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stimsforfandomsa year ago
Get to know me! Emoji edition!
馃攼Relationship Status?
馃悏Zodiac Sign?
馃寣Chinese zodiac?
馃拝Do you wear makeup?
馃槼Any way to make you blush?
鉁‵avourite aesthetic?
馃憖Celebrity crush?
馃挐Favourite Colour(s)?
馃敭Any advice you would have given 10 y/o you?
馃寘Are you a morning or night person?
馃崁Whats your favourite season?
馃嵑Favourite drink?
馃巸Favourite holiday?
馃帡Are you religious?
馃敆Are you a safe person to talk to about *XYZ*?
馃毄What country are you from?
鈿ver had a Greek Mythology phase?
馃帓What year of school are you in?
馃寔Are you from the city or country?
馃懢Do you believe in aliens?
馃悞Do you believe in evolution?
馃悶Are you afarid of insects? And if so, which ones?
鈴皐hat time is it currently for you?
馃摓Do you prefer to text or call?
鉁圚ave you ever been out of the country?
馃幁Freebie (ask any question you want!)
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forever-rogue3 months ago
馃尭馃尲馃尰Spring Asks馃尰馃尲馃尭
April - what鈥檚 your favorite time of the year?
Apples - favorite fruit?
Bees - what鈥檚 your go to spring outfit?
Blossom - what鈥檚 your favorite flower?
Bubbles - Do you like bubble tea?
Changes - what signals the changing of the seasons to you?聽
Collegiate - did you go to or are you going to university? what are you or did you study?
Comfort聽- who is your go to comfort character?
Cream - do you wear make-up?
Crush - any irl or online crushes?
Daffodil -聽 do you like to garden?
Daisy - do you have any pets? If not, do you want any?
Exciting - ideal type of unplanned adventure?
Favorites - what鈥檚 your favorite show, movie, and book?
Flowers - what鈥檚 the nicest thing someone has surprised you with?
Fun Facts - what鈥檚 something people would never guess about you?
Grass - do you get hayfever or spring allergies?
Hobby - what hobbies do you have or want to get into?
Holiday - favorite springtime holiday?
Introspective - what鈥檚 one thing you would have done differently in your life?
Jam - favorite thing to bake?
Kiss - what was your best kiss?
Lemons - what鈥檚 your favorite type of dessert?
Light聽- night owl or early bird?
Love - what鈥檚 your love language?
Matcha - what鈥檚 your go to coffee/tea order this time of year?
Meadow - do you prefer the beach or the woods?
Money - what would you do with your life if money was no object?
Music - what鈥檚 been on repeat lately?
New - what would you do if you won the lottery?
Ocean - what鈥檚 your favorite sea creature?
On/Off - what are your biggest turn ons and offs?
Partner - describe your ideal partner.
Past - what advice or wisdom would you bestow on your younger self?
Persona - what鈥檚 your mbti? your enneagram type?
Picnic - describe your ideal spring afternoon.
Pride聽 - what is something you鈥檙e proud of?
Quaint - do you prefer the city, countryside, or suburbs?
Rain - what鈥檚 your favorite type of spring weather?
Recommendations - do you have any fanfic recommendations?
Sage - what life advice would you give to someone younger?
Stars - are you into astrology? If so, what are your sun, moon, and rising signs?
Striking - what鈥檚 your favorite color?
Status - what鈥檚 your relationship status?
Thrill - what is one thing you鈥檙e looking forward to?
Touch - do you like hugs?
Travel - if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Universe - do you think there鈥檚 other life out there or are we alone in the universe?
Vernacular - what language do you wish you could speak or want to learn?
Warning - what would your warning label say?
You - what鈥檚 one thing you like about yourself? One thing you dislike about yourself?
Youth - do you feel your age?
Zoo - what鈥檚 your favorite animal?
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modernethinking2 months ago
Tumblr media
To celebrate the fact that i got my vaccin appointment here is a gif of my ass that didn't got enough attention in the last months 馃ズ馃コ
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thalfoxa year ago
Hey! Umm...I only wanted to know if I did send you an ask about Mammon鈥檚 chest markings? It鈥檚 because I can鈥檛 remember if I did, and I鈥檓p pretty interested in your opinion, as you鈥檙e really good with the theories and such hahaha Sorry If I鈥檓 bothering you too much ;;;
Definitely not bothering me - I love thinking about these things and theorising, thank you! 馃挅 And this hadn't been asked til now.
The Theory of Mammon's Markings
Mammon's markings are interesting to me, as only he and Diavolo show such 'occult' markings in their demon forms. Mind, they are also the only ones who show enough of their skin to tell! For all we know, each demon has markings beneath their demon form clothes.
Tumblr media
Asmo and Levi both have markings too, but they're much more connected to their overall outfits - hearts for the Avatar of Lust, and diamonds to match the scales of the great Leviathan. The markings of Mammon and Diavolo are far more intricate, and thus perhaps have hidden meaning.
Mammon is also the only demon with white markings instead of black, which cements his overall distinction from the rest of the demons - he is always the white to their darker palette.
As for the markings themselves, let's have a look:
Tumblr media
Firstly, the positioning on the chest and torso is notable. Traditionally across many cultures, markings and tattoos on the male chest and torso signify strength. Triangles are of particular importance in symbolising both strength and protection. The upper part of the markings bear some resemblance to traditional bird tattoos, particularly of the frigate bird in non-Western cultures, the swallow, and the dove.
The frigate bird is a symbol of strength across many cultures, but it is also notable for its thieving behaviour.
Triangles are of great import in the occult - and their direction is important. Pointing downwards signifies the element of water, and thus the feminine, and thus evil (gee can you tell men wrote all this stuff back then?!). The triangle is replicated on his outfit in diamonds, with the downwards direction emphasised as greater.
Tumblr media
A triangle within a triangle is essentially an intensifier - very evil. This direction of triangle also alludes to the bottom of the inverted pentagram or hexagram, either of which is said to be evil and/or of protection. A triangle, like a circle, can also be used to summon demons.
There is also a single mark on his throat - the heart of the Prince of Tempters powers to mislead and, well, tempt, but this is also a traditional location to symbolise courage, to bring good fortune, and to draw attention to the power of one's words.
Tumblr media
While the overall shape in the negative space is of a "V" (strength, protection, victory), I don't think it's too much of a stretch to see that it also looks somewhat like a heart. This fits this iteration of Mammon rather well - a demon who shows and expresses every emotion as he feels it, who falls head over heels for his human, and who very much wears his soft heart on his sleeve.
Unlike Barbatos and Asmodeus, Mammon was not favoured - or caught - by Solomon, and thus has no sigil in the popular grimoires that circulated in the 14th-17th centuries. The various sigils that claim to be of Mammon are therefore far more modern, which is perhaps why there are several different ones touted as the ~real deal~.
Tumblr media
However, one sigil that did arise in the 18th century Grimorium Verum (purporting to be of 1517 and of a tradition originating with Solomon) is that of Lucifer.
This sigil is as often attributed to Satan as Lucifer, but the correct ownership is the latter.
And THAT is the one we're going to look at:
Tumblr media
This sigil is not an exact map to Mammon's markings, but the similarities are striking - the double triangles pointing downwards, the bird like shape at the top, the white matching the chalk required to draw the sigil.
Here the double triangle of evil, or of the feminine, makes double the sense - Lucifer is traditionally associated with the planet Venus, the morning star, and the symbol of the divine feminine.
The cross on the sigil isn't found on Mammon's markings, but it's curious that the straps of his outfit just so happen to provide it instead - as well as reinforcing those triangles and V shape 馃憖
The rest of Lucifer's sigil fits with the symbolism of Mammon's markings - the V, the bottom of the pentagram, the doubling, etc - and can be added to the thieving bird, heart shape, and chest positioning.
And how fitting is it perhaps, that the demon markings of Mammon, that give him strength and protection, that he wears openly and proudly, link him further to the elder brother who sees him as his most favourite sibling?
Mammon wears his heart and his loyalty, not on his sleeve, but on his chest 馃槍
Tumblr media
(Obey Me! Theories Masterpost)
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wooobuddyletsgetnasty8 months ago
Levi gives off the vibe where if someone knocked on the door in the middle of you banging it out, he鈥檇 just grip you hips and go harder. not stopping. idk how to describe he just does. take with that what you will - 馃З
why am I in love w/ this like ???
Pls have a small drabble about this. I am so horny for this lil mans. good lord someone pls help me.
Tumblr media
you knew it was a bad idea. you really did, but still, even as the two of you crashed into his desk, your mouths connected in a way that sent chills down your spine, you didn鈥檛 stop him.
you flinched at the swipe of his arm against his desk, knocking everything off of it, just to press you harshly against it. you scrambled to rid yourself of the clothes on your lower half, before seating yourself on his now empty desk. if you knew anything about Levi.. you鈥檇 be cleaning up those papers later.
that thought was quickly erased from the forefront of your brain, as the first quick drag of his cock against the sloppy wetness between your thighs had you keening, mouth parting in a desperate whine of his name. you could see the smug look that passed over his features before he began to breach your walls.
you jerked at the sudden knock on his door, a loud voice, Eren鈥檚 loud voice floating through the walls, 鈥淐aptain! Do you have a moment?鈥 your eyes rolled, desperation pooling low in your stomach. you moved yourself backwards, attempting to cover yourself long enough for Levi to handle Eren, but you didn鈥檛 have the chance. Levi鈥檚 hands still weighed heavy on your thighs, and with a swift roll of his hips, he hilted himself as deep as he could into your gummy walls.
the noise that pulled from you was strangled, and more importantly.. loud. you couldn鈥檛 help it, your eyes rolled, fingers clenching against his still covered shoulders as he set a pace that made your toes curl. you were moaning loud broken noises, and it seemed as if Levi didn鈥檛 mind the audience.. in fact, you don鈥檛 think he鈥檇 ever fucked you like this before.
his lips landed on your jaw, tongue laving over your soft skin, 鈥淐鈥檓on pretty.. let him hear how busy we are..鈥
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modernethinking6 months ago
Tumblr media
I've been told that on our birthday we need to post a selfie 馃槒
So here is mine 馃檲!
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luna-baby013 months ago
Just how stretched do you want to be when you're pregnant?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Like this hefty mamma~鉂わ笍馃サ馃敟
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bjbexa year ago
Pegging Bokutou... That would be so scrumptious
yes鉂わ笍 ++ feel free to send me requests i need things to do馃ズ
Pairing: Bokuto x Fem!Reader
Rating: M! for mature
Contains: pegging, subby-ish!bokuto again ((Luv that)), f!dom content.
It was one of the very few days of the week the two of you had been able to meet up so far; between the classes you were swamped with and his constant volleyball practices, quality time was something that became increasingly rare.聽
The two of you were sprawled out on the bed and you were at peace; draped over his bare back as you mindlessly scrolled through app after app in search of entertainment. Each rise and fall of his chest reverberated through your body, the warmth practically seeping from his body into yours.聽
鈥淗ey, Kou?鈥 You begin, lips turning upwards as your nails trail patterns over his skin.聽
He hummed in question, flashing a smile at you from over his shoulder, 鈥淵es?鈥澛
You giggle, batting your eyelids in a way you knew he couldn鈥檛 resist, before finally springing the question, 鈥淲ould you let me peg you?鈥
The blush creeping up his neck was almost immediate as he registered the question, painting his cheeks the prettiest pink as he stammered out an answer. He was grinning, though, laughter twinkling in his eyes, 鈥淚f you want to try, I鈥檇 be down.鈥
And that, you suppose, is how you ended up in this exact position days later.聽
The first push in was like fire, and Bokuto cried out beneath you, back arching. He was loose enough- between the hours spent teasing his cock and the fingers you鈥檇 shoved into him countless times, his thighs were already trembling in time with his hands as they clutched at the open sheets beneath him.
He feels like he鈥檚 being split open, the silicone cock聽 stretching him so much it felt like he was hollowed out as every delicious inch pushed its way in. It ached- almost painfully, and it was one of the strangest things Bokuto had ever felt in his life- but fuck it was good.聽
But once he鈥檇 drawn you into the hilt, he couldn鈥檛 stop the whimper that tore from his throat as you draped over his back, burying your face in his neck.聽
His cock throbs against the sheets and he has to stop himself from rutting back against it, body unsure whether to chase the pleasure or run from it, but Bokuto鈥檚 head turns to the side as he pants, eyes watery.聽
Your voice is what snaps him out of his stupor and his body unwinds, going lax as he melts into the mattress. There鈥檚 the faint feeling of you nosing at the base of his neck, peppering hot kisses against the reddened skin.聽
鈥淏aby,鈥 he breathes back, and you grin against his skin, pushing yourself back and onto your knees. You run your hand down his spine, and Bokuto realizes that he鈥檇 never felt so open. 鈥淎re you going to do something?鈥澛
鈥淚 love you,鈥 Is all you respond with.
And then his body is writhing as you pull nearly all the way back out, and slam back in. The thrust itself was near violent, filling him more than he was prepared for, and regret flutters through your chest.聽
You open your mouth to apologize but he beats you to it, muttering a soft, 鈥淎gain,鈥 before burying his face back into the pillow beneath him as if embarrassed. Not that there was anything to feel bad about, you adored him like this.聽
Glee fills you, chest nearly bursting from excitement as you pull out and shove the strap back inside, stuffing him to the brim yet again with one smooth movement, reveling in the way he grunts into the pillow.聽
The pleasant sounds he lets free only encouraged you further and you keep going, fucking into the tight heat hard and without remorse. There鈥檚 a faint tickle in your legs but you pay it no mind, tongue slipping past your lips to taste the sweat rolling down your face.聽
Bokuto doesn鈥檛 fight it and you don鈥檛 give him the chance, placing a hand firmly on the center of his back before pushing him down further, pressing him even deeper into the bed as if he was planning on moving anyways. He was helpless like this, strength robbed from his limbs as if it had never been there at all and he鈥檚 weak to whatever you want.聽
His body is rocked with the force of your thrusts and you coo, domineering aura stripping him bare, and even though he was a pillar of stone, he was crumbling beneath you. Bokuto practically melts at the thought and you can鈥檛 stop the rush of pleasure that courses through you.聽
鈥淚-鈥 he begins, but chokes on a gasp halfway through, 鈥淧lease.鈥澛
Your arms are around him, fingers dancing over his shoulder as you force him to his knees as well. It鈥檚 mostly you keeping him upright, and keeping the balance only gets harder as you slam back into him, yanking his hips down onto you again and again.聽
And you used him like a fucking cocksleeve, licking a wet stripe along his neck while he could only sit there and take the searing pain that follows as you bite him. The thoughts made his head spin, ears buzzing as you force him forwards and he collapses immediately.聽
You felt even bigger like this, or maybe that was just his imagination, but Bokuto was being broken down and glued back together all over again, walls caving around you as he was practically reshaped in a way he never wanted to recover form.聽
鈥淭hat鈥檚 it,鈥 You croon lowly in his ear and he whines, 鈥淛ust take it, baby, you鈥檙e doing so good. You were made for this.鈥
And then you fuck inside of him even rougher, slamming your hips against his ass so hard he鈥檚 knocked over yet again, babbling nonsense as he grips uselessly at the sheets for purchase.聽
It鈥檚 useless, he notices, as your hand is in his hair and you鈥檙e gathering the locks into your first before you haul it backwards. His back arches so prettily, and you take pleasure in the way he cries out. It鈥檚 so unlike him, and so foreign you can鈥檛 help but want to hear him make that sweet noise again and again.聽
鈥淏aby-鈥 He gasps, and he can feel the phantom touch of your hands on his ass.聽
鈥淪o good, Kou,鈥 You tell him as you grope as him, breathe ghosting hot over his ear as you look at where the strap disappears inside of him and fuck it鈥檚 the hottest thing ever. He wasn鈥檛 far off- nothing mattered more than you- what you wanted. He鈥檇 be good for you- so fucking good, if it got him more of this. 鈥淪uch a pretty slut- taking my cock so well.鈥澛
Pain licks at the tense muscles in your lower back but you use the hand on hip to keep the rhythm, using his hair for leverage to keep him from running. Bokuto wasn鈥檛 even planning on it; filled so deep with nothing but you, he was drowning in it.聽
鈥淗arder,鈥 He grounds out, and you鈥檙e happy to give him what he wants, 鈥淒eeper.鈥澛
But even when your hips were flush with his it wasn鈥檛 deep enough. He wanted it like earlier, when you had gotten under his skin, and plunged so deep he could feel in his fucking stomach.聽
鈥淧ervert,鈥 You smile, 鈥淲hat a slutty hole you have here, Kou. It鈥檚 just sucking me in.鈥澛
鈥淥kay, okay,鈥 A laugh trickles past your lips and you guide him upwards and onto his knees as you ease yourself back the slightest bit.聽
聽Your legs positively ache, but you鈥檒l be damned if you stop before he comes. You wrap a hand around his throat, jerking his head to the side for a bruising kiss. 鈥淒eeper, baby?鈥 You ask as you part, 鈥淲ant to feel it in your fucking stomach?鈥澛
鈥淵es,鈥 He groans as you release him, head knocking back to your shoulder. You bite his jaw in appreciation at the admission, licking at his earlobe as you thrust shallowly.聽
鈥淚 got you, love, relax.鈥
You pull him with you, and he can only sit there as your hand smooths over the slick skin of his chest. You pinch a nipple and he jolts, rolling it between your fingers.聽
And with a little burst of strength, you bounce him backwards onto the strap.聽
From this angle, the silicone presses directly into his prostate and he moans, sound rippling so harshly from his throat you knew it would be sore tomorrow. You catch his eye rolling back from your peripheral and your hips piston automatically as his mouth falls open.聽
鈥淒id I fuck you stupid already?鈥 You ask, but Bokuto can't bring himself to respond. His eyes are hazy, filtering between rolling into his skull and darting around the room. His brain isn鈥檛 functioning- incapable of doing anything but feeling every inch of contact where you two were connected.聽
You huff out a breath, arousal coursing like fire through your veins as it chases away the burn in your own straining muscles. You snake a hand around his neck, sliding up your hand along his jaw before you plunge two fingers into his open mouth.聽
He closes around them as soon as it registers, drool dribbling down his chin as he slurps around the digits and swallows to his heart's content. He was so pretty like this, and you press down on his tongue until his head falls back again.聽
You feel his throat constrict, lips moving as if he鈥檚 trying to speak but he鈥檚 too busy gargling on your fingers so you pull them free, smearing the spit down his chin as you force it open.聽
鈥淭rying to speak, hm?鈥 Your voice growls in his ear and he shudders, nodding loosely, 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay, I know what you need.鈥澛
Bokuto's eyes are squeezing shut before he can say anything else, but his mouth falls open again anyways. The sight has you releasing a moan of your own as you slip your fingers back into the wet heat.聽
鈥淛ust take it,鈥 You whisper, but Boktuo鈥檚 too far away to hear anything you鈥檙e saying.聽
鈥淧lease,鈥 he begs around the fingers, words slurred and muffled, 鈥淧lease,鈥
You press kisses against any part of skin you can reach, 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay, my good boy, just a little bit more.鈥澛
His eyes open deliriously at the loss of your fingers in his mouth but then they鈥檙e gripping at his cock and he keens, back arching as he fights control over his own body. Your grip is tight and your wrist is twisting just over the head and- there鈥檚 nothing he can do- vision whining out as the breath is stolen from his lungs and he鈥檚 cumming.
Your voice is crooning in his ear, a beautiful symphony of, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 it,鈥 and, 鈥淕oodboy,鈥 that have him sobbing.聽
And the pleasure never seems to stop, wave after wave crashing over him even as he's trembling and exhausted and falling forward onto the sheets.聽
You鈥檙e inside of him and he clenches down hard around you but you鈥檙e still, pressing soothing kisses into his shoulder as his own breathing registers in his ears.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 okay,鈥 He breathes, crashing, and you hesitate before finally easing the strap from his poor, abused hole.聽
鈥淕ood?鈥 You ask as he comes down completely, removing the harness from around your waist. He looks back at you as his chest heaves, marveled.
鈥淎re you kidding me?鈥 He says incredulously, and if he had the energy, he would be laughing, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e cum that hard in like- ever.鈥澛
鈥淕reat!鈥 You chirp, 鈥淚 hope it was worth it, you probably can鈥檛 practice tomorrow.鈥澛
A groan slipped past his lips and you laughed as he spoke, 鈥淒emon.鈥澛
You say nothing in response, only giggling as you press a soft kiss against his cheek and go to prepare the bath.聽
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modernethinking5 months ago
Tumblr media
Draw me like one of your french girl
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plushiethot4 months ago
this is my new fav outfit i鈥檓 never taking it off
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bokuroskitten8 months ago
121 with BOKUTO PLZ AND THX 馃サ
121. C鈥檓ere, you can sit on my lap until I鈥檓 done working.
It鈥檚 funny you ask this one of me anon, because I have a full Fanfiction based on this concept. So please, take it here.鉂β
Office Shenanigans聽
猡濭enre: NSFW 18+, Yakuza (Mafia) AU聽 猡瀢arnings: Poly Relationship, DDLG dynamics (Papa & Daddy title used), thigh riding, praise kink, throat grabbing, slight overstimulation, rough sex, begging. 猡濿ord Count: 2.2k 猡濩haracter(s):聽Dom!Bokuto Koutarou x Dom!Kuroo Tetsuro x Fem Reader 猡濻ummary:聽Bokuto is attempting to get paperwork done, but you have other plans for him.聽
Bokuto was in his office, humming softly to himself as a cigarette dangled from his lips, his eyes scanning over bills as he counted and recounted them. Things were business as usual, his boyfriend, Kuroo, was out running the errands for the Yakuza in person while he stayed home for the evening, cleaning up loose ends and dealing with a bit of paperwork.
He thought their girlfriend was napping, as he left you in their shared bedroom very sleepy and curled up in the sheets until he heard a soft little whine come from the doorway.
He glanced up instantly, amber eyes meeting yours with a bit of worry, that is before he noticed your expression. Your eyes were glassed over, cheeks flushed as you bit along your swollen lower lip. You clutched the hem of the oversized sweater you wore, the one that belonged to Kuroo.
鈥淧apa...鈥 You breathed out gently, the voice almost enough to have Bokuto losing his mind, but he kept his cool, a little smirk curling on his lips as he looked back down at his task, slowly removed the cigarette from his lips.
鈥淲hat is it? What does my birdy need hm?鈥 He asked expectantly, eyes flicking back up to you to see the way your thighs pressed together, the way you slowly entered the room. It took you a couple seconds to ask, voice a bit shaky. 鈥淚-I need you, Papa...鈥 Your voice was so whiny, so soft and pretty Bokuto wanted to bend you over the desk and take you right then and there.
But instead, he leaned back in the large leather chair, brows furrowed as he patted one of his thighs. 鈥淐鈥檓on baby, you know papa will only help you if you use your big girl words. C鈥檓ere, you can sit on my lap until I鈥檓 done working.鈥
You quickly took the opportunity he gave you and found a spot perched on his thighs, very subtly rubbing yourself along his toned muscle in an attempt to find friction for your currently pulsing core. Bokuto caught on right away and held firm to your hip, thumb pressing right up against your hip bone as he hummed in disapproval. 鈥淲ords birdy, don鈥檛 be bad for Papa now.鈥
Your little whines were music to his ears, the way your fingers curled into his black button-up, the way you squeezed your thighs around his, you were so cute when you got like this. But you also knew better鈥 so with your cheeks puffed out and in a very soft voice, you spoke to him.
鈥淧apa... I need you in my cunny鈥 鈥淵ou paused a second, breath catching in your throat as he looked at you with a smirk. 鈥淧-Please Papa needa be played with please鈥 鈥
鈥淕ood girl baby, such good words.鈥 He praised, one palm moving up to gently rack through your hair before he looked back down at the desk, his own desire shining through his gaze now. 鈥淧apa has to finish his work, you take what you need to, like a big girl okay?鈥
You were a bit reluctant at first, whining at him and attempting to make a little scene, until he easily slipped himself free from the zipper of the slacks he wore, your mouth opening in a small little gasp as his length bobbed against his abdomen, stood straight and ready for you. 鈥淧apa has to work and so does baby.鈥 He reaffirmed, the hand on your hip easily slipping beneath the oversized sweater to press you closer to his freed cock.
With a shaky breath, you gripped tighter at Bokuto鈥檚 shirt, biting your lip in concentration as you rose yourself up, slowly fitted yourself along his length. He groaned ever so softly as you bottomed out on him, your face crimson and your lips hung in a little moan as you squeezed lovingly along his cock.
He gave your rear a pat with one large palm, a signal for you to get to work as he placed the cigarette back between his lips, kept his eyes glued to the paperwork. And you did just that, bouncing yourself along his length as pretty little moans of delight left your lips.
鈥淎h鈥攁h~ Papa鈥 You whined, your hips rotating in sloppy circles as you pressed your face into his shoulder, pressed your chest flush to his. He hummed, smoke puffing from his lips as his palm continued to massage your rear. 鈥淜eep going baba... you鈥檙e doing so good鈥 he reassured you, his eyes fluttering a bit as you began your little bouncing again. How badly he wanted to fuck into you, make you sob out his name.
But it was so cute watching you desperately get off. Now he knew why Kuroo loved to tease you so much.
鈥淕-Gunna come Papa鈥 can I come please?鈥 Your words were broken between moans, fingers balling into fists as your hips continued to bounce up in sloppy circles with mixes of grinds. He unhooked his chin from your shoulder to lean back once again, removing his smoke so he could grin again. 鈥淢hm baby bird, make a mess of Papa鈥檚 slacks.鈥
The mischief in his tone had you blushing like mad, your face digging into the side of his neck as your moan vibrated against his skin. Once you got permission it was only a few more sloppy bounces and you were coming until, drool forming a little pool on his shoulder as you press your hips desperately into his pelvis. Your cunt squeezed him so perfectly, a grunt of his own escaping at the feeling of your slick soaking his length.
You panted against the now dampened fabric of his button-up, your hips twitching as Bokuto looked down, smirked at the pretty little mess you left all over his pants. In one quick movement, he was gripping your ass, sitting you right on top of the paperwork as he stayed within your walls. You gasped softly at the sudden change, arms attempting to grab at his shoulders, so you didn鈥檛 fall back.
But Bokuto was quick to grip your throat within a palm, a small growl leaving him as his cigarette dangled from his lips. 鈥淟ay back baby girl, it鈥檚 Papa鈥檚 turn.鈥 And you were compliant despite your whines, arms spread above your head and hips jutting forward to press his cock against your sweet spot.
He had to chuckle, watching (Y/N) 聽sprawl out over his work, his palm looking so big around your pretty throat, watching the way your desperate cunt swallowed his cock.
鈥淐an鈥檛 wait to paint this little cunny white.鈥 He barely growled out before he began pounding within you, shaking the desk with his powerful thrusts. After removing his cigarette, he easily gripped your thighs, bringing your trembling legs over his large shoulders to get a better angel, slam into you further. You sobbed out loud, back arching and fingers gripping the wood above your head as Bokuto鈥檚 cock continuously kissed your cervix, dragged along all your sweet spots.
Bokuto鈥檚 pupils were blown wide as he watched his baby come undone by his cock, roughly grabbing your jaw and jerking your face so he could see the pleasurable tears that built up in your gaze. 鈥淭ell Papa you love his cock, nice and pretty birdy.鈥
鈥淚 love鈥攁h~! I l-love Papa鈥檚 cock~!鈥 You managed to squeal, causing Bokuto to rut into you harder, faster. His fingers were leaving bruised along your thighs at this point as they trembled on his shoulders, one thumb smudging along your bottom lip to pick up the drool that bubbled from your moaning lips.
鈥淕ood girl.鈥 He cooed. 鈥淩eady for papa to fill you up huh? Wanna be full for when Daddy gets home?鈥 He continued to egg you on, knowing fully well you鈥檇 just babble at this point as your eyes rolled back, your hips jutting forward so he could hit you in all the right spots. Biting on his lower lip Bokuto slammed into you a couple mores, hard enough to make his desk shake and to have you sobbing out his name in the empty office.
鈥淔uck yea~鈥 he growled lowly, keeping his eyes glued to your cunt as he finally released within you, watching the way you clenched desperately around his dick in an attempt to swallow up his warmth. His strokes came to a slow stop as he rode out the high of his orgasm, eyes shiny with desire as his cock was coated in your slick and his own, how your little pussy walls fluttered around him.
鈥淧apa...~鈥 Your whiney little voice snapped him back to reality, looking up at your tear-stained face. Your fingers were still desperately gripping the wood as you gave him a pretty whimper, chest rising and falling as you tried to catch your breath. 鈥淔eel full~鈥
鈥淚 bet you do pretty baby~鈥 He cooed, both palms moving to cup your face as he leaned into you, pressed a smooch to your dampened forehead. 鈥淕unna keep this pretty cunny full for Daddy cause I know he鈥檒l love to see it.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e right he would~ 鈥淭he sly words were followed by a laugh that could only belong to Kuroo. Bokuto looked up to find his boyfriend entering the office, suit jacket already shrugged off as he slowly rolled up the sleeves of his button-up. 鈥淪eems like you two were having a lot of fun while I had to work, so unfair~鈥
鈥淢mm, Daddy~鈥 You spoke softly, your eyes still glassy as you looked to him, a blush covering your features as he smoothed a palm over your cheek, down your throat and over the sweater you wore which was now covered in a layer of sex sweat. 鈥淗i, pretty Kitty~ let鈥檚 see this full cunny of yours.鈥 He spoke as he leaned into Bokuto, his other hand curling around the back of his neck to teasingly brush against his pulse.
Bokuto had to chuckle, slowly easing his girl's trembling legs from his shoulders so he could spread them wide, despite your whining. You moved your hands to cover your blushing face as Kuroo groaned out loud, watching the way Bokuto slowly pulled his coated dick from your entrance. Whatever papers got caught underneath you got ruined by your shared filth, a pretty little bead of white rolling out of your clenching hole and down between your cheeks. Bokuto thought he was going to get hard again just from the sight.
鈥淏eautiful~ 鈥淜uroo breathed, lips close to Bokuto鈥檚 ear as he allowed his tongue to poke out, sneak across the man鈥檚 lobe. Bokuto shivered, a little growl rumbling into his chest before he felt the tremble of (Y/N)鈥檚 thighs, the way you peaked up at them with glassy eyes through your fingers.
鈥淒id Papa fuck you too hard baba~? Need to take a break?鈥 The change in Bokuto鈥檚 demeanour happened in seconds as you nodded to him, body quivering from the uncomfortable wood that was beneath you. Kuroo was quick to hum in agreement, gently easing you up so you sat up. You clung to him instantly, your blush getting darker as you mumbled a soft 鈥渄addy鈥 leaning your head, so it fell into his shoulder.
Kuroo sighed softly, smoothing his large palm over the back of your head as he watched Bokuto tuck himself back into his slacks, brows raising in delight at the stain that remained there from earlier. 鈥淒id kitty do that all by herself?鈥 Bokuto grinned, smoothing his fingers over the dry stain. 鈥淵esss she did~ took what she needed like a big girl, you woulda loved to see it,鈥 Bokuto spoke with a gentle snicker.
鈥淢m, I鈥檒l make her do it to me later so I can see, isn鈥檛 that right sweetheart,鈥 Kuroo spoke into your hair, and despite your whining at such a request your toes curled in excitement, fingers gripping at his shoulders a bit harder. 鈥淏ut for now, let鈥檚 get you cleaned up yea? Wanna take a bath with me kitty?鈥
You nodded into his shoulder, your legs wrapping around Kuroo instinctively so he could haul you into his arms, his palm smoothing over your rear to cup it. You only lifted your face so you could look to Bokuto, held a slightly trembling palm out to him. 鈥淐ome to Papa.鈥 聽
鈥淚鈥檒l be right there birdy,鈥 Bokuto reassured a free and new cigarette lit and already tucked between his lips as he placed a quick slap to Kuroo鈥檚 ass, a laugh erupting from the black-haired male. 鈥淕otta clean this mess you made all over my desk~鈥 he spoke in a tease, gathering up the loose and crinkled papers with a larger smirk as blush bloomed over your cheeks.
鈥淪-sorry...~鈥 you managed to mumble before your face was dug into Kuroo鈥檚 neck again, having them both chuckling. 鈥淪ee you soon, Papa~鈥 Kuroo teased to his lover as he made his way towards the bathroom, his palm gripping at your rear just a little tighter as he held you protectively, whispered sweet things into your hair that had you giggling.
Bokuto watched it fondly and made haste with the rest of his work. He had a feeling the three of you were just getting started for the evening.
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(Aight now I鈥檓 truly done. WuKo rights! Glad you鈥檙e on our ship. :D)
Thank you for your service, fellow wuko shipper. I leave you with these screenshots from the comics:
Tumblr media
[ID: screenshot from the Lok comics. In the foreground, Korra and Asami are stood next to each other, Asami's arm around Korra's waist. In the middle ground, Opal throws her arms around Bolin as she says, "Bolin! You're okay!" In the background, Wu hugs Mako from the side, saying, "My brain is back!" End ID]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: two identical screenshots from the LoK comics, a panel showing Mako and Wu in conversation. Mako says: "I say you call off the vote, at least for now. Make it impossible for Guan to win." Wu replies with, "Mako, you know I love you, but I'm trying to encourage democracy. I can't just go around cancelling elections because I don't like one of the candidates. We need to let this play out."
In the second one, Mako's speech bubble has been cut off, and Wu's speech bubble reads the same as the first, "Mako, you know I love you," and the rest is edited to read, "Mako, I love you, I love you Mako, you know Mako, you know I love you, Mako, Mako, I Mako, you know love you, I love you, Mako, I love you I love you, Mako, I love you, you know I love you, Mako." End ID]
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Tumblr media
rb if you鈥檇 fuck me
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Soft Punk Marinette? 馃挋鉁 Love your art!!
Tumblr media
i had to look up what soft punk was like so hopefully this isn鈥檛 too off the mark lol
Send me a doodle ask! :D
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Just got some new aussiebum 馃憖 i think they look great, what do you think ?馃槒
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feelin 鉁╯oft鉁 tonight
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