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#sep texxt

new concept: catradora cuddles on a sofa. adora comes and finds catra asleep on a couch and just scooches in behind her and we get a little soft “hey adora” and a lil hand kiss and they fall asleep together curled up by the fire

2 notes

anyway i hope adora had the best birthday and is now snuggling with her gf <3

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if you follow me on twitter i can only formally apologise for the spam

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“my child is fine” your child celebrates the birthdays of fictional characters with more enthusiasm than their own

465 notes

i- i made bad icons does anyone wanna see 

21 notes

the desire to write something for adora’s birthday versus the crippling anxiety of schoolwork

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online lessons are horrible because they set you so much homework and then call you a liar when you tell them your internet is playing up because every single kid in the fucking village is on it for the same hours every day

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if i post this gifset now itd better get some likes i didnt spend all this time feeding my ego for nothing 

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its officially adora day here so… should i post my mini-adora gifset?

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brb gonna go read the catradora big bang 2020 fics and cry 

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im scheduling so many tweets jHHGBHJHNJKNK if you follow me on twt from here i can only formally apologse i just,,, i am going to get ADORA DAY trending in the UK single-handedly if i have to

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no but you don’t understand how powerful heart part 1 on the she ra ost is like the way the music BUILDS and then just gets really quiet and soft and magical and if you shut your eyes you can see the kiss happen 

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im watching every single she ra clip i have saved to find moments where adora is simply Tiny

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👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 POG (also hello fic author if you’re reading this! we both think you’ve very pob /pos)

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