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40: yeah but it’s not like I’ll approach any. Too far, seem like i wouldn’t even be there type, too pretty (yes too pretty, doms can be intimidated by beauty 😝)

43: guilty? I don’t feel guilty about anything i find pleasure in 😈

48: a stoner, if not, at least 420 friendly. Oooh bbw, i don’t care if you got baby chub or a belly, or thighs, you sexy as hell girl! Got sidetracked. Into kink, and also either into gaming or doesn’t mind that i do. Someone sweet and just amazing 💖

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1: blindfold you 😈

4: tossup between doggy and missionary because both i love to tease in

7: There’s this one chick, she’s short and cute and always calls herself Baby 😍

8: pretty good actually. We just connected and everything was great

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16: top of my list would be fucking in an see through elevator or a big window so everyone can see 😈

22: ooooh ddlg, bdsm, breeding, begging, face fucking, squirting, edging, orgasm denial, degradation, impact…..just a few i can remember

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