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Did you know you could bake your own sourdough bread? It’s healthy, yummy and easy to make. You want to try it? Good.

I did it for the first time and I am trying to tell you how. I used rye flour and wheat flour in a 70/30 ratio.

Preparing Sourdough

Day 1

100grams flour

100ml water (warm, not hot)

Mix together with a spoon, cover it with a kitchen towel and wait. Don’ out in Griffe now.

Day 2

Maybe your sourdough already smallsa bit. If not, don’t worry.

Add 100grams of flour and 100ml warm water.

Mix and cover.

Making your own bread

Day 3

Now add again 100gr flour / 100ml warm water. Add 75 gr of the prepared sourdough.

The smell may be weird but as long as there is no mould or extreme smells (yes, the dough can Turn over) it should be okay. Ideally it smells like alcohol or vinegar

Out aside the freshly fed dough and put your “old” dough in the fridge.

Let rest the new dough for 14/16 hours (overnight). This is the key factor.

Day 4

Take 350 ml of warm water. Put in yeast and add your sourdough. Mix it and wait a few minutes.

Then add 500gr. Flour to the yeast-sourough water. Add Caraway seed and anise to the dough for a german sourdough bread recipe (or whatever you want). Add 2-3 teaspons of Salt and start kneating.

sourdough in the fridge

Important: if you want to continue baking after one bread, keep some sourdough in the fridge.

If rather fluid, it is storable up to 10 days, if rather dry (with more flour) you can keep it up to 4 weeks.

You’ll need to care for your sourdough: every few days add 100g flour and 100 ml water and mix well.

Throw away when it really stinks. The smell of alcohol or vinegar is absolutely okay.

Okay. Next Step is preparing the oven. Heat it to 270°C.

Now you take flour in your hands and Start kneating it again. Make sure you Make it flat then turn the outsides in. This is called roundworking and it makes your dough smoother. Make a ball, cover with a towel and wait vor one hour.

The most important thing is waiting. Give the dough time to grow. After one hour take flour to your hands, Make another roundworking session. Place the bread in your baking tray. Form your bread to a loaf form and cut the surface. Not too Deep, not too less. Cover the dough again with the towel and preheat the oven on about 270°C.

After another 45 minutes, put the bread in the oven. Wait 10 minutes, reduce the heat to 200-220°C. Wait another 30 minutes. Then take out your bread in a cooling tray. Make the test: take the bread and knock your fingers to the loaf of bread. If it sounds hollow, it’s finished. Careful: the bread is hot when you take it out of the oven!

Pro tipp for a better crust: take a fireproof bowl and full it with water. Add it to the oven when baking.

The first bread was great but I needed to learn. Do it, Experiment and you will be able to Make your own tasty bread.

sourdough in the fridge

sourdough in the fridge
sourdough in the fridge
sourdough in the fridge
sourdough in the fridge
sourdough in the fridge
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The finish small Sketchbook.

The size is 11 x 17 cm and have 36 Sheet paper inside.
The Sheet paper have a grammage about 150.
The Cover is 4 mm thick.
Date of production: 26/27.10.2020

It was really fun and fast to do this small Sketchbook. More will follow.
I thought about making smaller books out of the remains of the bindings and grey cardboard. Each one a small unique piece. I would do some little experiments and try things out. Mainly I would make my standard sizes and these little unique pieces, as I felt like it. Let’s see how that will be.

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While waiting for an order I need for a commission, I made a small sketchbook, here can you see some WiP. I want try something out and that happened. It is about A6 in size and still not finish, the perforation and binding are still missing. It will be ready tomorrow <3

I’m very happy about this book, I don’t know why. I look at this book and smile OwO

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Find me on other websites and/or support me?
Visiting my blog and clicking on >>Links<<

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The book that changed my thinking about wealth 🧐

“Rich dad, Poor dad” must be one book that everyone of us have heard of while we kept growing 💫

I read this book when I started my job as a fresher but when I happened to read it again after my brain is tammed in creating wealth and not being rich, I was able to understand the 3 important lessons that it tried to teach me. I have stuck these things to my mind and set a reminder when and ever possible 🔥

📚 Most peope work for money but the wealthy people have money work for them. Job is not the only way you gravitate money towards you, but rather invest your skills and abilities you have that hold the biggest potential for you to earn big money.

📚It’s not how much money you make that matters, it’s how much money you make with that money. Don’t be carried away by the fact that saving 10% or 15% is enough. Start with it initially but gradually move to 40% or 50% that the wealthier peope always do.

📚Working all your life for someone else can lead to financial struggle. The more you earn, the more you can save and invest to gain real wealth. And for that be employed but have a side income or be self- employed. Never rely on a single source of income.

The wealthy people have already figured it out. Let’s become one by having our own strategies ❤

Let us know what do you feel about it 💫🤗

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For years my friends and I prepare this dish (+ 2 others) to celebrate the cold season that’s ahead. It’s a bit on the heavy side so make sure it’s your highlight of the day because it reaaaally deserves to be!
It is exceptionally tasty and fairly easy to make.
In my humble opinion this way of preparing a chicken makes it have the tastiest skin after baking while the inside flesh is soft and juicy.

Don’t forget to clean your hands and kitchen utensils after touching raw chicken!

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