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Slut shaming is still a thing apparently ?

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Are you listening?

This question here has so many meanings and could go in many directions. Especially when you have been honest with someone that you never really share too many things with about how you really feel inside. We ask this question for confirmation of the person we are talking to, for them to respond.The worst part of this is the ‘no response’. And what do we do? We get angry.

Remember, seeking validation from others only makes things harder. What about the appropriate authorities such as: bosses, instructors, parents, etc? Obviously, but, there are boundaries. Make sure your priorities are straightened out.

1. God

2. Yourself

3. Etc..

“I am not trying to please people. I want to please God. Do you think I am trying to please people? If I were doing that, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭1:10‬ ‭CEV‬‬

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Sometimes I read about how we should start romanticizing ourselves or the little things we do.

While not a wrong approach, I think we should just go and romance ourselves instead. It’s so hard to love our own self because we don’t really know us that well. We think we do but we don’t. How to fix this? Get to know yourself, court yourself, romance yourself. Do little things that make you happy. Want coffee? Use the pretty mug. Buy youself flowers. Don’t have money? Take yourself for a walk and pick a flower or bring home that big ass twig because it would look pretty in your room as decoration. Still got that pretty journal you never write in because it’s so pretty and you don’t want to waste it? Poetry. Pick your favorites, the ones that hurt and the ones that make you smile. Poems that make you feel. Write them down and when you’re better, try to find out why they hit you so deeply. Take yourself out to a date, watch a movie at home if you don’t feel like going out. Have that special treat with your tea and book. Don’t be afraid to build an atmosphere for yourself just because it’s ‘only’ you being there. Want to dress up fancy even if it’s just the supermarket? Who is stopping you?

Getting to know yourself can hurt. But it has to. We are the ones we have to spend our lives with no matter if that’s not what we want. Wouldn’t it be better to be kind to our hearts instead of telling ourselves we’re not enough? I still struggle with it some days. I don’t always like myself, sometimes I’m horribly angry and sometimes overwhelmingly sad. But that’s ok. I love my family and friends, and sometimes I’d like to wrangle their necks. Being kind to myself is a choice I have to make each day, and honestly why shouldn’t I be kind to me when I am to others? I deserve that much even if I don’t always feel it.

So, romance yourself because you deserve it.

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When you’re going through a depressive episode and reach out for help, but it takes them too long to respond so you swear off human relationships, pull yourself out, and become a Creature of the Void ™.

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Some of these men never saw their father love their mother, so they don’t know what it means to love you.

Some of these women never saw their father love their mother, so when the right love comes along, they don’t know how to receive it…

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In the midst of this crazy, take time for self-care and loving yourself again. It took me 8 months to do it, but today I decided to put some makeup on and dress nice.

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Day 1 of being myself, loving myself, feeling like myself, and positive affirmations!!!

I woke up this morning and decided I was gonna feel myself, I did my brows, scribbled on some eyeliner, put my hair up and BOOM I’m me again.

It feels so good to feel confident. It feels good to be myself. It feels good to look in the mirror and not 100% HATE what I see…I’m not perfectly happy with it, but I do love myself, I do think I am pretty today, I do believe that I am a good mom today, I believe I am a good wife, I believe I am doing my best and I deserve to be happy with myself.

Learning how to love yourself after years and years of self hatred, poor self image, being told you’re fat or ugly, just years of abuse and neglect…its definitely an uphill battle but you need to know how worthy of love you are.

You need to tell yourself everyday :

You are enough. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are smart. You are doing your very best. You are doing great!!

Relax…Breathe…Its okay.

Fuckin Get It Bitch! Own it!

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I feel every word I write,

Felt pride with a word placed right.

Writing became something like therapy.

If turmoil and darkness brewed inside,

I wrote it out of my heart and set myself right.

I was bursting with words,

So I gave it away.



Even on some pretty little postcards.

Heart put in,

Each word laced with a bit of my soul.

I gave away so much that,

Some assumed my words to be cheap.



Forever left waiting on the blue tick high.

When I stopped to think things over,

I think it was too late.

Basics of senior high economics,

Over-abundance of item lowers it’s price.

I wanted to share myself through my words.

But the over-shared came to be undervalued,

Both my weary grey soul,

And the black and white letters I type.

Looking into myself,

My fingers itched to let them out.

But fearing my too sensitive self and

Draining myself dry,

I decided to lock them inside.

Allowed out but only with

Too high a bail to be paid.

Now even when I know,

That fools speak the loudest

While the wise remain quiet.

Here I stand again in front of you.

Ballading away possibly tone deaf and blind.

The warden- a silly idealistic fool,

Has let the jailbirds out.

On the run,

And to be caged never again.

I understand now that,

It was not always my words but

Them hearts too.

Some unwilling and

Some incapable,

To listen to my beat and

To understand my rhythm

To not just count them out

One by one,

Waiting for the end

and finally its without

-Ember Sage

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