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lovelybluepanda15 hours ago
I recently learned that self-destructive behaviors are a solution many people choose so they feel more in control in their life.
Here's a list of things you can do that can give you the same feeling but they aren't self-destructive.
Have a particular time when you have tea or hot cocoa.
Plan something in your life. It can be your meals, your schedule, the progress of a goal, anything will do.
Learn a new skill that empowers you. Coding, Chinese medicine, workouts, NLP; whatever you choose, make sure it makes you feel powerful in a way or another.
Write a book/story. You control everything there.
Dress in a way that delights you.
DIY projects
Decorate your room/house/environment
Change your hairstyle
Have a particular routine for something, anything
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letshealwithusa day ago
It is crazy how the experiences that hurt the most are the ones that shape you into who you are. When you start to finally open your eyes, you will realize that it's okay to leave behind what does not allow you to grow.
Whether it was a friendship, a relationship, a job, or a part of yourself that was toxic. Understand that your healing journey will only start once you decide to love the parts of you that you have neglected. Start upholding your boundaries and do not betray your heart to satisfy others.
Kindly follow my Instagram: 馃グ
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call-me-your-ala10 months ago
romanticising your life 101: love yourself. adore yourself. buy yourself a pretty bouquet from that quaint little flower shop. pay compliments to yourself whenever you randomly catch a glimpse of your reflection. get yourself gifts that you know you want and love not just things you need. stop waiting on others to do it for you. treat yourself like the princess/prince you are everyday and suddenly your life looks a lot brighter.
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athena-swordsa month ago
Witchy Weather
These are periods of intense energy ,all spells cast during them will be empowered by them, and may be more effective
Thunder and lightening
Power, manifestation, cursing and protection
Tumblr media
Purification, Cleansing, healing compassion and realese
Tumblr media
Snow storm
Balance, Stillness, transformation ,purification and letting go
Tumblr media
Heavy Winds
Travel ,study, intellect , breaking bad habits
Tumblr media
Sigils, curse lifting
Tumblr media
Solar /lunar eclipse
Banishing and destruction
Tumblr media
Courage, protection, strength ,energy
Tumblr media
Shooting stars
Power, magical boost , wishes
Tumblr media
Invisibility, stasis, mysticism, shielding
Tumblr media
From moon take care everyone and be healthy and happy
I would say be careful if you are trying something new then do it in sunlight then no the other weather caz there are possibilities that if you are not align with your energies it may backfire.
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lovelybluepanda3 months ago
How to love everything in your life
This is a twin post for Why discipline is toxic.
Let's start with your environment.
Credit to Marie Kondo because most things here are from her book. (a summary here but i suggest people to read the manga or watch her show for more details)
Don't clean just to clean. Clean for your self. Why do you want to live in a clean environment? Be very specific. (Wanting to feel less stressed, wanting to feel organized, wanting to be surrendered by things you love etc)
When you clean, remember why you do it. You do it out of love for your own person because you want to feel comfy in a clean space. (Or any other reason) Just don't think you have to clean for the sake of cleaning. There are so many reasons why living in a clean space can be great.
Look at your things and remember why you like them. Kondo suggested keeping around things which "spark joy". The thing is, when you do this, you feel happier because you like everything. Suddenly folding clothes is nice, moving books to their place is nice, keeping papers only in a certain spot brings happiness etc.
Don't think of this as a chore but as an activity to relax. Folding clothes is origami, doing the dishes can be avatar water bending style, cleaning cupboards can be a puzzle for organization etc.
Outside world
Walks can be intimidating when you're alone but...
Try looking for a nice place in your city. Try finding beauty in a common spot. Try looking at things like you're a tourist fascinated by everything. Or an alien, that works too.
Look at the nature. The sky is always different yet beautiful. The sunlight is delightful, especially in the morning. Doesn't the grass look enchanting and makes you want to have a picnic? When you see the same things daily, it's difficult to see them as something special every day. Try learning that.
Walks are good for your body. You walk around to relax. It's an act of love for yourself.
What's something you like about that activity/task? Find something, anything. Maybe you like how fast you can type and look at it as a game while you write emails. Maybe think how pretty food looks when you have to cook. (Anime moodboards help a lot with this) Perhaps you like the happiness people display when you help them with your job.
Try thinking it's an important task and how would you teach someone to do it. Everything is worth teaching and sharing knowledge seems to be a love language many have.
Maybe you don't like the task in any way, how about the feeling you have when it's done? Or the activities you can do after you're done? Think of the pleasure you have once the task is done if the task itself is so unlovable.
Worth mentioning, think of the concept of everything having a spirit. (this way of thinking is popular in witchcraft and Shintoism) won't you enjoy thinking the fairy next to the pile of dishes will he happy they're clean? Maybe it likes the dish soap's scent. Your imagination/perspective can make a task fun.
When you dislike someone, write a list with what you dislike about them. Then write another list with tasks you love/like. Try to make the like list as long as the disliked traits list.
For your friends, ask yourself why you like them? Is it the way they listen to you when you need? Is it the silly sense of humour they got? Is it their optimism? Bonus points if you tell them your every once in a while why they're important to you.
Write a like/love letter. Not in a romantic way but in an appreciation way. No need to give it to them. Just write it to see what makes these people special in your eyes.
Strangers, try to think they are undiscovered treasures. You can always learn something from anyone. You don't have to talk to new people, but this way of thinking will make you seem more invested in what they have to say.
Your person
You can write yourself love letters~ really, when was last time you took time to appreciate your own beauty?
Avoid criticism to your own person. Yes, you can make mistakes. No, you shouldn't be cruel because of the mistakes.
Do daily something that makes you happy.
How to actively make you happy
You can find love in everything and everyone. There's always something to appreciate in people and there are always certain emotions which are triggered by things or concepts. (The smile of your friend, the fluffy fur of the pet, the pretty decoration of a cake, the softness of your blouse etc) Just pay attention around you.
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moonsoulsworld12 days ago
If you grew up believing that certain emotions are 'bad'. It can be harder to accept and allow all feelings when they arise, but it's such an important part of self love and reparenting to know that all emotions are neutral and it is safe for you to experience any of them.馃
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totally-sapphic-posts9 months ago
Okay, but cellulite? Beautiful. Stretch marks? *chefs kiss* gorgeous. Tummy rolls? Stunning. Acne and acne scars? Immaculate. Body hair? Still splendiferous. Guys, gals and non-binary pals, you鈥檙e all absolutely perfect just the way you are.
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