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#sentence starters
screnwriter · 2 days ago
Do you have any prompts of oblivious people realising they have fallen in love?
Idiots in love prompts
“ you really don’t see it, do you? “
“ if there’s nothing going on between the two of you, you don’t mind if i ask her out, do you? “
“ you flat out just admitted you have feelings for me. “
“ i think i'm falling in love with you. “
“ is that really all she is to you? just a friend? “ [beat] “ you’re so full of shit. “
“ come on, you’re in love with her. “
“ it doesn’t take an idiot to figure it out. “
“ i wanted to kiss you. i've been wanting to kiss you for quite a while. “
“ it’s not like i’ve fantasized about you or anything… “
“ friends don’t talk about each other that way. “
“ you said i had nice lips. who says that? “
“ it’s just an innocent kiss. “
“ friends kiss each other all the time, right? “
“ it’s easy to confuse feelings for something they aren’t, especially when eye-contact is involved. “
“ you're still hung up on derek. “ “ derek? my asshole ex? “
“ if you refuse to make a move, i'll ask her out for you. “
“ man, fuck that guy. go show her what she’s missing. “
“ just put us all out of our misery and admit it already. “
“ you were practically made for each other. “
“ she shut me down last time, remember? “
“ you’re in denial. “ “ i am not in denial! “
“ look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t feel something for me. “
“ do you have a crush on me, or something? “
“ are you asking me out? “ “ no, i mean yes, maybe, as… friends? “
“ don’t let this one go. he’s perfect for you. “
“ do you think that this, us… do you think it could ever… be something more? “
“ you're everything i ever wanted, but i don’t want to lose you as a friend. “
“ i’m worried that if i go there with you.... things are never going to be the same. “
“ you know that’s not the case. i adore you. “
“ you’re more than just friends. it’s obvious. “
“ of course i love you. we’ve been friends for ages. “
“ grow some balls and be honest with her. “
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nightprompts · a day ago
&. 𝐡𝐢𝐭 '𝐞𝐦 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐢𝐭 𝐡𝐮𝐫𝐭𝐬 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬.
(  more  angst  to  devastate  your  writing  partners.  metaphorically.  )
❛ you’re a weapon, and weapons don’t weep. ❜
❛ you can’t save everyone. ❜
❛ it should have been you. ❜
❛ did i do good? ❜
❛ i’m sorry that i can’t save you. ❜
❛ wait for me, will you? ❜
❛ i can’t lose you again! ❜
❛ you were dead, i saw you die. ❜
❛ we won’t forget each other, right? ❜
❛ i’m real. i’m here. ❜
❛ you already know how this will end. ❜
❛ it’s always my fault, isn’t it? ❜
❛ i don’t want to go. ❜
❛ can you remember how you died? ❜
❛ i love you, but you’re not mine. ❜
❛ have you ever lost someone? ❜
❛ i didn’t ask to get made. ❜
❛ you’re as beautiful as the day i lost you. ❜
❛ i never meant to hurt you. ❜
❛ is it really you? ❜
❛ their blood is on your hands. ❜
❛ it would have been better to die. ❜
❛ i’m not ready to lose you yet. ❜
❛ i wish i met you sooner. ❜
❛ let’s just stay here. grow old. ❜
❛ you’re the first friend i ever had. ❜
❛ i told you not to fall in love with me. ❜
❛ you always push people away. i just thought you’d never do it to me. ❜
❛ everyone i’ve cared about has either died of left me. except for you. ❜
❛ i know i have a heart because i can feel it breaking. ❜
❛ they’re not coming back. ❜
❛ i’m sorry, have we met? ❜
❛ in my dreams, we’re still together. ❜
❛ you’re the one good thing left in this world. ❜
❛ i hate the way that i don’t hate you. ❜
❛ it’s okay. you can let go. ❜
❛ you mean nothing to me. ❜
❛ we’re on our own now. ❜
❛ you can’t kill me, i’m not alive. ❜
❛ it wasn’t supposed to end like this. ❜
❛ do you remember when we first met? ❜
❛ we’ll see each other again. ❜
❛ there’s nothing you could have done. ❜
❛ we did it. we won. ❜
❛ let’s not go back. not ever. ❜
❛ thanks for playing with me. ❜
❛ why does it feel like this is goodbye? ❜
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screnprompts · 17 hours ago
spicy first time prompts
18+ prompts. Minors dni
“ you're so beautiful. “ “ i look disgusting. “ “ no. you're beautiful. “
“ you're... wow. “
“ you know, when you said you were good at sex... thought you were being cocky. “
“ you did great. “ “ thanks. “
“ you sure you're ready? “
“ actually, i can't wait to have sex with you. “
“ you sure you're a virgin? because you sure know what you're doing... “
“ a virgin from Virginia? “ “ that's not even remotely funny. seriously. “
“ tonight is about you. i want to make it memorable. “
“ how far do you want to go tonight? “
“ if it's any consolation... i'm glad it's with you. “
“ i told you, tonight is about you. you don't owe me anything. “
“ you're safe with me, you know that right? “
“ we're not going too fast? “ “ quite the opposite, actually. we’re going too slow. “
“ i can't touch that thing. “ “ it doesn't bite. promise. “
“ i think we've waited long enough. “
“ i want you. all of you. tonight. “
“ you're the best one i've ever had. “ “ i'm the only one you've had. “ “ exactly. “
“ are you sure you want to do this? “
“ comments? suggestions? “ [pause] “ speechless? even better. “
“ use your fingers. “ “ seriously? “
“ i'm not touching it. should i touch it? “
“ you have more experience than me. “ “ so bend over. “
“ you haven't had sex in god knows how long, and you think i'm gonna shove that thing inside you first thing i do? “
“ i'm not scared of having sex, it's more of... that, thing, being inside me. “
“ god, i'm such a prude... “
“ you can say dick, you know. “
“ i need to process what the fuck just happened... “
“ was that sex? “ “ i think so, yeah. “
“ don't treat me like a virgin. “
“ i just want to get this over and done with. “
“ that was great. but i think i need more practice. you know, just to be sure. “
“ tonight, i'll take care of you. tomorrow, we'll fight for control. “
“ i don't want this to be a planned thing. i want it to happen naturally. “
“ unless you give me a clear answer, i'm not touching you. do you want this or not? “
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poohsources · a day ago
🐝  *  ―  𝐅𝐎𝐔𝐑  𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐃  𝐒𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄  𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒.   (  all  of  these  are  just  some  random  sentences  i  thought  could  be  fun  to  use.  feel  free  to  adjust  to  better  fit  your  muses.  )
❛  are you kidding me ?  ❜ ❛  at least you tried.  ❜ ❛  can i kiss you ?  ❜ ❛  come and make me.  ❜ ❛  did you hear that ?  ❜ ❛  don’t give up now.  ❜ ❛  don’t lie to me.  ❜ ❛  don’t listen to them.  ❜ ❛  for once, shut up !  ❜ ❛  have you told them ?  ❜ ❛  i can’t help you.  ❜ ❛  i care about you.  ❜ ❛  i don’t believe you.  ❜ ❛  i didn’t mean that.  ❜ ❛  i had no idea.  ❜ ❛  i’m here for you.  ❜ ❛  i’m not giving up.  ❜ ❛  i need your help.  ❜ ❛  i’ll try my best.  ❜ ❛  i’ll never forget you.  ❜ ❛  i’m proud of you.  ❜ ❛  it’s my turn now.  ❜ ❛  i’ve made a mistake.  ❜ ❛  sometimes, life really sucks.  ❜ ❛  stay with me, please.  ❜ ❛  story of my life.  ❜ ❛  tell me the truth !  ❜ ❛  thanks but no thanks.  ❜ ❛  thank you ... for everything.  ❜ ❛  to hell with it.  ❜ ❛  wait, are you serious ?  ❜ ❛  wanna talk about it ?  ❜ ❛  we’ll get through this.  ❜ ❛  what’s wrong with you ?  ❜ ❛  what did i do ?  ❜ ❛  what do you think ?  ❜ ❛  when will it stop ?  ❜ ❛  where did you go ?  ❜ ❛  will you marry me ?  ❜ ❛  you can’t just leave.  ❜ ❛  you could’ve been hurt !  ❜ ❛  you don’t trust me.  ❜ ❛  you don’t wanna know.  ❜ ❛  you lied to me.  ❜ ❛  you’re jealous, aren’t you ?  ❜
Tumblr media
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try-a-prompt · a day ago
1. I'm not losing you again
2. You know, it hurt when I realized that you weren't in love with me. But, nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her/him/them
3. You left without saying goodbye. I hate you for that.
4. You hate me and I don't know why.
5. I don't even know what's wrong with me anymore
6. Sometimes forever doesn't necessarily mean forever
7. You were thinking about someone else while we were making love, weren't you
8. The truth is, I was only using you
9. I was willing to stay here with you until the end, but it was you who told me to stay away
10. I don't know what a peaceful nights sleep is like anymore
11. I can't do this anymore. These nightmares have to stop.
12. There was so much blood.
13. Nobody's coming to save you.
14. I need to show you something...
15. I can't believe you kept it a secret this long. How has no one noticed?
16. Everyone thinks I should stay away from you because you're dangerous.
17. His/she/they blue eyes had more darkness than any brown eyes I had ever seen
18. You become dangerous when you learn how to control your feelings
19. Never again will I be gentle. I will be bloodied knuckles and scuffed elbows. I will remain tough.
20. You haven't seen my bad side yet.
21. What a lovely way to burn.
22. You have no claim over me.
23. And then she/he/they said to herself/himself/their self, "Stop being so weak. Grow up and get over it' and then she/he/they never felt anything again.
24. I see your face everywhere. Don't you get that?
25. I didn't think it would end this way.
26. It's killing me to see you go.
27. I wasn't enough for you, I think you've made that clear.
28. Life is just simpler when you're gone.
29. I think it's best if you stay away. I don't want to be around you right now.
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giggly-squiggily · 2 days ago
“What was that?” Lee!Hawks/Ler Dabi. This sentence starter is for the wonderful @theneondemon-2020! They’ve requested some good ol’ Dabihawks, and I really wanted a reason to write for them! :3 I hope you like it friend!
“What was that?” Dabi blinked, pausing as he heard what sounded to be a-
“Nothing! That was nothing!” Hawks blurted, cheeks red with embarrassment. When did he start making that noise?
“No, that was certainly something…” Dabi looked down at the winged hero curiously. They were currently cuddling in Hawk’s bed. The flame user had noticed the other was shivering, so he slid his hand beneath the other's shirt to warm him up. He must have been too light with his touch.
Curiosity won over, and he let his hand drag over the other’s stomach once more, curling his fingers gently. Once again, Hawks squirmed, that same giggly chirp breaking from his lips. “Oh my god, you chirp?” Dabi grinned, all attempts at being subtle gone at this new discovery.
“Shush! I do nohhahhahahhahaat!” Hawks’ words were cut off when Dabi started vibrating his hand against the other’s belly, curling and clawing his fingers gently against the warm skin. Hawks jerked back into him, teeth gritted into a growing smile as he fought down the growing noises. “D-Dahahahabi! Stahhahahp it!” He grunted, his hand coming down to loosely grasp his wrist.
“Not until I hear it. Come on, pretty bird.” Dabi had him pinned beneath him in seconds, both hands coming to the other's stomach to tickle. “Sing me a pretty song.”
“Dabihihihihiihihihihihiihihihihi!” Hawks gave up on trying to fight it, throwing his head back as musical laughter filled the room. Between each bout, Dabi could hear the soft chirp like giggles making their presence known. They were sweet sounding.
“Ohhohohohoohohokay! *chiirp* *chirp* Ohhohohoohohohkay! Stahahhahahhahap!” Hawks cried, reaching up and tapping Dabi’s chest twice. Immediately Dabi stopped, pulling his hands away and resting himself so he was still ontop of his boyfriend, leaning into his elbows and watching the other recover. “Ehe….hehehe….y-you’re awfuhuhuhll..” Hawks groaned, earning a laugh. “And you’re adorable. Why have I never learned this little discovery before?”
Hawks looked away, a rare look of insecurity crossing his features. Dabi’s cheeky grin faded for a look of concern. “Babe?”
“I....god, it’s embarrassing. But...I that..when I feel happy.” Hawks admitted, avoiding Dabi’s eyes like the plague. “You make me feel safe.” He blushed, closing his eyes. “God, now you think I’m weird, huh?”
There was silence, and then a gentle hand guided Hawks eyes back to Dabi’s. “Farthest thing from weird, pretty bird.” There was such warmth in those blue irises. There was something in his smile Hawks couldn’t quite put to words, but when Dabi leaned down and kissed him, his lips gentle, it told him everything he needed to know.
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made-by-jade-222 · 7 hours ago
"Your back is so ticklish, it's ridiculous" tododeku, lee todoroki please 💞💛
“Your back is so ticklish, it’s ridiculous,” Izuku said as he rubbed a saave on his boyfriend’s aching back.
Todoroki had gone a little crazy in the gym that week, rushing to do some extra training since he felt he was falling behind and spending too much time on his studies. He put a lot of stress on his back, and later fell asleep in the sun in a hammock, getting a nasty sunburn on his shoulders.
Izuku had already rubbed aloe on his poor shoulders, giving him a kiss on his hair and murmuring about his poor baby being all sunburned and in pain. Then he proceeded to rub a cooling-warming salve on his aching back to help him feel better. The aches were minor, so he wouldn’t be sore for more than a day or two, but the gesture was appreciated, and the salve felt great. There was only one problem.
Todoroki’s back was very, very ticklish.
“Gah! It’s not like I can help it! AaaiiiEEE!” Todoroki shrieked. “Ehehehehe! Be cahahahahareful!”
“I’m trying!” Izuku said, laughing a little. “Now hold still!”
Todoroki huffed and tried to stay still, even though his boyfriend’s nimble gentle fingers tickled like crazy.
Suddenly, Izuku burst out laughing.
“What?” Todoroki asked.
“I’m ehehehehehe! I’m putting icy hot on icy hot! Ahahahahahahahaha!”
Todoroki snorted. “Oh, you’re the worst,” he said, an amused smile on his face.
“Ehehehehe! Oh, lighten up!” Izuku teased, now starting to actually tickle him.
Todoroki drummed his feet on the bed, not able to move much because if he rolled over, he’d get the gel all over his covers and make a huge mess. “Pffft! Ahahahahahaha! Nohohohohoho!”
“Ehehehe! Tickle, tickle!” Izuku teased, tracing shapes and relishing in the little squeals of laughter he got in response.
Todoroki giggled, then shrieked when Izuku got to his lower spot. “AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
“Ooh, good spot?”
“Hehe, tickle, tickle!”
Izuku giggled as he spidered his fingers up and down his boyfriends spine, occasionally digging in and scribbling into one spot, being careful not to hurt or aggravate his aches and pains.
“Tickle, tickle, tickle! I forgot how ticklish your back is!” Izuku remarked, still going to town, enjoying the wonderful sound of Todoroki’s hysterical laughter. “I should tickle you here more often!”
“Well so are my hips but you go for them every time!”
“It’s a bit late for that,” Izuku teased, “Though you know I’m not mad and I really don’t mind. Ehehe! It just tickles a lot! Speaking of tickles, here’s some more for you in this tickle, tickle, ticklish spot! Tickletickletickletickle!”
“You want me to stop?” Izuku asked, pausing at the desperation in his boyfriend’s voice and laughter.
Izuku let up and went back to rubbing in the salve. “Alright, alright,” he relented with a chuckle. “Thank you for telling me. Now, let’s finish this up and get you feeling better.”
“Mmmm...that’s...much better,” Todoroki sighed. “Huh…”
“You know what?”
“I feel a lot better actually,” Todoroki said. “I think the tickling helped. Pffft!”
Izuku snorted. “Oh my gosh,” he said. “That’s hilarious.”
“Eeep! Hey, don’t start,” Todoroki warned as he felt a single finger swipe up his back.
“Or what?” Izuku asked.
Todoroki smirked. He knew that tone. His boyfriend was in a playful mood, and wouldn’t leave him alone till he took care of it.
He sat up with a grunt and quickly pinned Izuku on his stomach in the same position he’d been in.
“Is your back okay?” was the first question Izuku asked, not concerned with his impending ticklish doom.
“Oof,” Todoroki said, wincing a little and rubbing it for a second. “Hurts, but only a little. I’ll be fine.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure, Izu. My back is fine.”
“Okay good.”
“But yours won’t be.”
“W-wha? Ahahahahaha! Nohohohoho!”
“Tickle, tickle, tickle!”
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hmnbd · a day ago
christmas/new years dialogue prompts 🎄
happy holidays! I've been quite busy lately, but I wanted to do something to celebrate this time of the year, so here are 25 dialogue prompts inspired by christmas, new years, and all things around the holidays. feel free to use them on your fics, wips, rps or whatever else you wish, just as they are or edit them to fit your muses/characters better. whether you celebrate it or not, I hope your year ends on a positive note and that 2022 brings you nothing but joy and love. happy writing!
"you really thought I wouldn't see you spreading mistletoe around the house? I'll kiss you if you just ask"
"my hands might be cold, but I promise my hugs are warm! I missed you so much, come here!"
"my only resolution is to love you even more next year"
"you will never guess what I got you as a gift! okay, fine I'll tell-"
"yes, new years is just people celebrating another lap around the sun, but it was another lap around the sun with you. it was special!"
"did you just glue a picture of me on the star and put it on the top of the tree, oh my-"
"should you ever need a family to spend the holidays with, there's always room for one more in my house"
"in my defense, no one bothered to tell me santa wasn't real until I was like 15"
"I don't need any gifts now that I have you by my side"
"see? I told you running in the snow at midnight was fun!"
*points* "this gingerbread man is me. this one is you. and I know the house looks wonky but I promise our future home will be better than this!"
"will you give me the honor of being your first new year's kiss?"
"I absolutely despise ugly christmas sweaters. this one, though? I'll wear it even on my birthday, just because you made it yourself"
"no, I never really had any special tradition for the holidays while growing up. how about we start our own?"
"I don't know if the champagne has me seeing stars, but you look more beautiful than ever right now"
"it's so nice celebrating with you tonight. thank you for coming"
"your nose is red from the cold! you look like a cute little reindeer"
"I know you said you didn't care for gifts but I wanna spoil you, so deal with it"
"how about some hot chocolate by the fireplace? you look like you could use a break from your family"
"happy new year to you, my dear! and here's to another year of being by your side"
"you said not to buy you any gifts, so I made you a gift instead. come here and let me wrap you in this scarf, it's gonna look so nice on you!"
"these people are boring me to death. wanna go shopping for a christmas tree instead?"
"I actually know how to play jingle bells on the piano. wanna listen?"
"I just realized I get to celebrate this with you every year. I'm so lucky"
"you know what would make me really happy? to wake up at 7 am tomorrow just to go outside and build a snowman before everyone else wakes up"
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Tumblr media
»        song lyrics that make me emotional, part 6           our first mistake edition!           tw: alcohol, long post.  
❝ sometimes, when i look at you, i don't know why you'd wait. ❞
❝ i've always had all the answers, now i don't have a clue. ❞
❝ some nights when the clouds are thick and the wind starts to blow, i stare out my window wondering where i will go. ❞
❝ i turn the light out, under the covers, all i think of is you. ❞
❝ say the word, and i just might listen. ❞
❝ loving you should be easier. ❞
❝ say the word, and i might have to stay. ❞
❝ i don't know why i tremble when you reach for my hand. ❞
❝ i didn't know how to love until you swept me away. ❞
❝ just tell me when. ❞
❝ tell me, i'm ready now. ❞
❝ every five and a half minutes, the universe expands four miles. ❞
❝ i may not ever catch my breath no matter how i try. ❞
❝ all we are's 100 trillion cells, 206 bones, 5 quarts of blood, 45 miles of nerves, and 100,000 hairs, and too many organs, and 60,000 miles of arteries. ❞
❝ i've seen this scene some years ago. ❞
❝ feels like it's some old movie. ❞
❝ there won't ever be a science of the way you find or keep or measure love. ❞
❝ let me catch my breath. ❞
❝ this is really hard. ❞
❝ if i start to look like i'm sweating, well... that's cause i am. ❞
❝ i'm not good with words, but that's nothing new. ❞
❝ run away with me. ❞
❝ let me be your ride out of town. ❞
❝ let me be the place that you hide. ❞
❝ we can make our lives on the go. ❞
❝ let's go anywhere. ❞
❝ get the car packed and throw me the key. ❞
❝ [name], i know it's fast. i'm in love with you. ❞
❝ [name], it's crazy, but [name], i'm crazier for you. ❞
❝ i have these plans, [name], i have these plans of a house that we build on a bay when we run away. ❞
❝ i'm not trying to tie you down. ❞
❝ i'm just saying there might be a life here, a new one. ❞
❝ say the word and i'm already there! ❞
❝ it's not a love story. ❞
❝ why today? ❞
❝ we didn't speak. ❞
❝ you say goodbye, but do you really know it's over? ❞
❝ you go along, thinking that things like this never change. and then they go and change. ❞
❝ why does it keep coming back to one dark second? ❞
❝ we go on demanding more. ❞
❝ we only wanted more, unending, more. ❞
❝ i'd have you, you'd have me. ❞
❝ maybe if we hadn't skipped physics, we'd know everything has a decay. ❞
❝ we hadn't learned yet that each romance has a last day. ❞
❝ this was just another night. ❞
❝ somehow there's still sunlight. ❞
❝ there was a time when you were sure some things never change... but that can also change. ❞
❝ sorry, i'm sleepy. another night. ❞
❝ i won't look. ❞
❝ it's you again. ❞
❝ screw you and all your stupid rules! ❞
❝ are you alone? ❞
❝ are you dancing by yourself? ❞
❝ i'm out here. alive here. ❞
❝ this is how it feels to fall in love. ❞
❝ this is how it feels to fall: the weakness, the sadness, the sirens, the madness. the pounding in your chest, like you're racing the streets in an ambulance. ❞
❝ i'm watching you. ❞
❝ i see you, in her face, in every face. ❞
❝ is that your scheme? ❞
❝ i'm so sick of parties. ❞
❝ i'm so sick of being drunk. ❞
❝ yes, it is weak, but there's nothing left to lose. ❞
❝ time is passing but we're still drinking. ❞
❝ life is passing us by, we're drinking last week's alcohol. ❞
❝ house parties are proof the world runs to chaos. ❞
❝ don't talk. ❞
❝ i'm sorry. ❞
❝ i'm scared of this. ❞
❝ well, i'm scared too. ❞
❝ it happens every now and then. ❞
❝ i hear the words i need to hear. ❞
❝ my heart is split between home and here. ❞
❝ i'm cut in half. ❞
❝ i live in between my porch back at home and this strange new world i knit. ❞
❝ my heart is split. ❞
❝ i read nonstop to quell the absence. ❞
❝ i drink too much. ❞
❝ i fall in love too fast. ❞
❝ nothing's gone but nothing's lasting. ❞
❝ your childhood's on the other side of a sprawling divide. ❞
❝ take a silent breath. ❞
❝ tell yourself you still live here. ❞
❝ take your bags upstairs. ❞
❝ it's the only way you'll get through today. ❞
❝ count the hours. ❞
❝ take a shower. ❞
❝ wash yourself away. ❞
❝ the house is pulsing with an alien heartbeat. ❞
❝ was it always here but you never listened? ❞
❝ put away your clothes. ❞
❝ take it nice and slow. ❞
❝ nobody knows how to return home. ❞
❝ there's no written guidelines. ❞
❝ you still share a name, but you're not the same. ❞
❝ don't fight it. ❞
❝ don't hide it. ❞
Tumblr media
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rawrmeansmemes · 15 hours ago
A generic sunday meme.
“Can’t we just sleep in today?” “Only if I get to hold you all day while we do.”
“It’s a crossword puzzle. It’s not that difficult.” “We all can’t be geniuses. Give me that croissant.”
“Are we having brunch with my parents?” “You’re having brunch with your parents. I’m playing Donkey Kong in my pajamas.”
“Stop kissing all over my face” “Never, I love this face.”
“You’re adorable wearing those bunny slippers.” “Get it right, that’s Bugs.” “Wow I am an uncultured swine.”
“Your hands are cold.” “Here I was giving you a free massage and all you can say is my hands are cold.” “You are so right.” *sticks cold foot in face* “We’re even”
“Are you filming me?” “It’s for Tiktok.” *screeches* “Babe, no, this can’t go on tiktok.”
“Would you still love me if i was a vampire?” “No, I’d probably have to stake you in the heart. Sorry. I don’t mess with the undead.” “The hell?!”
“You purr when I stroke your hair.” “I am not a kitten.” “Rude, you are my kitten.”
“Why are you wearing that?” “It’s yours.” “Okay but that is so old. It’s gonna fall apart.” “Just cause things fall apart doesn’t mean that they aren’t good.”
“I know it’s raining. But you know how I get when we play monopoly.” “Well yeah, but i’d rather you rage quit in the middle of this than me have to freeze in the rain.” “You said you loved that.” “No, I said I loved you.”
“This will define our relationship” “Whatever it is, It’s Sunday and I don’t answer difficult questions until Monday.” “That’s such an out.” “Well, then pay me with kisses and I’ll answer whatever.”
“No, but this movie isn’t that bad.” “It’s the worst, baby. please.” “No, I refuse to say that.” 
“Let me ask you something. Would you live forever if you could?” “Depends, what’s the conditions?” “You gotta eat nothing but fish fillets for eternity” “I’ll just die.”
“Doctor Strange isn’t boring. You’re just a snob.” “Or maybe it’s boring and you just like that cumberdoodle guy too much.” “I do not.” “Our bedroom ceiling says otherwise.”
*pouting* “I want kisses.” “No, you said my nose looked like Rudolph's.” 
“It’s midnight.” “Yeah, I’m trying to sleep.” “It’s sunday though.” “Not until 9am it isn’t.”
“You know when I taught you what yeet meant, I didn’t think that meant you would yeet yourself at me.” “I’m laying on you and you are gonna deal with it.”
“It’s a sunny SUNday. So we are going to plant outside.” “Whats the opposite of a green thumb? I have that. I just kill plants.” 
“Do you think we will get married?” “I don’t know. Why?” “Because, I think that Princess Peach and Mario should. So we should.” “No. What?”
“Riddle me this, which Batman is your favorite.” “It’s 3 am.” “If you say Clooney, we break up.”
“Do you think I had a bad childhood.” “Yes.” “That was mean.” “You asked.”
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leneemusing · 2 months ago
prompts for emotionally stunted idiots
because my friends muses need therapy. will they get it? absolutely not. 
“  yeah i’m pissed off but i’d rather not talk about it.  that’s why you’re the one i came to.  ”
“  i’m not looking for a friend.  i’m looking for someone just as angry as i am.  ”
“  i’m not good at caring about people’s shit on purpose.  ”
“  i’m not gonna ask if ‘you’re okay’ cause that’s fuckin’ annoying.  you wanna get the hell out of here and do something?  ”  
 “  i don’t wanna talk about it. you got a beer?  ”  
“  upset?  why would i be upset?  ”
“  so you wanna go find something to break?  ”  
“  hey you want me to kill that guy for you?  ”
“  i just need to get this shit done.  and i trust you to help me do that.  ”  
“  you’re hot.  and i’m bored.  ”  
“  can we just have some meaningless sex we can both pretend didn’t happen tomorrow morning?  ”
“  i can think of at least a dozen people that need killing.  or a light beating.  will that cheer you up?  ”
“  i’ve a got job and i think you’d be the perfect fit.  so you in?  ”
“  yeah i don’t do the whole crying thing.  give me something to stab and i’ll be good in a day or two.  ”
“  i banged it out and now i feel great.  next question.  ”
“  if i think about it,  i get angry.  and i don’t know where that anger stops.  so i’d rather not start at all.  ”
“  if you’re gonna stay here you can’t be sober so either take the fruity beer or the shitty wine or let me be vibe in peace.  ”
“  how much insect essence do you think are in every square inch of chocolate? like just how many cockroach guts have i consumed with my hershey’s? ” 
“  you should’ve seen the look on their face.  it’s been so long since i’ve made someone that fuckin’ angry it was great.  ” 
“  i have this neighbor who keeps playing driver’s license at 10 a.m. every morning and i’m starting to question if it’s a sixteen year old getting over a breakup or a 36 year old trying to reclaim their childhood. at this point the mystery is the only thing keeping me going.  ”
“  do i trust you?  absolutely not.  next question.  ”
“  if i don’t get a nap in the next hour i’ll probably murder someone.  ”
“  you’re getting that look in your eyes like you’re about to ask me what’s wrong so i’m gonna save us both the awkwardness of finding an excuse to leave and just go now.  ”
“  i’m here to raid your fridge cause my date went really bad and all i’ve had is lukewarm water and breadsticks.  ”
“  i’m making a fake tinder profile to see how gullible guys are, wanna help?  ”   
“  hey i got something for you look!  ”   *holds up middle finger* 
“  why are you really here?  ”
“  i’m not leaving until you tell me what the fuck is going on.  ”
“  you can’t solve every problem with your fists.  ”  
“  i’m not here to talk about me.  what the hell is going on with you?  ”
“  you think i don’t notice but i do.  i can tell something’s wrong.  ”   
“  i can see beneath your smile.  ”
“  why won’t you just tell me the truth?  ”
“  what are you hiding? and don’t you dare try to lie to me. ”
“  what the hell did you do?  ”
“  so are we gonna talk about it or are we gonna pretend nothing’s wrong here?  ”
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screnwriter · 16 hours ago
i love you starters
“ i've fallen helplessly in love with you. “
“ but i love you, name. you. “
“ i love you, okay? “
“ i fucking love you. “
“ come on, i love you. “
“ my love, you've captured my heart in ways beyond comprehension. “
“ i love you. more than anything else on this planet. “
“ okay, maybe i am foolishly in love. “
“ i love you so much. “
“ sometimes, yeah, i might love you too much. “
“ i love you. “ “ say that again. “ “ i love you. “
“ you are the woman that i love. “
“ i love you so much it hurts. “
“ i need you to know how much i love you. “
“ it's okay. i love you. “
“ you're cute when you're all sappy and in love. “
“ i love you more than i ever thought was humanly possible. “
“ i'm very much in love with you. “
“ i love you. and i will do so forever. “
“ regardless of what happens tonight, i want you to know that i love you, okay? “
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nightprompts · 2 months ago
&. 𝐬𝐮𝐛𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐬𝐦𝐮𝐭 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬.
(  smut  /  nsfw  implied  sentence  starters  with  not  so  vulgar  language.  )
❛ i’ve been thinking about you all day. ❜
❛ you can kiss me, you know. ❜
❛ how badly do you want me? ❜
❛ i can’t get enough of you. ❜
❛ i’ve never done something like this before. ❜
❛ i like being close to you. you’re warm. ❜
❛ you look good like this. ❜
❛ you look like you were jealous. ❜
❛ i’m not jealous. ❜
❛ shh. there’s people in the other room. ❜
❛ say you want me, and i’m yours. ❜ 
❛ i won’t bite. unless you’re into that sort of thing. ❜
❛ i’m not wearing any underwear. thought you’d like to know. ❜
❛ would you like to go somewhere a little more private? ❜
❛ i’ll take care of you. ❜
❛ there’s so many things i wanna do to you. ❜
❛ take off your clothes. ❜
❛ i’m going to ruin you. ❜
❛ show me how much you missed me. ❜
❛ is this okay? ❜
❛ you know you love me. ❜
❛ i want you to feel good. ❜
❛ make me. ❜
❛ i want this. ❜
❛ come back to bed. ❜
❛ you’re such a tease. ❜
❛ want me to model these for you? ❜
❛ we have to make this quick. ❜
❛ what are you looking at? ❜
❛ it’s hot when you talk back. ❜
❛ you don’t have to be gentle. i won’t break. ❜
❛ don’t you know what you’re doing to me? ❜
❛ i really want to kiss you right now. ❜
❛ this is a one time thing. ❜
❛ you know where to find me. ❜
❛ did i say you could stop? ❜
❛ you’re soaked. let me grab you a towel. ❜
❛ i want to see you. ❜
❛ are you wearing my shirt? ❜
❛ no ones here. we can be as loud as we want. ❜
❛ you look good with my hands around your throat. ❜
❛ i’ll be good, i promise. ❜
❛ you’re really good at that. ❜
❛ shut up and kiss me already. ❜
❛ you better watch your fucking mouth. ❜
❛ don’t mind me. just enjoying the view. ❜
❛ tell me what you want. ❜
❛ here’s my hotel room number. ❜
❛ you can be rough. i can take it. ❜
❛ and where do you think you’re going? ❜
❛ if you called just to get off on my voice, i’m hanging up. ❜
❛ i shouldn’t allow myself to get this close to you. ❜
❛ what if i hurt you? ❜
❛ you could never hurt me. ❜
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soulmemes · 7 months ago
simping softness prompts.
basically i got shippy and now there's these soft little prompts for romantic, platonic, and yearning situations!! use them at your leisure!
" you're shivering. here, take my jacket. "
" you... sorry, you just got a little something on your face... here, let me get it for you. "
" hey, so... i know you haven't been feeling great, so i picked up a few of your favorite snacks, drinks... "
" you stayed? "
" well, of course i stayed. you're here, where else would i be? "
" oh! i found this in the mall, i figured it might be something you'd like! "
" hey, everything's gonna be fine. stay where you are, i'm on my way. "
" wow... you look... you look amazing. "
" we should grab some coffee together, sometime. "
" holy crap, i thought you were dead! never do that to me again! "
" i made some breakfast, if you're hungry? "
" your hands are freezing! let me warm them up... "
" i knew you wouldn't go to sleep willingly, so i brought you some chamomile tea and a blanket. twenty minutes of shut-eye, okay? "
" it's okay. i promise you, i will be here when you wake up. "
" hey! hey, hey, it's alright! it's okay, my darling/friend/love, i'm here, i've got you... "
" i'll walk you home. "
" you need a lift? "
" i... sometimes, i guess i kinda wish you could see yourself through my eyes. "
" i see you still have my shirt! "
" i got starbucks. this is your favorite, isn't it? "
" you look like you could use a hug. "
" okay, quit it with the drinks. i think that's enough, hmm? i'll cover the tab, but for now, let's get you home... "
" i'm not letting you sleep on the couch. come on. get under the blankets. "
" i mean... i-i'm cool with sharing the bed if you are. "
" you were in a really bad way, i wasn't about to abandon you. "
" hey... you've been crying. "
" don't think i won't carry you if i have to! "
" of course i noticed. i notice everything about you. "
" i knew you wouldn't bring a jacket, so i made sure to color co-ordinate with you so you could wear mine on the way home. "
" please, talk to me... it kills me seeing you like this. "
" i got a reservation at that fancy italian place you like. come on. get ready, we can get there in time if we get dressed now! "
" he/she/they were an idiot. you're amazing, and if they can't see that, that's on them. "
" i'd happily go kick their arse, but i don't think that would help you. "
" you don't owe me anything. "
" i wish i could just freeze time. let this moment be forever. "
" i got you some flowers. but, if you have allergies, i also got fake flowers! just in case. "
" you realise you don't need to ask my permission, don't you? "
" what's mine is yours. always. "
" i don't know precisely what i did to earn your presence in my life, but... i'd do it a thousand times over if i knew what it was. "
" yes, these last few years have been a living hell, but... i'd live them a thousand times over if it meant you being safe and happy. "
" i don't care about everyone else! i care about you, [NAME]!"
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poohsources · 2 days ago
🐝  *  ―  𝐅𝐈𝐕𝐄  𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐃  𝐒𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄  𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒.   (  all  of  these  are  just  some  random  sentences  i  thought  could  be  fun  to  use.  feel  free  to  adjust  to  better  fit  your  muses.  )
❛  alright, you’ve won. happy now ?  ❜ ❛  are you sure you’re okay ?  ❜ ❛  can you say that again ?  ❜ ❛  come on, are you serious ?  ❜ ❛  do you come here often ?  ❜ ❛  don’t do this to me.  ❜ ❛  don’t leave me alone again.  ❜ ❛  forgive me. just this once.  ❜ ❛  go and never come back.  ❜ ❛  have you lost your mind ?  ❜ ❛  i already knew about that.  ❜ ❛  i can’t trust you anymore.  ❜ ❛  i did it for you.  ❜ ❛  i have to do this.  ❜ ❛  i think i’m in love.  ❜ ❛  i will wait for you.  ❜ ❛  i won’t let you down.  ❜ ❛  i’m always here for you.  ❜ ❛  is now a bad time ?  ❜ ❛  it’s okay. i’ve got you.  ❜ ❛  just pretend to be happy.  ❜ ❛  now what do we do ?  ❜ ❛  oh, don’t pretend you care.  ❜ ❛  please believe me for once.  ❜ ❛  probably not, but who knows ?  ❜ ❛  sometimes, you can be infuriating.  ❜ ❛  stop ! we can’t do this !  ❜ ❛  tell me what’s going on.  ❜ ❛  there’s nothing left to say.  ❜ ❛  this’ll be the last time.  ❜ ❛  we can’t keep doing this.  ❜ ❛  well, are you ready then ?  ❜ ❛  what are you talking about ?  ❜ ❛  what are you waiting for ?  ❜ ❛  where should we go next ?  ❜ ❛  why did you do it ?  ❜ ❛  will you go with me ?  ❜ ❛  you are everything to me.  ❜ ❛  you can talk to me.  ❜ ❛  you deserve to be happy.  ❜ ❛  you really have no idea.  ❜ ❛  you’re hot when you’re mad.  ❜ ❛  you’re going to be okay.  ❜ ❛  you’re out of your mind !  ❜ ❛  you’re stronger than you think.  ❜
Tumblr media
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soulprompts · 15 days ago
emotionally intense prompts.
idk my dudes i started listening to the etern.als theme music and now i have these things. bon appetit!
" i'd follow you to the ends of the universe, if you asked me to. "
" how bad is it this time? "
" we're the only thing standing between this world and its destruction. "
“ we could stop all of this... with just a thought/flick of my wrist. “
“ fair?! how is any of this fair?! “
“ do you truly believe that anything so little as a rule, or a law, might have stopped me from protecting you? “
" we have to fight. "
" we're not giving up. "
“ you. i’ll always and endlessly fight for you. “
“ i can wait a thousand lifetimes for you. “
" we've had a pretty good life. but maybe normalcy is a thing we're meant to protect, rather than enjoy. "
“ i don’t know if i can protect you any longer. “
“ we’ve seen what they’re capable of. now we need to retaliate. “
" if only the world knew what we do for them... "
" i'm sick and tired of being the one who has to make the sacrifices! "
" haven't we lost enough? "
" i'm tired. beyond tired... i am exhausted from the endless fighting. "
" things must be catastrophic if you're calling me at this hour. "
" this is what we've been waiting for. "
" i'd follow you to the bitter end; as i always have. "
" the time has come. "
" this is what we've been waiting for. "
" i thought we had more time.  i regret to confess... it appears that i was wrong. "
" don't let them control you, eh? "
" you're better than this. "
" everything's about to change... "
" do you truly think so little of me? "
" careful... you've never had to fight me before. "
" we need to leave. "
“ we’re a good team, you know. “
“ look around you. do you still truly see no reason for us to fight? “
“ we’re family. we don’t turn our backs on each other. “
" it's too late! let's go! "
" it wasn't your fault... "
" why are you doing this?! "
“ i’m sorry... “
" perhaps i don't say it enough, but... i'd like you to know that i'm always here, if you ever wanted to talk. "
" you/they will always be worth fighting for. "
“ don’t pretend like you understand. “
" tell me how i can fix this... "
" don't say it. "
" they're not worth saving. "
“ i am a god. you... you’re nothing. “
" well. for whatever it's worth, it's been a pleasure fighting alongside you. "
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giggly-squiggily · 2 days ago
OMG SENTENCE STARTERS ARE OPEN! Please write lee todoroki (with lers up to you but I do like rare pairs XD) I miss school field trips so probably the scenario is in a school bus? ANYWAY THANKS FOR OPENING THIS STARTERS IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME
Heyo anon! Oo, me too! School trips were so much fun!
So, awhile back I got a request for Sato and Todoroki; unfortunately requests were closed at the time so I couldn't do it; this is my redemption for the rare pair! :3 I hope you like it!
“Hey, do you want some?” Sato’s soft voice asked the duel haired student beside him. 1-A was going- somewhere. To be honest, he kinda forgot already what the trip entailed. He did remember it was gonna be a long drive, so he came prepared with snacks for everyone.
He had already passed out the treats for the rest of his class, even making something coffee flavored for their teacher. All that was left was Todoroki.
When the other student didn’t respond, Sato leaned forward a bit to get a look at his face. Unfortunately the other’s hair was blocking his view, making it near impossible to see. “Shoto? Hey, can you hear me?” He reached out, gently poking the other’s side.
Immediately the half-and-half hero shot up with a snort, eyes flying open as he jerked into the bus wall. “Ha! Wha- who? Oh, Sato...what is it?” His mismatched eyes were heavy with sleep, mildly annoyed at being woken up. “Oh, uh, sorry. I didn’t know you were asleep. Um...oh, I made this last night, do you want some?” The sugar hero offered the wrapped slice of bundt cake, along with a small fork.
“Hm? Oh, cake…” Todoroki took the offering gently, giving the other a tired smile. “Thank you...Sato.” He yawned, starting to fall back asleep.
A gentle poke to his side made him startle awake. “Ah! S-Sato?”
“Sorry, it’s just...I worked really hard on that cake.” The other said casually, fingers still gently poking into Todoroki’s sides and ribs, earning soft giggles. “I’d hate for it to go to waste. Please, have a bite?”
“Ihihihihihiihiihi wihiihihiihihhill!’ The duel haired hero yelped, squishing into the bus wall as he tried to fight off Sato's hands. “Quihiihihihihihihiht ihihihihiihihihiihhit! Dohohoohohohohohn’t thiihihihihihiihickle mehehehehehehe!”
“I’m glad to hear it!” The other smiled, voice teasing. “Still, eating a cake half asleep is dangerous. Gotta make sure you’re wide awake, Todoroki!”
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made-by-jade-222 · 8 hours ago
“Looks like someone missed me!” With Lee!Ojiro and Ler!Sero? :3💖💖
“Looks like someone missed me!”
Sero said as he walked into the living room, holding a six pack of sodas. Ojiro was the only one there, watching TV and waiting for the others to arrive. He’d noticed Sero, and his eyes face had brightened and his tail had started to wag.
Sero put the sodas down on the coffee table and chuckled. “You’re so cute,” he said.
Ojiro blushed slightly. “What?”
“Cause your tail wags every time you see me,” his friend explained. “Like a dog when their owner comes home,” he teased, grinning widely. “It’s adorable.”
“I don’t do that!” Ojiro protested, frowning.
“Yes, you do!” Sero said with a laugh. “You just did it when I walked in!”
“No, I don’t!”
“Yes, you do!”
“Maybe you thought I was, but I was wagging my tail at the TV!” he said, pointing.
“The Great British Baking Show?”
“I like cupcakes, okay?”
Sero shrugged. “Still not convinced,” he said. “I’ve seen you do it in school, training, and even here when you randomly see me around the dorm. It’s subtle, but I notice.”
Ojiro stood up, scowling. “You’re delusional,” he snapped. “You’re not all that. I don’t have to listen to this.”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Sero said, stopping him as he tried to get away, putting a hand on his chest. “Dude, you know I was just teasing right?”
“What do you mean?” Ojiro asked, folding his arms, his tail twitching with irritation.
“I’m not making fun of you,” Sero said. “I was only playing. I didn’t mean to make you upset.”
His friend sighed, his tail stopping, and even drooping. “I didn’t think you were,” he said. “I was just...embarrassed.”
“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Sero said, grinning brightly. “I get excited when I see my friends too! You just have a tail, so it’s a little more obvious.”
Ojiro forced a smile. “Heh, yeah,” he said.
“You good bro?” Sero asked, not falling for it. “You know I’m not mad, right?”
Ojiro nodded. “Let’s the show. The others should be here soon.”
“Okay,” Sero agreed. But as soon as his friend turned his back, he dug into his sides with vigor.
Ojiro, not expecting it, burst out laughing, quickly going to his knees. “Aah! Hahahahahahahaha! Sehehehero! Whyyyy! Eahahaha!”
“Because you needed a good laugh!” Sero said as he tickled him to the ground, getting him on his back.
“Nahahahahahaha!” Ojiro laughed.
“Yehehes!” Sero chuckled, taping his arms above his head and tickling his armpits. “Tickletickletickletickle!”
“Why do you wag your tail every time you see me anyway? I mean I know we’re buds and all, but it seems like you only wag your tail when I’m in the room, not anyone else.”
Ojiro’s blush deepened.
“Ooh! So you do know!” Sero said. “Don’t hide it from me! Or I’ll tickle your tail!”
“Nohohohohoho! Plehehehehease!” Ojiro begged.
“Tell me!”
“Stahahahahahap tihihihihickling mehehehehe!”
Sero stopped, letting him catch his breath.
Ojiro’s heart was beating faster than a hummingbird. Was he really going to do this?
“Could you, uh,” Ojiro tugged at the tape.
“Oh, sorry,” Sero said, getting the tape off him.
Ojiro sat up, crossing his legs. He took a deep breath. “The reason I get so excited every time I see you is because...I love you,” he said, blushing as he held his gaze.
Sero’s eyes went wide, and a faint blush rose to his face.
Ojiro sighed, looking away.
Ojiro peeked up at him through his lashes, his eyes suddenly going wide when Sero tipped his chin up and kissed him.
Sero broke the kiss. “The feeling’s mutual,” he said, smiling shyly. “I love you too.”
Ojiro felt his heart soar. “For how long?” he asked.
“Since I met you,” Sero admitted, giggling shyly. “It’s silly I know.”
“Dude, no way!” Ojiro said with a light laugh. “Me too!”
“Really?” Sero asked.
“Really!” Ojiro said.
Sero just smiled and kissed him again.
Ojiro kissed him back sweetly, his tail wagging happily.
Sero kissed his cheek, then all along his neck, making him giggle.
“Sehehehero! Stahahahahap!”
“Sero? No, no. It’s babe now.”
“Oof! Ehehehehe!” Ojiro giggled as he was tackled onto the floor. He felt Sero start to dance his fingers across his tail. “Bahahahahahabe! Nohohohoho!”
Sero snickered. “Tickle, tickle!” he teased, then started tickling his tail with vigor.
Ojiro banged his fist on the carpet as he laughed, immobilized by ticklishness. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
Thankfully, he only suffered tail tickles for a moment as the others finally came downstairs for their show.
Mina grinned as she saw Sero hugging a very giggly and flustered Ojiro. “Awww! You guys are so cute!”
Izuku smiled, Iida chuckled, Uraraka and Hagakure agreed with Mina and cooed at how cute they were, while Jirou just shook her head and smiled at their silliness.
“Yeah, and we have an announcement to make!” Sero said, then pulled Ojiro in for another kiss, eliciting excited and congratulatory cheers from their friends.
Ojiro kissed him back, tail wagging and fingers wiggling.
“Ojihihihihiro!” Sero giggled.
“Ojiro? No, no. It’s babe now.”
“You two lovebirds coming? We’re about to start the show!”
“Hahaha! Coming!”
“Ehehehe! Babe! Wait for me!”
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prompts-of-the-pond · 17 days ago
• ”You fucking idiot- would it kill you to be careful so I don’t have to worry about your safety all the time!?”
• “I’ve been horrible to you this whole time, on purpose, to drive you away. Why do you keep coming back?”
“Because you’re the only one who isn’t treating me like I’m some fragile, innocent little thing to protect.”
• “There’s people outside who look like they want your head on a platter.”
“Aww, jealous?”
• “You’re not an awful company when you’re not trying to be obnoxious and ruin my day.”
• “Just be honest, for once in your life.”
“The only time I lied to you was when I said your outfit looked passable, dear.”
• “A word from you and I’ll set you on fire.”
“Wow, someone is in a good mood! You look like you slept five full hours this time!”
• “I hate you so much. Please don’t ever run off on me again, I was so worried.”
“I’m sorry.”
“You better be.”
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screnprompts · 9 days ago
sad spicy prompts
18+ prompts. Minors dni
“ won't you kiss my pain away? “
“ kiss me until it doesn't hurt anymore. “
“ i don't know about this... “
“ i'm not entirely sure this is what you need right now. “
“ just screw me to oblivion. “
“ i've never cried while having sex before. “
“ sex is good. sex is right. sex is what i need right now. “
“ missionary hug position...? what does that even mean? “
“ you're not crying because of me, right? “
“ does this feel good? “ “ yeah, but i still feel like shit. “
“ are you absolutely sure this is what you need right now? “
“ it's not your fault i'm crying. “ “ oh thank god... “
“ you're so beautiful... even when you're crying. “
“ we're both wrecks. but at least the sex's good. “
“ sex is gonna make me feel good. “ “ yeah, maybe for a couple of minutes, but the pain will still be there when you finish. “
“ tonight is not about me. “
“ i've never seen you cry before. “ “ i'm sad for you. “
“ no, i don't want you to touch me. i don't want to lay here, and let your hands roam around my body while you're crying. that's just not right. “
“ can we forget about me for a second and focus on you? “
“ don't stop... please, don't stop... “ “ name, you're crying... “ “ don't stop... “
“ hey, let me kiss those tears away... “
“ i want you to be more gentle tonight. “
“ use me to get off. “
“ where should i touch you? “ “
“ you finished. “ “ but what about you? “ “ wasn't part of the deal. “
“ i told you. tonight is about you. you can make it up to me some other time. “
“ you need a distraction, i'll create a distraction. “
“ can we just have sex? i don't really feel like talking. “
“ you're still crying? “ “ yeah, but not because — that feels good. it feels really good. “
“ i don't want any pleasure from you. not tonight [not when you feel this way. you'll finish, and then we'll go to sleep. “
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