, the type of clothing that we like to wear and the type of clothing that we like our partner to wear. Accessories that we like to wear. Where does our Venus shine? By doing what and behaving in which way others find us attractive. Ways we can improve our self-esteem and indulge ourselves more.
💗3rd house: The way in which we express love and affection, be it verbal or written. The way we flirt, our thoughts about love. It can indicate popularity in school or crushes that we may have had at an earlier age. That which we think is beautiful. The beauty in our thoughts, our ability to enchant beyond our body por appearance.
💗4th house: You can tell us the aesthetics of our home, its design. A way of loving that we express only when we are really comfortable. Some quality of ours that makes our partners feel comfortable. Something that deep down we like in relationships but we do not openly admit. What makes us feel comfortable in a relationship, what makes our hearts jump from emotion.
💗5th house: Our creative and artistic abilities can still represent activities that we really like to do. Couples that we like and tend to attract, informal couples, dating and a lighthearted love. It can be an indicator of our self-esteem and self-esteem as it is the house of Leo. Things that make us very attractive in the eyes of others.
💗6th house: Ways in which we pamper ourselves, in which we take care of our body, beauty routines, makeup, shopping, etc. Routines that we find cute or that we just like. Ways we like to help our partner. The affection that we can have for our pets. How we demonstrate devotion and actions we take to improve our relationship and self-esteem.
Tumblr media
💗7th house: The type of relationships that we usually attract, we like or even the type of partners that we can have. How we behave in a relationship. Another house that indicates the way in which we can show off our Venus energy (usually represented by the planets that are there, the position of the Ruler and activities related to the sign in which the house is). How we relate to others when we are in a good mood or are concerned about leaving a good impression.
💗8th house: The intensity with which we can love, taboo things or not so normalized or politically correct ideas of love that can attract our attention. Our sexyness and flirtation, teasing during sex. It can give us clues about the way we have relationships and even our sexual orientation. Very profound changes that we provoke in our partners and that they provoke in us.
💗9th house: Our learnings in the field of love. Our love affairs in high school and college, foreign crushes, long distance relationships and often show the admirers we attract. Things we teach our partners and things they teach us. Type of cultures we are in love with.
💗10th house: Traits of our personality or body that make us attractive in the eyes of those who meet us for the first time. The type of beauty we would like to have, the type of clothing we would like to look good in, and the type of appearance we want to have. In the same way, the type of relationships that we would like to have.
💗11th house: It is related to distant love affairs, aesthetics of our blogs, and in what strange things we find beauty. Our female friends, or friends we can come to love romantically. It speaks to us of mass appeal and the ability to charm people or to fit in.
💗12th house: They can be parts of our body that others see beautiful but we find it difficult to see them as such. Needs that we have in love that we find difficult to admit or that we repress. Way of loving that we do not show until we are in a serious relationship in which there is a deeper connection. Aspect of the relationships that we idealize or dream of.
Tumblr media
💟Sun & Venus: These two represent our beauty type and our loving style and language. Their placement can also represent what we find beautiful. How does being loved by us feels like and the type of love we are naturally drawn to. What makes us appealing. This can also represent the lovers we tend to feel attracted to.
💟Moon: Our emotional need when it comes to having a relationship. What do we need in our relationships in order to feel comfy or secure. The maximum representation of our femenine side. How do we nurture our relationships? How can we nurture ourselves in order to feel more beautiful?
💟Mercury: How do we express our romantic feelings. Our poetry and ability to enchant with words, writes. What do we think is beautiful? The way we communicate interest, how our compliments feel and can even represent our flirting ability.
💟Mars: The types of people we can be sexually and romantically attracted to at the same time. The mixture of Mars in the chart of Venus gives us this "sex with love". What can make us highly attractive in sex. How we argue with partners or what we usually argue with them.
💟Jupiter & Part of Fortune: In what area of ​​our life or to whom we tend to show affection or affection with less inhibition. Good things about our way of loving. Things we can give in excess when we are in love. Physical attributes that stand out or that others find beautiful. Our luck in love, or things that we can easily achieve in our relationships.
💟Saturn: Places or people for whom it is difficult for us to show love. What stages of love or what things in relationships do we take seriously. It tells us about a more elegant beauty that we have. Like another point that we will study later, it indicates our ability to commit ourselves.
💟Uranus: Strange things that we consider beautiful. Like the Sun and the 1st house, it can indicate our self-love. Uranus, being the planet of friends, can tell us about friends for whom we developed a crush. Long distance and unconventional relationships. Oddities that make us attractive.
💟Neptune: The planet of idealization in this charts plays a very utopian role, it tells us about unrealistic visions that we have of love (be they positive or negative), blurred ways that we have of seeing love. The type of people or why these people idealize us. Creative skills, especially oriented to painting, cinema or music. The type of songs we listen to and both the Neptune Ruler and the aspects it does can tell us about the artists we like.
💟Pluto: Our attributes or our personality traits that make us irresistible. Our relationship with jealousy, what usually causes it and how our partners handle jealousy. Transformations we go through during our relationships. Things that we may like very intensely. Love-hate kind of relationships.
Tumblr media
💟Vesta: The asteroid of devotion and the inner flame. This letter has a lot to do with our loyalty and the way we show devotion. In the same way, it can give us clues of our first time, and it can show us the purest way in which we can love.
💟Juno: The way in which we commit to our relationships and the type of couples with whom we usually formalize. You can also talk about our jealousy and those of our partner.
💟Pallas: Our poetic and creative mind, Pallas can be considered a mini-mercury, only more oriented to a creative field. Our diplomacy and ability to function in our environment and with others in a charming and elegant way. Being an asteroid linked to our rational side, it can be that something that we look for in a relationship and that if we do not have it, it can be a great turn-off.
💟Ceres: This dwarf planet can be considered a second Moon in terms of meanings. It tells us more than anything about how we nurture or take care of our partner and in the same way, how they can make us feel nurtured or cared for. The displays of affection we need. What we can give our partner to make them feel good.
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vampires-and-witches · 2 years ago
I saw everyone on twitter tearing Emma Watson apart for saying she’s self - partnered instead of single and decided to watch her interview for British Vogue to know what the hell was she trying to say with that. I was very surprised to find a 30 minute video in which amongst other things she talks about the following:
She felt undeserving when she was appointed as UN Women goodwill ambassador and sought out Gloria Steinem to learn about feminist activism.
She thinks the criticism she received for being a white feminist was useful because it made her educate herself.
She says there’s a desperate need to reform the education system in the UK to change the way they are taught the history of how Britain has been involved in foreign affairs and how they profited from slavery.
She felt anxious about approaching 30 because there’s a lot of pressure to have a husband and a baby by then and she’s still figuring her life out.
She was so young when she was casted in Harry Potter that she doesn’t remember much of her life before it and she went to therapy to deal with her issues with fame. She used to feel very guilty for being unhappy because she thought she should enjoy fame more.
The interviewer is a transgender woman and they discuss transgender issues for a while. Emma is in regular contact with a trans child which makes the topic of trans rights emotional for her because she’s very anxious for this kid’s safety.
She talks about her role as Meg March in the new Little Women movie and defends that unlike what many people say choosing to be a wife and a mother doesn’t make Meg a less feminist character and quotes a line from the movie, “Just because my dreams are different than yours it doesn’t mean they are unimportant.”  
She wishes more people would realize she’s not Hermione Granger but also understands why they want to see that in her because Hermione is a symbol for her too.
She used to think she could never be happy without a partner and now that she has learnt to navigate that better and is genuinely happy single she’s started to think of herself as self - partnered in contrast to the time when she thought of herself as single = lonely.
Every media outlet decided to focus in an out of context quote from the three minutes she talked about her dating life when the actual interview had a lot of depth and way more important things were discussed. I’m sad and angry but not surprised.
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hallow-witxh · a month ago
Strawberry Self-Love Spell.
Hi, friends. It's been a bad week for me. I've lost work due to chronic health conditions and pain, and it's been difficult to stay on top of bills and recovery. I'm recovering from severe anorexia nervosa and with funds at a limit as well as emotional energy, sometimes it's hard to keep on my own two feet.
So I'm going to share something, an edible spell on my own creation, something I've shared with only one other person in my life. It's helped me through multiple relapses and stressful times when eating and caring for myself has been difficult.
Please note: this does not replace professional medical care, be it physical or emotional. This is something I've added onto my weekly therapy and counseling sessions, as well as medication. This is not going to cure anything, but if done correctly, it can help sweeten your mood.
Here is the list of ingredients, as well as their beneficial properties.
Strawberries (6 large): Love, luck, and pleasure (also lust and pregnancy, but not for this spell)
Mint (3 medium leaves or 1 tablespoon dried) : Energy, communication, and vitality
Sugar (to taste): Where salt banishes, sugar invites. It invites sweetness and positivity. Does not apply to artificial sweeteners.
OR honey (to taste): Love, sweetness
Vanilla extract, to taste (not imitation): love, passion, and restoring lost energy (also lust, but not for this spell)
Sparkling moon water (to taste): just as it sounds, moon water made from sparkling water, preferably unflavored. Sparkling water has bubbles, which invited the element of air into you. Air can lighten, uplift, and be motivational.
The simplest way to make this recipe/spell is very easy. Whether using dry or fresh mint (it doesn't really matter, just make sure it's cleansed in your preferred method, as well as all your other ingredients and cup), smash it in the bottom of a microwavable mug. It should be as smooth as you can make it. You can even add a little sparkling moon water and blend it. Add your sugar (or honey) and microwave it in 30 second intervals until you have a mint strawberry syrup (or until the honey is completely incorporated). Let cool for a bit, then add your chilled sparkling moon water to your taste. It's fresh, tasty, and infused with loving, caring magic.
If you're a baker like myself, you cal also use these ingredients to make all kinds of wonderful goodies for yourself or others. Let me know if you'd like a Sweet Cream Bread Loaf, Sweet Cake, Macaron, or Ice Cream recipe with this magic.
Go on out friends, live as well as you can with the energy you have to spare <3
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Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you are alive.
Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre
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bluest-fluff · 3 months ago
You deserve to be surrounded by people who are good for your health. People who give you true kindness and people who make you feel like this is what you're worth. People who fill your cup and show you how you've filled theirs. People who leave you feeling better for having been with them every time you part ways.
You deserve this. You can seek this. You deserve this.
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ed-recovery-affirmations · 3 months ago
You have value as you are, and that is true even if you are currently in pain, in struggle, in a pit of self-doubt. You will have value when you are healing, and you will have value when you are healed, but that value is there even now. I know it's hard to remember that when you're in your worst place. You have value. You have value. You have value.
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feral-radfem · a month ago
I hate the trends that imply people should not have been an asshole to you when you were in middle or High School for looking like a kid (which is ugly for girls apparently) because you grew up to be hot. Praising people for "glowing up" just reinforces that women should only be treated and seen as people when we are attractive. It implies that bullying unattractive people who stay "ugly" is understandable but some of us turn hot so you may regret bullying us when you cant date hot us.
It rubs me the wrong way, especially when you consider that a majority of their glow up is becoming very tiny weight wise, getting rid of identifying/ unique characteristics or style choices for feminity, and putting on makeup. All this does is reinforce patriarchal that to be a woman worthy of respect you have to perform femininity and you have to perform it well.
I think it would be a lot more productive If instead of creating trend that push the narrative "you shouldn't have been mean to me as a child because I won't date you now that I'm a hot adult" it would be better to reinforced female solidarity. Instead of focusing on your looks focus on the fact that no woman should be ashamed for not being a good enough ornament for the men around her. Women are people, we shouldn't have to be attractive to be treated as such.
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sevenseptember · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Michelle D'Avella
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lazeih · a year ago
Tumblr media
How are you feeling?
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krasierisawesome · 11 months ago
You always see the best in other people. Why is it so hard to consider that someone could do the same for you? That maybe, people aren’t worried about the spot on your face or the frizz in your hair, because they’re too busy looking at your smile.
The wonderful things you see in other people? You have them, too.
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hopepunk-humanity · 2 months ago
I learned how to love myself when I chose to love humanity. 
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uselessatheart · 3 months ago
Relationships in life don't really end, even if you never see the person again. Every person you've been close to lives on somewhere inside you. Your past lovers, your parents, your friends, people both alive and dead (symbolically or literally)--all of them evoke memories, conscious or not.
Lori Gottlieb, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed
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