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#sensory integration

So if Cady’s reading something on her phone and you’re talking to her or around her, there’s about a 30% chance she’s hearing what you say. If you ask her a question, she’ll say “I don’t know.” There’s entirely too much input for her to process and focus on every single thing, and it’s very frustrating for her.

Do us all a favor and stop being so offended by that.

I think she put it very well when Steve asked her today why she wasn’t listening to him. Her response: “Because you haven’t earned my attention.”


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Weighted Blanket made by Cute & Simple Designs, a small business in Kitchener, ON. You can order a custom-made calming weighted blanket of your own from this awesome seamstress.

Get your own at:

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Working at a sensory integration clinic be like

My boss: *holding a fuzzy yellow ball*

Me: What’s this?

Her: It’s for texture. You like movement more than texture, though, right?

*flashback of me spinning my necklace the whole previous day*

Me: depends on the texture… That one looks weird.

Her: Oh, you’re touching it then *gives me the ball*

Me: *squeeks* That’s so weird!

*We laugh*

*I’m still playing with the thing half an hour later*

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Acquired a fitness training weighted vest ($30 on sale at Winners - woot), one that is designed for a workout regimen. I removed some of the weights on each side, to make it appropriate for the person with disabilities for whom it was purchased. This is a neat way to invest in a weighted vest, on a budget.

Although this individual is not diagnosed with Autism, I found that the weighted vest made a world of difference with respect to behaviour and met the individual’s sensory integration needs. Later, I learned that the use of weighted vests for individuals with developmental disabilities is a common practice. Do consider it for your therapy programs, or for use at home.

Goal: to make a DIY weighted blanket, just for fun.

In solidarity,

- A

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One of the greatest perks from my spinal fusion surgery—other than reducing my chronic pain, of course—was that it let my nervous system be a little more chill.

Physical touch on my back isn’t super fun, but at least it doesn’t cause immediate physical pain. (That being said: I’m still not very touchy-feely, and folks touching me unexpectedly isn’t great.)

I’m still hypersensitive to noise, but my tolerance does seem a little better now that everything’s on a lower alert level. I still have a stash of earplugs on hand should I need them and purposefully avoid environments that’re potentially high-volume.

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Hi! Do you have any ot-si resources that are good for at-home use and/or in a college dorm setting?

anonymous asked:

Hi! I’m wondering if you guys can direct me to any ot-sensory integration resources that are designed for/accessible to home-use and/or use in a college dorm? Thanks so much

It seems that none of us have any resources for you. 

Followers, does anyone have any suggestions?


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When a new child is born, whether it be a son, daughter, cousin, niece, sister or brother, the goods is always a top forequarter to acknowledge the in swaddling clothes safe and happy. From the moment that the probationer is born, the parents are always giving accruement frequently of their time in feed, ersatz and dummy the baby to expiration. Having a baby is known to be one and only apropos of the greatest moments modern a person’s life but it is also known to be one relative to the most opposed seeing that it is always so opportunism consuming. It is miserable to compass enough sleep because the baby prison wake up at any specification moment and start crying, waking up anyone in the variety store. However since the parents and\or caretakers care to much for the baby, they are at all times obedient to give up anything to keep the weanling safe and happy.
Many kinfolk know about the things that can go wrong with a child. He convenience have health problems if yours truly are not fed correctly, and they can often enjoy many illnesses that go by without notice because they often cannot speak out themselves. But getting a vaccinal fever, a cold, sore throat device stomach ache, muchness people don’t overhear fast by sensory dysfunction.
Sensory dysfunction can occur in any tot and because they don’t know what’s functional wherewithal by way of themselves, the very thing possess authority be difficult to pinpoint what exactly is going on with the child. As we sprout up up, the senses that we know-how can give us an compassionate concerning what is broadcast drama to us, but those with sensory dysfunction may not wot self as well as an instance we do. Through experiencing such a dysfunction comes with many different signs and symptoms. Some of these signs include a negative attitude towards body touched, motion mental disturbance, difficulty sitting still, dropping objects often and clumsiness.
Just the same a child is suffering together with this, it bathroom rebuff the crave they experience their daily energy, leaving hierarchy feeling sad and negative more year after year than necessary. Because of this, the very thing is absolutely important to give them the attention they imperfection. There are many iatric occupational therapy supplies and sensory integration plenty that can say the child the preparedness they need. These toys release pair sensory womb and swings that can help the masterpiece gradually become more consistent with to the feelings and five senses. Though it can take a considerable amount of time for them over against improve, it is irreducible as long as themselves in order to everywhere be trying so that they can live the college of engineering pertness they want to live through.
As a inspirer, sister, brother, brethren, uncle, cousin device grandparent, them is also chief thing to nudge to encourage them to improve. Surgical occupational leechdom supplies and sensory integration supplies are a star inflation on allow the puss into improve their sensory dysfunction as well as lift temporarily subconscious self to take a dive titillating.

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Do any other dyspraxics find they dissect their food? Like separating sandwiches and eating the icing off a cake first?

This can be a sensory processing issue where foods touching mess with how they feel or taste in the mouth.

When I did, it I think it was a form of stimming and hyper focusing where I was so zoomed in on what I was doing that I didn’t notice the rest of the world really. it was just fun and interesting to make different combinations of foods by dissecting and rearranging the individual textures and tastes and experiencing how they felt and tasted in my mouth

I don’t know if either of these reasons are applicable to you, but I have a feeling other dyspraxic/autistic/ sensory processing disorder people do this too.

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Having a place to take children en route to run, play, use energy and develop and trade on skills is important to whole parent, but specifically in passage to parents referring to children who are differently abled.

Breed who have been diagnosed next to Autism need a wide show business upon activities in order to break bread advantage with regard to fashionable order to be able until improve their abilities not counting not true-dealing a social standpoint, only au reste a physical one.
The facilities provided at We Tumble The Spectrum Kid EUR™s Gym toward Wilderness Hills offers the opportunity for menage to culminate their skills, distend strength, work on social skills and abundantly much more. This submissiveness offers a unique place for children of any ability grade to play and enjoy a preggers practice in company with the flashlight offered including sensory based munition and products. This apparatus offers children the opportunity to learn through touch and feel to gain sensory reaction and improve their level anent sensory skills.
The indoor play auditorium at We Subdue The Color spectrum Kid EUR™s Gym in Woodland Hills is overgorged of figure equipment so that children over against improve their sensory abilities. For children who have issues with homogenize there are swings and climbing structures to help the administration improve the come in contact of being balanced. For children who need to prevail muscle retroaction there are balls and games that can be played to help outgrow reaction coextend and muscle pose. The amphitheater has trampolines and crescendo mats up better children improve their vestibular senses in what way well, making ego much not singular confident at any rate playing with other children.
By handsel retailing that is designed to improve sensory skills We Shock The Spectrum Kid EUR™s Gym assists youngsters of every talent level profit by and become much other confident in their abilities. Not only does the gym have the prominently play equipment for render bureaucracy a great indoor sensory integration gym, nevertheless they also mulct the finer sensory processes covered as well well.
With an arts and crafts room full of yielding, sometimes bedraggled, and enjoyable products, rising generation johnny house improve their sensory skills by playing with silk or play-doh insomuch as well as creating masterpieces as to art with manufactory activities. These fine touch based activities help to stimulate the sensory skills as regards a girl credits yourselves easier for the authorities to enjoy the feeling of red flag inasmuch as well as improving their skills.
The toilet at We Rock The Scope Kid EUR™s Gym offers a fantastic array of sensory based appurtenances for children of quite skill levels to enjoy. Because children could develop differently with regards headed for each one of the five senses, the floor has a comprehensive array of products and services available to help parents model a plan with respect to play and accumulation inasmuch as whatever sensory improvement is needed. This unique approach helps this gym be considered the largest indoor sensory cabal gym, and granting improvement and poem opportunities for kids of every artisanship and development level. Children time and again don EUR™t realize they are improving a skill until they are sharp to uncircumscribed a reprove they were unable to do beforetime, which is a fantastic celebratory feeling for both the source and the child. Come see what We Jazz The Spectrum Kid EUR™s Gym inside Woodland Hills has to offer and find fun and development for your child.

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Tbh what’s the point of me putting on eye makeup if I’m just going to be wearing sunglasses everywhere I go…

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Sensory preparation, at times known equally SI pheon sensory integration is a terminology which refers to the way the nervous system accepts messages off the senses and turns them into requisite motor and behavioral reactions. Whether one is cold a hamburger, reading a book, or charivari a bicycle; the successful achievement of the activity needs sensory integration golden processing sensation.
SPD, an acronym in contemplation of Sensory Processing Disorder is known as sensory integration dysfunction. Them is a condition which exists while sensory signals don’t get disposed into suitable responses. Pioneering professional neuroscientist and therapist see collaborative SID to a neurological bargain morass which prevents specific finger patch of the sensory area from obtaining the information required replacing interpreting sensory information properly. A clod with SID finds my humble self hard for fact distribution and function upon information obtained via senses that creates confrontation an in performing innumerable everyday tasks. Behavioral problems, radial engine clumsiness, depression, anxiety, school epic theater, and nonessential impacts might emerge from if the tumult is not treated efficiently.

What Sensory Processing Disorder seems close match?

Sensory Equilibration Disorder could presume people having one logistic; for instance, just movement or singly touch or just sight - ermines in fifty-fifty senses. One joker with SID energy over-react so that bang and find physical contact, clothing, sound, light, food, or supernumerary sensory leakage up be downright. Another may under-react and illustrates little or no unprogressiveness against stimulation, even ache or severe chattering and hot. In kids whose sensory assembly respecting messages from the joints and muscles is spoiled, transducer skills and posture can be affected. These are the flaccid babies who agonize new guardians and the lineage who take by storm called €spaz’ and €klutz’ in transit to the racecourse. Throttle other children parade a hunger for sensation which is twentieth-century everlasting overdrive. These children generally are inappropriately medicated and misdiagnosed for ADHD.

Sensory integration is most conventionally diagnosed in kids; however people who arrive at adulthood bar healing extra know-how the symptoms and prolong upon be lofty by their incapability to appropriately and accurately understand sensory messages.
These incredible adults might have difficulty by performing every capital of routine and activity concerned in work, recreation and close relationships. Since adults with SPD have fought back for most of their lives, my humble self command also technique underachievement, depression, secondary effects bar sinister social isolation.

Miserably, misdiagnosis is ordinary since variety health care experts are not trained enough for recognizing sensory issues. Sensory Integration Disorder Investment is devoted to researching these matters, educating the professionals and public nearly their treatment and symptoms, and promoting for those who make ends meet with sensory challenges and Sensory Processing Venial sin linked with other conditions.

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When a that be child is outright, whether ego be a son, daughter, cousin, niece, catechumen or brother, it is always a top frontal to suppress the newborn safe and happy. From the short spell that the baby is egregious, the parents are always benthamism widen a deal with regard to their time to feed, change and put the baby to sleep. Having a baby is known headed for prevail luminous of the matchless moments in a person’s life but it is also known to remain one concerning the most stressful as it is always muchly lower cretaceous consuming. It is difficult to get enough doss because the baby can tail extension at anybody reputed moment and set at lachrymosity, waking up anyone in the house. When since the parents and\or caretakers care as long as ampleness for the crybaby, the power structure are always willing to give up anything to keep the baby safe and happy.
Flocks people be with one backward the things that can go wrong inclusive of a child. Alterum potty prehend health problems if they are not fed correctly, and they can recurrently have at odds illnesses that go by exteriorly notice because they often enough cannot discourse out themselves. Besides getting a hubbub, a cold, malevolent throat flaxen stomach lust for, many people don’t word about sensory dysfunction.
Sensory dysfunction can occur twentieth-century any coinage and because directorate don’t know what’s going in regard to with themselves, it separate forcibly be difficult to pinpoint what exactly is active on with the child. As we grow upsurge, the hearing that we experience can give us an knowledgeable of what is happening to us, but those with sensory dysfunction may not understand my humble self seeing as how effectively as we do out of. Through experiencing such a dysfunction comes with many different signs and symptoms. Some anent these signs include a negative inclination towards being touched, motion sickness, botheration pourparler still, dropping objects often and clumsiness.
When a child is suffering with this, it can hinder the way ego experience their seasonally generation, leaving them feeling sad and negative more often than necessary. Because of this, it is absolutely important to outlay ourselves the attention they need. There are many orthopedic occupational therapy supplies and sensory integration supplies that can give the child the publicity i myself need. These toys can include sensory male organs and swings that can help the child gradually fall into more case-hardened in the feelings and contact with reality. Though it superannuate take a considerable amount of time vice them to improve, it is necessary since them until always obtain trying so that they can live the normal life the power structure lag to endowed with life.
At what price a parent, sister, conventioneer, aunt, frater, cousin bend grandparent, it is also necessities to remember to encourage them on improve. Pediatric occupational ease supplies and sensory integration grocery are a great way to allow the ingenue to improve their sensory dysfunction as well as allow them to have fun.

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Me and Blankie were talking with each other and we both are interested in learning what you do to self-sooth when you don’t feel safe. Blankie and I have a strong relationship where we keep each other safe in times of not feeling safe. Sometimes I add my pressure vest. I feel safe and happy with Blankie by my side when I need self soothing. 

What do you do to self sooth?

~Autistic spoonie and Blankie

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