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Prompt #416
"Look at me in the eyes and say that to my face."
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* idiots to lovers romantic starters
also known as rivals to lovers / idiots to idiots but they’re lovers / rivals to besties / rivals to idiots, the list goes on. some of these are inspired by pre-existing media. change pronouns/aggressive terms of endearment/insults as you see fit! these can also be platonic of course!
“i dunno. sometimes i just... feel things when you’re around.”
“i love your ass.”
“your ass is your best quality.”
“i’d tap that.”
“i love you, bitch.”
“do you ever feel... like... you know... things? like... those warm... feelings?”
“oh my god, stop looking at me like that! i’m gonna end up kissing you.”
“sometimes you’re not annoying.”
“you don’t, like... make me wanna tear my eyes out... or whatever.”
“you love me? are you sure?”
“i don’t hate you.”
“shut up and stay. please.”
“i hate when people say shit like ‘you’re my best friend, i love you, i can’t imagine my life without you. i wake up and you’re the first thing on my mind, and the last thing before i go to sleep. suddenly all the love songs make sense.’ you know? i prefer starting it by saying how much i hate when other people say it, then say what i mean anyway. it’s way less embarrassing like that.”
“we aren’t friends. friends don’t do this kinda thing.”
“maybe i don’t wanna be just friends with you.”
“who the fuck said you aren’t funny?”
“who the fuck called you boring?”
“who the fuck said that? you’re great.”
“i don’t think you’re weird. i think you’re cute.”
“i don’t think you’re weird. you’re a dumbass, maybe, but i like that about you.”
“obviously i like you! i’ve been trying to tell you for ages now!”
“i’ve been flirting with you for the last six months, thanks for noticing.”
“some parts of you don’t make a lot of sense to me, but i don’t know why the sky turns pink at sunset and i still think it’s beautiful.”
“i want you. i don’t know why, i can’t explain it, but i just wanna be around you all the time.”
“i woke up one morning and realised i loved you.”
“you’re the worst. i love it.”
“you’re stupid, that’s what you are, buddy.”
“i wouldn’t die for you, but i think i’d kill for you. maybe. but then, that would mean going to jail... nah. i take it back. no offence.”
“did you know when i call you dude i mean it romantically?”
“what are you gonna do? kiss me?”
“you don’t look totally ugly today.”
“you look... never mind. i didn’t say shit!”
“they’re just flowers, don’t read into it.”
“can you please stop moving your mouth so i can kiss you?”
“you wanna kiss me so bad it makes you look stupid.”
“i trust you, stupid.”
“i love you, dumbass.”
“you’re a pain in the ass but i’m glad we met.”
“of course i care about what you think of me!”
“you’re looking at me funny.”
“i’m not looking at you funny! this is just how i look at someone i hate.”
“being with you makes me feel like a better person.”
“being with you makes me feel like a better person. i look like an angel compared to you.”
“huh? what was that? are you being nice to me?”
“sorry i made things weird the other day. we can still hang out, right?”
“sorry i kissed you, that was stupid. let’s just forget about it.”
“maybe kissing you was stupid but i don’t regret it.”
“are we hugging right now, bro? is that what we’re doing? do we... keep going? do we stop?”
“i’m not going anywhere.”
“i’m here, aren’t i?”
“this is all your fault!” *it is not*
“you drive me crazy in a way that makes everyone else look boring.”
“i can tell when you’re lying, you know. you ain’t slick.”
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𝑹𝑷 𝑴𝑬𝑴𝑬 :    ways to react to an injury. pt. 1  * change pronouns as needed. [ my / your ] is dependent on the receiver.
‘ how did they find your weakness? ’
‘ don’t leave me, please. ’
‘ i still need you. ’
‘ that’s a lot of blood. ’
‘ oh my god! are you okay? ’
‘ here, let me help you. ’
‘ try not to move. ’
‘ no, no, no, no. ’
‘ it’s not supposed to end this way. ’ 
‘ this can’t be happening. ’
‘ i told you not to go in alone! ’
‘ you idiot. ’
‘ you were given very clear instructions not to go and do exactly what you did. ’
‘ damnit, stay here. ’
‘ you need to leave! ’
‘ i can handle this on my own. ’
‘ i don’t need your help! ’
‘ keep your fucking eyes open. ’
‘ we don’t have time for this. ’
‘ patch yourself up. ’
‘ ha! you’re going down that easily? ’
‘ i thought you’d have more fight in you. ’
‘ i can’t believe i actually landed that hit! ’
‘ don’t tell me you’re giving up already. ’
‘ i don’t often like to get my hands dirty... but seeing you like this makes it worth it. ’
‘ this is revenge. ’
‘ bleed for me. you owe me that. ’
‘ i’ve been waiting for years just to see you fall. ’
‘ finally. it’s MY turn to watch you ache. ’
‘ i would say this is the end of us, but this is just the end of you. ’
‘ PATCH. ‘  - [ my / your ] muse starts to heal / bandage [ mine / yours. ]
‘ RUN. ’ - [ my / your ] muse runs to [ mine / yours. ]
‘ STOP. ’ - [ my / your ] muse stops dead in their tracks. 
‘ DOWN. ’ - [ my / your ] muse falls to the ground. 
‘ ASLEEP. ’ - [ my / your ] muse sits with [ mine / yours ] while they rest.
‘ WAKE UP. ’ - [ my / your ] muse shakes [ mine / yours ] awake. 
‘ HAND. ’ - [ my / your ] muse clasps a hand over [ mine / yours ] to keep from screaming.
‘ KISS. ’ - [ my / your ] muse grabs [ mine / yours ] and kisses them. 
‘ DIG IN. ’ - [ my / your ] muse goes in for another hit / stab. 
‘ GRIN. ’ - [ my / your ] muse grins at [ my / your ] muses injury.
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sadprosed · 4 months ago
↬   THE  LANGUAGE  OF  THORNS,  midnight  tales  and  dangerous  magic.   (  2017  )  by  leigh  bardugo.
sentences  taken  from  or  inspired  by  the  collection’s  dialogue  &  narration.
+   feel  free  to  change  pronouns  !
‘  love  speaks  in  flowers.  truth  requires  thorns.  ’
‘  we  all  know  the  story  of  how  the  queen  becomes  a  queen.  ’
‘  we  should  leave  this  place.  ’
‘  no  doubt  it  will  come  and  devour  us  all.  ’
‘  the  beast  will  laugh  you  right  out  of  the  wild  lands.  ’
‘  you  know  how  the  stories  go.  interesting  things  happen  only  to  pretty  girls.  ’
‘  is  the  wood  much  worse  than  a  garden  overgrown  with  pricklers  ?  ’
‘  stupid  girl  !  do  you  wish  to  become  a  monster  ?  ’
‘  strike  me.  cleave  me  in  two.  ’
‘  you’re  as  thorny  as  the  wood.  ’  
‘  there  is  but  one  rule  in  my  wood.  speak  truth.  ’
‘  perhaps  you  might  show  mercy  freely.  ’
‘  just  eat  a  bit  of  the  sun  to  fill  the  sky,  and  you  will  feel  empty  no  longer.  ’
‘  what  nonsense  !  of  course  that’s  not  how  the  story  ends.  ’
‘  some  people  are  born  with  a  piece  of  night  inside,  and  that  hollow  place  can  never  be  filled.  ’
‘  what  do  i  care  for  winter  ?  no  season  touches  this  wood.  ’
‘  you  know  the  only  bargain  i  will  make.  ’
‘  sometimes  the  unseen  is  not  to  be  feared  and  those  that  are  meant  to  love  us  most  are  not  always  the  ones  that  do.  ’
‘  bad  fates  do  not  always  follow  those  that  deserve  them.  ’
‘  no  prince  is  worth  your  life.  ’
‘  are  you  so  eager  to  be  eaten  ?  ’
‘  they  have  told  me  to  return  with  your  heart.  ’
‘  you  think  to  love  a  monster  ?  ’
‘  a  man  like  you  is  owed  no  words.  ’
‘  you  are  doomed  to  a  miserable  life.  ’
‘  better  to  be  hungry  now  than  to  be  sorry  later.  ’
‘  what  will  everyone  say  when  they  see  such  a  face  ?  ’
‘  we  have  not  gone  so  soft  as  that.  ’
‘  you  think  that  we  will  let  you  live  on  foolish  promises  ?  ’
‘  you  have  bested  me.  that  much  is  clear.  ’
‘  will  you  not  free  me  ?  ’
‘  you  will  have  a  fine  time  of  it,  i  can  tell  you.  ’
‘  i  can  bear  ugliness.  i  find  the  one  thing  i  cannot  live  with  is  death.  ’
‘  if  you  will  only  cease  your  talking,  i  will  gladly  go.  ’
‘  where  he  went,  he  bled  the  woods  dry.  ’
‘  what’s  a  bit  more  blood  ?  ’
‘  you  should  leave  this  place.  you  are  not  safe  here.  ’
‘  with  such  big  eyes,  i  think  you  see  too  much.  ’
‘  will  you  not  tell  me  what  troubles  you  ?  ’
‘  why  do  you  stay  with  him  ?  you’re  pretty  enough  to  catch  a  husband.  ’
‘  just  because  you  escape  one  trap,  doesn’t  mean  you  will  escape  the  next.  ’
‘  first  i  must  find  my  courage.  ’
‘  few  can  resist  the  sight  of  a  pretty  girl  crying.  ’
‘  the  trap  is  loneliness,  and  no  one  escapes  it.  not  even  me.  ’
‘  in  the  wood,  even  songbirds  must  be  survivors.  ’
iii.    THE  WITCH  OF  DUVA.
‘  there  was  a  time  when  the  wood  ate  girls.  ’
‘  be  back  before  dark.  the  trees  are  hungry  tonight.  ’
‘  who  can  say  what  shapes  an  appetite  ?  ’
‘  this  is  my  home,  you  can’t  just  send  me  away.  ’ 
‘  don’t  be  foolish.  there’s  plenty  of  light.  ’
‘  well  then,  come  help  me  stir  the  pot.  ’
‘  i  will  warn  you  just  this  once.  go.  ’ 
‘  you  cannot  come  and  go  from  this  place  like  you’re  fetching  water  from  a  well.  ’  
‘  hope  made  me  stubborn.  ’
‘  stay  there  and  keep  quiet.  i  don’t  need  rumors  that  i’ve  been  taking  girls.  ’
‘  i  will  not  have  you  bring  a  monster  to  my  door.  ’
‘  you  know  that  you  are  welcome  to  remain  here  with  me.  ’
‘  i  will  follow  her.  i  will  peck  out  her  eyes.  ’
‘  believe  me.  say  you  believe  me.  ’
‘  dark  things  have  a  way  of  slipping  through  narrow  spaces.  ’
‘  it  is  dangerous  to  travel  the  northern  road  with  a  troubled  heart.  ’
‘  if  you  are  lost  in  your  own  thoughts,  you  may  find  yourself  stepping  off  the  path  and  into  the  dark  woods.  ’
‘  she  was  beautiful  from  the  moment  of  her  birth.  ’
‘  why  must  i  be  the  one  to  hide  ?  ’
‘  do  you  think  i  am  so  foolish  or  so  cruel  ?  ’
‘  water  only  wants  direction.  it  wants  to  be  told  what  to  do.  ’
‘  always  you  have  done  my  bidding,  but  what  good  are  you  to  me  now  ?  ’
‘  soon  i  will  be  very  rich,  but  will  i  have  a  good  man  ?  ’
‘  that  is  a  question  for  the  river.  ’
‘  your  tongue  is  not  fit  for  my  true  name.  ’
‘  will  you  come  with  me,  and  be  bride  to  nothing  but  the  shore  ?  ’
‘  she  was  terrifying  in  her  beauty,  bright  like  a  devouring  star.  ’
‘  remember  that  to  use  a  thing  is  not  to  own  it.  ’
‘  should  you  ever  take  a  bride,  listen  closely  to  her  questions.  ’
‘  this  is  the  problem  with  even  lesser  demons.  they  come  to  your  door  in  velvet  coats  and  polished  shoes.  ’
‘  you  will  find  great  love  and  more  gold  than  you  could  wish  for.  ’
‘  he’s  a  charming  fellow,  but  most  unusual,  and  peculiarities  seem  to  follow  him.  ’  
’  it  seemed  harmless  at  the  time.  ’
‘  he  needed  a  girl,  still  malleable,  one  that  he  could  make  admire  him.  ’
‘  this  is  pleasant.  this  is  enough.  ’
‘  are  you  my  soldier  ?  are  you  my  prince  ?  ’
‘  i  have  not  come  to  fight,  only  to  talk.  ’
‘  wanting  is  why  people  get  up  in  the  morning.  it  gives  them  something  to  dream  of  at  night.  ’
‘  i  am  perfectly  real.  ’
‘  she  loves  you,  though,  and  that  will  make  it  harder.  ’
‘  best  not  to  ask.  i  think  the  answer  would  please  no  one.  ’
‘  we  can  stay  forever  in  the  land  of  dreams.  ’
‘  kiss  me.  take  me  from  this  place.  ’
‘  i  sent  you  to  die  a  hundred  times.  ’
‘  i  eat  the  wonder  in  their  eyes.  ’
‘  you  were  an  idea  in  my  head.  you  were  nothing,  and  to  nothing  you  will  return  when  i  think  of  you  no  more.  ’
‘  you  wanted  only  that  i  might  live.  you  would  sacrifice  your  own  life  to  make  it  so.  ’
‘  are  you  my  darling  ?  are  you  mine  ?  ’
‘  you  wish  to  strike  a  bargain.  ’
‘  make  me  someone  new.  ’
‘  this  is  the  problem  with  making  a  thing  forbidden.  it  does  nothing  but  build  an  ache  in  the  heart.  ’
‘  easy  magic  is  pretty.  great  magic  requires  that  you  trouble  the  waters.  ’
‘  no  one  expects  me  to  accomplish  anything.  ’
‘  i  can  smell  your  ambition  like  blood  in  the  water.’  
‘  i  know  that  you  should  keep  it  like  a  secret,  not  shout  it  like  a  curse.  ’
‘  yes.  i  can  imagine  it  all.  ’
‘  you  are  worth  more  than  that.  you  should  not  have  to  earn  him.  ’
‘  hope  rises  like  water  trapped  beneath  a  dam,  higher  and  higher,  in  increments  that  mean  nothing  until  you  face  the  flood.  ’
‘  there  is  no  pain  like  the  pain  of  transformation.  ’
‘  take  your  pleasures  as  you  will.  ’
‘  come,  and  i’ll  tell  you  all  you  wish  to  know.  ’
‘  he  made  me  dream  of  things  i  cannot  have.  ’
‘  i  do  not  care  for  dancing.  ’
‘  look  into  the  mirror,  and  try  to  deny  it.  ’
‘  you  have  never  been  like  the  others,  and  you  never  will  be.  ’
‘  we  were  not  made  to  please  princes.  ’
‘  i  am  not  quite  mortal  either,  and  i  have  many  lives  to  live.  ’
‘  i  wouldn’t  care  if  you  were  part  human  or  part  frog.  ’
‘  my  voice  is  not  enough.  ’
‘  you  know  i  was  never  strong.  ’
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& .˚      found  family  prompts.      (   it is a very loved dynamic so here are some memes to go wild with it.  these are mainly fluff, supportive and some emotional ones.  to reverse the action prompts,  send ( prompt ) +  )
“   you’re not alone,  not anymore .   ”
“   i didn’t really have anyone before you guys .   ”
“   thank you for everything you’ve done for me .   ”
“   you’re my family .   ”
“   you’re my family,  screw what everyone else says .   ”
“   i now have a life i like living because of your support .   ”
“   you’re the best thing that ever happened to me .   ”
“   hey, i got you .   ”
“   let us take care of you .   ”
“   a fight doesn’t change anything between us .   ”
“   we still care about you .   ”
“   you know you can talk to me about anything, right ?   ”
“   if you need anything i’ll be there for you .   ”
“   you’ll always have a place with us .   ”
“   i’ve got your back .   ”
“   i love you .   ”
“   do you want a hug ?   ”
“   i’m here,  i promise .   ”
“   i’m not going anywhere .   ”
“   are you okay ?   ”
“   hey, [name].  tell me what’s wrong .   ”
“   i’m going to prank [name],  do you want to help me ?   ”
“   you’re one of us now .   ”
( hug )  -  for the sender’s muse to hug the receiver’s muse after an emotional moment .
( kiss )  -  for the sender’s muse to kiss the receiver’s muse on the forehead, head, cheek, [insert where you want ] .
( bed )  -  for the sender’s muse to join the receiver’s muse on their bed and cuddle after a long day .
( food )  -  for our muses to cook together .
( tears ) - for the sender’s muse to wipe the receiver’s muse tears .
( blanket )  -  for the sender’s muse to place a blanket on top of the receiver’s muse after a hard day / after they’ve fallen asleep somewhere .
( help )  -  for the sender’s muse to patch the receiver’s muse up .
( reconciliation )  -  for our muse to make up after a fight .
( fun )  -  for our muses to spent the day doing fun activities together .
( protect )  -  for the sender’s muse to step between the receiver’s muse and a threat to protect them .
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buzzin-rp-memes · 8 months ago
Comfort Starters
Feel free to change how you see fit!
Sentence Starters
“Come on, let’s get you away from there.”
“Hey, are you okay?”
“You look like you could use a hug.”
“Don’t listen to them. You’re perfect the way you are.”
“Let it all out.. I’m here for you.”
“You don’t have to tell me anything, but I’m here for you okay?”
“You look down. This calls for cuddles.”
“A kiss here. A kiss there... Ah! There’s the smile I’ve been hoping to see!”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“You’re safe now, I promise.”
“I’m not going to let anyone else hurt you.”
“You okay? I could tell they were bothering you..”
“I heard about what happened. I’m so sorry, _.”
“It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re allowed to cry.”
“You have every right to feel that way.”
“Is there anything I can do to help?”
“I’m so sorry you’re going through this.”
“I thought you could use some space.”
“I’ll give you as many hugs as you need, okay?”
“Can I get you anything? Tea? Hot chocolate?”
“You don’t have to go through this alone.”
“Is something on your mind?”
“If they’re bothering you, I’ll go tell them something.”
“No, you don’t deserve to be treated like that.”
“I got you all of your favorite snacks.”
“No, you don’t need to blame yourself.”
“You’ll get through this and I’ll be here every step of the way.”
“You have every right to be upset.”
“You don’t have to hide your tears from me.”
“Tell me what happened.”
“I’m here to listen.”
“Did you have a nightmare? Do you want to talk about it?”
“How about we go on a walk. It might calm your nerves.”
[Hug] Sender pulls receiver into a hug.
[Tears] Sender wipes tears from receiver’s face.
[Kisses] Sender gives receiver many kisses all over.
[Cuddle] Sender cuddles with receiver after a rough day.
[Drink] Sender makes receiver something to drink.
[Visit] Sender shows up at receiver’s place shortly after learning something is wrong.
[Rest] Sender stays in bed with receiver.
[Alone] Sender leads receiver away from the crowd after seeing that they need space.
[Cry] Sender holds receiver close as they cry.
[Meal] Sender makes receiver a warm meal.
[Hand] Sender gives reciever’s hand a gentle squeeze.
[Hair] Sender gently strokes receiver’s hair.
[Pat] Sender puts a hand on reciever’s shoulder.
[Massage] Sender gives receiver a shoulder rub.
[Action] + reverse for the reverse of said action!
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memestyles · 3 months ago
THERE’S ONLY ONE BED! your muses find themselves in a situation where there’s only one bed and the following may occur:
❝ scoot over! it’s only a full bed. ❞
❝ your feet are so cold! ❞
❝ did you just try to cuddle me? ❞
❝ do you... wanna cuddle, though? because i’d be game. ❞
❝ you don’t need all four pillows! give me my two. ❞
❝ you can’t sleep without a white noise app? that’s gonna get annoying.❞
❝ please tell me you don’t snore. i didn’t bring earplugs with me... ❞
❝ stop hogging all the covers! i’m cold, too. ❞
❝ the tv isn’t staying on all night, is it? ❞
❝ you can’t sleep without the tv on? i can’t sleep with it on! ❞
❝ i’m putting this pillow between us. do not cross it. this is my side. ❞
❝ i woke up and your arm was around me... ❞
❝ guess i cuddle in my sleep. sorry? ❞
❝ i kinda liked waking up next to you. ❞
❝ i kinda liked waking up with your arms wrapped around me. ❞
❝ we should get up, but i don’t wanna move. ❞
❝ you’re a nicer pillow than the ones the hotel provides. ❞
❝ so... this was nice. ❞
❝ you definitely crossed over to my side of the bed in your sleep. ❞
❝ next time, i’m bringing my own blanket. i woke up and you were curled up like a burrito over there. ❞
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vaememes · 7 months ago
𝚜𝚑𝚊𝚍𝚘𝚠  𝚊𝚗𝚍  𝚋𝚘𝚗𝚎  𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚝𝚜.      ( feel free to change pronouns, potentially triggering, read & reblog with caution. )
' i look like my mother and she looked like the enemy. ‘
' i’ve never been welcomed here. ‘
‘ keep a pencil in your hand. or else someone will put a rifle in it instead. ‘
‘ i spent years thinking i’d find a way out. ‘
‘ i’m old enough to know the only way out, is through. ‘
‘ well, i need someone to take the fall for my petty crimes, that’s all. ‘
‘ we learned some good life lessons back then. ‘
‘ one: don’t cry in public. ‘
‘ she/he/they isn’t like you. no one is. ‘
‘ you’re the one of us who believes in a higher power. ‘
‘ when i get the nerves the night before i like to have a good tumble with a stranger. ‘
‘ you don’t seem like the type to do what they should. ‘
‘ well, turns out they do need me, so. ‘
‘ you’re a terrible shot. ‘
‘ when i was young, i had nightmares about it. ‘
‘ if it goes wrong, come back. you’ve lost enough already. ‘
‘ i’ll find my way back to you, promise. ‘ 
‘ don’t you want to know if you’re grisha? ‘
‘ if i can’t crack this, none of us are going anywhere. ‘
‘ maybe i won’t be here when you get back. ‘
‘ what are you? ‘
‘ that’s why i’m here, isn’t it? ‘
‘ they’re all gone. it’s my fault. ‘
‘ is it true? can you summon light? ‘
‘ when they realize their mistake, what do you think they’ll do to her/him/them? ‘
‘ i know her/him/them better than anyone does. ‘ 
‘ i don’t know where this letter will find you. but you must’nt worry about me. ‘
‘ i am perfectly capable of washing myself. ‘
‘ don’t change my eyes. ‘
‘ i’m almost as rare as you. ‘
‘ sentimental. we’ll work on that too. ‘
‘ i can’t go in front of the king, i need more time. ‘
‘ know that when i told you about true north, i was talking about you. ‘
‘ black is his color. not mine. ‘
‘ tell me, are you so anxious to be like everyone else? ‘
‘ it would be nice to know what the feels like, someday. ‘
‘ time for a heist. ‘ 
‘ you managed to win us over, didn’t you? ‘
‘ training is good. well, i think it’s going well. ‘ 
‘ where you are doesn’t matter nearly as much as who you’re with. ‘ 
‘ when there’s something you want, better to act without thinking than think without acting. ‘ 
‘ i’ve always wanted to travel the world. ‘
 ‘ i like seeing you this way, i want you to be careful. ‘ 
‘ you never compliment anyone to their face. ‘ 
‘ aren’t you supposed to be scouting our way out? ‘ 
‘ what do you think i’m doing? ‘ 
‘ i think you’re flirting with that stable hand. ‘ 
‘ tell me, what makes one carriage faster than the other? ‘ 
‘ the right answer is their is no right answer. ‘ 
‘ it’s the horse that makes the difference. ‘ 
‘ no human being should be as proud as you are right now. ‘ 
‘ you think that’s what it is? just a trick? ‘ 
‘ you don’t want to keep it in your pocket for too long. ‘ 
‘ i’m sorry that it took me this long to see you. ‘ 
‘ i prefer to travel alone. ‘ 
‘ i’m afraid we can’t let that happen. ‘ 
‘ you stick with us, everybody gets what they want. ‘ 
‘ i’m not being anyone’s captive ever again. ‘ 
‘ it was my power keeping you warm. ‘ 
‘ you won’t get far out here without it. ‘ 
‘ if i wanted you dead, i would have slowed your heart instead of speeding it up. ‘ 
‘ you intend to kill me! ‘
‘ why would you save me? ‘ 
‘ so there is a brain inside all that muscle. ‘ 
‘ you used to call on me, on times like this. ‘ 
‘ when your table was messy and your bed was neat. ‘ 
‘ i am a witch hunter and you are a witch. ‘ 
‘ you made him afraid. now he wants you to fear him. ‘ 
‘ you’re the one who taught me how to kill, mother/father. ‘ 
‘ i taught you so you could protect yourself. ‘ 
‘ we need to teach them how to fight. ‘ 
‘ i forbid it. now, do you hear me? ‘ 
‘ it’s dangerous to go looking for the dead. ‘
‘ what you see may haunt you for the rest of your days. ‘ 
‘ maybe. just maybe. greed is a poor motivator. ‘ 
‘ true wealth is the friends you make along the way. ‘ 
‘ i should just tear this down now. ‘ 
‘ i will go north in the night. ‘ 
‘ no. this can’t be it. i’m not done tormenting you. ‘ 
‘ i will keep you warm. ‘ 
‘ i can’t wait to introduce you to my truest love. ‘ 
‘ when i got older, i learned that darkness is a place and it’s full of monsters. ‘ 
‘  they aren’t the monsters. they’re just boys/girls. ‘
‘  we can’t hide forever. we can run together. ‘
‘  no businessman worth his salt bargains for what he can take. ‘ 
‘  our enemies are threatened by your mere existence. ‘ 
‘  never make decisions out of fear, only out of spite. ‘ 
‘  well greed always worked for me. ‘ 
‘  the bone road ebbs and and the bone road flows. ‘
‘  handsome decoy is also not a [NAME’S] talent. ‘ 
‘  i’d rather starve than be a traitor. ‘ 
‘ needing anyone is weak. ‘ 
‘ you and i are going to change the world. ‘ 
‘ so, who actually saw what happened? ‘ 
‘  it came from everywhere, because you called upon it to come. ‘
‘ i have been waiting a long time for you. ‘ 
‘ there are no others like us and there never will be. ‘ 
‘ not many people surprise me. ‘ 
‘ fine. make me your villain. ‘ 
‘  they are traitors who tried to kill you. this is retribution. ‘ 
‘  i've survived for centuries. did you really think you could kill me. ‘
‘ you are quite valuable, you know. ‘ 
‘ the deal is the deal. ‘ 
‘ i’m just trying to keep warm. you should join me. ‘ 
‘ i’ve been warned off the job. ‘ 
‘ i know that look. he’s a man consumed with vengeance. ‘ 
‘ please tell me you have a plan. ‘ 
‘ i’m not against the occasional light roleplay. ‘ 
‘ i’d miss me too. i’m fantastic. ‘
‘ no one is ever going to believe i’m that old. ‘
‘ why does this concern me? ‘ 
‘ well of course certain death pays a million. ‘ 
‘ unlike a spider, i only need one leg. ‘ 
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vvitchresources · 4 months ago
𝕤𝕡𝕠𝕠𝕜𝕪 𝕤𝕫𝕟 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕤
send 1 to watch a scary movie with my muse send 2 to go to a real haunted house with my muse send 3 to go to a commercial haunted house with my muse send 4 to go to a theme park (knott’s berry farm, 6 flags, etc) during halloween with my muse send 5 to go trick or treating with my muse send 6 to help my muse into their costume send 7 for my muse to help yours into their costume send 8 to be scared by my muse send 9 to scare my muse send 10 to put up halloween decorations with my muse send 11 to host a halloween party with my muse send 12 to go to a halloween party with my muse send 13 to pick out costumes with my muse send 14 to help my muse get ready for a costume party send 15 for my muse to help yours get ready for a costume party send 16 for our muses to hold a séance send 17 for our muses to play with a ouija board send 18 for our muses to go to a fortune teller together send 19 for our muses to carve a jack-o-lantern send 20 for our muses to go to the pumpkin patch send 21 for our muses to get lost in a haunted corn maze send 22 for our muses to tell ghost stories send 23 for our muses to do halloween baking together send 24 for our muses to see a ghost together send 25 for our muses to be in a cemetery together send 26 for our muses to toilet paper a house together send 27 for our muses to pull halloween pranks send 28 for our muses to happen upon a spooky abandoned house send 29 for our muses to hear a strange noise in the night send 30 for our muses to argue over who is being what for halloween (couple costume/pair costume)
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jades-archives · a month ago
Hello there! Saw now that free requests are open. If I may, I would like to ask a Sentence starter "I'm afraid that you're not gonna hide that smile any longer." with switch TodoDeku, they both deserve some fun!
"I'm afraid you're not gonna hide that smile any longer," Todoroki said.
Izuku barely had time to glance over at him before he felt him sitting on his shins.
He'd been laying on the floor, mindlessly reciting terms and definitions as his boyfriend quizzed him for tomorrow's quiz. He got tired of laying flat on the floor, to he his his knees and shins over the couch where Todoroki was sitting.
Todoroki noticed this, and had also noted just how bored his boyfriend looked. He understood the mundaneness of studying and decided it was more than time for a break. So, he sat on his shins, immediately drawing interest from the other.
"Shoto," Izuku asked, squinting suspiciously. "What are you doing?"
Todoroki just grinned and leaned over a bit, tickling his thighs and then squeezing his hips.
The new position of being tickled half upside down made the tickles more intense. Though he couldn't say he was complaining. It tickled a lot, but he was very glad for a break.
"Don't?" Todoroki asked, leaning down a little more and tickling his freckled tummy and belly button. "Don't?"
"Gehehehehehee! What are you-AAH!"
Todoroki suddenly picked him up and dragged him forward, planting a big, raspberry on his ticklish tummy.
Todoroki giggled and began planting little tickly kisses on his belly button, along with smaller, more playful raspberries all over his ticklish tummy.
Izuku, who'd been desperately trying to push away, gave up at this point and flopped over like a ragdoll when the raspberries paused. He laid on his side, giggling breathlessly. Todoroki took this as his sign to stop. He chuckled and rubbed his side gently as he recovered.
"You good?" Todoroki asked, a gentle smile on his face as he took in the happy, rosy cheeked, smiling boy next to him.
"You know, sometimes I don't know how I got so lucky."
Izuku slowly sat up, still a bit out of breath. "What do you mean?"
"To have you as my boyfriend," Todoroki said.
Izuku beamed and hugged him, snuggling into his neck and humming contentedly. "Oh, that was so sweet," he mumbled happily. "I love you."
"I love you too."
They hugged like that for another minute, and Todoroki was about to suggest he go get them some snacks and drinks before they started studying, when he suddenly felt some familiar fingers slip under his shirt.
"Zuku! Nahaha! Stahahap that! I was gonna ehehe get us some snahahahahacks!"
Izuku grinned, scribbling at his belly button and getting a few more giggles out of him before letting him go. "Aw, okay," he said, then released him from his tickly prison.
But when Todoroki came back, Izuku was nowhere to be found. Confused, he set the snacks down on the coffee table and lay down on the couch. He stretched, then pulled out his phone to text his boyfriend and see where he went.
Little did he know that Izuku had gotten up and hidden behind the arm of the couch, waiting to attack. He'd originally planned to just jump out and tackle him, straddle him, and givng him the tickling of a lifetime, but when he saw his socked feet resting on the armrest right next to him, he couldn't pass up this golden opportunity.
"BOO!" Izuku shouted, jumping up from his hiding place.
Todoroki jumped, and in a flash Izuku was sitting on the armrest with his socked feet in his lap. He opened his mouth to protest, but laughed instead, as Izuku was already tickling him.
"You tickle me, I tickle you!" Izuku said with a giggle as he scribbled and danced his fingers all over Todoroki's terribly ticklish feet. "Coochie coo!"
"No?" Izuku asked, "No? No coochie coochie coo?”
Izuku laughed and scratched the balls of his feet. "Nah, I don't think I will! And quit wiggling your toes so much! How am I supposed to tickle them when you keep moving them all over the place?"
In response, Todoroki scrunched and curled and wiggled his toes even harder. Izuku snorted and gave him a look before he got up, pushed his feet over the couch and sat down next to him.
Todoroki looked confused until Izuku grabbed his wrists. “Oh nohohoho!”
“Oh yes!” Izuku said lightly dancing his fingers over his palms, making him squeal.
“I don’t know why I keep forgetting you have ticklish hands,” Izuku said. “It’s so cute!”
Izuku stopped, gently taking his hands and rubbing them with his thumbs. Todoroki giggled breathlessly, then blushed shyly when Izuku took both of his hands and kissed them, then leaned forward and kissed his nose. He was about to pull away but lost his balance and fell on top of him. Todoroki fell back against the couch with a mighty “OOF!” and a soft, “Ouch.”
“Ouch,” Izuku echoed with a giggle, rubbing his boyfriend’s head. “You okay?”
Todoroki took his hand off his head and kissed it, smirking when Izuku got all shy. “Snacks?”
And when they continued their study session, though Todoroki insisted he was fine, Izuku put an old fashioned ice pack on his head. Todoroki sighed, but decided to humor his boyfriend. He was cute after all.
And if it kept him from hiding that smile, well, he supposed it was worth it.
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prompts-for-every-need · 2 days ago
Prompt #414
"Get your act together kid, before you fall too far!"
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rpmusingsforthesoul · 10 days ago
The office sentence starters season 1-2
feel free to change pronouns
“This is my kingdom as far as the eye can see.”
“I’m boring myself just talking about this”.
“I don’t think it would be the worst thing if they let me go.”
“Ooh, discipline. Kinky.”
“You’re a jerk!”
“What’s the scuttle-bud?”
“Do you want to form an alliance with me?”
“Are you jealous ‘cause there’s another girl/boy around?”
“Stay away from my mom.”
“We’re not dating, we’re engaged.”
“It’s nothing, my ride just bailed on me.”
“Keep your acceptance speeches short. I have wrap-it-up music and I’m not afraid to use it, ___”
“No no, because the ice melts and it’s like second drink.”
“I feel God in this Chili’s tonight.”
“I feel bad about what I wrote on the bathroom wall.”
“Hey, what has two thumbs and hates ___? This guy.”
“I’m so used to being the bad boy.”
“Mo’ money, mo’ problems.”
*pressing ear against wall* “These babies are thin.”
“A 30 year mortgage at ___’s age essentially means he’s buying a coffin. If I were buying my coffin, I would get one with thicker walls so you couldn’t hear the other dead people.”
“As far as I can tell, I’m the best looking one here.”
“Are you calling me a ho?”
“Hey, can you ignore those and do something for me instead?”
“Those aren’t chips and dip.”
“I’m going wherever they value loyalty the most.”
“Some may say we had our first date last night.”
“Are we in danger?”
“Why did you even bring me here tonight.”
“We should break up.”
“BFD. Engaged ain’t married.”
“Never ever ever give up.”
“I’m hurt, I have hurt myself! Oh my god, this is not looking good!”
“Do you want some aspirin because you seem kind of fussy.”
“Listen I like kids, but this is not a kids’ environment.”
“I have one goal today; to get one kid to like me. Just one.”
“Have you ever pooped a balloon?”
“Now, exactly how much pot did you smoke?”
“Jinx buy me a coke! No no no, no talking!”
“I know you’re innocent but it can’t look like I’m treating you any differently.”
“I need your urine.”
“You look like you have something really important to say and you just can’t for some reason.”
“I say if Jesus saw that, he’d freak out! He’d freak out, ___!”
“I’m going to drop a deuce on everyone.”
“I just…I’m in love with you.”
“I don’t wanna do that. I wanna be more than that.”
“I’m really sorry if you misinterpreted things. It’s probably my fault.”
“Not your fault. I’m sorry I misinterpreted our friendship.”
“Thanks for inviting me, I really needed it.”
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kingsmemes · a month ago
In honor of SPOTIFY WRAPPED,  send me a number 1-100 and I’ll write you a starter based on the song.
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sadprosed · 4 months ago
scenarios  inspired  by  various  settings,  encounters  &  magic  tucked  between  pages,  fashioned  by  the  author.  tw  for  drowning  mentions.
+   feel  free  to  change  pronouns  /  roles  !
‘  beyond  the  winds  and  past  the  shores,  strange  magic  lurks  about.  ’
‘  will  you  go  to  the  lagoon  with  me  ?  it’s  unsafe  to  go  alone.  ’
‘  they  say  a  siren’s  call  alone  can  drown  a  man  before  she  swallows  him.  ’
‘  quick  !  cover  your  ears.  ’
‘  what  did  you  imagine  as  you  heard  the  song  ?  ’
‘  i  can  feel  a  voice  like  claws  sinking  beneath  my  skin.  ’
‘  one  can  pray  to  the  ocean,  but  the  waters  answer  in  strange  tongues.  ’
‘  careful,  or  we’ll  hit  the  reef.  ’
‘  the  sea-folk  are  flighty  as  their  fins,  and  illusive  as  shimmering  scales.  ’
‘  i  should  like  to  find  myself  a  sailor  fit  for  a  feast.  ’
‘  sometimes  i  wish  there  was  more  than  the  endless  waves.  ’
‘  do  you  see  that  ?  there,  beneath  the  surface  ?  ’
‘  that’s  no  fish,  and  no  woman  either.  ’
‘  what  lies  off  the  edge  of  the  map  ?  ’
‘  the  sea  has  monsters,  but  beauties  too.  ’
‘  i’ve  heard  that  merfolk  make  bargains,  and  trade  in  the  ocean’s  magic.  ’
‘  i’ve  never  seen  a  pearl  like  this  one.  ’
‘  the  ship  will  go  down  if  we  don’t  turn  about  !  ’
‘  what  is  that,  out  there  on  the  rocks  ?  ’
‘  won’t  you  listen  to  my  song  ?  ’
‘  mermaids  love  shiny  things.  keep  a  careful  eye  on  yours.  ’
‘  if  we  hide  in  the  kelp,  we  might  see  them  as  they  pass.  ’
‘  i’ve  heard  the  tales.  to  catch  you  means  to  gain  a  granted  wish.  ’
‘   i’ve  never  seen  your  likeness,  only  heard  the  myths.  ’
‘  come  with  me,  beneath  the  sea  and  foam,  and  be  mine.  ’
‘  some  of  us  live  in  the  ocean,  others  in  rivers  and  streams  and  even  trees.  ’
‘  falling  in  love  with  a  human  is  an  old  tale.  tell  me  a  new  one.  ’
‘  so  you  gave  up  your  fin  for  legs  ?  ’
‘  soon  i  will  be  nothing  but  seafoam.  ’
‘  what  is  a  heart,  but  an  ocean  of  secrets  ?  ’
‘  you’d  let  yourself  be  undone  and  remade  for  someone  you’ve  never  known.  that  is  not  love.  ’
‘  let  your  dreams  sink  to  the  depths.  they’ve  done  you  no  good.  ’
‘  i’ve  never  seen  so  many  unfamiliar  faces.  ’
‘  he’s / she’s / they’ve  been  looking  at  me  all  evening.  ’
‘  would  you  do  me  the  honor  of  a  dance  ?  ’
‘  neither  of  us  need  know  the  other  tonight.  i  prefer  the  mystery.  ’
‘  your  choice  of  costume  is  rather  extravagant.  ’
‘  what  fun  would  it  be,  if  i  took  this  off  ?  ’
‘  i’m  certain  we’ve  met  before.  ’
‘  i’ve  always  longed  for  a  night  like  this.  it’s  something  out  of  a  dream.  ’
‘  won’t  you  come  away  with  me  ?  there’s  a  balcony  just  outside.  ’
‘  i’m  inclined  to  think  we’ve  never  met  before,  and  perhaps  will  never  meet  again  after  tonight.  ’
‘  you  look  like  you  know  how  to  waltz.  care  to  ?  ’
‘  i  must  stand  up  with  someone  this  evening,  and  i  don’t  see  why  it  can’t  be  you.  ’
‘  would  you  stop  staring  so  intently  ?  what  do  you  think  to  find  ?  ’
‘  i’ll  stop  bothering  you  if  you  agree  to  dance  with  me.  ’
‘  please  take  it  off.  i  want  to  see  you.  ’
‘  i’ve  never  been  to  a  masque  before.  ’
'  it  seems  our  attire  makes  opposites  of  us.  ’
‘  i’ve  never  seen  a  more  hideous  costume  than  that  one.  ’  
‘  i  can’t  stay  much  longer.  you  see,  i’m  not  supposed  to  be  here  at  all.  ’
‘  you’ll  never  know  who  i  am.  ’
‘  people  like  you  always  make  a  fool  of  me.  ’
‘  oh.  i  thought  you  were  someone  else.  ’
‘  i’ll  give  you  three  chances  to  guess  who  i  am.  ’
‘  the  next  time  i  offer  you  my  hand,  you’ll  get  more  than  a  dance  from  me.  ’
‘  i’ve  wanted  to  dance  beneath  stars  like  these  for  as  long  as  i  can  remember.  ’
‘  what  do  you  look  like  ?  ’
‘  that  look  in  your  eyes  tells  me  all  i  need  to  know.  ’
‘  you  won’t  like  what  you’ll  see.  ’
‘  i  recognize  your  voice.  ’
‘  you’ll  know  the  truth  before  the  night  is  up.  ’
‘  i’ve  heard  the  darkest  of  dances  are  the  best  for  falling  in  love  to.  ’
‘  you  don’t  know  it  now,  but  we’re  friends  already.  ’
‘  can’t  we  pretend  a  little  while  longer  ?  ’
‘  it’s  when  the  party  is  over  that  we  learn  to  know  each  other  most.  ’
‘  happily  ever  after  can’t  come  so  easily  as  a  single  night  dancing.  ’
‘  i’ve  caught  you.  you  have  to  undo  the  spell  for  me  now.  ’
‘  think  carefully  before  asking  for  something  well  beyond  the  reach  of  mortal  power.  ’
‘  i  think  i  know  a  spell  for  that.  ’
‘  i  can’t  help  you.  but  there  are  people  in  other  worlds,  in  the  moors  and  hills  and  trees,  that  might.  ’
‘  you  must  gather  the  necessary  ingredients  for  such  a  potion.  ’
‘  true  love  is  never  the  answer  to  the  riddle.  not  when  so  much  as  life  and  death  is  at  stake.  ’
‘  i’ve  found  and  made  my  way  here  by  right.  you  can’t  deny  me  the  answers  i  seek.  ’
‘  be  warned:  monsters  hide  between  the  trees  and  whisper  in  magic  tongues.  ’
‘  it  always  makes  a  fraction  of  sense  to  be  careful  what  you  wish  for.  ’
‘  i’ve  been  turned  into  an  unsightly  creature,  and  i  need  a  way  of  turning  back.  ’
‘  not  all  magical  stories  happen  in  castles,  or  cottages  in  the  wood.  ’
‘  preposterous.  magic  and  sorcery  do  not  exist  but  in  the  minds  of  superstitious  fools.  ’
‘  get  back  from  that  cauldron  !  it’s  dangerous.  ’
‘  i  don’t  mess  with  things  like  candles  and  the  stars  and  the  moon  after  dark.  it  never  ends  well.  ’
‘  i  am  something  ancient.  my  name  has  been  forgotten  by  mortal  mouths  and  is  found  only  in  their  oldest  texts.  ’
‘  not  all  fairy  helpers  are  kind,  and  not  all  villains  are  ugly,  or  even  cruel.  ’
‘  if  you  want  my  help,  you  must  earn  it.  ’
‘  is  this  something  i  could  learn  ?  ’
‘  i  don’t  want  to  be  ordinary,  and  i  don’t  care  what  the  risks  are.  ’
‘  you  think  to  put  a  curse  on  me  ?  i  will  spend  my  life  defying  it.  ’
‘  stay  back,  witch,  and  keep  your  spells  from  sneaking  past  your  lips.  ’
‘  you  must  chain  a  magician  in  more  than  metal  or  rope  if  you  wish  to  stop  them.  ’
‘  that’s  a  parlor  trick.  show  me  real  magic.  ’
‘  only  you  can  break  the  spell.  it  is  something  you  are  meant  for.  ’
‘  fate  is  nothing  but  an  illusion  placed  in  our  heads,  that  we  might  follow  the  words  of others  and  not  our  own  intentions.  ’
‘  whatever  has  brought  me  here,  i  cannot  turn  back  now.  ’
‘  soon  the  clock  will  strike,  and  nothing  more  might  be  done.  ’  
‘  magic  requires  taking  in  order  to  give.  it  will  keep  demanding  parts  of  you.  ’
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lavendermemes · 7 months ago
& .˚      other ways to say goodbye.    (   this was a fun request because i am always down for angsty stuff !  basically it’s several words / action that say goodbye without actually saying the word.  sender’s muse is the muse of the blog sending the meme, receiver’s muse is the one receiving it. pretty straightforward. send reverse  along with the word of the action to reverse the sender/receiver. have fun !!   )
 “   i’m not ready .   ”
 “   don’t- don’t say it .   ”
 “   don’t make this harder than it already is .   ”
 “   i love you .   ”
 “   i’ll always love you .   ”
 “   this isn’t fair .   ”
 “   so... this is it .   ”
 “   you got this .   ”
 “   i’ll find my way back to you .   ”
 “   this isn’t a goodbye because i know we’ll find each other again.   ”
 “   i wish we didn’t have to do this .   ”
 “   come back to me .   ”
 “   you’re gonna be okay .   ”
 “   you know where to find me .   ”
 “   there’s still time to change your mind .   ”
 “   we both knew this was coming .   ”
 “   you’ll always have a place with me .   ”
 “   you don’t have to do this .   ”
 “   sometimes things don’t turn out as we want them .   ”
 “   you know i wouldn’t do this if i had a choice .   ”
 “   i hope you find what you’re looking for .   ”
 “   i hope you find happiness .   ”
 “   i have to do this .   ”
( embrace )  -  for the sender’s muse to hug the receiver’s muse for a  long time as a goodbye .
( kiss )  -  for the sender’s muse to kiss the receiver’s muse for one last time .
( peck )  -  for the sender’s muse to briely kiss the receiver’s muse as an everyday goodbye .
( hold )  -  for our muses to hold hands for a long period before they seperate .
( tears )  -  for our muses to have a teaful goodbye .  bonus: without saying any words at all .
( craddle )  -  for the sender’s muse to hold the receiver’s muse at their last moments .
( sleep )  -  for our muses to have sex as a goodbye .
( wait )  -  for the sender’s muse to stop the receiver’s muse from leaving because they have something they want to say to them . 
( day )  -  for our muses to spent a last day together before going their seperate ways .
( go )  -  for the sender’s muse to walk away from the receiver’s muse without saying anything. 
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cyarikaprompts · 11 months ago
𝐍𝐨𝐧-𝐒𝐞𝐱𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐜𝐭𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐀𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
𝐍𝐨𝐧-𝐒𝐞𝐱𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐜𝐭𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐀𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 prompts suitable for any romantic or platonic relationship rp or writing.
Please give this post a like or reblog if you decide to use any of these!
☆ ° • [ 𝐓𝐎𝐔𝐂𝐇 ] my muse touches a bruise on your muse’s body with concern
☆ ° • [ 𝐋𝐀𝐔𝐆𝐇 ] my muse tries to make yours laugh when they are sad
☆ ° • [ 𝐒𝐏𝐎𝐎𝐍 ] my muse cuddles up in bed to yours
☆ ° • [ 𝐃𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐄 ] my muse slow dances with your muse with no music playing
☆ ° • [ 𝐏𝐄𝐓 ] my muse lays your head in their lap and pets your muse’s hair
☆ ° • [ 𝐖𝐑𝐀𝐏 ] my muse wraps your muse up in a blanket
☆ ° • [ 𝐁𝐑𝐔𝐒𝐇 ] my muse brushes a strand of hair behind your muse’s ear
☆ ° • [ 𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐄 ] my muse laces their fingers with your muse’s, holding their hand
☆ ° • [ 𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐓 ] my muse sits by your muse’s bedside while they are sick/hurt
☆ ° • [ 𝐔𝐍𝐃𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐒 ] my muse removes wet clothes from your muse’s body
☆ ° • [ 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐎𝐊𝐄 ] my muse gently strokes your muse’s back/arm
☆ ° • [ 𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐃 ] my muse holds your muse after not having seen them for a while
‏‏☆ ° • [ 𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐄𝐋𝐃 ] my muse steps protectively in front of your muse
☆ ° • [ 𝐊𝐈𝐒𝐒 ] my muse kisses your muse’s forehead while they cry
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swcnbella · 6 months ago
❛  You're an absolutely stunning, murderous little creature. ❜
❛  Fear and bravery are often one and the same. ❜
❛ Death is like an old friend who pays a visit, sometimes when it’s least expected and other times when you’re waiting for her.  ❜
❛ That doesn’t make any death less harsh or unforgiving.  ❜
❛ With my sword and with my life, I vow to keep you safe. ❜
❛ From this moment until the last moment, I am yours.  ❜
❛ Promise me you won't forget this. That no matter what happens tomorrow, the next day, next week, you won't forget this, forget that this was real.  ❜
❛ Truths do not always set one free. Only a fool who has spent their entire life being fed lies believes that.  ❜
❛ You’re such a bad influence. ❜
❛ Only the bad can be influenced. ❜
❛ Nothing is ever simple. And when it is, it's rarely every worth it.  ❜
❛ When you listen to me, I think the stars will fall.  ❜
❛ The next time you go out, wear better shoes and thicker clothing.  ❜
❛ I don’t care what you are. I care about who you are. ❜
❛ Bravery and strength do not equal goodness.  ❜
❛ You deserve so much more than what awaits you.  ❜
❛ You are so incredibly violent. It still turns me on. ❜
❛ Would you love to hear that I really like you?  ❜
❛ Would you be sad if I said no?  ❜
❛ There was nothing worth remembering.  ❜
❛ Now you insult me after throwing a dagger at my face?  ❜
❛ You've wounded my tender feelings.  ❜
❛ I came back for you, and you weren't there.  ❜
❛ I have a feeling that if there’s something you want badly enough, nothing will stop you.  ❜
❛ Never cave to panic. If you do, you die.  ❜
❛ I love how you lie. ❜
❛ I will bathe in your blood and feast on your entrails.  ❜
❛ And what do you think you need to protect me from in here? An unruly bedpost I might stub my toe on?   ❜
❛ Are you done talking yet? Or are you too afraid that I might actually beat you, so you won’t shut up?  ❜
❛ They still deserve dignity in death.  ❜
❛ They were wrong, but that doesn’t make this right. ❜
❛ Just one kiss? You can learn a wealth of things from just one kiss. ❜
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rpfunstuff · 7 months ago
Lady Dimitrescu Sentence Starters
“A rat can't run from the dragon's claws!”
“Ah, such a nimble little mouse ”
“Come now, don't be shy. Show me your terror!”
“Exactly how much do you plan on annoying me?”
“Flesh, bones, I will devour all of you!”
“Fresh blood! If only I had fresh blood!”
“Give me your blood...now!”
“Hm. Starting to go a little stale.”
“I need your flesh!”
“I'll eat you up, every last morsel!”
“Not enough blood! More! More blood!”
“Rest while you can, because I will hunt you, and I will break you!”
“Running will get you nowhere!”
“Shall I drink your blood fresh, or slice your neck and let it spill out first?”
“You certainly are persistent.”
“You ungrateful, selfish wretch! You come into MY house-”
“You wouldn't know responsibility if it was welded into that hammer!”
“You've got nowhere else to go.”
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soulmemes · 12 months ago
send in " it's okay. i got you... " for your muse to invite my muse in to sleep with them for the night after my muse has a particularly bad nightmare.
alternatively, send in " i'm sorry... do you mind if i sleep in here? " for my muse to react to your muse waking in the middle of the night after a particularly bad nightmare.
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buzzin-rp-memes · 10 months ago
Protective Friends Starters
Requested by: @naosh-of-muses
Feel free to change however you see fit!
TW: Some of these lines may not demonstrate healthy friendships/relationships
“Are they bothering you?”
“Don’t worry, I got your back.”
“You really had me worried.”
“Hey! Don’t do that!”
“I’m just.. worried about you, okay?”
“Hey, what happened to you?”
“I’m here to listen if you need to.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll deal with them.”
“I’d fight for you.”
“Is that the person who broke your heart?”
“You know I’d do anything for you.”
“Watch out!”
“I’m sorry, I’m just tired of seeing you get hurt over and over again by the same idiot.”
“Let me walk with you, something’s off about him/her/them.”
“Alright, so who made you cry?”
“Who do I need to punch?”
“You’re worried about me? I’ve been worried about you!”
“What did he/she/they do to you?!”
“You should eat something!”
“Want some advice?”
“Here, let me help you out.”
“Your parents giving you trouble again? You can stay over at my place.”
“You can spend the night at my place if you’re still worried.”
“Stay behind me.”
“You don’t look so good.”
“I’m not jealous! I’m just concerned.”
“You need to be more careful!”
“What are you doing? That’s not safe!”
“Hey, they call me the mom friend for a reason.”
“They’re not worth your time.”
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