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 A mix of pride and frustration for sure, I think he would want a ton of rematches and eventually call it quits when luck is clearly not in his favor. 

“Alright, I’m bored let’s do something else.”

“You’re bored because you’re not winning, Jungkook.”

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It is a very beautiful song, and I am a fan of ol’ blue eyes himself 😉

I think I pictured Jungkook the most while listening to this song. It seems to fit the story’s narrative rather well 😊

The fact that there isn’t a creepy cover of this song is disappointing.

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Hello bby 💜

He would probably just say that they have relationship issues that they are working on atm. The easiest cover up sentence of all time my love.

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If she had the keys? Well I wouldn’t be surprised if he has another way out of there. And if he doesn’t, he’ll probably bust open one of the windows and slide his slender self out of there 😂

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It’s fairly easy to manipulate someone with the correct methods, isolation, food restriction, blasting music that is annoying and loud to aide in sleep deprivation. That’s exactly how they would deal with it. 

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Twitch. Lmao. He would definitely reverse everything to the best of his ability - the wardrobe shouldn’t be that much of a hassle to change but the house…that’ll take some work. 

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