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#send some asks

I saw this thing on Facebook and I thought, why not doing it here?

Send me an ask with a random time of a song (for example : 1:06) and then I’ll shuffle my songs and reply with the lyrics that are said at the time you gave. That’s a message from me to you. That’s a message of the universe. It’s meant to be

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lmaooo I’ve never actually seen that show but ill take your word for it, i looked it up and it does look a little…….( One Tree Hill fans pls don’t come for me) My quarantine isn’t really all that different from my normal life, so personally its been okay. The only thing that’s really messing me and my family is the toilet paper shortage lolol i know a lot of people are having a hard time with this pandemic so I’m always available to talk if you guys need someone… How is everyone else’s quarantine??

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Looking for Love Tarot Readings

I’m back to do more readings! This time they will be about looking for love. 😁 You’ll get 3 cards again and they each will represent something different.

1. How do others see you?

2. What type of person are you attracting?

3. What will help you find love?

Feel free to reblog this post and send an ask with the 🔮 if you want a reading from me. 💕

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Tarot Readings

Hey guys! So, I’ve been practicing on using tarot cards lately and I thought it would be a cool idea to do general readings for y’all. 😁 If you want one, just send me an ask with a 🔮. For the readings, I will show you three cards and let you know what each of their meanings are and let you know if they relate to any situations that may be happening to you currently. Also, feel free to reblog this if you want to spread the word haha. Let’s do this!

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