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cherlosity · 2 days ago
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Yooo it’s Squid Game!
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jennlso · 20 hours ago
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Gganbu 🤝 - Shop | Twitter | Instagram
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sang-woos · 2 days ago
friday evenings - cho sang-woo
word count; 7k cw; smut, sub!sang-woo, oral (m recieving), dirty talk, use of sex toys, choking, begging, ruined orgasms, vague mention of daddy kink, clothed sex. authors note; feedback is appreciated so please please give it! thank you so much! also tagging @xiernia as requested!
Tumblr media
“Back again?”
“Can’t stay away from you, can I?” Sang-woo said with a smile as he sat himself down on one of the many bar stools.
“The usual?” you asked, already going to pour him a whiskey just as he liked it. Sang-woo had been visiting the bar that you worked in for the last few months, a weekly trip on a Friday night to calm his nerves after a testing working week. “So, what’s stressed you out so much today that you’ve come back here? This is becoming a little bit of a routine.”
“The usual work. I’d rather not talk about my problems when all I'm trying to do is relax after a stressful shift,” he answered, handing you some money.
You already knew that you could keep the change, he didn’t even need to tell you anymore. The two of you had fallen into a casual friendship, he only ever spoke to you when he was at the bar and it's almost as if he knew what shift patterns you worked. You weren't going to lie - there was nothing better than getting ready on an early Friday evening knowing that you were going to see your favourite customer at some point throughout the night. Sang-woo always tipped well plus he was a delight to look at compared to the rest of the drunken idiots that stayed there drinking cheap lager right until the last minute.
“Want to talk about how pretty my new skirt is?” you asked with a smirk, doing a twirl to show Sang-woo the skirt you had purchased with him in the mind. It was a short black skirt that you had got the day before, dirty thoughts in your mind whilst paying for it at the till with the tips that Sang-woo had given you the previous week. You had spent a solid fifteen minutes admiring yourself in the mirror before your shift and wondered what Sang-woo would say, or do, when he saw you in the outfit. “Do I look like a dirty girl?” you added mischievously.
Sexual flirting had become routine between the two of you. Although the friendship had started off as normal, him giving you advice and you helping him relax with endless amounts of booze, it had soon turned into more. Neither one of you acted upon the feelings though, just odd comments throughout the night and quick glances which told you everything that you needed to know about the handsome gentleman.
“Watch your mouth,” he muttered, a hint of humour there however. He nodded towards the new barmaid who was still being trained up by your boss, she was a nice enough girl but you hadn’t conversed with her enough to know much about her. “Who’s that new barmaid?”
“Don’t ask about her when you are sitting across from me. She’s nice though, that’s all you need to know. Don’t be going and giving my tips to her.”
Sang-woo chuckled and shook his head. He reached down into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette. “Why would I do such a thing?” he asked, looking up at you through his eyelashes as he lit his cigarette in one quick movement.
“Maybe you want to fuck her.”
Sang-woo watched as you turned your back to him and grabbed the bottle of Whiskey, getting ready to pour him the next drink. Luckily, it was quiet for a Friday night so you were able to keep all your attention on him and only him.
“No, I don’t. I have my eyes on someone else.”
“Anyone in particular?”
“Nobody that concerns you,” he answered, saddening you slightly even though you knew what he was saying. This is how it had always been, mysterious comments that had you wondering if you were making all of this up in your head. You were fairly positive that Sang-woo wanted you in whichever way he could have you and you knew for a fact that you wanted him more than you had wanted anybody else in your whole entire life. There was just something about him that you couldn’t quite understand. “What time did you start?”
“Six, I'm on the late shift tonight. Been looking for other jobs like you suggested but no-one wants me, my qualifications just aren’t as good as everybody else's and all my CV shows is bar work so it’s not as if they are going to give me a well-paying job straight away.”
“You need to get some work experience somewhere and maybe go back to school. The place where I work is taking on summer interns if you’re interested in that sort of stuff.”
“You’re only saying that so you can stare at me all day.” You filled Sang-woo’s glass back up to the top and held out your hand, silently asking for the money. Sang-woo smiled with the cigarette dangling from his lips as he handed you another note. “Don’t deny your attraction, Sang-woo.”
“Attraction? You seem so confident,.”
You scoffed and stuffed the rest of the money into your pocket. Sang-woo was stubbing out the cigarette into the ashtray and watching you closely as he waited for your next response. “Your desire is blatantly obvious so don’t try and deny it.”
Before Sang-woo could fire back with another comment, a customer waved you down and shouted over his order. You looked back at Sang-woo and sighed, you really did hate your job most of the time. It sucked when other people came and interrupted your time with Sang-woo - he was entertaining and made your shift go quick and his sexual comments were not slimy and disgusting when they came from him. It was the elders that were the worst for making you feel overly sexualised in your job - the typical joke about the head of a beer something you heard multiple times a shift. With Sang-woo, it was different. He set you alight with his words.
“Are you going to serve him?” Sang-woo asked, slightly amused by your clear annoyance with having to leave him, even if it was only for a mere five minutes.
“Much rather serve you.”
“Sure you would, darling.”
“Another whiskey?” you asked.
Serving one customer had turned into serving another ten. It seemed that everyone finished work at the same time and that they all had the same idea. You had spent the last half an hour having to converse with other customers, none of them as exciting as Sang-woo. The whole time, your eyes had flickered back to him and watched as he scrolled through his phone and patiently waited for you to return. He had been nursing the same glass of Whiskey since you had left so he wouldn’t have to give his money to anyone else other than you. You found it rather sweet of him.
“Please,” he said as he side-eyed a group of young men who were being obnoxiously loud. “Think this will be my last one and then I'm going to go home and hit the sack. It’s been a long day and is there anything better than climbing into a big bed after all the stress of the working day?”
“Must be lonely.”
“Can be,” he said as he handed you some more money for the third time this night. “Maybe I need to find someone to keep me company.”
“What about that girl you had your eye on, hmm?” you asked teasingly.
You had decided that you wanted Sang-woo tonight. You were sick of going home on a Friday night and having to use your own fingers to get yourself off whilst thinking of Sang-woo when you could be coming because of him, because of his fingers and because of his cock.
“She’s working tonight, sure she will be too busy to keep me entertained.”
“What job does she do?”
“She’s a barmaid, has the charisma to go further than that though. I’m thinking about encouraging her to join my company as an intern.”
You turned around and smiled widely to yourself, you had gotten further with him in the last five minutes than you had done since he had first entered the pub and you couldn’t help but feel excited at the thought of what was going to happen when your shift was over and you were laid on his bed.
“Is she pretty?”
“She’s beautiful.”
“Tell me more.”
You turned around and looked at Sang-woo, taking note of the way he shifted around in his chair as if he was trying to hide something. You walked over to him and leaned across the bar, resting your chin on the palm of your hand as you looked at him with innocent eyes. You needed an ego boost, especially from someone like Sang-woo.
It was with this closeness that you could truly take in his beauty. There was no denying the fact that he was a handsome older gentleman who reeked of sophistication and money. He had told you all about his job and the things that he had done within his company and although a lot of it made no sense to you and went in one ear and out the other, you still paid attention. Sang-woo was always dressed so smart too, his suits clearly expensive and tailored perfectly to his body. And his hair, you desperately wanted to run your fingers through his hair whilst his hand was in between your thighs.
“Nothing to tell other than she’s the prettiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. She has legs for days, hair that’s begging to be wrapped around my hand and let’s not even get onto the topic of her ass because I think I'd be sitting here all night telling you why I think it’s the best thing in the world.”
You chuckled lowly at his words, every sentence he spoke going straight in between your legs. A part of you hated how calm and collected Sang-woo looked, almost as if there was no emotion there. You were positive that it was another story underneath the bar though and all you could picture was his hardening cock desperate to have some release - whether that be in your mouth, on your face or inside of you. You would let Sang-woo use your body however he wanted too.
“Anyone would think that you were desperate to have me sit on your face, Sang-woo?”
With a huff, Sang-woo pulled away slightly from the closeness before placing his hand on top of yours. “I wouldn’t say desperate.”
“That’s a lie,” you said quietly so no-one else could overhear the conversation. You tilted your head to the side slightly and gave him a small smirk, teasing him in the most subtle of ways.“I can see it in your eyes, you want me more than you have wanted anyone. I’ve noticed the way that you look at me from across the bar, how you always come to me instead of the other bartenders. Just tell me that you want to fuck me…” you trailed off and removed your hand from his grip, only to move it slowly up his arm in a teasing manner. “Don’t tell me actually, ask me.”
“What makes you so confident that I want any of this, hey? You think because I enjoy your company whilst I have a drink, it means that i want to take you home and fuck you?”
Of course it did, Sang-woo was just messing with you. His lips were threatening to turn into a smirk but he managed to keep himself calm and composed, you hated that, hated it more than you had hated anything in your life. You wanted him to be in a frenzy like you were, wanted him to be desperate for any sort of touch underneath the clothing that he wore. You wanted him begging and desperate, teach him a lesson for all the teasing that he had thrown at you over the last few months.
“It’s the way you look at me, the way you lick your lips. You don’t even realise how desperate you look for me, out here looking like a puppy dog whenever I’m around. Everyone notices how you behave around me, Sang-woo…”
It was true. One of the other bartenders had made a comment about yourself and Sang-woo and the clear feelings there were between the two of you. You hadn’t noticed them yourself until your friend pointed them out and commented on the fact that Sang-woo would always be glancing over at you and checking you out, making sure that you were safe whenever a sports related fight broke out between a bunch of ridiculous drunken men.
“If it’s like this then shall we talk about the fact that you blatantly want me too?” Sang-woo removed himself from you completely and leaned back on the bar stool. You stood yourself up straight and watched him closely, awaiting his next comment that would have you weak at the knees. “I mean, your skirts have gone shorter since i’ve started paying attention to you and you just love to accidentally drop something right in front of me, don’t you? If anyone is desperate then it’s you.”
“Sang-woo. Do you want to fuck me, yes or no? It’s a pretty simple answer, don’t you think?”
“I’d fuck you right now in front of all these people if it meant I got to have your wet pussy wrapped around my cock.”
You took a deep breath and ignored the feeling that was rushing through all of your veins and straight into your bloodstream. You felt high on him, almost like a teenage girl who had just received her first kiss from her new boyfriend. No man had ever made you feel like this simply from his words so you could only imagine what fucking him would feel like but then of course, you remembered your intentions. As much as you wanted to be fucked by him roughly, it didn’t change the fact that you wanted him exactly how you had always wanted.
“I get the feeling that you think I'm going to submit to your every desire?”
“Are you not?”
“Oh, i’ll give you what you want but don’t think you’ll get away with it Sang-woo. I’ll have you handcuffed and blindfolded to your bed and begging me to let you cum if I really wanted to.” You leaned back down across the bar into the same position you were in before, this time dominance clear in your eyes. Sang-woo seemed taken back by your comments but not repulsed, if anything intrigued. It had been a long time since he had been at the mercy of another woman in the bedroom and he swore he would never do it again but with you, God he would do it every night. “I know you want to fuck me and you want to be in control but come on, let me take charge. I can see how stressed out you can get and don’t you think the thought of being handcuffed and me on top of you isn’t the best thing ever?”
“You will never have control over me, is that - “
“I will and frankly, I already do.” You glanced around the bar, suddenly grateful for the horrendous singing of some elderly drunk folk as it silenced yours and Sang-woo’s conversation from every-one else. You didn’t really want your manager to find out about the filthy conversations you were having on the floor, nor the fact that you were wetter than you had ever been in your life because of one of the customers. “i know for a fact that your cock is hard as fuck right now and probably leaking. Do you want me to suck your cock, Sang-woo?”
Leaning closer to him, you began to whisper in his ear, your breath warm on his skin. “Do you want me to do it whilst you're handcuffed and unable to touch me?”
“Do you want me to tease you until you’re begging me to let you cum? Suck your cock nice and slow and bring you to the edge over and over and over again until you're just about bursting at the seams?”
“Stop - “
“Answer my question, Sang-woo.”
“You already know the answer.”
“Say it,” you said more forcefully, turning your head so you were looking at him directly in the eyes. You had him exactly where you wanted him.
“Yes what?”
Sang-woo took a deep breath. “I want you to suck my cock until I’m begging you to let me cum.”
“That wasn’t too hard, was it?” you giggled to yourself as you stood up straight and grabbed the bottle of Whiskey from the other side of the bar. Sang-woo looked shell shocked as he watched you move around so effortlessly and without any thought, almost acting as if you had just not whispered filth in his ear. “My shift finishes soon so wait here and when I’m done, I'll help you relax better than that whiskey ever will. Understood?”
The walk back to your house with Sang-woo had been pleasant enough. The two of you had engaged in small conversation, mostly about work and things they liked to do outside of working but nothing more when it came to the sexaul conversations you had both been engaged in earlier.
You found that Sang-woo was more relaxed when the two of you were alone. He had held your hand the whole walk home and rubbed his thumb across your skin to soothe you when he noticed that you were getting stressed out at the mention of some drunken man who had made a fool of himself and you had been left to deal with the cleaning up of his sick.
“It was kind of gross,” Sang-woo said with a chuckle as the two of you walked peacefully.
“Gross? It was absolutely rancid, Sang-woo. This is why I don't like my job. I shouldn’t have to clean up after people who don’t know where the toilets are.”
“But if you didn’t have this job, you wouldn’t have met me.” Sang-woo looked down at you as he spoke and he took note of the blush on your cheeks at his words, a small smile appearing on his face.
“That’s true, suppose you are the silver lining to it all. However, it doesn’t change the fact that I want something more for myself.”
“And you shall have more, don’t doubt yourself.”
You hummed at his words before taking a deep breath. “Let’s stop talking about the fact that my life is a disaster.”
“Don’t be a drama queen.”
“Shut up,” you responded with a smile. “Welcome to my house anyways,” you said as you opened the door for Sang-woo to step into. “It’s not the best but it's okay for the price of rent and it’s close to work so can I really complain?”
“I think it’s nice.”
“You’re just saying that to be kind. I bet you live in a nice big apartment, don’t you? That overlooks the city and looks really lovely at night time,” you said, moving yourself effortlessly around his body as you grabbed two glasses from the cupboard and a cheap bottle of rose wine that you had picked up the day before. “This is a hostel compared to where you live.”
“No, I disagree. A big apartment or house always seems like a great idea until you actually move into it and then you realise just how lonely it can actually be. Plus, this has character. Mine looks like it belongs in the middle of a showroom.”
You handed Sang-woo the glass of wine that you had poured for him and moved towards the bedroom, grabbing his hand with your spare one. “I think if i had to choose between living here and living somewhere nice and expensive, I’d choose somewhere nice and expensive.” You paused and twirled around until you were facing Sang-woo, your spare hand now pressed against his chest as you took a sip of your wine. “Although, I’d be happy anywhere as long as there was a bed with you handcuffed to it.”
Sang-woo chuckled and took a large gulp of the wine, he was going to need all the alcohol he could get to deal with you. “You really want me all to yourself, don’t you?”
“I want to tease the fuck out of you until you are obbessed with me and want me every day.”
“Don’t need to handcuff me to do that.”
“Well, I still want to see you beg for me repeatedly, is that a crime?” you asked as you sat down at the bottom of the bed, now looking up at Sang-woo through your eyelashes, the height difference between the two of you was nothing more but a huge turn on.
“No, just not something I don't usually do when I’m sleeping with other women. I’m the one that’s usually in charge and takes control of the matters. I don’t let just anybody use my body for their pleasure, you know?”
“You can say no if you want too.”
“I want you too, badly. It’s just something that I’m not used to but it doesn’t mean I'm not willing to give it a go. It also means that I am not going to give up easily though. “
“Well get used to it darling because when i’m around, I’m in charge.”
You placed the now empty glass of wine onto the floor before turning yourself over onto your hands and knees. Slowly, you moved yourself up the bed, proud of your skirt for complying as it moved upwards, showing your ass to Sang-woo.
“You’re killing me,” he whispered as he stood at the end of the bed. He moved his hand down to his clothed cock and began to move over it slowly to release some tension as he continued to watch you put on a show for him. In your eyes, he looked absolutely unreal with a glass of wine in one hand and his other hand on his cock, all whilst being stood at the end of your bed with a suit that made him extremely fuckable.
“Look what I have,” you said as you moved yourself on your back, a pair of handcuffs dangling from your fingers. “Are you going to let me use them on you?”
“Come over here,” Sang-woo whispered as he crawled up the bed towards you, his now empty glass of wine discarded beside yours. “Gimme a kiss, think it’s the least I deserve.”
Giggling quietly to yourself, you sat up and wrapped your arms around Sang-woo's neck before pulling him down so that his body was fully laid across your smaller frame. The handcuffs laid beside your body as Sang-woo continued to assault your mouth with his own, not holding back in the slightest as he was finally able to kiss you after months of wanting and needing it. You moved your hand down to ruck up Sang-woo’s shirt, carelessly rubbing your hand across the toned, warm stomach, the skin on skin contact making you wonder how you managed to go so long without dragging him into your bed before. You cursed yourself for not allowing yourself to have him sooner, you were already obsessed with the way his skin felt on yours.
“Please take off your shirt,” you whispered against his mouth, making a pathetic attempt to undo the buttons with one hand. “I want to feel every inch of you against me.”
Shaking his head, Sang-woo moved back in for another kiss. “Tonight is about you and making you feel good and special.”
Tired of submitting to Sang-woo after your earlier discussion, you decided to put your plan into place and with every bit of strength that you had in your body, you rolled Sang-woo over until he was laid on his back and slightly dazzled. Even though your comments about him being submissive were a turn on, he hadn’t even expected you to go through with it but here he was, laid on his back with the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on straddling his waist and the night had only just started for the two of you. The handcuffs fell from his mind as he moved his hands down to your waist, helping you to move up and down along his clothed cock.
With Sang-woo in complete and utter bliss at the feeling, you tried your hardest to suppress your own moans that were threatening to echo around the room. Instead, you grabbed hold of the handcuffs that had been discarded and then Sang-woo’s wrists. Still, he didn’t open his eyes as he was too focused on the pleasure of your clothed underwear rubbing against him and the stimulation that he had been craving for months until he felt the cold metal wrap around his skin and the look in his eyes was something you would not forget for a very long time. There was a mixture of excitement and fear, the unknown activities of what you was going to do to him know he had no option but to lay there and be used by you, excited him like nothing else ever had but God, he knew that he was in for a night of it just by the dominating look in your eye and the wide grin etched onto your face.
Leaning his head to the side as he admired your handy work, Sang-woo chuckled quietly. “That wasn’t a very nice thing to do, Y/N.”
You shrugged your shoulders casually and pressed a light kiss against his cheek, the smell of his aftershave invading your space. “You will come to learn that I am not a very nice person when it comes to getting what I want and I thought we had already established that I wanted you handcuffed to my bed so I could take full advantage of your cock?”
Releasing a deep breath, Sang-woo almost didn’t know how to respond to your comment. He was falling for you so hard. “I don’t think I will be a nice person either when you release me from these handcuffs.”
“I’m not complaining - “ your voice cracked as a long, beautiful moan left your lips, Sang-woo’s cock grinding against your core was sending you wild and you loathed the fact that despite it all, he still held some dominance within the relationship. Whether it be his cock grinding against your or the look in his eyes which told you that you were in for it when you did let him go.
“Handcuffed to the bed and I’ve still got you moaning and acting as if my cock is stuffed inside you. Aren’t I good?”
“Not for long, my lovely. Despite what you are currently thinking, it’ll be you that’s begging and moaning and desperate for your release by the time that i have finished with you. I’m not going to be fully satisfied until you're at my mercy, is that understood?”
Sang-woo threw his head back, fuck he didn’t know what he was going to do with you.
Gliding your hand down Sang-woo’s chest, you unbuttoned his work trousers slowly, your hand occasionally brushing over his hard cock until you were satisfied. You finished by pulling down on his underwear, just enough to get his erection free and then moved your body further down his until you were just straddling underneath Sang-woo’s knees, his cock on full display for you to admire for as long as you wanted too.
Sang-woo didn’t know if he was dreaming or if he had died and gone to heaven but the feeling of your mouth wrapped around the head of his cock had Sang-woo moaning loudly within seconds. It had been a while since a woman had been on his knees for him and he was positive that because it was you and the fact that he was handcuffed to the bed that everything felt so much better and intense than ever before.
It boosted your self-confidence when Sang-woo moaned and gave you the power to move your mouth further down his length until he was practically down your throat. One of your first thoughts was that Sang-woo’s moans and breathy whispers of your name sounded like a perfect melody created by the almighty God himself. The sound of metal clanking cut your thoughts short though as you looked up at Sang-woo through your eyelashes.
“Need to touch you,” he whispered, head falling back as you continued to skillfully move your mouth up and down his cock, working him up to a perfect speed. “Your mouth is so warm and wet, darling. Let me fuck it, please.”
Releasing his cock from your mouth, you placed your hand there instead and moved it up and down slowly, adding pressure every now and again that had Sang-woo bucking his hips up to get more friction. “No.” Was all you simply said, not allowing Sang-woo to get what he wanted. It was your chance to pleasure him and make him feel so good then he craved your mouth for the rest of time.
Your lips were darkened and wet with saliva and all Sang-woo wanted to do was pull you up and kiss you hard but the handcuffs above his head restricted him from doing anything - he cursed you for having strong, metal ones - at least with flimsy ones, he would be able to break them apart and flip you over so he could fuck you into the mattress.
Swirling your tongue around Sang-woo’s dick, you continued the action a few times and listened to the soft whimpers that left Sang-woo before finally engulfing his cock again. Your cheeks were hallowed as you bobbed up and down without mercy, keen to get Sang-woo to the edge just so you could ruin it, an action you wanted to do over and over again. You knew that it wouldn’t take Sang-woo long to reach his peak, the teasing that had been going on all night bringing him pleasure without even having to be touched but you weren't going to let him get away with it that easily, not even when you wanted nothing more but to taste his cum.
“Come on,” Sang-woo whispered, tugging at the handcuffs again. “Let me - “
Sang-woo was cut off by your sucking on the head of his cock, knowing full well that it would shut him up. You continued to work at his cock, using your hands when necessary and deep throating him enough to make you gag and splutter around his cock. Sang-woo soon decided that his favourite sight in the world was watching you have tears falling down your face with spit covering your mouth. It was only when Sang-woo began to tense up and his moans became needier and louder that you pulled away - ruining his first orgasm of the night.
“No,” he whispered with frustration and desperation. “You can’t do that to me, please.”
“Daddy's going to cry?” you asked with an overexaggerated pout on your lip. “Get over it Sang-woo, just the first of many tonight.”
“I need to cum,” he groaned, watching as you made yourself more comfortable on the bed. You were still straddling him but this time, you were removing your shirt so your breasts were on full display for Sang-woo. “So fucking beautiful…”
“Listen to me - “ you leaned down and grabbed Sang-woo’s chin so he was forced to look at you. “We will go at my speed, we will do this however I want and for as long as I want, is it starting to click in your brain yet that you won’t be in charge tonight?”
Leaning back, you moved your hand back down to Sang-woo’s cock and chuckled as he cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. You gripped your hand around and continued to apply pleasure to tease him, just like you had done before.
Sang-woo was ready to burst, the sexual frustration becoming too much but he allowed you to take over and have your wicked way with him. You thought you were winning and he believed it to be cute of you, you had no idea what you was letting yourself in for when he could finally fuck you like you had always desired.
“You’re in for it, you understand that?”
You chuckled lowly and shook your head, your hand continuing to move slowly up and down. “Maybe I should sit myself on your cock and use my vibrator to make myself come, you’d feel me come around your cock and you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.”
“Behave - “
“No, I won’t behave. Where is the fun in behaving when I could be doing this to you instead? Do you know how pretty you look right now with your flushed cheeks and messy hair? I want to take a photograph of you so I can touch myself for the rest of time whilst looking at it, looking at how stunning and fucked you look right now. So pretty…”
Sang-woo moaned out at your words, not once has he had a woman speak to him in such a way. There was something about your voice and the words that you spoke that went straight to his cock, making him harder than he thought was ever humanly possible. He was alight with your words alone so with your hand moving slowly and teasingly down your cock, he felt indescribable.
“Sit on my cock,” Sang-woo whispered, hips bucking much to your dismay. You placed your spare hand against his stomach and pushed him down, stopping his movements instantly. “Please, I need to feel you around me, please.”
Mockingly, you tilted your head to the side and turned your lips into a pout. “I’m not satisfied with your begging.”
Sang-woo wanted to die of embarrassment but the other part of him was so turned on, he would have done whatever you had wanted him to do at that moment. “Please ride my cock, it’s all i’ve been thinking about for months and I need it, i need it so fucking badly like you don’t understand. I just know that you’ll be the best fuck of my life so why don’t you prove me right, hey? Ride my cock like the good, filthy girl I know you are.”
You were infatuated but also conflicted. On one hand, you wanted to give Sang-woo what he wanted and ride his cock until he was crying out your name but the other part of you just wanted to continue to tease him for as long as he could take it.
“Tell me you deserve my pussy.”
“I deserve it,” he replied, heart racing as he watched you shuffle further up his body until his cock was lined up with your entrance. “Please,” he whispered, tongue licking his lips as he continued to watch you until you were hovered above his dick. “Ride my cock better than any other woman ever will or has.”
With a simple sentence like that, you lowered yourself down until Sang-woo’s cock was deep inside you. There was a loud gasp from the both of you. For Sang-woo, it was the feeling of having your warm, wet pussy wrapped around his cock after so long of fantasising about it every Friday night and for you, it was how big is cock was and how it fit inside you perfectly.
“Made to ride my cock,” Sang-woo said, hands once again tugging on the metal handcuffs that were keeping him in place. He couldn’t wait to get out of them and show you what a real fucking was, making you come until you had tears running down your face and you couldn’t take his cock anymore.
You took a moment for yourself to get used to the size of Sang-woo, it had been a while since you had been in this position with anyone but it wasn’t painful, more just uncomfortable. You tried to ignore the smirk that Sang-woo had on his face as you tried to adjust, the sneaky fucker was proud of himself. It was a known fact that he still held some of the dominance despite the position that he was currently in, a few words at the right time spoken by the right person would be enough to have you falling apart around him.
“Why don’t you move, hmm? I want you to feel how good my cock is around you, want you to make you come over and over again and cover me in - “
Sang-woo was cut off by the sudden movement of your hips and your small hand wrapping around his neck, a move neither of you had expected to do.
“Why don’t you shut that pretty mouth of yours before I gag it?” you asked him, tightening your hand slightly around his throat for effect. “I’ll ride your cock however I want to, whenever I want too and you will only come if I allow it, is that understood?”
Sang-woo nodded quickly although it didn’t change the fact that all he wanted to do was slam up into you and have you begging for him instead of the other way around. He could easily switch the positions, even with his hands cuffed together but he was going to allow you to have your fun, let you believe that you were in control for as long as you deemed fit.
You slowly began to move yourself along Sang-woo’s cock, loving the pleasure you were bringing yourself as well as Sang-woo. He looked like an angel as he tilted his head back and closed his eyes, soft moans slipping from his mouth with every move of your hips but with your small hand wrapped around his neck, he somehow managed to look even more beautiful.
You improved your pace until you were bouncing up and down on Sang-woo’s cock, your own back arching at the pleasure as you continued to drain every little bit out of him. You had abandoned the hand around Sang-woo’s neck (much to his dismay) and instead had laced your fingers through his hair, tugging everytime his cock reached the right place.
“Think i’m in love with your cock,” you whispered as you leant down and shared a kiss with Sang-woo, full of tongues and heavy breathing as you continued to allow pleasure to run through every nerve of your body. Sang-woo was a mess underneath you, his earlier ruined orgasms making everything seem one hundred percent more heightened. “Where do you want to come, Sang-woo?”
“On your face,” he answered, now not worried about disobeying whatever rules you had setin place as he lifted his hips up to meet your own thrusts, the two of you joining together at the same time only heightening the feelings that you were both experiencing. It was intense and hot and you loved every moment of it. “Let me cover your pretty face in cum.”
“You think you deserve that?”
“I do, been so well behaved for you. Please let me cover you in my cum, please.”
Ignoring Sang-woo for the moment, you chase your own orgasm. You slid your hand in between your legs and began circling your clit, your own sweet release getting closer and closer with every thrust of Sang-woo’s hips and your own fingers working wonders.
“I’m close,” you told him, head flying back as Sang-woo thrusted up harder into you, the perfect rhythm established that had you needing more and more. “Don’t you dare come Sang-woo, don’t you dare. If you cum then I’ll punish you, is that understood?”
Sang-woo nodded with gritted teeth as he watched you use his cock for your own pleasure, your orgasm soon occuring and it took every part of you not to fully submit to Sang-woo as you felt your orgasm rush through your body, your legs tensing and your pussy tightening around Sang-woo’s cock which only dared to trigger his orgasm.
You took a minute to compose yourself, unsure of what your next move would be but knowing that you wanted it to involve Sang-woo’s cum. You felt alive, every part of your body desperate for the feelings all over again. In the space of an hour, he had ruined your life and made you become obsessed with him, his body and his cock. Every part of him was perfect as you looked down at him, his cock still hard inside of you and desperate for a release.
“I’m going to release you from your handcuffs but you have to be kind to me, Sang-woo.”
Even though you didn’t really want to, you lifted yourself up off Sang-woo’s cock, the sight of your wetness and his pre-cum making him groan loudly. His cock was painfully hard and red, desperate for some sort of touch or release.
Sang-woo watched closely as you moved up his body, reluctantly undoing the handcuffs that had been keeping him in place. Sang-woo admired how naive you were to the whole situation.
You looked at him closely, waiting for his next move. You knew that Sang-woo would either stick by you or disobey everything that you had ever said, a part of you hoped for the latter just so you could be fucked nice and hard but you were enjoying the power that you had over him.
Sang-woo soothed his wrists before staring up at you - you were on your knees beside him, hair falling down past your face and flushed cheeks. “I’m not going to be nice to you.” Was all Sang-woo said before the positions had changed completely. Within a matter of seconds, Sang-woo had you on your back and your wrists pinned above your head.
“This wasn’t part of the rules,” you said as you struggled against Sang-woo.
“Tell me to stop and I’ll stop.”
You looked up at him with wide eyes. “I don’t want you to stop,” you admitted, eyes moving down to the handcuffs that Sang-woo held in his spare hand.
“Then shut up and behave yourself, think someone needs to learn a lesson on who's the boss around here.”
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ororthor-25 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Finally have time to draw lazy fanart of this show
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24hlevi · a day ago
Happy New Year
Seong Gi-Hun [456] (Squid Game) X Gn!Reader
Genre: Fluff
Summary: #2 “A and B slow dancing in the dark in their shared apartment.” + #8 “A proposes to B after 4 years of dating while fireworks go off behind them on new year’s.” + #1 “It’s new year’s and I wanted to give you this!” from fluff prompt list and fluff dialogue prompt list
Warnings: None :)
Word Count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
Gihun and you had been dating for 4 years now and truthfully, it had been the best years of your life. When you first met Gihun, he was in an immense amount of debt and tried to keep you away from that up until he randomly disappeared for a week and came back with cuts and was more depressed than ever before. But you helped him come out of that depression from his best friends dying right before his eyes and how guilty he was to have so much money all because he survived all the games when he should have died in the first one.
Today was New Year’s Day, and it was also you and Gihun’s 4 year anniversary which was a funny thought to think about the day he finally gathered enough courage to ask you out at a party when he was drunk out of his mind, not even expecting you to answer with yes but you did, and you ended up dating the man. Usually, you two would be at a friend’s party for this day but since it was a special occasion of how long you two had been dating, Gihun insisted that you two spend the night together instead of with other people that could ruin the whole day with just a few words.
Gihun had bought a couple of bottles of wine and champagne for when the timer hit zero and almost half of the wine was gone already, both of you sharing it and have been drinking it since dinner which Gihun had actually made for once.
You noticed that Gihun was acting different today, and not just because it was your 4 year anniversary, but because of something else, something that you couldn’t figure out just yet. First, Gihun had woken you up with breakfast and coffee in bed, something he would never do unless he made you mad the night before or he was going to tell you something important when neither of those happened, so you were confused. Then, he had taken you out to go shopping and grab lunch, another thing that he has never done before. By the time it was dinner you were starting to get worried as to what it could be that Gihun had been hiding this whole day, doing things he would never do on any normal day, not knowing what he could possibly say that could either make your night light up or burn down.
“Hey, are you okay?”
You were knocked out of your thoughts by hearing Gihun speak, and you looked over at him before nodding. “Oh, yeah. I was just thinking as to why you are doing all this tonight.”
“Ah, you know why. Because it’s our 4 year anniversary!” Gihun answered with a bright smile, taking a sip from the wine in the glass he had in his hand.
“I know that, but it’s more than usual. Are you planning something?” You asked the man sitting beside you on the balcony.
Letting out a chuckle, Gihun shook his head as he stood up, reaching his hand out towards you. “Come inside with me.”
You looked at him confused but when he didn’t move his hand away, you grabbed it with your own and let him lead you back inside the apartment to the living room.
He started to move the coffee table out of the way which made you even more confused before he connected his phone to the speaker and started to play slow music. He finished his wine and set the glass down on the coffee table and grabbed yours from your hand, setting it beside his as he then grabbed your hands.
“Gihun, what are you doing?” You questioned him.
“Let’s dance.” He replied, smiling at you still.
“You know we both can’t dance, right?” You laughed lightly.
“Yes, but let’s do it anyway.” Gihun said, moving your arms around his neck as his own moved to your waist and he began to sway back and forth.
It was a bit awkward at first, but after a few minutes you both were dancing with another without any other thoughts, just enjoying the close presence of the other and the moment that was currently happening.
“See? We’re doing well now.” Gihun said to you with a small chuckle at the end.
“Mhm.” You hummed, resting your head on his shoulder with a blush present on your face that you hoped he wouldn’t notice.
You two continued to slow dance, well, at least make an attempt at it, up until the tv announced that it was 2 minutes until a new year. Gihun pulled away from you and took a step back, his breathing suddenly changed to more shallow breaths as his look on his face changed into worry and anxiousness.
“Gi? What’s wrong?” You asked him, thinking something was wrong.
“Nothing’s wrong!” Gihun answered quickly, reaching into his jacket pocket and taking out a small box. “Uhm. It’s New Year’s and I wanted to give you this!” He smiled at you, but not handing you the box yet.
“1 minute til a happy new year.”
Gihun then went down on one knee, taking a deep breath before opening the small box, revealing a beautiful silver, diamond embroidered engagement ring.
“30 seconds til a happy new year.”
“Y/n, we’ve been together for 4 years now, and we’ve known each other for much longer. These days that I’ve spent with you have been the best ones of my entire life and…I don’t want to lose that or you. So, Y/n. Will you marry me?”
“10 seconds til a happy new year.”
Tears had already welled up in your eyes as you nodded, not being able to even form words as Gihun’s entire face lit up and he stood again.
“5 seconds til a happy new year.”
“I love you so much.” He said to you.
“I love you too.” You repeated back to him, making him smile even more.
The male then held the sides of your face, gently caressing the skin of your cheek before pressing his lips against your own just as the timer hit zero, fireworks beginning to go off behind you as you both kissed.
Pulling away once the fireworks stopped, Gihun looked at you with the happiest expression you had ever seen on his face as he slid the ring on your finger.
“I promise that I’ll be a good husband to you. I promise.” He said to you quietly.
“I know you will, Gihun. You’ve been good to me all these years so far, so I know.” You responded at the same volume.
Gihun looked back at you and smiled before kissing you again, too happy to stop kissing you over and over again.
What a great way to start the new year with your new fiancé, and plenty of memories that will be created within these next years that you two will be together.
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Squid Game found-family headcanons part 2:
- Sangwoo eventually meets Saebyeok and is understandably confused.
- His friend has suddenly acquired two kids that he hadn't heard of until this point, one of which is quite clearly older than his actual daughter.
- He also strongly doubts Gihun's decision making skills regarding this topic because isn't that the girl who stole from you? And suddenly she's your daughter now??
- But then he observes her just slipping things into his pockets like his keys or wallet and he decides not to bring up the "pickpocket" thing after that.
- Anyone who can keep this dumbass friend of his alive is worth keeping around after all.
- They don't really consider the other a friend, but they both care about Gihun so that's all they really need to know.
- Most of their interactions involve vague insults if there are other people with them, but if it's just the two of them? You can bet they tell each other about all the dumb stuff Gihun does.
- They collectively have perhaps a bit too much blackmail material where he's concerned but they seem to be getting along so Gihun decides it worth it.
- Saebyeok eventually meets Ali and he immediately gets added onto her - very small - list of people she cares about.
- She finds out his boss isn't paying him and well she needs to keep her skills sharp somehow.
- Ali doesn't know where the money came from at first, he just found it in his jacket when he got home.
- But then he remembers a few things he overheard Gihun & Sangwoo talking about and it doesn't take long to connect the dots.
- He does briefly consider giving the money back because he's worried about someone looking for it, but he has technically earned it.
- Besides, Saebyeok would probably just swipe it again if he did.
- Deoksu...exists.
- Saebyeok runs into him while she's with Gihun and immediately knows this isn't going to just be a casual meeting.
- Gihun almost goes full "protective dad" mode which she did appreciate but also "this guy will seriously kill you, stop."
- She's not entirely sure how they got through the whole thing without fists being thrown but it's probably better not to question it too much.
Part 3?
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lydiais-dead · 2 days ago
Priest: Gi-hun, do you take Sangwoo to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, as long as you both shall live?
Gi-hun: I scooby-dooby-doo!
Sangwoo: I want a divorce.
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sukiekagamine · a day ago
Gi hun: If we lost money, we can always earn it back later. But if we lost our conscience--
Sang woo: We can earn even more money later.
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brrrridgette · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
matching broskis
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456imagines · a day ago
Tumblr media
Just two pictures of Gi-hun not enjoying the (cold) rice.
— Don't ask me why. 💙
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