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call-me-your-ala · 7 months ago
romanticising your life 101: love yourself. adore yourself. buy yourself a pretty bouquet from that quaint little flower shop. pay compliments to yourself whenever you randomly catch a glimpse of your reflection. get yourself gifts that you know you want and love not just things you need. stop waiting on others to do it for you. treat yourself like the princess/prince you are everyday and suddenly your life looks a lot brighter.
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hunnydivine · 11 months ago
What makes someone a Muse
“A muse is someone who emits energy out that inspires everything is around them.”
You’ll never see a woman who sparks inspiration looking outside of herself wondering how to be, what to be, or how to act. She knows that she is a one of a kind individual and is true to herself.
“A muse is someone who learns to define herself.” 
She doesn’t compete to be like anyone else and is serene in being everything that she is.
She deeply treasures who she is to the core. Whether she be reserved, quiet, cheerful, warm, cold, fiery, sweet, shy, loud, extrovert, or introvert.
Uniqueness is what makes her irreplaceable! No one can carbon copy her when she’s has worked internally and externally on becoming her greatest self.
She doesn’t let society’s beauty standards, trends, social status or money define her. SHE DEFINES HERSELF.
“A muse carries the energy of abundance.”
Think of when you acquire money, how do you feel?
For a moment you may feel infinite or on top of the world. That’s because money causes that emotion of abundance but, when you are naturally in that energy you naturally attract money into your life. “You are what you attract.”
Abundant Energy -  bliss, joy, beauty, laughter, mystery, creativity, inspiration, luxury, pleasure, plentiful, healing
When a muse has this energy she becomes magnetic and alluring. She attracts people from all over wondering how she can be so comfortable within’ her own skin. That makes people want to be around her more because she is influencing and inspiring them.
Last but not least, A muse never looses sleep over people who don’t see her worth.” Period.
If someone refuses to see her value, she has the attitude of fuck em and keep it moving.
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starlightpositivity · 5 months ago
you're improving. you're recovering. i know it takes a whole lot of mental effort to fight your thoughts everyday but eventually it will get easier. it will become a habit, i promise.
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totally-sapphic-posts · 6 months ago
Okay, but cellulite? Beautiful. Stretch marks? *chefs kiss* gorgeous. Tummy rolls? Stunning. Acne and acne scars? Immaculate. Body hair? Still splendiferous. Guys, gals and non-binary pals, you’re all absolutely perfect just the way you are.
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call-me-your-ala · 7 months ago
romanticising your life 101: wake up early. wake up before 7 am every single day. wake up to the sound of birds chirping and watch the first rays of sun grace the land. wake up when the world is still quiet and you can have peace to collect your thoughts. wake up early and say to yourself “today is my day and it’s going to be a great”.
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