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Sense8’s found family and friends of the found family game is so strong. They were probably the strongest in the game.

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Since were all at home watching Netflix I thought I would give my fav show/movie for every letter so everyone has something new to watch. Please send me your own recommendations or make your own alphabet list and tag me!
Here goes:

A: Anne with an E- This modern take on Ann of Green Gables is quirky, fun, and dramatic. It has good music, writing and is all around a good watch. It deviates from the books a bit, but keeps the spirit.


B: Broadchurch- If you like crime dramas, this is for you. With one crime spanning the complete first season it delves deep into motive and emotions. David Tennet stars in this tense British mystery. 


C: Cargo- A dystopian zombie apocalypse film set in Australia with a focus on human connection, and sacrifice. This is honestly so different than any other zombie movie I have seen in the best way. 


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Sun Bak and Detective Mun, college au 👀

This time Mun brings coffee; letting himself back into Professor Hwang’s office and unburdening his satchel beneath the table where he waits for her to look up from her grading. Sun recognizes the scent in the air, a roasted and heady musk, and she smells the coffee too.

“Persistence aside, the professor still does not need a second research assistant,” Sun takes the cup, sips deeply, “but perhaps… perhaps I might.”

{{ x }}

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on a more personal note, let me tell you one reason why sense8 was important to me

I first tried watching the show in 2015, when it came out. I’d heard it was interesting and needed something to watch so I clicked on it.

It seemed great at first.

And then the nomanita sex scene came on.

I felt extremely uncomfortable and turned it off, embarrassed.

I didn’t turn it back on for three years.

Here’s the thing- I’m bisexual.

At that time though, I didn’t know I was. There had been signs of course, I know that looking back.

Looking back, I know I had crushes on both Kiera Knightly and Orlando Bloom in the PotC movies that I loved when I was little. I know I loved Katara a little too much from A:tLA. I know that I always thought about how pretty girls were but didn’t realize that not everyone felt that way.

Seeing the nomanita sex scene made me uncomfortable. I didn’t know why, but I just couldn’t watch it.

I’d never had any LGBTQ figures in my life (that I knew of/were out) growing up. I grew up in a household that watched solely fox news and that certainly didn’t help anything. My mom called exuberant gays “flaming fags”, “flamers”.

I never had any representation, any sign to show me that gay people were really a thing, that they were more than just some concept. They they were real. Human.

Just like me.

Three years later, I was eighteen and had been out to myself and my family for some time. I figured out things about myself that I never thought I would. I was happy.

I was happy to be myself, through and through. I embraced who I am. I am bisexual and proud.

Three years later, I saw sense8 as a recommended show and didn’t feel scared anymore. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or gross at the idea of watching it.

For the first time, I was excited.

This was a show where I knew there were going to be people like me.

Needless to say, I ate the show up.

It changed my life.

I fell in love with all of the characters. I saw bits of myself in riley. I wanted to have a girlfriend like amanita. I wanted to have a friend like capheus and a brother like felix. I wanted to be smart like kala and brave like wolfgang. I wanted my own hernando and daniela.

I laughed and cried and mourned and felt.

I’d never, ever felt so seen in my life.

so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you sense8

you deserved better

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maybe i’ve watched too many youtube videos lately of people with dissociative identity disorder, and maybe i’ve been missing sense8 too much, and also possibly seen too much footage of people singing as a collective from their homes due to the virus, but the line “i am also a we” is just becoming more powerful with age

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I hardly ever watch season 1 of Sense8 because of the actor that plays Capheus

but in honor of today’s rewatch party i did it.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate him lmao

i miss them tho🥺

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I don’t even remember who tagged me and I can’t seem to find the post but I’ll still do this!

Rules: Describe yourself with only pictures you already have on your phone/computer. You can’t download any new photos. Tag 10 people.

I don’t think I really have 10 people to tag, but I’ll tag @blaineandsamevanderson, @ifyoulikepinacoladas31000, @aprylynn, @jammie3132

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