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#seoul music festival

Last spring I flew to Seoul to catch some artists at Green Plugged Seoul and 1/N was performing good stuff and made me feel good stuff and it was a pretty dope session. My friend recommended this band (and We Are The Night) a few months before may of 2019, I recommended some Jannabi and April 2nd songs in reciprocation, and I made a music festival list of songs I wanted to hear live. The playlist later became the soundtrack for my first solo trip, setting the mood for long bus rides out of seoul to catch more jannabi performances, freelancing in pretty cafes alone, shopping with both arms full of bags, and hours where I lost myself reading Ready Player One.

I’m currently listening to that playlist again, and this song is making my heart flutter once more.

Oh and verdict for Green Plugged? Pretty damn good I must say.

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Until Inkigayo and Seoul Music Festival #SMUF💕

Thanks to Atinys’ cheers, we were able to cheer up and wrap up well!💪

Finally, it’s D-2 until the release of Wonderland! Please wait just a little more🥰


Trans by Worldwideatiny

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