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#send asks

I’m doing the otp thing again so send me a ship and I’ll fill it out!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! 🍂

  • How do they make up after fights?
  • Whats their favorite place to go together?
  • Most likely to become prom king/queen?
  • Most likely to burn dinner?
  • What is their nightly routine?
  • Who laughs at their own joke?
  • What movies do they watch together?
  • Who names the pet?
  • Who is more likely to call the other ‘dude’?
  • Who made the first move?
  • Who gets more jealous?
  • Who starts the prank war?
  • Who wants kids?
  • What would they name their kid(s)?
  • On Halloween do they hide from trick or treaters, put candy in a bowl, or hand out candy?
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Send us any rap quote from a produced song (so nothing that you wrote that we would have no way to figure out)- no matter how obscure, no matter who it’s by, no matter how out there it seems- and we will try to guess it. 

This also includes songs that were technically produced but are only on YouTube or something as opposed to a single or an album.

If we can’t guess it, we’ll have to answer any question that you send in that isn’t about our trauma (that’s the one line I have).

This is between Marshall and Jabari. For your questions, specify who it’s for, since we’re both doing this.

-Marshall & Jabari

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I think for the first few weeks Ushio wouldn’t want to be separated from Deidara and would often cry when they put him down for bed in his nursery. So to solve that they decided to have Ushio sleep in their room with them in a bassinet next to the bed.

I could possibly make a short story down the line!

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I’m not sure whether to be happy you think I’m nice or laugh/be concerned by the snapping. It’s not pretty when it happens. 😂

I either smell like lavender or my dogs. 😭😂

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((Mod!: Hey! Mod! here. Super quick, just want to answer this ask;

“I guess, you can, I don’t really get what you mean by “RP with them”… Do you want to RP with me or are you doing it with other people?… I guess, as long as you mention where you got them from and @ me if needed!”

If you want to clarify or ask me (Mod!) any personal questions, feel free to PM me! I don’t bite! :3

Thanks for the Ask!))

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