thequeenwechoose · 2 months ago
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Danymonth 2021
Day 29: Men in Dany’s life
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saranathalie42667804 · 6 months ago
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beckyeveleen28386971 · 6 months ago
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aboxfullofocs · 3 years ago
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“You’re all of us...”
γ Eltanin
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hehearse · 11 months ago
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The Kiss for the sorceresses
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casmick-consequences · 10 months ago
reblog this if destiel has ever ruined your life in any way imaginable
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ineffably-human · 9 days ago
"That’s really the puzzle of Season 4 and what drives it with nature vs. nurture. It’s a little bit of: Can you avoid your fate? Are you destined to be what you’ve always been or can you make a new start?" - Paul Simms re baby Colin and Season 4
Something something Nandor the Relentless, ruthless and powerful human viceroy, "just okay" vampire with a just okay dick - 'holding this house together' when it's really Guillermo's doing. Trying and failing to lead. Feeling none of the ambition or drive that he sees lighting up the face of Nadja, who's never had his chances in life. Happiest as second in command to "a gentle human people" and their shitty drum circles.
Wants to travel the world just to see it and not burn it to the ground. Wants to get a job cleaning up the ocean. To heal something, build something . Ready to take the journey with a companion, but he accepted them in his defeat, and Guillermo only wants him powerful, only wants the power he can give. Fine, he'll do it alone. He wanted a clean slate anyway.
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afolksongs · 2 months ago
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akaashiscupofwater · 20 days ago
i just went through the banned tags list and what the fuck that made me so mad they actually banned tw and cw tags thats literally so unsafe what the fuck
also dilf and milf rest in peace
they banned like totally normal tags too like self reblog or,, girl
which is just
so fucking annoying
thats so weird tumblr what are you on i stg
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sasmev · a year ago
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He's a real scourge, that one!
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thedoctorfalls · a year ago
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An old friend once told me something that gave me great comfort. Something he read. He said 'Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin never died. They simply became music'
make me choose → @yennehfer asked: Westworld S1 finale or S2 finale
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smoosie · a year ago
Hey :) I was wondering, how would you feel if someone reblogged your art but also wrote a long comment (about the piece of art) under it? I've seen gifmakers complain about the "essays" written under their gifs and idk what artists think about it.
You good folks serve the best food in town and I’m humbly offering you a plate to put it on
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