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hobitonins · 2 days ago
pls this is so funny
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suga-ssi · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
To the brightest MOON in ARMY's mikrokosmos~~ Thank you for helping us through our darkest nights. Happy Birthday, Kim Seokjin!
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boyswthluv · 2 days ago
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happy birthday to bangtan's incredibly charming eldest & the singer of our hearts, kim seokjin! ❁ 921204 ↳ #WorldwideSingerJin #BrightestMoonJin cr.: namuspromised (memories 2020 & 2017, sy japan), miintae (sy são paulo) & purpleyou4th (6th muster d2)
"This year, with the pandemic, I had more time to think about what I want and the things I want to do, and to try some new things, like playing piano, playing games, not playing games, meeting different people. But still, I can’t tell what I really like. I don’t think I ever thought much about myself, other than the work part. The best answer I found was doing whatever I’m interested in at the moment; is being the truest to myself. I’m more of a feeler than a thinker. Some might say I should have a plan for my future, but I don’t have any. (laughs) I thought that I really just do as I please." — Jin, 2020
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seokljin · 2 days ago
super tuna by kim seokjin produced by bumzu featuring staff gang vocals is OUT NOW
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bts-trans · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
211204 Big Hit’s Tweet
[예고장] 팔딱... 팔딱.. 💦 슈! 퍼! 참! 치! ⛵️ 진=큣트? 큣트! 🎣 🐟🦈 #티셔츠메이드바이찐 #Jin #BTS #방탄소년단 #BTSARMY #슈퍼참치 #SUPERTUNA
[Preview] Flap... flap.. 💦 Su! per! Tu! na! ⛵️ Jin=cute? Cute! 🎣 🐟🦈 #TShirtMadeByJjin #Jin #BTS #BTS #BTSARMY #SUPERTUNA #SUPERTUNA
Trans cr; Faith @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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sherwynphilip · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jin's WV Update | 9:46 PM • 04 Dec. 2021
미국 낚시에서 방어 20마리 잡은 사진 뿌리고 자러갑니다
(trans) 👇
Before I go to bed, posting the pictures of the 20 yellowtails I caught while fishing in the States.
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Jin's WV Update | 8:42 PM • 04 Dec. 2021
(trans) 👇
Phew. I'm so embarrassed about the Tuna Song.
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Hobi's Comment | 11:26 PM • 04 Dec. 2021
(trans) 👇
The tuna... woke me up.. 😴😅
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Jin's WV Update | 10:59 AM • 05 Dec. 2021
(trans) 👇
No, guys, don't do a Super Tuna Challenge that I didn't even plan.
No, I'm so embarrassed.
source: BTS Weverse
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s-eokie · 2 days ago
정 호석 stan: (n.) a person who loves and support 𝗷𝘂𝗻𝗴 𝗵𝗼𝘀𝗲𝗼𝗸 no matter what happens; for them hoseok is god — ♥︎.
، 💭 . . you are the only and one in my life! no one in this whole world makes me more happier than you, 𝗵𝗼𝘀𝗲𝗼𝗸.
𓂃 ִֶָ sometimes, all i think about is 𝘺𝘰𝘶. late nights in the middle of june ; 𝘀𝗲𝗼𝗸. ♡'
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joyfulhopelox · 2 days ago
ready for takeoff | ksj
Tumblr media
Pairing: Seokjin x reader (pilot! Seokjin, s2l)
Genre: smut, romance
Rating: 18+
Wc: 5.7k
Warnings: dirty talk, degradation, fingering, creampie, puns (i had to i'm sorry), squirting, lots of hands everywhere
A/N: ♡ Another birthday fic! Thank you @notyouroppar for being my eyes once more and for my amazing sprinting friends! This is the second instalment of the Mile High Club series! Pilot Seokjin's time to have fun! ;) (i do sincerely apologise for the banner it is not the greatest)
Enjoy some airplane shenanigans! If you have any feedback, or just want to talk to me please do! I love seeing your thoughts and hearing from you! ♡
Tag: @sunshinejunghoseokie , RED-NINJA15 @red-ninja15 @effielumiere @btssmutgalore @codeinebelle (taglist is open leave a message or an ask to be added)
Tumblr media
Nothing screamed money, fame, and privilege more than being on a private jet; that was a thought you’d stick by no matter what. However, after an email saying you’d won a competition that you'd entered eons ago – the prize being a trip on a private jet to an island, you were forced to swallow your animosity towards the situation. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, you would’ve lacked all common sense if you said no. So, sending back your details and signing the agreement contract, you found yourself grumbling to everyone who dared to listen that you finally understood Charlie when he won the golden ticket.
You were nervous – you didn’t know what to expect. You would be flying privately and it was all free. It felt like a scam, but your friends were quick to remind you that scam or not the opportunity was yours and you’d forever regret it if you didn’t take it. A small part of you felt accomplished, as you sent the email with the signed contract attached to it. But, as soon as you arrived at the airport on the day, you felt your insides rearrange themselves like a Picasso painting. Shaky breath and clammy hands would best describe the state you arrived in. The weather didn’t help either. It was incredibly warm for a winter day and you thanked yourself for the dress you decided to wear.
“Miss Y/N?” A fairly young flight attendant caught your attention and you had to pause to assess his appearance. His uniform fitted him like a glove, his dark hair framed his angular face and his features were sharp – he looked like a model.
Struggling to speak, you nodded at him in acknowledgement. He smiled at you and gestured to the gate. “It’s just this way.”
For a brief second you allowed yourself to imagine what it would be like to be that rich, to drop money left and right, if only to ensure your own comfort. As he walked you through the gate, and gestured to the plane you were going to be on that day, you almost fooled yourself into believing it was true.
Reaching the plane you paused as the attendant prompted you to wait for the pilot. Sighing in relief, you realised it wouldn’t be so bad. The more you interacted with the crew, the less like a scam it felt. However, patience had never been your forte, and it didn’t take very long for you to start fretting. You wrung your hands together, shifting from foot to foot, prepared to ask the attendant what was taking so long, scared that they may have found something wrong with the plane. Or worse, your documents.
“My apologies, it took a while to get the plane refuelled.” A man whom you haven’t noticed before walked towards you from the side of the aircraft. You barely had time to glance at his uniform, determining he was the pilot, or co-pilot before his face caught your attention. And caught it was, you felt like a mouse trapped in a cage. If you’d thought the flight attendant looked like a model, this guy looked like a god.
His broad shoulders hugged the uniform in ways that made your eyes linger for longer than necessary. His skin looked soft, begging to be touched, and his full red lips widened into a smile which made your stomach clench for a split second, imagining them attached to your skin as they left their mark on you.
“Do you have the contract and the signed documents on you?” Requested the god in disguise, whose name had escaped you. And this is where your bubble burst. Back to reality, you remembered you’d only won this rather than were able to afford it. Throwing a side glance towards the flight attendant you felt yourself heat up under both of their gazes.
Fumbling with your bag, you quickly pulled out the papers handing them over, ignoring the way your skin prickled with electricity the moment his fingers softly brushed yours. You did your best to look anywhere else but at the pilot. Even as he diverted his attention towards your papers you could still feel the burning from his trailing gaze against your skin. If he could get you this flustered with just his gaze, you didn’t want to imagine what he could do with those hands and lips. The thought of it made you shift on spot, your stomach clenching as a wave of desire washed over you. You were quick to hide it behind a cough as you focused on the plane.
It wasn’t the smallest you’d seen and it surprised you; you’d always imagined that private planes would be smaller but this looked like it could host more than ten people. You couldn’t help but wonder if more passengers would appear later on.
“Well, everything seems alright. Before we get on, my name is Seokjin or Jin and I will be your pilot for the day.” He announced, holding his hand out. Distractedly, and once again flustered by how hard you swallowed when you heard about ‘getting on’, you quickly stuck your hand out to grab his.
“Hi…” you paused, your brain still trying to find the correct words. Words that didn’t involve you telling him where you could get it on.
“Your name?” He asked, breaking you out of your trance. Coughing lightly, you felt the heat rush to your cheeks. But the kind smile he sent your way set you at ease. There was something so free and casual about him, like a moth to a flame, you instantly felt attracted to him. It didn’t hurt that he was also a pleasure to look at.
“Ah, yes, Y/N. Hi. I’m the poor one who won this trip.” You could’ve kicked yourself for this response, but his smile never wavered. Tightening the grip on your hand for a split second before he let go, he motioned to the plane.
“Nonsense. This beauty’s seen more than its fair share of ‘poor’. Including its pilot.” He declared pointing to himself with a grand gesture. It was clear he was trying to put you at ease, so with a huge grin on your face you took his bait.
“Not that poor if you look like that.” You said jokingly, a spurt of courage running through you. You were free falling in his liberal trap, and for once you realised you weren’t worried about it. Flirting whilst sober was never your forte, but with him it came out of the blue and you took the time to congratulate yourself for this new step you’d taken.
“Are you saying it’s all money? I beg to differ, it’s all genetics.” He scoffed in mock offence. “I can prove it if you don’t believe it.” He leant in to whisper in your ear, his voice dropping a few octaves. You choked loudly, not missing the suggestive tone in his voice. You may have been ready for innocent flirting, but this was a whole new level of interaction. One that you wouldn’t have dreamt of partaking in.
You could feel the rush of blood through your body. Inwardly you instantly agreed with his statement, outwardly - you found it difficult to breathe. Not knowing what else to say on the subject, you settled for a small high pitched laugh in acknowledgement. For the first time in your life you wished you had better communication skills, but it seemed like Seokjin was ready to save you from embarrassment.
“Shall we get on?” He inquired and you stared at him dumbfoundedly, still trying to catch up with him and his light demeanour. “Don’t worry we will have time for other things too.” He leaned in a bit too close for your already frazzled brain, and you caught a whiff of his cologne. Fighting the urge to close your eyes, you slowly breathed him in. He may have declared himself as poor, but you knew for a fact that the smell he was wearing was expensive. With the knowledge that he was trying his best to make you feel more at ease, you smiled softly to yourself, feeling your shoulders relax.
“Yeah, sure. But be warned, no matter how grand it may look on the inside, I’m a simple girl. I will be amazed at anything, so don’t get a big head. Show me what you got.” You pointed your finger at him jokingly. Feeling freer than before you didn’t hesitate to make your feelings known, and you would be damned if you let him be the only one to keep the conversation going.
Seokjin’s eyes widened for a second, this side of you giving him a glimpse of the real Y/N, and he found himself enjoying this newly created atmosphere. Going with the flow you created, he pointed towards the plane, eyebrows raised. “This is not the most impressive thing you can see from me.” Shrugging, he turned around smiling to himself as he heard you sputter behind him, your steps echoing on the hot pavement.
It didn’t take you long to catch up to him, his stride slower than his legs allowed. Your face was still hot, and you fanned yourself with your hands, pretending it was the temperature outside that caused your skin to heat up like that. When he stopped in front of the steps leading up you paused waiting for his instructions, unsure whether or not you were meant to go up first.
“Ladies first.” He motioned and you scoffed, the impulse to refute him too strong. But you bit your tongue and complied, taking a first hesitant step. He didn’t wait long to follow you, his heat prominent behind you, and you could only hope the dress you wore didn’t get blown by the wind currents around the empty track. As much as you wanted to entice him, a Marylin Monroe move was not your style.
“So tell me Y/N, how did you end up deciding to enter the competition?” Jin inquired, his voice drowned out by the loud noise around the runway. Struggling to hear you paused as you were about to take your last step and turned around.
“What did you–“ finding yourself face to face with him, bodies so close you were almost touching.
“Oh, what were you saying?” He smiled so innocently you almost believed him. “Don’t stop on the last step, it could be dangerous.” Pushing you lightly, his hands holding on to keep you from stumbling over, he guided you through.
You’d been on planes before, of course you had, you regularly went on holidays with your parents. Once you were older, and became busier and busier, they stopped but you could still clearly remember what a plane ride looked like. Stale cold air, crying children of no fault of their own, and cramped seats. However, you’d never been on a private plane before, and the spacious and luxurious setting made your mouth drop in amazement.
“Holy shit.” The words tumbled out of your mouth before you could stop them. Realising your blunder you were quick to cover your mouth as if that would’ve prevented you from spewing more nonsense.
Laughing at your clear wonderment, Jin patted your shoulder lightly. “Don’t worry, I’ve been a pilot for this jet for so long and I still say the same thing every day. You’re good.” He winked reassuringly.
Watching him pass by you, your eyes catching a closer glimpse of his elegant side profile you felt your heart melt. It was clear he was trying to make you comfortable to the best of his abilities, and you appreciated that. “So what was the question you asked earlier?” You ventured as he walked you around the main area of the plane, showing you where things were. The seriousness with which he was explaining the regulations, fire escape plans, and the route to the destination took your breath away. He was handsome and clearly in his element; and you couldn’t help but find that incredibly attractive.
“What made you enter the competition?” He stopped mid gesture, his curiosity pointed by the unwavering gaze on you.
Unused to the attention you looked away, your eyes busy with taking everything in. “I thought it’s nothing that I would win.” You shrugged as if unbothered but your voice clearly stated otherwise. “I’m never this lucky.” You whispered bringing your gaze back onto his.
Jin regarded you closely for a moment, before he took a step towards you. “Never,” he whispered, leaning in, his eyes at the same level as yours, “say never.” He reached out around you, his hand almost touching your backside, almost making you jump. Instead he opened a door, and straightened himself, leaving you clammy and short of breath from anticipation.
“And this,” Jin said, opening the door to the cockpit, “is where the magic happens.” He laughed lightly to himself and you snickered following behind him. The space was cramped, not meant for people to stand around in it but you weren’t complaining. Too taken with the thought of Jin you didn’t even notice when he stepped behind you to close the door, his hand on the small of your back.
“So what do you think of my humble abode?” His light conversation contrasted greatly with his hand softly squeezing your flesh. For a moment you found it hard to breathe, let alone speak.
“This is incredible. I also can’t believe you made that joke earlier.” You breathed a laugh, for a moment unsure whether you meant being on the plane, in the cockpit, seeing everything behind the scenes, or his presence behind you, his scent filling your senses giving you goosebumps. “I’ve always wanted to be able to see this. Could you want anything better than this?” Turning around your excitement high, your heart jolted at the warm expression Jin was watching you with.
“I would give anything right now,” He grabbed your hand, his fingers tracing patterns on the inside of your wrist before he pulled you out of your seat. Not expecting the sudden movement you rose up flabbergasted, your feet stumbling around the small space before your knees gave out and you leaned onto his shoulders for support. Seokjin offered you a small apologetic smile, his eyes focused on your flustered face, taking you in. He enjoyed knowing that he made you feel the same way that he felt about you, he was determined to show you just how much he wanted you. “To have you on my lap.” He motioned and your eyes drifted to where he was pointing at, mouth watering at the sight of his thighs splayed open. Looking closer, there was a noticeable outline of his dick, not fully hard yet but you wondered what it would take to get him there.
“Grinding down on me, whilst I kiss those lips that have been taunting me, until you forget your own name.” He continued and you gasped, eyes snapping back to his. His dark eyes almost seemed light grey in the light coming from outside, pink lush lips inviting you to take him up on his offer. Not waiting for another invitation, you took the opportunity and dove down attaching your lips in a moment of reckless courage.
You weren’t expecting the euphoric feeling that his lips on yours ignited, the spontaneity of your gesture taking you by surprise, spurring you on until all you could feel was the blood rushing to where your lips pressed together. The sound of your heavy breathing intermingled with the sound of the blood rushing to your head, making you oblivious to the outside world. Pulling yourself over to him, you let him explore, his tongue massaging yours gently. You didn’t notice when his hands took a hold of your hair, tangling his fingers, massaging your scalp enticing you closer to him. When in their exploration they hit the sensitive spot at the nape of your neck, the pressure making you tremble like a leaf he pulled away.
“Are you still with me Y/N?” Jin breathed his lips a few millimetres away from your inflamed ones and you swore you mumbled a reply. But you couldn’t be too sure as he pulled you into him, his teeth nipping at the patch of soft skin visible above your breast. Your moan got drowned by the loud sounds of the airport hustle and bustle around you, and for a second you remembered you were in the cockpit, straddling the pilot, ass on display for anyone who dared to walk by and be curious about a personal jet.
“Jin, I’m naked.” You whined in his mouth, his hands travelling further up your thigh, sinking deep into the softness of your ass, kneading it.
“Welcome to the cockpit.” He smirked, aware that no one could actually see you; but the thought of anyone walking by to witness the lewd position you were in and the knowledge that you were only his to take, made it all the more enticing.
“At this point I think I'm the cockpit.” You grumbled, half serious in your complaint. The other half of you was struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of his fingers slipping past the curve of your ass, between your thighs and into your underwear. You arched your back a moan stuck in your throat; the way he teased your folds with soft touches, lightly tracing the skin set your nerves on fire.
“You haven’t seen anything yet.” Jin couldn’t help but laugh lightly at your complaint. He would have taken you seriously if within the next second your hips didn’t grind down on him, your wet core pressing down onto the bulge in his trousers making him tighten his grip on you.
“I don’t see you complaining about it when your wet pussy is rubbing on my trousers making a mess of them.” He said smugly, his hand lifting the hem of your dress further up until it reached your arms. Despite your earlier statement you quickly lifted them up allowing him to slide the offensive piece of garment off you leaving you completely naked to his hungry eyes.
The heat of the moment was lost in your self consciousness, and you looked away from him, your hands ready to cover your naked body away from gaze. You weren’t used to being so forward with anyone, but as soon as he said hello to you, something shifted and you let all your courage loose. You knew your charade was bound to end at some point but you’d hoped it wouldn’t be now.
Jin couldn’t help but stare at you, the way your thighs were splayed around him, leaving you open with just the flimsy material of your underwear to cover your pussy. Your hands holding onto the back of the console made you arch your back, your breasts in full view, perky nipples begging to be sucked. Noticing your apprehension he leaned in, his warm hands placed comfortingly on your thigh.
“Y/N, are you…” he cleared his throat, his brows furrowed. “Are you ok?” Subconsciously his thumb started tracing small patterns to the inside of your thighs, the motion felt soothing to you, but it also made your insides twist with hunger for more.
Nodding at him you bit your lip, “I am, I’ve just never been in this situation before.” Sensing the pause in the atmosphere you carried on. “Naked on a private jet with the pilot.” You supplied still avoiding his gaze, your eyes focused on the outside world you could spot through the side window. You saw people milling about, in and out of view and you gasped instinctively huddling in on yourself to hide.
“Y/N, they can’t see us.” Jin’s hand grabbed yours, fingers intertwined and you couldn’t help but gasp at the gentleness of his actions. “I’m ready to stop, you just need to tell me. I can just pretend this never happened and I will fly you off to your destination and you won’t ever have to see me again.” Jin said and to your surprise his words made your stomach twist unpleasantly.
“No, I want this. It’s just–“ You couldn’t find the right words to express yourself. You didn’t have to try for long, his hand softly cupping your cheek brought your attention back to him.
“Look at me please.” He demanded, yet his mild touch to your heated face spoke of worry and you brought your attention back to him. Gasping at the contrast between his gentle smile and the sinful look in his eyes, a look that you were more than aware mirrored your own desires; you could feel it in the way your core clenched, in the way your heated blood sung underneath your skin at every touch your body made with his.
Seokjin breathed out slowly, his want for you only overpowered by the worry that he may have moved too fast. The thought of you being apprehensive about this filled him with enough dread to stave off the need to feel your pussy wrap around him as you used him to come into oblivion. “Are you with me?” At your soft nod he reached out to cup your cheek, bringing you back in for a kiss.
It wasn’t as heated or sloppy as the previous one, but the care in his touch made you hotter than you thought it would. His soft thick lips pressed against yours made you wonder what it would be like to feel them nibbling at your core, worship that sensitive part of your body with them until all you knew was the sweet taste of his name on your lips.
His hand slowly slid down, tracing its way to cup your breast, softly kneading the skin there. Moulding into him you hung on for dear life, a whine brushing past your lips only to be engulfed by his own. You needed him to touch you more, to mark you as his until none other satisfied you, but your mouth could not utter anything but broken syllables.
His lips languidly moved against yours drinking you in with so much fervor, like you were the last meal he’ll ever have.
The subtle touch on your inner thigh brought your attention from his soft lips, tasting as rich and luxurious as red wine, back to his whole body pressed up against yours. The hand holding your lips locked to his with his fingers tangled in your hair, his thumb massaging the sensitive spot at the nape of your neck felt cold against your heated skin. Moaning against his lips you tightened the hold on his shirt, the small part of your brain that was still aware of your surroundings, apologising for messing his neatly pressed uniform.
Pulling away from you, he felt a surge of pride at the dazed look on your face, your hair mussed up, the wetness he felt soaking through his uniform a clear indication of your need for him. “That is it, let it go, let yourself go.” He cajoled, his words and fingers slowly pulling your underwear to the side, gently stroking your lips igniting the spark you needed to fully allow yourself to submerge into pleasure. “You’re so beautiful Y/N, there is no need to hide all this.” As if to prove his words, the hand not focused on your pussy kneaded every piece of skin it could find from your neck to your hip where it sunk its fingers into the soft flesh.
“But-“ you stuttered, concentrated on getting your thoughts across, ready to refute his words as was habit.
Seokjin knew in the way uncertainty flashed through your eyes that you were about to argue with him. Refusing to let that happen, he cupped your breast once more, pinching your nipple tightly. “No buts Y/N. If I need to, I will make you come with everything I have until you forget everything but my name and the pleasure I’m giving you.” He said sternly, his fingers still grasping at your pebbled areola. “Do you see what you’re doing to me?”
The question and the pained tone in his voice made you pause. Looking at him with uncertainty you noticed the reassuring gaze he was throwing your way. “Look,” he motioned with his head downwards, hand letting go of your breast before grabbing yours lightly. “Feel.” He guided you towards his crotch, placing it on top of the bulge that had been straining him ever since you ended up in his lap.
You didn’t know what you were expecting when you let your palm be guided over his clothed dick – but once you felt the sheer size of him, the bulge not fitting in the palm of your hand you rasped out a moan. The doubt flew out of your mind as you felt it jerk lightly under your touch. Not waiting for him you slowly cupped him through the trousers, earning a groan from him. Hips jerking into your touch, you used your nails to trace the outline of his dick. Your mouth watered at the image you made in your head, how big and how much would it fill you?
“Y/N, can you feel me? Can you feel how much I want you? How much my dick wants to be in you, making you scream and claim your pussy is mine, until no other man can have you anymore?” Jin rasped out, struggling against the animalistic instinct to spread you open and fill you up with his cum. For the moment he settled with his fingers splaying your pussy lips open, sliding them back and forth over your core, bathing them in your wetness.
“Fuck, Seokjin. Take me, make me yours, fill me up.” You said giving in, nerves on fire and your hips mirroring his movement.
You knew you were less than likely to encounter him again, but the thought of pretending he was all yours, just as you told yourself you’d pretend this trip was the norm for you, made you crave this life. The promiscuity of being taken by your pilot on the plane, as everyone else got it ready for take off to your dream destination, made you tremble with excitement. In more ways than one. Wetness slowly dripped down the side of your thighs, but you weren’t ashamed of yourself anymore. You needed him, you needed his teasing fingers to sink deep into you, his dick to map out your inner muscles, until it reached your deepest parts. “I need you.” You voiced your desire out loud, your voice thickened with lust.
Your fingers traced the swollen curvature of his balls all the way up to the top of his zip undoing it in one swift movement. Feeling his member freed of its confined Seokjin could have sighed in relief, if not for your hand immediately finding his hard dick and wrapping it around his girth.
“Fuck, Y/N,” he bucked into you, the intake of breath you let out as you felt his weight in your palm making him jerk with pride. “You’re really wanting this huh?” His fingers still playing with your pussy found your hardened clit pinching and twisting it, until you felt your knees tremble. “You’re trying to control yourself, but you’re just hungry for my dick,” he groaned, fingers gently rubbing circles against your clit, sending shocks of pleasure up your spine and towards your nipples. Without a warning he found your entrance, tracing it lightly before sinking two fingers, knuckles deep, in you. Arching your back you concentrated on not letting him go, your hand teasing him pumping his length, coating it in his own desire for you.
“Fuck yes, please Seokjin, fill me up, make me come.” You ground your hips into his hand, your clit making contact with the bones of his wrist, adding to the flame or your impending orgasm.
Seokjin made sure you were able to hold yourself up before the hand that was attached to your hip wrapped around yours, aiding you in stroking his own length. “Let yourself go Y/N, let yourself come over my fingers. Let me have a taste of your sweet nectar before I fill you with my cum.” You felt it, the quick contraction of your abdomen, the release of your muscles and the impending feeling of your orgasm. His words paired with a third finger in your pussy prodding as far and as fast as he could go made you gush around him, a moan clawing its way out your throat reverberating throughout the empty plane.
Not waiting for your high to subside, his cock throbbing with the need to be buried in you he gently pried your hand away from him. His fingers pulled out of your contracting cunt, and with your cum enough for him to use as lube, he rubbed himself against your lips before sliding his length within you, until he bottomed you out. The feeling of his dick reaching the depths of your pussy, prodding at your womb prolonged your high, your screams of pleasure coming out in broken whines.
“That’s it, scream for me, show the world how much you love being stuffed with my dick.” He rasped, his hips raising to meet yours pushing himself further in. His words as dirty as they were kept you hanging onto your orgasm, your muscles clenching around him milking him. You wanted to speak, to express how much you wanted his dick, yet your mind went blank with nothing but garbled moans making their way past your lips.
Seokjin increased his pace; the tightness of your muscles around him, your fingers digging deep into his shoulders, and the sight of your breasts bouncing to the rhythm of his fucking, were enough to make the tightness in his groin increase. The sounds of your hips colliding, skin slapping against each other, your wetness dripping in between coating your legs and his trousers; everything was so dirty that he couldn’t resist teasing you.
“Look at you baby girl, you’re taking my cock so well, making a mess of everything and then you expect me to not want to fill you up to the brim with my cum?” He pointed, thrusting deeper into you.
“Fuck– Seokjin, fill me up. Inside. I need to feel your cum in me, I can't– I can't stop, I'm too sensitive.” You cried, your nerves in overdrive, you felt an unfamiliar need to pee, but before you could voice out any concerns a long deft finger found its way to your clit thrumming it sending you over the edge. White spots filled your vision before the fire took over every nerve ending in your body as you screamed your throat raw.
“That’s it Y/N come again for me, make a mess on my dick, let me feel how much you’re enjoying this.” He growled thrusting in you at an angle that made you feel as if someone was squeezing your bladder. Letting go, you felt the surge of wetness bathing the both of you, before you heard Seokjin’s guttural groan.
Reaching his own peak he held you close to him, teeth biting into your skin, marking you as his in every way he could.
“Now you’re all mine.” He husked in your ear making you shiver. Still coming down from your high, the heat simmering down to a pleasant tingle, the sheen of sweat cooling off on your skin, making you shiver. You didn’t know how much time you spent there, head on his shoulder trying to get your thoughts back together.
Jin spotted the goosebumps on your skin before you could say anything he reached for his coat, draping it around your naked form, his fingers treading through your hair.
“Well now we need to clean the plane up again.” He said jokingly, helping you off of him into the seat next to his. Your heart fluttered in your chest as he leaned over, kissing your forehead lightly before offering you a wink.
Breathing heavily, your heart pounding in your chest and your muscles pleasantly tense as they normally were after such a powerful orgasm, you chuckled. “I feel like I've used up my winning ticket, and we haven’t even left the ground yet.”
Seokjin hummed thoughtfully and his dark eyes, still half lidded with lust, settled on you. Regardless of the previous activities, his gaze made you squirm and you rubbed your thighs together in an attempt to settle the wave of lust that threatened to burn your nerves to a crisp. Biting your lip you averted your gaze unsure of what to do now that you’d been thoroughly fucked by the pilot and entered the Mile High Club.
“Well, Y/N, I’m the pilot.” He stressed, as his hand snuck between your legs once more, making you moan as you splayed them open to grant him access. As he parted your wet and sensitive folds with his fingers he leant to whisper in your ear. “And I need to properly make sure you're ready for take off.”
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