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Hello there! 

Three weeks ago, my boss told me we were shutting down activities; I work as an english teacher for a few people, less than 10 per day. Said job doesn’t offer any ensurance or extra help, which is not that bad but things are getting ugly these days in regards of money, and while I try to find another job for the next months, I thought of selling printable STAR MAPS! For those who don’t know, star maps mark the start of something new, the end of an awaiting event or any other date you’d like to remember and show you how the sky looked when you went through that moment! 

If you want to buy one, let me know! I’ll be selling them on $5 USD (PayPal only). Send me a message with the info you’d like me to add and we will settle up the payment once we make a deal. 

Special offer: 3 designs for $12 USD

➮ If you want a bigger version (poster or tabloid size) please let me know and we can arrange something. 

➮ More designs and graphics coming soon for the 1D fandom. Follow @ hallospaceboystore on Instagram! 

Spread the voice! ★ 

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Sea serpent:


Stub head 💚

Aquatic arms 💚

Standard tongue 💙

Tusked maw ❤

Standard eyes 💙

Wide legs ❤

Standard tail 💙

Standard horn including spines 💚

Standard body type 💙

Blind 💖


See the species here:


You can offer:



Other closed species ocs

HQ MQ ocs

HQ MQ art

I do not accept:

Amino coins

Traditional art

Scribbly art

Anything LQ or rushed


You may repost this image once bought, full credit must be given at least once. If uploading to toyhouse my name is flowfell.

Copyrights are subject to the rules of the species at @otrids_official

No refunds.

You must pay within 48 hours otherwise you recieve a strike on my account that can lead to a blacklist if repeated.

Art payments must be completed within 2 weeks. (Times can be negotiated depending on how much art is payed and the offer holders schedule)

Adoptable will be archived once sold so make sure you give me your email so I can send you the image.


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pretty in purple 💜

message for premade nudes/undies pics

10 pics for $9

5 tittie/booty pics for $5

5 🐱 pics for $5


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