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Adoption!AU: Brian bringing every type of animal to the house ALL the time with teary eyes and sobbing "They're hurted!", "They're hungry!", "They were alone in the streets!". What are his parents' reactions?

Their first reactions are usually like “how did he catch a *fucking feral animal*?????” and then secondly they’re like “Brian stop touching it you’ll get sick!” usually they’ll let the animal just lay on the ground of their garden and whatever happens happens. The only time they’ve let Brian take anything home and actually tend to it were some birds *not pigeons*, a cat, and a turtle… wherever he somehow found it. The only one he kept was the turtle because after the cat and the bird got better they set them free. But Brian always misses the pets he finds

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List 5 things that make you happy and then pass this on to the last 10 people who reblogged stuff from you 😊

Ohh this is cute!

1.) Animals, I love animals so much

2.) Squishmallows, those super soft and squishy egg shaped stuffed animals

3.) Cuddling with people I’m comfortable with, like even just a friend laying their head on my shoulder or a really good hug, that shit is the best

4.) Dying my hair, it’s always a fun just in my bathroom with music to myself, and then I get a fun look out of it!

5.) Getting coffee, like just something about getting a nice coffee pick me up, especially if I can sit in a shop and talk with friends

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Do you have a s/o? (Curious Anon)

Not currently nor did I ever. Why do you ask, are you interested~? Jk I’ll stop. Unless…

I’ve never felt romantically attracted to anyone (I may be arospec ngl), so I don’t know if I’ll ever have a significant other. I do like the idea of being in a relationship and doing romantic things like holding hands, if that makes sense. But then again, being emotionally tethered to someone like that sounds scary (and also exhilarating and frightfully domestic). Sorry if I’m oversharing!

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Is this really okay if I sent a request??

Requests pretty much always open!

Feel free to send pretty much anything, the only stuff I don’t do is gore or excessive smut (I’ll write a little sexy something every now and then lol)

If I don’t answer your request quickly, I’m probably saving it for later, I respond to almost all of my asks!💜

Hate is deleted immediately, I only read as much as I have to ☺️

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What’s up with your hate for Nadia and Morga? Not being an ass I’m genuinely curious!

Thank you for asking! I get it, and I’d rather you ask than make assumptions about it 💜

Personally I find the characters triggering (in a genuine way, I know there are people who like to throw the word around as a joke).

“M” reminds me a lot of family members that I have to be around all the time, people that mentally abuse me and physically abuse my pets… they all act very similarly to her and I don’t like the reminder in a game that I use to escape the bad things.

“N” reminds me of (again) those family members, but also relationships I’ve had in the past that were…bad. I don’t want to elaborate..

M*rga is an absolute no for me, I don’t want anything to do with her at all, but every now and then I reblog or like fan art of N*dia and stuff like that because I can appreciate good art, and she isn’t quite as triggering for me as M*rga is.

I also sometimes reblog posts like headcanons and stuff like that that have N*dia included as one of the characters, I always skip over her section so it’s reblogged for the other characters but idk. Some people find that weird I guess? I just have a tendency to ignore what I don’t like and look at what I do like.

Sorry for the long post! Hope that clears it up for you ☺️ feel free to ask more questions if you’re still confused. Like I said, I’d rather you ask than make assumptions 💜

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Okay, so I’ve got 3 ideas that I want to write but I can’t decide what to write first. 

1. Criminal minds thing (Reid and Morgan friendship mostly)

2. Supernatural (Whumping Sam as a rewrite of something that happened in s13 I think)

3. OC story involving motion sickness (I’m thinking Zayn or Julius)

Anyway, I’ll probably write them all eventually but please let me know either in the comments or as an ask which one you’d like to see and I’ll write it tomorrow. Also, I’m not really in the mood for writing today but I am bored so I’d love some questions for my OC’s or just in general. Like please this quarantine is killing me lol.

Thanks everyone, stay safe!

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Can u do number 5 with prinxiety please

Who says I love you first?

You would think it would be Roman with his big, sweeping gestures. But, no… it was Virgil.

One day, when they’re on a highway on the way back to Roman’s house from a date, this car comes out of nowhere, flipping over lanes and the divider right in front of them, coming within an inch of the car. If they’d been a second earlier… Neither of them wanted to think about that. Virgil breaks down once the initial shock wears off, and after Roman calls 911 and they’re back home, he’s got a teapot on the stove in an instant before pulling Virgil to the couch. And for a completely silent hour other than sniffling and quiet sobs, they’re completely entangled together, just holding each other tight. And then comes this barely audible, yet strong whisper all at once out of nowhere.

“I love you. I love you so much, Roman. I need you to know that.”

Roman is obviously choked up and melting into a puddle because Virgil loves him and he usually doesn’t initiate things, so he only manages an, “Okay.” Virgil swats his chest and gives him a look before they both start laughing. Three minutes and twenty one seconds later, he adds, “I love you too.”

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